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HTML 5 - Creating and Formatting Tables Using CSS

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Demonstrates how to create a table and format the layout using CSS. Includes how to center a table, adjust cell padding, centering content within a cell, adding background shading and customizing the borders. Table of Contents: 05:05 - Table tag 05:42 - Table Row Tags 06:07 - Table Header tags 07:13 - Table Borders 09:12 - Adding TD tags 12:41 - Add a table title 13:39 - Spanning Columns 14:16 - Adding a Caption 14:52 - Format a caption 16:00 - Border-Collapse 16:53 - Centering a Table 17:13 - Styling Table Header 17:40 - Add background color 17:55 - Adding borders to rows 18:18 - Styling table cells 19:05 - Center cell content 21:06 - Style a row
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Text Comments (27)
H.E Hanna (1 year ago)
so nice and good creating table explanation and easy way teaching .thank you so mutch
Greg Kelway (2 years ago)
I really struggle getting this stuff and this video helped me get through it. Thank you so much! :)
Kwisatsoundman (2 years ago)
I began to learn html and css thanks to your channel 5 years ago, and when I come back today to revise, I still find your courses very well done!
Arthur Cheung (3 years ago)
Thank you professor!!!
jannina pascual (3 years ago)
thanks to you i've finished my project becuase of your information so thank you very much
Mike Przybylski (4 years ago)
Very good explanation on creating a table and formatting it using CSS. Simple and straight-forward. Thanks.
Tim Graham-Jones (4 years ago)
Better than basic, because of the insights you provided
bhanu prakash (4 years ago)
in the given explanation if name,course,credits are options .If we click on name it should display the table related to it,like wise course and credits also.example pls look at this site http://www.w3schools.com/htmL/html_tables.asp we have different attributes like html,css,javascript .what are the modifications to be made in the given code?
Harsiesis (4 years ago)
not bad, but extremely slow...
LairdOminous (3 years ago)
+Harsiesis press "l" to skip forwards.
Hugh Tang (4 years ago)
Thank you very much.
Sir Bruce (4 years ago)
I just recommended your tutorial to a classmate in html coursework now.
Nazrul Islam (4 years ago)
OMG!!!! it's very easy to understand.. thank you very much. After watching the tutorial I have been benefited .
Sonnix Jackson (4 years ago)
Thank you
MIke Rou Sse (5 years ago)
Perfect tutorial and very helpful. Many thanks!!!
መሰረት (5 years ago)
thank you very much.....awesome tutorial
nstefanelli5 (5 years ago)
What is the name of the program that you use to edit? +profgustin 
bulghur (5 years ago)
Very nice, clean and clear. By the time you got to .center, I could see where were going to end up. GREAT!
esham blazer (5 years ago)
where you been all my life
kicba (5 years ago)
Thank you so much! :) It helped me a lot.
Emmanuel Alcime (5 years ago)
thanks I learn alot by watching your videos especially , creating and designing tables. im watching the responsive design video next.
Andrej Manev (5 years ago)
dude, you are a girl
robroy234 (5 years ago)
I think I learned more in the last 20 minutes watching this video than I have in the past couple months! LOL. Thanks for posting a great tutorial on CSS - it made a lot of concepts "click" for me today.
GMAN G (5 years ago)
Excellent I cannot believe how thorough you were on this. Thanks to you I know how to do Tables. I was still confused after a previous tutorial. I'm subscribing. Thanks alot
HeeJo Choi (5 years ago)
Thank you so much, it was a great tutorial :)
Great video tutorial and extremely easy to understand and follow! Checking your other videos right now. Thank you!
CosmosRuler (5 years ago)
really nice tutorial.. easy to understand. keep up the good work

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