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Can People Really Change?

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Hi everyone, thank you for checking out my video. What do you think? Do People Change? Can people change? Have you changed? Let me know in the comments below.
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FTW1207 (2 months ago)
Well said, and the majority of people who say they have changed, know deep down they haven't / living a lie..... the older I get the less I trust people, only we know who we are and that's all that matters ..... and if wankers don't like who you / we are..... fuck them, they need to get their own life instead of other people's.
Marek Pienkos (4 months ago)
Yes, traumatic events in a person's life can change that person. I speak from personal experience so I know it to be empirically true. Otherwise no.
heytreacle (5 months ago)
Brave, thank you.
Ray Hardorff (6 months ago)
Nu my nature is not changend. What i do is changed but not my feelings. Let me ask you a question. Where are you affraid for and why.
nuttintosay (6 months ago)
Good to see you Sarah .Love your videos/vlog. No people don't change are core being is who we are and always will be are likes and dislikes may change and we may change what we show the world but at the end of the day we are back to same old person we always been. wish I could change,like you I am a introverted person and will always be over the years of many rejections has pushed me deeper into myself. ( have a face for radio) in the past couple of weeks I fell in love with a lady and can't tell her because of what she and others will think of me after she rejects me. sorry I got a little wordy again It was really good seeing you again and keep up with the great videos.
Len Finsen (6 months ago)
Great video
DOBERSTAFFIE (6 months ago)
Many things can change a person, circumstances, life events, work, stress, it's a huge subject area and we all do change to an extent. Are you still into things that you thought so important at 15, 19 or 25, chances are no and as you get older other things become important and that changes you. You are still you but we need to change or were is the personal growth.
EuroCyclist (6 months ago)
Sarah is back and she dyed her hair 👍
Scam Assassin (6 months ago)
Hope your arse is feeling better! Ice it!😁😁
aj2271 (6 months ago)
Welcome back Sarah. Love the content. Keep up the great and insightful work.
Ray Hardorff (6 months ago)
Super vlog

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