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Selling Watches on Ebay The Ugly Part

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selling watches on Ebay the Ugly part, we constantly talk about the bad sellers on Ebay today we talk about those buyers that are never satisfied.
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Nonyo anon (4 months ago)
40% ebay fees? I think not
Edgar Matias (6 months ago)
It kind of goes both way, Let me explain. This time I bought a watch that was advertised as new, but when it arrived; it was filthy, scuffed and scratched everywhere. I immediately sent the seller pictures and asked for a refund. The seller wanted to just give me a partial refund and keep the piece. I declined, so I sent the watch back, so I got my refund minus the S&H and a restock fee of 15%. I was furious, why all the fees if they were deceiving all along. I later saw the watch relisted and with worse reviews, they had done it to someone else.
Edgar Matias (6 months ago)
May I have the link to your store? An ebay link or account that you go by. Gracias
timothy cort (7 months ago)
great video
Jerry & Tina King (8 months ago)
as a watch liver I'm sorry you had this experience. I wish we all had the same morals and values as you seem to have. But some ppl are so greedy and the love of money is the root of all evil..
deegz (8 months ago)
Excellent content! Love the channel. I was in a similar situation but on the other end, as a buyer. I purchased an Omega 2254.50 on eBay about a year ago. The pictures weren’t high resolution pictures so it was hard to see all the details perfectly. I asked the seller a ton of questions and ended up purchasing the watch. Everything looked good until I got it and the bezel had a nasty hit at the 10min mark. Looking back at the pictures I can see a slight mark at the same part. Seller ended up refunding $100 and later on when I contacted Omega they told me the bezel was around $400-$500 to replace. I think u have to be cautious as a buyer and a seller. Cheers!!
armancz (9 months ago)
I know you want the best for other watch guys so you make a good price but by doing that you attract the worst buyers, they are poor in their head always looking for ways to scam someone, and these people are the ones that will bitch and moan the most will want to scam you into partial refund. Why not make a healthy markup, still a reasonable but on the high side, so you avoid these people and even if you have to do a partial you are still in profit?
Tod S. (10 months ago)
You have a good point with “buy the seller”. Too bad you can’t “sell to the (right) buyer”.
michalis paphitis (10 months ago)
i always try to avoid a return item because there are so many scammers out there which will sent an empty package back and i will loose and the item and the money..so i prefer to give the partial refund and actually to buy the trouble...
ornament design (10 months ago)
This story plus many others in the long line about Rolex buyers and sellers confirm questionable people who have activity around Rolex brand that are in the market. Do not think this is problem seller will get among Casio buyers on ebay :-) https://nypost.com/2016/07/17/billionaire-sues-uk-watch-seller-for-duping-him-out-of-700k/
bazdu (10 months ago)
That's why I price the watch a little bit too high and wait for offers.
Its going to be something i need to consider pricing a bit higher
Watch Guy (10 months ago)
I feel you. I have been selling watches on Ebay since 2010. Sold around 600 watches. The majority of buyers are descent but you will find some crooks who like to play this game. I have a guy who broke the watch and claim the watch arrived broken. I had to repair the watch and got stuck with the free shipping charges.
Watch Guy (10 months ago)
Correct. That's what bother me the most. I've paid thousands of dollars in fees to Ebay and PP, have an excellent feedback and my return ratio was near zero. They take the buyer's side, no matter how well you perform.
And at the end you will not win ebay and paypal will make you the seller pay
Cl Tan (10 months ago)
Do you mind share your eBay acct? Shall be have lots ppl want and interest on your watches. :)
Hugo Estrada (8 months ago)
Hola, buenas noches ... ¿cómo puedo encontrarte en eBay ?
I will ad to the description
F Poynton (10 months ago)
Sorry to hear that. We appreciate you sharing your experiences. Keep up the good work. Don't shortchange yourself - you might consider starting your own consultative bussiness like Federico and Theo and harris - although I am sure that is tough as well. All the best.
Yoon-ki Cha (10 months ago)
I learn a lot about watches from your videos. Because of your wonderful informations I had two good deals on recent purchase. Thank you always.
Thats great to hear, keep getting those good deals
Clyve Watch-Wrangler (10 months ago)
UberOkie sells some stuff on ebay, he's a braver soul than I am. LOVE the content.
Its still the best place to sell a watch were you can reach people that are not watch geek's like us, but yes you need to be a brave sellers because on ebay the buyer is always in control
robert gordon (10 months ago)
Itworks both ways there are sellers who send out crap and when you protest they offer a few bucks back. I
William Prah (10 months ago)
As a seller, I could write you a book about all that has happened over the last 20 years. The worst...was a watch delivered with Tracking, at 1:42pm at the address. Buyer says...I never received the watch. I had to refund Price, Postage, and I was out the watch on top of that. If that wasn't enough, the Post Office said they could not pay my insurance claim, because their records indicate the watch was delivered at this day and time. Then, the buyer was overly anxious, and forced PayPal to refund them even before eBay did, and I got hit with another $20 reversal fee from PayPal. That, I eventually was able to fight and get back, stating that I hadn't refused the refund, I was just still investigating. Never sell what you cannot afford to give away, because with a smart enough SCAM buyer, you could very well be giving away your items for FREE! Not just free, you'll pay the postage and bank fee's, and eBay will keep their commission (final value fee) also. Don't think it can happen? When it does, you'll find there's no way out of it. I keep selling though, because overall, I don't get as many bad deals as I do good ones. I've sold a watch with a blue dial. The buyer gets it, tries to force a return Not As Described because it's not the shade of blue they thought it would be. They saw pictures and had a written description, still not good enough. People are hard to please. I have a blocked buyers list a mile long at this point! Ha!
I hear your pain its incredible all the bad buyers ready to scam someone out there hard work but yes tour right at the end of the day theres more good ebayrs then bad ones, its scary sometimes selling something overly expensive on ebay because it can really break the bank with one bad deal. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us
luther303 (10 months ago)
Years ago I asked my brother in law to buy me something on Ebay because I didn't have an account. It was supposed to be delivered to his apartment block but never came. The tracking said it had been delivered and signed for at 1pm. We checked the video cameras for the day and not one package was ever delivered to the apartments. It was clear that the delivery man had forged the signature and kept the item.
BRUNO (10 months ago)
I sell on eBay occasionally. I have a 1968 Seamaster that I'm thinking of selling. If I were to put it on eBay, I would create a throw away PayPal account so that if a scumbag tries to play that game with me, I will tell them no and let Paypal and eBay give him a refund from a bullshit paypal account. Fuck these thieves and eBay. For something expensive, there are NO RETURNS. If they want a return, go buy retail from AD.
Marc8 (10 months ago)
William Prah every time I think about selling on eBay I hear stories like these. It just seems like your asking for trouble, plus I only buy vintage watches I like so to give them away would hurt too much.
SoCal Watch Reviews (10 months ago)
eBay buyers suck sometimes!!!
Yes it can 😁
tim fenrich (10 months ago)
You hit the nail on the head with this video. It happened to me! I sold a Seamaster that I wore for months , new crystal, tightened bracelet. Sold it...just as you said “ This watch won’t stay running “ I should of said send it back, gave him his $50 bucks (on a $350 sale). I felt fleeced, should have said send it back as it was a sweet watch. Live and learn I guess. I hope that this vid will help someone in our shoes that’s just trying to flip good vintage watches. Thanks Fernando! T
Thank you Tim, sorry that happened to you
leicanoct (10 months ago)
Whats wrong with these buyers. Unless there was a major defect that wasn't on the listing. Then a deal is a deal.
Thats another thing the feedback can really hurt your sales but like you say the vast majority of buyer's are good
Allan Kleidon (10 months ago)
What is wrong with these buyers IS!!!..................... THE SELFISH ARSEHOLE FACTOR!!! These people do not care if you live or die let alone make a profit or maintain your reputation. They bank on the fact that most vendors are terrified of negative feedback and effectively blackmail vendors in to submitting to their outrageous demands. There really are some nice buyers out there but Gee Whizz, there are also some absolute Jerks out there too.
iaxable (10 months ago)
Deadbeat buyers are rife on ebay these days
Rasmus Hvid (10 months ago)
Here's a counter argument. I was once bought a Bulova Oceanographer for a good price but when I got it the winding rotor wasn't correctly working and the crystal wasn't correctly installed. I had already paid 20% import fee's (eBay global shipping program which is also a scam) and at that point returning isn't really feasible for the buyer.
Yes i see your point thats why i only buy ebay in my country even if its a watch i really want if its not in the U.S. i dont bid.
metatech (10 months ago)
You could put accuracy data sec/month in listing then buyer is bound by that number.
greg nissen (10 months ago)
Great video as usual. I will be subscribing as soon as I finish my comment. Thanks for taking the time to do your channel.
Thank you so much
BRUNO (10 months ago)
So did he sent it back? You never told us the end result. Good info on eBay! Keep up the good work.
No actually i missed that part on the video, he saw that i was not in to that game and closed the case imminently
Roberto Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Hi could you send me a list of the Rolex you are selling . Thank you
Marc8 (10 months ago)
BRUNO ya did you get it back? Which one was it?
John Kayode (10 months ago)
I appreciate this video. All your videos have been educative and entertaining.I like your straight shooting style and would love to buy a vintage from you in the future, whenever I can put the funds together.
Thank you so much

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