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Attending Momina Mustehsan's Engagement (Vlog) | Browngirlproblems1

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Go ahead and check out Momina's Channel below: https://www.youtube.com/user/MominaMustehsan
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Text Comments (818)
Nimra Ejaz (3 hours ago)
Hi Today is my birthday can u please sing birthday song for me please !!! 😁🎊😁
Anisa Hussain (10 hours ago)
They are both my favourite to! Love Momina because she has great songs and Love Rucksar because she does comedy videos and speaks in Pothwar!
Naqash Mazhar (2 days ago)
Please don’t talk in English
Naqash Mazhar (2 days ago)
Momina please talking in urdu
unique me (3 days ago)
Aoun Zaidi (4 days ago)
TANZEEM HUSSAIN (4 days ago)
i like dono
Amber's Chest (5 days ago)
Omg you guys are so beautiful 😭😭😭😭
Ahad Khan (6 days ago)
The cat ran because you are looking ghost mother
Abdur Rafey (6 days ago)
Best vlog 😂
hopeful (7 days ago)
Ruksar is potwari..can not speak urdu to save her life!!!
Maria Abid (8 days ago)
You are soooooooo...beautiful rukhsar.plz make a video and share your early life , education, journey of life.
Khunsa Gul (8 days ago)
Love u beautifull girls:-*
alina munir (9 days ago)
clickbait af
zareen fatima (9 days ago)
tipsfromnailah (10 days ago)
KASHMIRI IS A LANGUAGE SPOKEN IN JAMMU & KASHMIR VALLEY (occupied by India) mainly in Srinagar (NOT VILLAGES)... potwari people claim to be “Kashmiri” but ur culture is not Kashmiri, u don’t know the Kashmiri langUage and u don’t share our ethnic identity . Please stop saying this as it creates too much confusion. please type “Kashmiri language in google” so u can learn. 90% of Pakistanis don’t even know that there is a language called “Kashmiri”. And that it’s NOT PUNJABI OR POTWARI. Our culture and language is central asian and Persian mixed. Please visit kashmir valley in India (inshallah it will be free one day), we respect all.. but please don’t spread ignorance. THE KASHMIRI LANGUAGE IS PERSIAN/Sanskrit.. not PAHARI, not any Punjabi... . Google the song “roshay Kashmiri song.. listen to it. U can’t understand correct? Cuz it’s actual Kashmiri.. not PAHARI. “ u guys are mixed ... maybe u have Kashmiri dna too but ur not KOSHUR. Just understand and study please
Rubben Cy (10 days ago)
Momina ❤️
Tamanna Islam (10 days ago)
whatttt......is that a prank ??????.....o myyyyyy.. ....I watch this 10000 times still I can't believe this......
Mrsomerfarooq Farooq (11 days ago)
Rukhsar is alot more beautiful then momina......momina is just white skin not pretty at all
Ishtiaq Ahmed (11 days ago)
I love u momina i want to spent a night with u and kiss u
ayra asad (11 days ago)
love u soo much.. momina apa u r the rising star of pakistan.and ruksar apa u rock
AAMIR HANIF (12 days ago)
Great great job
Tamkeen Quraish (13 days ago)
hum jab lsiamabad m rehta tha toh hum school skip kra k centoruus jata tha ab woh din bahot yaad aa rehi hai i love my country
Pakistani boy (13 days ago)
Hira Azmi (13 days ago)
ahahaha hmari zuban bhi pothohari hai boht sweet lagta jab yh bolti hain ...
Qamar Iqbal (14 days ago)
When i started, actually hate the fact that you were lying. But in the end, I found you guys are so adorable and it was nice vlog.
Kamal Kr Basak (14 days ago)
please please Momina and yours....plzzzzzzzzzzzz👌👏❤️
Kamal Kr Basak (14 days ago)
Momina ❤️😘💞
MD HUSAIN (15 days ago)
Ek gaana kya hit ho gya matlab kucch bhi rayta failaoge
qazi mehboob (15 days ago)
I love u both My fav singerm momina My fav actor/youtuber rukhsar
Bloom (16 days ago)
Your way of talking👌👌
Soyful Islam (17 days ago)
Momina: Ghar Ruksar: Far Me as a bengali: *Gor*
Khadija Naeem (18 days ago)
Ruqsar is from the drama khyal hon kessy aur ka
Neehraf Zan (18 days ago)
Awful filming lol
Paul Walkner (18 days ago)
So cute when she said "edi tu angrez di oulad"😍😍😍😍
Oxman CH (19 days ago)
Momina and Broengirl engaged means they are LGBT.
chanel4u786 (19 days ago)
Oh I Love Momina.. She’s Adorable... Seriously so Cute.. Damn I like her even more now..😍
Supreme555 (19 days ago)
Two annoyin girls need the crap kicked out of them!! 💯💯
Sadif Begum (19 days ago)
Who is the one with mendi hair
Fish Lover in Pakistan (19 days ago)
Love momina love brown girl love love 7up ! Just kidding
Oxman CH (19 days ago)
Koko korina k bad coke studio nay nikal diya hy ab bechari vloging shuru kary ge. Lol
Sidra Sheikh (20 days ago)
fame kills u ,u know ? peopel like me are adict to watch people like u and people like u addict to get fame ... love for u and respect and good wishes for more better pious life . why there is no chance for marraige ? logo ne apko bht zada ixat or piayr dia or pir utna e bash b kia no doubt pakistan ka ek bht bara nam ho ap her singer itni famous nai hoti lekin apko nai lgta ap isse zada behtr personality rakhti hain or singing se kai zada behter kam or b kr skti hain .. and ruksar mre yar shehzadi bndi kamal ki ho achy achy kam kero jug jug jeo... u people cn do lot make ur way easier and helping straight to jannah .All the best
Justin Bieber Fann (20 days ago)
Momina is swee ttt
B.A. khan (20 days ago)
Maaaashallah ... You make fab videos 💃🏽💃🏽❤️
Emoholic Butt (21 days ago)
Are you pure girls. ? ? 😂 😂 😂
Just my trends (21 days ago)
Ko ko korinaa, ko ko korinaa
Shiza Qazi (21 days ago)
Ay rukhsar is more beautiful ❤️😍
Mohammad Bilal Azhar (21 days ago)
Definitely, some weed involved in this vlog....
Mohammad Bilal Azhar (21 days ago)
Ko Ko Korina :P :P :P
Roshni Mohd (22 days ago)
Momina has cute smile ❤😍
Kamran S.Khan (22 days ago)
nazia hassan aur zohaib hassan ki poori zindagi UK mein guzri aur un ka eik naam hay lekin aap un ki urdu sunein aap yeh nahi keh saktay kay woh UK mein palay baray hein. because they are not drama baaz.
Kamran S.Khan (22 days ago)
lanat hey ager urdu nahi ati hay to batao eik simple word ghar nahi bola ja raha topi dramay log
Hijab Zahra (22 days ago)
Yai yai ki hui momina bolna ata ni gati pta ni kase h monkey
Hijab Zahra (22 days ago)
Boring baqwas to watch this only waste of time
Hibba Khan (23 days ago)
Simply cute momina
Ammar Ahmed (23 days ago)
g han Urdu m bat kren. ye Pakistan ha plz
Ifty Ahmed (24 days ago)
loved the movie you made
Mahnoor's Dream World (24 days ago)
yar centaurus aye ap log aur bataya bhi nhi
Tallat (24 days ago)
hey brownGirl Rukhsaar ..!! I am from kotli Azad Kahmir , phatwaari/pahaari speaking person .. we just love u , u r amazing yrw , my whole family is your fan , my mom , sisters , brother cousins ...!! u r our proud , thanks for promoting our culture & language ...!! Love & respect from our side
Fem Mi (24 days ago)
Watching Momina is a treat as she is so genuine and sweet person..doesn't like to show off her despite the fame she got!
Faiza Khan (24 days ago)
angrez di oulaad BAHAHAHAH
Muhammad Shafique (24 days ago)
Are you actresses and singer realy are Muslims????????????
Muhammad Shafique (24 days ago)
When are you going to be marries
i!Sekki_ ne!i (25 days ago)
wah yr ye bhi superwoman ko copy krty krty Pakistani celebs tk aan pohnchi hain.. what luck I must say 😂
Farhan Rizvi (25 days ago)
Are u both friends or sisters?
Ivis Malik (25 days ago)
😂😂👏👏👏wowww guys what an amazing theme everyone will be excited
iqra qasim (25 days ago)
yasss loved this vlog💓👌u both are so pretty and made me laugh throughout this video😂💕hope theres more amazing vlogs x
Faraz Ahmed (25 days ago)
Ap momina ki sister hain ?ap un ma milti hain buhut
endless gratitude (25 days ago)
Girls both you burn the floor 😍
miss doc (25 days ago)
Momina ❤
Aliyah. X (26 days ago)
edits on point
Aliyah. X (26 days ago)
potwari gang xx
shab574 (26 days ago)
That was soo much fun,love it keep these coming. X😘💖😘💖
Yaamina Rana (26 days ago)
I love u
Waqas Ali (26 days ago)
I don't know what to say
Areesha pasha (26 days ago)
Attending momina mustehsan's engagement? Views brhane ka acha tareeka hy😬
Sk vlogs (26 days ago)
Brown girl is just my dream girl ❤ and her face is naturally smily , litterly like she open her lips and looks like shez smiling 😂
sweetie rajput (27 days ago)
U deserve more subscribers 🔥🙄
Sara 123 (27 days ago)
Centaurs is not safe place?
s. k (27 days ago)
Momna is sweet and simple. .rukhsar is so over acting and all the time with makup..
superr mannn (27 days ago)
Momina is cute 👌
Shahrukh Raja Vines (27 days ago)
so funny vlog. You are so funny
Ghazan Khan (27 days ago)
We're u guys in centaurs .omg .i would have come there if I knew .reply me rukhsar sis .when did u went to Islamabad Centaurus . U also went to Cinnabon .reply plz.well can u plz actually tell me plz where is mominas home located in Islamabad .plz reply to all my Qs.reply to me on Instagram if not possible here .my Instagram is ghazan-rko .im wearing a blue kamiz.
uzma ahad (27 days ago)
Just time watse.... no purpose
aneeza atif (27 days ago)
Asad Ahmad (28 days ago)
Two bitches
Sarah Beauty Tips (28 days ago)
Momina= ❤❤❤❤ Ruksar= 😃😃😃
thelazyypotato (28 days ago)
thelazyypotato (28 days ago)
and Rucksaar’s attempt at playing the guitar and singing has me dead!😂
thelazyypotato (28 days ago)
the attempts at saying “ghar” is the BEST part of this vlog😂😂
RULLA DA BOSS (28 days ago)
In co simple wala lufs nay atha "guhhh" 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️
Haris Gul (28 days ago)
Momina your so cute and enoccent like a moon
shahzad afzal (28 days ago)
Aedi mein vologger momina G What you really want in your life now................ Love you and proud of you
Yasmin Siddique (28 days ago)
I nearly died laughing at the “aaj ki taza khabar” 😂😂😂
Doctor Diaper (28 days ago)
Love Momina
Mubashir Vlogs (28 days ago)
She is ruining coke studio tbh she should stop plx
Mubashir Vlogs (28 days ago)
I like patwari of my friends so i jus messed up my language by mixing punjabi patwari n urdu😒😒
Minhas Asim (28 days ago)
ISLAMABAD mein Momina ko koi nahi Jaanta Kya???
Bilal Mirza Bali (28 days ago)
Browngirlsproblem1 .always love to see your vidoes. It's good to see momina colabrote with u .momina u should try vlog

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