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How to Eat Ass

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Not everyone knows the proper way to rim. Allow me to show you. I've organized 12 tips that will improve the experience for everyone. To stay curious with Sexplanations outside of our weekly videos we're in all these places: PODCAST: https://soundcloud.com/user-863387665 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/elleteedee FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/sexplanations/ TUMBLR: tumblingdoe PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/sexplanations DFTBA.com for our merch
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Text Comments (3183)
Madd Rabbit Stew (14 hours ago)
That thumbnail though. Hot or not?
Madd Rabbit Stew (14 hours ago)
DONT fart when your girlfriend is doing this....take it from someone who knows
Madd Rabbit Stew (14 hours ago)
I have a cousin named Chlamydia. Her and her mother, Aunt Syphyllis have a shitty personality.
Madd Rabbit Stew (14 hours ago)
Rule #1 never talk with your mouth full
Madd Rabbit Stew (14 hours ago)
Doc. Do a video on how to perform a blumpkin....my gf wants to know
Sourav Sasi (14 hours ago)
Your eyes look like owl's
HeyDude93gt (1 day ago)
She has NO tits! I’m out
A Chair (1 day ago)
How do you eat chair ass?
EPIC PUPPY TECH (1 day ago)
Your videos prove that braces are worth it! You look absolutely gorgeous!
Chase (2 days ago)
Use chewing gum and wrap your tongue with it and enjoy
Phenix Williams (2 days ago)
Is your eyes ok ,I do know 1 thing in my opinion you are out of your bloody mind .you are crazy .
Nia (2 days ago)
i was watching roblox videos how’d i get here...
landon alizzi (2 days ago)
This made me not want to eat ass
Wow helped me a lot!
The Prickly Prick (3 days ago)
And remember lightly blow on the asshole to waft the smell towards you...
The Prickly Prick (3 days ago)
Well... ain’t you just chipper ass fuck...😂
sad-ako (3 days ago)
this ruined FL studio for me
Dead Purple (3 days ago)
OK I did it wrong, I just went ahead and ate her ass. She didn't complain.
Whiterun Guard (3 days ago)
streeteats (4 days ago)
Good advice.
chad chaddington (5 days ago)
I hope this woman's father saw this but he probably already died of embarrassment years ago during her "exploration phase in college"
Hot Topic Tv (6 days ago)
Theres an art to eating ass these days?
Cody Mcgonagill (6 days ago)
What the hell I like the jarring! Shity advice😁
M TMM (7 days ago)
She does meth b4 she eats ass...
Precious Time (7 days ago)
2:15 Nuff said
Jamie Wilson (7 days ago)
The two times I ate ass. First girl was a Viet lingerie model, 22years old, her pussy always tasted sweet and once I just couldn't stop at pussy and I went down on her little young tight ass like a hungry horny lesbian (I'm a guy) she didn't see it coming but she felt electrified through her spine all the way up and suddenly the electricity spread around her back, she jumped away and directly orgasmed. Her ass tasted sweet just like her puss. Loved her body hated her attitude. Second time was my first white girl experience, I showered her myself (coz I know damn americans dont wash after poop, people, stop wiping start washing after pee, poop) anyways, after shower I ate her and looked at her ass to my surprise I never seen a pink asshole, looked like a piece of candy, I said "I wanna eat your ass" she said "no" without strong resistance coz I made her cum like three times that day and she never came with a guy before me, anyways, I started eating her ass and apparently that made her super horny she didn't want me to stop and when i stoped coz got tired I spooned hugged her and she just grabbed my penis and put its tip in her butt while I'm rubbing her clits until she came. Now we're married. LoL I don't know why I wanted to share. I guess I just love ass.
Alvaro Altamirano (8 days ago)
i use a peppermint ball in my mouth, you know, the big peppermint ball, to eat ass!
Alvaro Altamirano (8 days ago)
i started fingering myself to this video.
tuck sims (9 days ago)
It ain't worth the risk.lol😵😵😮
SUCKRPUNCHED (9 days ago)
how is this a doctor?
Bob Soto (10 days ago)
I love beautiful buttocks.
Samuel115s (10 days ago)
A dental dam literally takes all the fun out of rimming.
Tom Weidler (11 days ago)
...in the "figure 8" motion... Very very very very sIowIy.... Um, "eating a peach" is for her pleasure! 🖖😎👍
Sabrina Askew (12 days ago)
Ass lol
MisterZ (12 days ago)
Not as stimulating as I envisioned; back to real porn!!
Hydro Eyee (12 days ago)
Remember, if they fart, run because they'll tie you up and turn you into a toilet
King Batch (13 days ago)
with utensils
devin alphin (13 days ago)
Close your eyes a but damn your looking into my soul
Samm Khan (13 days ago)
who gona eat that shit after so many diseases....yukh
Cool Dude (13 days ago)
This women literally roasted us!
Cool Dude (13 days ago)
Who else searched How to eat ass?
I’m not sure how I got here, but I’m intrigued
Roblox Guest666twin9 (15 days ago)
autentyk (15 days ago)
I`m surprised she didn`t go for the "keep the white teeth with the wite teeth, yellow with the yellow and blue with the blue" tip.
Anthony Naylor (16 days ago)
I hoover my girlfriend’s then rub it with a Brillo pad. Wire wool dipped in a mixture of methylated spirits and bleach definitely helps when she’s eaten a curry. I usually wear a motorcycle helmet and wrap her arse in a duvet to protect myself from her nasty bottom germs.
Kishawna Williams (16 days ago)
Lil chill will 402 (17 days ago)
i just bite the ass and then put my thumb in her mouth
Candace Stone (17 days ago)
would u be my girlfriend? want to go down yours please bendover & spread your cheeks so that i may eat yours
Michael Coleman (17 days ago)
Why the fuck do I keep looking this shit up? Like honestly I feel like I come to this side of the internet way to much
MIKE BARAN (18 days ago)
Eat Ass...Instant Hepatitis
Gatcha Crystal (18 days ago)
Did I Realy Really Just WATCH a video about Ass
sammy Gold (18 days ago)
You're anus is not for sex or licking it for poo and farthing .the anus is a toilet
Matt Lauer (18 days ago)
Can't this lead to disease? I though this was something that people in prison do.
Qasim ali qasim (19 days ago)
i love ass
xvid (19 days ago)
flaco paco (19 days ago)
I'll finger you're asshole first to loosen it up chula...Then toung fuck your tight anus chula;)
Nishar Draper (19 days ago)
I'm done 😫
Julio Agosto (19 days ago)
Kudos to you Doc!
Rob (20 days ago)
it's ass eatn szn boys
Jaylon Harris (21 days ago)
She’s hilarious 😂
Anziel kevra (21 days ago)
They actually got a video on this how in the fuck did i land here from watching the news
Anziel kevra (21 days ago)
jajajjjajajajjajjajjajajjajjaja, jajaja, oh my shit
Don't eat my ass pls
RSMG106's 2nd channel (21 days ago)
I will only eat Zahra elises ass!
Assy McGee (23 days ago)
She said come up for air 😫🍑
VC VC (23 days ago)
enjoy your frank and lighthearted approach but have to admit I can only view in small doses. Your direct nature is a bit much
alan smith (23 days ago)
Back to the weirdest.part again.
SF (24 days ago)
my gf thanks you lindsey 👍
Christopher Sample (24 days ago)
What kind of doctor uses the word asshole?
Engi Man (24 days ago)
How tf did i find this video?
boyknobetter (25 days ago)
I wanna eat her ass
boyknobetter (25 days ago)
As if I sat in my moms couch watching this
ILoveU TooMuch (25 days ago)
Anwser Please: How do I eat the booty like groceries ?
Moses (25 days ago)
Damn.... I hope no one ever goes thru my YouTube history!!!
fmn2628 (25 days ago)
Subscribed, but made sure not to turn on notifications,. I can think of a thousand scenarios where the phone would bing and display the notice “how to eat ass” pops on the screen of the phone and others noticing.
Bereal84 (26 days ago)
lick it in a circle motion lol
Midwest Countryboi (26 days ago)
Stop it lol
Amjad Malik (26 days ago)
you should have shown your ass to get our imaginations rolling I would love to pound on to you and you would certainly reciprocate by yelling please dont stop ;-)
Kristen x (20 days ago)
Amjad Malik lol
Monu Jaiswals (27 days ago)
I wanna worship and lick your ass hole my WhatsApp+918879220280
Alp Alp (27 days ago)
If you use a damn ur a pussy period
steveinmidtown (28 days ago)
thought I said "asshole" a lot...
Dimitrios Alexopoulos (28 days ago)
London Cars and Games (29 days ago)
I don’t use a dental Dam 🙈
// KingFuryGT // (30 days ago)
How dafuq did i get here
Kermit De Frog (1 month ago)
Imagine if u blow and u catch a wife of dat nasty stuff and gag down there
Yo (1 month ago)
Oh my god. I don’t wanna do it now! I don’t even wanna touch my own asshole now.
Twisted Logic (1 month ago)
Hi Dr. Doe I recently became a vegetarian, any suggestions for finding organically grown ass?
abdlah m (1 month ago)
now i can eat ass
Lil' Disappointment (1 month ago)
ass taste like cotton candy
Lil' Disappointment (1 month ago)
lmao tripping bals right now high af on acid
The one (1 month ago)
Just DON'T DO IT. Who does this? You gotta be pretty depraved sexually to do something like this. It obviously wasn't meant to be.
I just wanted to see eating compilations
[email protected] (1 month ago)
Just eat her cheeks don't eat her fucking shit filled butt hole eww you are gross and lame I'm out
bazzarr (1 month ago)
And alays remember to wear a small head lamp so you can see. It's dark down there.
bazzarr (1 month ago)
A "Rusty Trombone" is only partly anilingus. That when one person stands up and the other person eats their ass and reaches around and masturbates the man.
yungdaggerdick mendez (1 month ago)
Eat my ass yea
yungdaggerdick mendez (1 month ago)
Eat my as s yea
Synister HD (1 month ago)
What am i doing with my life
Lou Panella (1 month ago)
Love the blonde hair!
chris walker (1 month ago)
Really? Cleaning the sewer hole isnt an cant be healthy
d-_-b (1 month ago)
Step 1. Don't eat ass.

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