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Bulk Strategies to Avoid Gaining Fat

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Jordan Peters is back with another new video to give tips and strategies on how to build muscle and bulk up without gaining a surplus in body fat. There are some key steps detailed so you don't end up getting too out of shape while trying to add new muscle mass.
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Text Comments (92)
comedyman112 (2 months ago)
6:43 for the answer
Daniel Rhea (3 months ago)
I've been experimenting in my offseason with different calorie surplus and realized... I just get fat regardless lol. I do lean out fat though if i go into a deficit.
S K (3 months ago)
every fucken video of Jordan's, I read people discussing his breathing. Holy fuck, the dude is a truck man, mass monster. His knowledge is endless on anabolics, nutrition and training.. you think he doesn't get his blood work every 4-6 months and gets check ups on his BP, HR, and every other health aspect? cmon, skinny beta males commenting on his breathing... ffs.
SupremeMystique (3 months ago)
7:00, wait so if your weight stalls, you don't increase calories? Didn't hear well there.
NoodleBoy26 (4 months ago)
You need to make a channel of your own!
vladanr74 (5 months ago)
One foot in the grave.
ROWDY PIPER (5 months ago)
Is having large bodyparts worth the fact that you are struggling to breathe like my father was on his last 2 days with cancer of the lung?.
churules7 (5 months ago)
This dude hardly fit in the screen
Marcus Bryan (5 months ago)
Someone get this guy an oxygen machine.
Jonathan Joestar (6 months ago)
“Land of the free” Hahahahaha...oh wow
bobby (7 months ago)
dude, i admire you and all but.. i am worried about your breathing
Mr Maxitaple (7 months ago)
Muscular Jackie Chan
Josh Johnson (3 months ago)
He does aswell! 😅
Qarius (7 months ago)
Dudes traps have quads growing on them.
Mohit Singh (7 months ago)
Heavy breaths while speaking only
QueensNative (7 months ago)
Mohit Singh Yep, dude better be careful.. That's exactly how Rich Piana sounded the last few years of his life
C. DOT CHRIS (7 months ago)
This guy cant even breathe. All those years of preworkout caffeine lol....HOW IS THIS HEALTHY. I'm a body builder AMD I swear NO ONE SEEMS TO WORKOUT WITHOUT PREWORKOUT LOL. ITS CAFFINE, IT WILL KILL YOUR HEART
J G (4 months ago)
You think it's the caffeine in his pre-workout that's making him breath like that?! Bahaha wow....
M R (5 months ago)
C. DOT CHRIS you’re preaching about the downside of caffeine? 🤦‍♂️
Sunny 89 (8 months ago)
Really surprised by the fact anabolics are legal in UK
Sam Dasgupta (3 months ago)
+Bob biden in the 90s too
ross (3 months ago)
Possession and use is legal. I think selling and possibly buying may still be illegal
Bob (5 months ago)
The only reason they're illegal in the US is because Dick Cheney is an asshole and pushed it to be made illegal, against the Surgeon General's, and FDA's recommendation because there were no direct link to any deaths caused by it. Women's hormones aren't illegal. It's rediculous. It's made by our bodies and we men need it. It's like pulling teeth getting it prescribed. Most insurances won't cover it either, even in deficient men. All women need to do is say they want birth control. Boom. No blood test. No BS. No run around. They just get it. Same with transgenders. I feel like a boy/girl and want to be one. Boom. Here's your hormones. Have a nice day.
SuperHolyshit96 (8 months ago)
Hey Jordan, could you please make a video on your thoughts of Arthur Jones and High Intensity Training? I've been using his methods for 8 months and gained quite a bit of mass. I would like to hear your thoughts because I think you are one of the smartest bodybuilders in the industry.
Nicholas Bortnik (8 months ago)
He breathes like a freakin buffalo 😂😂😂
kooolooooo (16 days ago)
He's the same weight as one 😂😂
Marcus Bryan (5 months ago)
Patrick Bateman (8 months ago)
Is all that size worth it? Dudes gasping for air just talking. I bet his quality of life is pure shit
Kule_kule Dawson (8 months ago)
I can be in a huge caloric surplus and work out for hours with out gaining much big muscle. I have a lot of lean muscle but it's very compact. Any advice other then eating more protein cause I eat a lot of protein most of my meals are pure or mostly protein.
Nicole Garvin (3 months ago)
Rice 🍚 and chicken more rice than 🐔 protein simply rebuilds muscle Other foods are as equally if not more important to build actuall SIZE
Nicole Garvin (3 months ago)
Nicole Garvin (3 months ago)
Carbs man
Mr Speedy (5 months ago)
Testosterone my friend..had the same problem .
Kule_kule Dawson (8 months ago)
Great video
TotsAndTattors (8 months ago)
This broham can hardly breath. Bro, cut down the dosage or you gonna have medical problems sooner than you want.
Awkward Gecko (6 months ago)
TotsAndTattors shut up
Jim Miller (8 months ago)
You sound like it's very hard to breathe bro 🤔
FordFitness (5 months ago)
+James Palmer yep
James Palmer (6 months ago)
Zombies Ate My Pizza! (9 months ago)
I don't see the sense in just bulking and cutting once a year each. If you just, for example, bulk a few months and then cut for a month, then you'll maintain lower bodyfat levels while still gaining the same amount of muscle over the space of the year.
Zombies Ate My Pizza! (6 months ago)
Why is that, exactly?
Awkward Gecko (6 months ago)
Zombies Ate My Pizza! Thats stupid
paul salley (9 months ago)
He looks a littwlike Craig Titus.
shylildude (9 months ago)
Jeremy Renner got jack3d.
Connor (9 months ago)
You look like a bulked up Hawkeye from avengers. Lol that's awesome
anthony roberts (8 months ago)
Connor so true man and that's awsome you lifting, sucks being 150lbs at 6'3 people always bothering me and asking why you so skinny very rude in my opinion you don't go up to over weight people ask why there so fat.
Connor (8 months ago)
anthony roberts i do not take any test actually. I'm 6'2, 400 but I did strongman for years and all I did was eat so much in one day.i wanted to puke. And trained so heavy and more heavy. Maxing at a single rep once everytime. But for you my friend id say with the test and you eating healthy..but ALOT daily, and training as hard as you can without dying, you will gain pure muscle ...maybe even like 20-30 pounds of solid mass. But I can't ever say for sure because everybody is different. Lol
anthony roberts (8 months ago)
Connor Hey Connor question do you take test, my Dr is going put me on 300mg test a week with HCG and estrogen blocker iam 6 3 at 150lbs what should I gain in muscle mass in 3 months if eating healthy and hitting the gym hard just curious if you would have an ruff estimate.
Connor (8 months ago)
anthony roberts haha that's great!
anthony roberts (8 months ago)
Connor 😂 He shure does. "Hawkeye HULK"
Samuel Rodríguez (9 months ago)
He's a jacked Jeremy Renner
Richie Kozik (6 months ago)
Somebody has already said that, Capt Original.
LamBeau Leeper (9 months ago)
Close the curtains!!!! There I feel better lol.
Robert Mugabe (9 months ago)
I don't know how I ended up here but considering this guy is a mega meathead I'm miring his intelligence and hairline! If I ever decide to partake in the hot sauce I'll be sure to get my recepie from this swole chef.
Redmi Redmi (9 months ago)
Got to say I'm going off this guy. He will talk for 10mins and use long words and he could just cut to the point and say it in 2 mins .
J Mart (9 months ago)
The info he provides between desperate gasps for air is very helpful.
Filip Sajatovic (21 days ago)
thats because his heart cant handle that kind of body mass he is too heavy that is not natural and isnt good for health you need optimum body mass + good food+vitamin and mineral supp and test if you have less amount of it in your body caused of aging process
John Livia (3 months ago)
J Mart 😂🤣
Yahusha Saves (3 months ago)
J Mart 😂
Body By PT (6 months ago)
Lol. He sounds like he needs a wake-apnea machine! But great info -sharp guy.
Big Daddy (9 months ago)
You are 100% Brilliant sir. I don't learn much from bodybuilders at 48 being a former teen champion and training all these years. But I've learned at least 1 thing from each of your videos. Even if was good manners.
Pete Mayes (8 months ago)
yep he comes across as such a decent guy , its unusual in this day and age of ego maniacs
Code 00103 (10 months ago)
I could listen to this guy for hours and wouldnt mind listening to his talkshow during workouts lmao
Gore Blaster (11 months ago)
Clicked the vid on bulking cuz of the BULKY AF guy in the thumbnail
CORY (11 months ago)
Redcon you guys are awesome for doing this. Huge props, seriously this needed for us that decide to live like this. Thank you, you have my much respect as a veteran and bodybuilder.
multirevelator (11 months ago)
I love abit of shit talking and trolling every now and again but comments about Jordan's appearance or breathing are fucking pathetic. Your getting really good free advice, its like being shown where an aisle is in a supermarket or a train platform by a helpful member of staff and then telling them they have a crooked nose or bad skin.
Quad_Day_Everyday (10 months ago)
The problem is Redcon is a mainstream family friendly supplement company and JP is a hardcore bodybuilder, so most of the gym rats that buy Redcon have no idea who JP is or his credentials, and its annoying AF.
ferrari4968 (4 months ago)
livinroomlongshanks short guys LOOK bigger faster bc it’s a lot easier for someone that is 6 foot 7 to being 290 pounds than it is to be 290 at 5 foot 6
livinroomlongshanks (7 months ago)
gene doolie , actually, being tall AND big is impressive. Short guys get big easier, period.
Tomasz Chaszczynski (8 months ago)
No it is nonsense - it is claiming type like: audi makes such a good car for families - does it mean that audi should not make any supercars?
E. R. (8 months ago)
I think being big is impressive full stop. However, I think it's easier to gain mass if you're shorter. Just my opinion.
Andreas Ziegler (11 months ago)
This is exactly what Redcon1 needed, and exactly what Jordan Peters needed! Great info, on a great channel! I am proud to be a Redcon1 athlete
Adam Shiminski (11 months ago)
Always great content, which obviously comes from experience and great results. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
BIG T (11 months ago)
I've always calculated the calories I need for a desired weight I want to be at and stuck at that , at first you may put on a little fat but it doesn't take long for the muscle mass to catch up and you soon reach a equilibrium .
Korona Complex (11 months ago)
Even his pyjamas are covered in lifting chalk hahaha What a legend
Redmi Redmi (9 months ago)
Could be chalk.
gene doolie (10 months ago)
lol..awesome, and man he has some Broadmoor shoulders!
Kris pea bacon (11 months ago)
Easiest rule to not gain fat !!! Eat clean
Jesper Christensen (4 months ago)
marcos are such bullshit lol. It's not as simple as that. Insulin and other hormones play a far greater role in fat gain. You think eating 100cal of snickers will make you less fat than 300cal of vegetables? They do not have the same effect in the body
Sam East (11 months ago)
bro Science
Max Meijerink (11 months ago)
Kris pea bacon yeah eat 10000kcal of brocolli ans you still get fat bruh
Benjamin Malloch (11 months ago)
As always, very informative. Thanks.
Sonortubelug (11 months ago)
Great content. Very generous with your info. I can't get my head around trying to get to 6000 c/p/d with a clean diet. How do you do this, do you force feed? It can't be just steak, rice and broccoli can it?! I have to eat a fair amount of shit to put on weight.
Samuel Rodríguez (9 months ago)
Sonortubelug 8 meals a day, eat every two hours, it can be done
Bryan Arcos (11 months ago)
Ty redcon1!
John Rodriguez (11 months ago)
This was one of the best things that Redcon has done. I'm a huge redcon fan and I'm also a huge JP fan so seeing that you two got together is just badass keep up the good work guys cheers
gene doolie (10 months ago)
hes wideeee as fuck!!!!! best shoulders in the world!!! , better than Phil "Narrow as Fuck" Heath
omgiownk (11 months ago)
Seriously JP is the shit love everything he puts out. Mass with class + a super smart guy
Adam Bullock (11 months ago)
Agree man

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