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How to Cancel eBay Order

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In this tutorial you are going to learn how to cancel eBay order which can be useful if you have made a purchase by accident. Bear in mind that this is at the seller's discretion and once you have bought the item you are obliged to pay for it. Step # 1 -- Navigating to Purchased Items Here we start with the situation that we have just purchased an item that we don't want. As you can see here we have just bought an item and eBay is asking us to pay for it. At the top of the page mouse over the "My eBay" option and in the menu that appears click "Summary". Step # 2 -- Contacting the Seller On the page that loads find the item that you just bought and find the "More actions" link next to it. Click on this and in the menu that appears click "Contact seller". A new page will load and you need to select the "Request to change an order" box then at the bottom select "No, I want to contact the seller" and click "Continue". Step # 3 -- Sending a Message about Cancelling the Item A page will load and you will be able to enter a message to the seller. Remember, it is their choice whether they cancel the purchase so you should give a good reason why you don't want the item. Click the "Send" button and the message will be sent to the seller. Now you simple have to wait for them to get back to you about whether they will cancel the item or not and that is how to cancel eBay order.
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Text Comments (197)
Youtuber Safi (16 days ago)
Thank you very much by
Λυris (2 months ago)
AAAHHHHH FUCK MATE, i selected an item trough Buy It Now and i cant cancel that shit. i dont have money for that nor the buyer ships to my place what do i do???
DarthAxe21Plays (4 months ago)
LUV N.J. (4 months ago)
gangstalishis (6 months ago)
i bought an item like 2 hours ago and tried to cancle it and couldnt, hasnt even been shipped. contacted the seller and think he will refund me but its ridiculous that only after a couple hours you cant just click a button and cancle it.
Paradox (7 months ago)
I would like to cancel an order as I have purchased this item by mistake I am sincerely sorry for the trouble I have caused and I will gladly give positive feedback as return for canceling the order
LPS Waffłes (7 months ago)
Poop I canceled a order like when I bought it and then they decide to ship it at night that’s nice |:|
NeonStrike (8 months ago)
I click it accidentally now I'm dead 😨😨😨
Ruthie Dudley (9 months ago)
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Rosalinda Chapman (9 months ago)
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Mikey Casasola (9 months ago)
Is this Simon whistler?
Gajanan (10 months ago)
thank you internet services i have just cancelled an order from ebay👍👍
Zack Harrison (10 months ago)
Does it give you money back after you cancelled an order on eBay?
thinking !!! (11 months ago)
Tq for your hlp bro Keep moving forward 😉
Alen Netto (1 year ago)
After all they refused cancellation, ebay is not customer friendly, they only considering their sellers.
Winston With A Y (1 year ago)
Today I Found Out how to cancel an eBay order
ALBIRDO (1 year ago)
ewww, why even cancel at this point?
JACKYCHAN 1999 (1 year ago)
Amazon is soon much better
lucky time (1 year ago)
Thanks you. I know ❤️
ItsWirax (1 year ago)
what happen if you don't pay the order will they sue you or just cancel it
Emma Salas (1 year ago)
thank you so much
Hiddence (1 year ago)
once you commit to an order how long do you get till you need to pay?
Ilyas Syed (1 year ago)
1 rp ki note hi mere pass printing flot hi
Misfit (1 year ago)
This is really weird! On eBay, I clicked a mouse that looked interesting, and then instead of showing the information, it said "you have committed to purchase this item" I'm ticked cause I already won an auction for another cool mouse for cheap price but this weird bug made me buy it, without going through ANY steps! Help?
Luca Gessner (1 year ago)
You sound like the typical English guy 😂
STAR TIPS (1 year ago)
cancel prodecte refund accont balance sir
toll gerzeps (1 year ago)
what if you didnt pay for it and contact the seller to cancel the order does ir cancel the order???please helppp i accidently won a bid by placing the erong amount
sɴᴇᴅᴅᴏ (2 years ago)
what if i dint have any money on my paypal i didnt add my card to ebay. i just made my account and didnt add nothing beside my adress. what if he ships the package to my house and i need to pay it? plz help
Wild Music (1 year ago)
Tung Khai (2 years ago)
After we contact the seller, what happen to our money?
Tony O'Shea (2 years ago)
Good luck , i just requested a cancel just 10 minutes after ordering and was denied the next day because it was already shipped I requested 10 minutes after ordering! And it was NoT actually shipped until the next day.2 days after i requested the cancel.
LilPeaches ;-; (2 years ago)
Terell Chapman (2 years ago)
O my gosh thanks so much
trpvrare (2 years ago)
I would like to request refund and cancel this order as i have purchased this item by mistake. I sincerely apologize for the troubles that i've caused and i"m looking forward for your kind consideration on my request. Cheers!
AKTHEBOSS (2 years ago)
Thanks I was not gonna right all of that.
trpvrare (2 years ago)
thank me later
firZmuslimah (2 years ago)
I'm watching these videos just because I love his voice!
Mephistopheles (2 years ago)
Actually under UK law any online order (even if paid for) can be cancelled within 24 hours of making it and you don't have to give a reason.
TheDragonKnight (1 year ago)
i ordered headphones then 5 min later i thought i dont need them and it said i am too early
Brookynn 04 (1 year ago)
jaocheu omg it only been a hour and it says it's too late to cancel this order so I just contacted the seller and I'm waiting for them to respond
Mephistopheles (2 years ago)
Actually I was wrong the law changed recently , now it's 7 days, http://www.onlineshoppingrights.co.uk/understanding-uk-distance-selling-regulations.html
TJ Hew (2 years ago)
Oh thank fuck for that! Just ordered something from Ebay but only after an hour of purchasing I realised that it was going to my old address, so I'm hoping they will cancel the order. Plus I'd paid via paypal :s
Abhi Patel (2 years ago)
eBay is so bad because of this :/. Once you click that button guess what you have to pay and you cannot undo your actions.
5155 Creations (2 years ago)
Ok anyone know how to clear items from purchase history? like when I click to remove it the box won't check.
draven television (2 years ago)
press edit then check the items you want to delete.
Skits (2 years ago)
this worked for me
Sarah Marine (2 years ago)
just contacted the seller but I'm not freaking out as if worse comes to worse i Can pay for it i just bought another one that is all
LoisyVoicy (2 years ago)
ebay should just change the canceling system to the one like amazon. makes life easier
Tech Finder (11 months ago)
Your right! it's 10 times better!!! but has some issues!
Silvio Santiago (1 year ago)
ebay is not good as amazon
Simovich Channel (2 years ago)
problem solve smoothly..thank you for advice
Jade Tucker (2 years ago)
i brought an item by accident and contacted the seller straight away but then 10 minutes later i got an message from ebay telling me thats its already being shipped wtf helppppp
TemP KONIZE (1 year ago)
Ryan Zhu Amazon is shit i bought something for 60.00 and i got charged 200.00 twice
Barnacles (2 years ago)
Kiran Suresh (2 years ago)
Once the item is shipped,there is nothing we can do to cancel it,but can refund by claiming that not satisfied with the product.Amaon is much better than ebay.
russel johnson (2 years ago)
+Jade Tucker thats fucked
siimsimsiim (2 years ago)
+Jade Tucker Send it back to the seller once recieved to get a refund if he accepts returns.
LPS JJ (2 years ago)
okay I need help please I bought a lps great dane for 33 dollars and I only have 30 what do I do I'm crying and my dad does not know
Why Not (2 years ago)
What Happened?!
Dante Williams (2 years ago)
I press cancel item and it keep saying that I can't be canceled!!
TemP KONIZE (1 year ago)
Dante Williams same
Shark Record Films (2 years ago)
Bought a 27 year old TV for twenty bucks and 40 DOLLAR SHIPPING!!!
Canono1509 (1 year ago)
Shark Record Films What happened
Alvin (2 years ago)
I've accidentally clicked on the purchased button several times due to my unstable internet connection. So I sent the seller a cancellation request upon my purchase item. Until now haven't received any reply yet. I'm getting worried.....pls help
Alvin (2 years ago)
+Héctor yeah the seller cancelled after few days later. :)
Dan Armona (2 years ago)
i bought something on ebay told a seller i want to cancel it and i got my item in the mail dont know why everything says canceled and vanilla gift card only had $3 on it
Funky Buddha (3 years ago)
I accidentally requested a refund, but don't actually want the refund, i want a partial refund. The seller is telling me he can't do this till I cancel / deny the refund. How do i do this? I see no actions or options anywhere.
Scott Argyle (3 years ago)
Denis N. (3 years ago)
I didn't press pay button and closed the page, but I got the invoice anyway, how can I cancel it? Keep getting messages that I have to pay for my purchase
John Lawrence Dizon (3 years ago)
I am getting the same thing. I emailed the seller. Hopefully he will cancel my order. Let me know what happens to you.
just me (3 years ago)
they are not ok . i would try to buy it and send me miss informations and cant buy it and suddenly end me email to pay for that.now i bought it for amazon so i dont pay for it
just me (3 years ago)
+sany louiza ok my problem is solved !i think cause i didnt pay from start ! ty so much for your video ! help me a lot ! they contact to me and they cancel the order !
King Bramble (3 years ago)
They canceled the order but now i get messages that i have an unpaid item.
Yofatboy124 (2 years ago)
+dan armona LOL lucky
Dan Armona (2 years ago)
i bought something on ebay got it in the mail after it was canceled and got money back
StarCat64 (3 years ago)
I ordered a bootleg figma and now i need to cancel
StarCat64 (2 years ago)
+Mr. Man yeah?
Mr. Man (2 years ago)
+StarCat64 Hey StarCat
BenfreX CSGO (3 years ago)
i did contact the seller but he doesnt know how to cancel my order... please help!
Mr. Man (2 years ago)
+Mizan Khan agree.
Mizan Khan (3 years ago)
+2000ViperGTS your arrogance kills me...
2000ViperGTS (3 years ago)
+Mizan Khan Actually, your post speaks volumes that you are one of those buyers who does not read.  Take a contract law course and sell for awhile so you can experience buyer's remorse.
2000ViperGTS (3 years ago)
+AEF6P2 Too bad-THINK before you buy next time.
antoni raymundo (3 years ago)
This did not help
vikas prabhakar (3 years ago)
I have raised my concern for cancelling my order (that i have already paid through my credit card last day) Let's see who i get, an Angel or Demon :/
BoxedTurtle (3 years ago)
Hehehe.... What I've you've already payed for it?
i hate amazon it cancelled my orders
+Thug G-30 maybe u could come to the state fair
+Thug G-30 yo maybe not tommarrow cause i just had a civil war reinactment a party for my sister coming back for england and tommarow i gotta go to the state fair
yea i heard sure at yo house? orrrrrr mine
+Thug G-30 wanna hang tommorow
I am the only one in the world with this specific problem: buyer wants to cancel purchase from me, but I can no longer find the item under the 'sold' menu because it's been over 60 days... And the item itself costs ... a lot...
kadic dina (3 years ago)
Thank you for this video! :) :)  Merci pour cette vidéo !
Hussein Abbas (3 years ago)
Minh Ho (3 years ago)
Will they give your money back though
Steve Steveson (3 years ago)
I have a very good question to ask, Does it matter if matter if i send a request to Cancel an order that is from outside the UK?? For example i placed an order on an item that is form Hong Kong and realized that it is not the specific item i needed, Surly eBay has a way of Translating the Message I Sent to the Seller or Would they have to do that for themselves?? Would really Appreciate an Answer, I am In Desperate need Thanks!!
Joxler (3 years ago)
Does anybody at all know how to cancel a order as a guest on ebay after you have purchased? Thank You
emily wilson (3 years ago)
The request for my credit card # which wasn't evident till the last,  I froze , saw the same trap and stopped and as you don't have a ready exit that I could see. I quit.  Don't bother me about this again.
emily wilson (3 years ago)
Again your above message seems rather threatening --that's a very bad policy to have.   potential buyers should be very wary of on-line shopping generally unless they study all the ropes and consider what they are getting into.  it's very new to me.
emily wilson (3 years ago)
I changed my mind when I got to being asked for my account number, because I got burnt this way when I sent for lifecell cream.  I see it is a bad move to enter one's credit card # .  for what is advertised as a free trial offer as yours is.  I assume non completion automatically cancels a order.  There appears no other way shown to cancel it.
I bought a mobile, i still didn't pay at the bank, but i don't want it. How can i cancel it?
Honey Badger (3 years ago)
Thank you very much your a saver. u just earned a subscriber cheer:).
John&ann Parker (3 years ago)
I have just put a bid on eBay. Pressed wrong didgets it was a tankini black priced @ 75 pence
I bought this thing on ebay, paid with paypal, and no "Pay Now" Button is there... Is it still possible to cancel the order, they haven't shipped the item yet
Mr. Man (2 years ago)
+krish paa Thanks Krish Paa!  Thanks Krish paa, So far, all but one refunded my money.  YAY!
Mr. Man (2 years ago)
+AnimatedSpy - Free Games! UGH!!!! I already paid for the item but Paypal used my Debit card instead of my Credit card. Now I;m not gonna have enough money when my checks clear. WHY WHY WHY!!!
itjsutluke (3 years ago)
oh my god this has really work thx a lot :)
Nicholai Vincent (3 years ago)
Thank you! I'll try this out. Im new to Ebay and I thought if I bought something I could cancel it before payment as Amazon. And Im in trouble now as I ordered something by mistake but I  didn't want it neither have the money to pay now : \
Maja Kwiek (3 years ago)
what if he dosent want to give me back my many i will kill my self
It is I, your eBay nemisis hath returned to do battle against you once again for those low low prices
R.x0 (3 years ago)
LOL This comment is really funny
Maja Kwiek (3 years ago)
yh hahaha lol +rav kaur 
rav !!! (3 years ago)
did he give it back LOL
rav !!! (3 years ago)
u ok maja
Vassilis Pergamalis (4 years ago)
What is the worst case scenario that can happen when they don't accept my cancellation request? I don't have any money in my card so I guess it would be just an international ebay ban. Even so, opening a new account, using another credit card and changing the shipping adress would be the solution ;)
JE. Supetran (4 years ago)
You saved me!!!!! THANKYOU so much 
Honey Badger (3 years ago)
I play crossfire too
JE. Supetran (3 years ago)
Yes :D why
Honey Badger (3 years ago)
Dude u play crossfire
Cinema Reels (4 years ago)
if he dont send me a reply what happend???? i cancel my order...
Makaveli (4 years ago)
I would like to request to cancel my order as I have purchased a item by mistake I sincerely apologize for the troubles that I've caused and I'm looking forward for your kind consideration on my request copy and paste this :-) 
Shan Cj (1 month ago)
Hussein Abbas (3 years ago)
Shak Samuel (3 years ago)
Baby Sky (3 years ago)
Happy to throw positive feedback after i get my refund. copas this too...
BenQ gg SpikeonE (3 years ago)
+Teemo4Life fck teemo ._.
Rocky_Balboa (4 years ago)
Ebay is simply pathetic. Flipkart.com allows you to cancel any order even after the item has shipped. The only problem with Flipkart is that they do not sell imported iems. Also, items on Ebay are always more expensive than Flipkart. I ordered an item on Ebay 5 days back and its not even shipped yet. I think this is why they have created such a weird policy so that you can't cancel an order. This is my last purchase from Ebay.
izri1 (11 months ago)
No imported items huh. So all we can buy from flipcart are items made in india? I can't think of anything that's made in india. Only hindu terror maybe, but that's all i can think of.
Nia Iman (3 years ago)
seriously, this seller hasn't even shipped yet and i ordered about a week ago. i should automatically be able to cancel and get a refund on the product when they HAVENT EVEN SHIPPED AND I PAID PROMPTLY. what kind of one-sided transaction bullshit is this.
CODxProGamingHD (4 years ago)
I paid for the item that I bought and I asked the seller to cancel it and give me my money back he said he will but I still have not gotten my money back.
Amaan Amir Vids (3 years ago)
+CODxProGamingHD Contact Ebay
Davonta Oliver (4 years ago)
thank you
Robby Mills (4 years ago)
This is gay what are you a nerd I want a gangsta way to not pay.
Sherif (2 years ago)
+Robby Mills Involving what exactly?
SkiFi Sk Music (4 years ago)
ebay sux so much ...
Mout M. (4 years ago)
Hi, I recently purchased an item. Then the seller e-mailed me that he can't send internationlly. So I ask him to cancel, however he doesn't know how. Then ebay opened a case. I contact the seller asking him to close the case, but he still doesn't know how. He told me to wait and let ebay close the case themself and let me have a strike. How do I cancel this purchase?
Hector Tenessent (4 years ago)
you're a saver..
Jordan Ryan Wiles (4 years ago)
what if they dont shipped the thing what happend!! 
James Turner Gaming (4 years ago)
hi i didnt have an account when i bought a product is it possible to cancel it ?
Amit Maddheshiya (4 years ago)
any way if they not cancel your order by request just receive you item and claim for refund that you not satisfied with this product. you will get you money back.  
Simmi Maddheshiya (4 years ago)
Is anything wrong?
Simmi Maddheshiya (4 years ago)
What happen amit???
jamie (4 years ago)
when they cancel the order do you get the money back?
Davonta Oliver (4 years ago)
i hope so
if he dont send me a reply what happend????
Spot (4 years ago)
I wonder if this is the only way to cancel orders on Ebay? lol however very helpful video i hope my seller would cancel the order 
Ketan Gandhi (4 years ago)
oh thanks I used the message and it worked.thanks again,it saved my INR Rs.2800
HeadEnterprise (5 years ago)
How about the money that was taking outta my acct? How do I get it back even though I cancel the order
Alex Toussieh (5 years ago)
Super unhelpful video because it explains how to CONTACT A SELLER not what to do in case you already did that and are actually trying to do what this video is for which is CANCEL AN ORDER. Sorry, but bad, bad, video.
Selman10 (5 years ago)
Ebay is stupid... I clicked purchase by accident and the rules are that you NEED to pay for it omg... but thanks man! thumbs up for your video.
Theversysman (5 years ago)
very helpful ;)
Ishank Dixit (5 years ago)
bro keep it up
You are welcome! Thank you for the comment!
Were they from the same seller? Maybe it's not updated yet or it's mail mistakes. too (shipping is not confirmed by them yet). You can wait for a while and then contact with the seller to ask about this case, if you are worried.
Abood Ajm (5 years ago)
Hi there ,, I'd like to inquire about this condition so i need help ; i bought earlier two items at the same time from ebay and both were shipped , one confirmed for shipping but the other not yet why !!?

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