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Ass for Days... Black Beach Wild In Miami

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The best footage of Black Beach Miami...featuring girls, guys, and cars miami style. CHECKOUT http://www.BlackandNobel.com KEEP UP TO DATE WITH EVERYTHING CURRENT @ http://erieave.com AND http://weshiptoprisons.com
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Text Comments (20)
mokhtar Broderie (14 days ago)
Joshua Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Fuck the shit out of it hard anal bitches
John Dumelo (3 months ago)
Not much focus on the ass
Richard Cerritelli (1 year ago)
All the blacks on the beach none of them swimming LOL
elchasai (1 year ago)
very nobel I'm sure but not so very noble.
Jefferson medeiros (2 years ago)
i am white,i love black girls.
John T (2 years ago)
arebrec (2 years ago)
1:22 never seen dancing whales before....! Wierd.
Roosevelt Rutland jr (2 years ago)
Their were no bbw,s with juice ass,s or big plump tit s. That's why I'm staying in Detroit.
comcite (3 years ago)
I like black girls
why cool (2 months ago)
Well are u BLACK
Jelon Hunt (1 year ago)
Joey Diaz yeah right what other woman has as much sex appeal only women close is latinas u probably speaking from a marriage stand point.. smh nerds lol
Luis X (3 years ago)
Girl holding the camera at 35 is hot lol
tammy2052 (4 years ago)
prejatise is a sign of weakness.
Wisdom of Nod! (1 year ago)
tammy2052 Prejudice is discernment.
Kita Barbie (4 years ago)
South Beach used to be in top 20 when it was all German, German jew and a few brits and scotts, now, it is not even ranked just rank. Seemed pretty normal, tall, short fat thin, etc  same as white folk beach
Michael Isaharov (5 years ago)
lol its still only youtube. i basically only ever use one site now because they have real girls who like to show off on cam and want to hook up get a load of this: bit.ly/19CnFu5?=smbws
Russell Johnson (5 years ago)
why u watching racist perv
alp aydın (5 years ago)
Samir Eiwaz (7 years ago)
damn why there so many black people in south beach.

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