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Do Girls like their Ass Licked?

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SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/2ryNVUb Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/DannyMullenOfficial/ This was my first video to go viral on Facebook. Though the subject matter is barbaric, I actually think the writing is some of the best I've ever done, and I often rewatch it to get inspired before working on new scripts. At the time, I was living and working full-time in Las Vegas, and, when my weekend finally came, I would just be so over people and traffic and neon that I'd drive out into the desert to escape. Usually to this little shit resort town called Primm. But no. On the day I wrote this script, I went further, deep into California, a two-hour drive, to the desert city of Barstow. I got a coffee and banged the thing out in one sitting. I have fond memories of filming this, too. For a solid hour we couldn't find anybody who would answer questions about getting their ass licked. Girls, guys, men, women, young, old – nobody. And I started thinking I'd blown it by writing too gnarly of a script. The cute-but-sort-of-ditsy girl with the Starbucks drink turned it around. She was down to talk, and then right after we got the two girls by the Bellagio lake, which was another key clip. Momentum was ours – for the rest of the filming session and on into the night. I got fucking shit-faced after. Which is pretty rare for me these days, but that was a proper Vegas party night, to be sure. Also – and I don't want to say anything ungentlemanly here – but there is a very strong chance I had intercourse that night, as well. Song: Kevin Macleod--Wagon Wheel
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Text Comments (275)
HeyDude93gt (1 day ago)
The ones that say yes, have had it done. The ones that say NO, haven’t had it done yet. But when they do, it’ll be a ass lickathon!
Kay Anthony (1 day ago)
I don't lick girls asshole but i like fucking girls in the ass
Afterburner (2 days ago)
I’d eat the fat chick’s ass!😛
silbernez (5 days ago)
This was really entertaining lol
Danny Mullen (4 days ago)
Thanks so much!
bussdownnn p (6 days ago)
bra your fucking hilarious lmfaoo
Danny Mullen (4 days ago)
Thanks so much, man!
dylan landry (7 days ago)
Another good one man! 🤣😂
Danny Mullen (6 days ago)
Thanks bro!
Dante Redgrave (9 days ago)
That red haired girl looks delicious... I'd lick the shit crumbs out of her ass
DankZkittles (11 days ago)
peps be liking fat chicks HEEEEELLL TO THE FUCKING NOOOEE i'd never fuck a fate chick sorry. no offense but it aint my type, i'd like a white thin woman with medium breasts and a medium ass :)
Danny Mullen (11 days ago)
No shame in that.
JB Speed (13 days ago)
I don’t get how this guy isn’t the biggest channel on youtube😂 this guy’s humor is fucking perfect 👌🏼 kills me every video
Danny Mullen (13 days ago)
Thanks so much, bro! Appreciate that!
Epoxygleu (14 days ago)
I wonder if they would lick my ass, Id like that alot actually. Put a finger in there too, hell yeah.
Scott Pilgrim (17 days ago)
"Im way to drunk." What a mood😂😂😂
KiKi V 07 (19 days ago)
6:54 there's a little kid right behind them
Dario Zelaya (20 days ago)
Mullen: “It’s a Magnum, will you fit into this?” Guy: “I would suppose.”
BrandtChiccen (20 days ago)
john clhugyugihjbvgbkj (21 days ago)
GK 👅.
Norman Bates (22 days ago)
Just a heads up gals, I put lots of TABASCO on EVERYTHING I eat.
Jack Wright1993 (22 days ago)
People think that because I’m 7 that I’m a virgin... strange
Novi (11 days ago)
+Ibrahim Zulfiquar nooo
Ibrahim Zulfiquar (11 days ago)
+Novi Would you let a guy lick your's?
Novi (22 days ago)
luca thaplugfather (24 days ago)
Ewan859 (27 days ago)
who else is just binge watching all of danny's videos?
Danny Mullen (26 days ago)
Other good men like yourself.
WindFly (30 days ago)
I told my parents I want to be like you when I grow up
Zed (25 days ago)
Let me guess you got kicked out
Danny Mullen (28 days ago)
Good man! I hope they accepted it.
cat intensifies (1 month ago)
Hahahaha the list of people you have there is insanely creative, from a fucking pharaoh to John Stamos hahahah
Danny Mullen (1 month ago)
Hahah thanks, man! This is still one of my favorites.
Fireboyev (1 month ago)
That guy was thinking "crashing this interview was a bad idea"
Ice_wallow_come6969 (1 month ago)
I love eating ass, and girls that do coke, they let me sniff coke off their asshole 🤤😛
Rakshith H (1 month ago)
I like to grab that his dick
Rakshith H (1 month ago)
Asshole is stinking😂
YOUTUBE PURGE (1 month ago)
00:28 that will be a hell no That's funny right there
Jesus Christ (1 month ago)
"I would suppose..." 😂
Danny Mullen (1 month ago)
Hahah dude was awesome!
Archie Saunders (1 month ago)
I've literally eaten a girls ass under all of these circumstances. And I have no complaints.
Danny Mullen (1 month ago)
Michael Hoyos (1 month ago)
Michael Hoyos (1 month ago)
Danny Mullen already at 32k, you are growing so fast!
Danny Mullen (1 month ago)
Hell yes, bro!
Bob Kempf (1 month ago)
This guy needs his own tv series
Danny Mullen (1 month ago)
Hell yes, man! Thank you!
Dylan Havlicek (1 month ago)
Danny Mullen (1 month ago)
Hell yeah!
Grant Hubbard (1 month ago)
I love watching people cringe over these kinda questions lmao
Danny Mullen (1 month ago)
Me too, my friend.
zl dont cry lz (1 month ago)
5:20 id bang the fawk out of her with my hawk dick
zl dont cry lz (1 month ago)
Danny Mullen you know you would too Danny ;)
Danny Mullen (1 month ago)
ZP (1 month ago)
Danny Mullen (1 month ago)
Hahah it was a serious question!
itre bebag99 (1 month ago)
I'd lick the chubby one's pucker hole.
Danny Mullen (1 month ago)
Greg Plaza (1 month ago)
Batman is awesome in this :P
Danny Mullen (1 month ago)
Hahah he's the fucking shit! He was in another one of my early videos, Asking Guys about Women's sexuality, and he was even funnier!
Andrej Lenčéš (1 month ago)
Man this is really good video.
Danny Mullen (1 month ago)
hey, man, I really appreciate that! Thank you so much!
Sil3nt Kn1ght (1 month ago)
Fellas, If you don't have a big d1ck and ain't in great shape, you BETTER be willing to lick some @$$!!!!
Danny Mullen (1 month ago)
Exactly why I got into it in the first place.
Jon Williams (1 month ago)
This guys fucking awesome
Danny Mullen (1 month ago)
Appreciate you, Jon!
Max Maxed (1 month ago)
Yes ladies, yes, let us eat your little sweet cherry holes, this is the best thing ever :P
Danny Mullen (1 month ago)
Ohh yea
Walter (1 month ago)
the chubby Blonde was actually kinda hot!!! I would lick hers
Jeff Ree (1 month ago)
By chubby, you mean the obese one who probably can't even reach to wipe her own ass?
Danny Mullen (1 month ago)
Hell yeah, man!
Christian Miranda (1 month ago)
Bro that traiders fan would suck a homeless guys dick for 100 bucks lmao
Danny Mullen (1 month ago)
Hahahah harsh. That kid was pretty fucking funny.
David Valesano (2 months ago)
I know I would DEFINITELY lick a cute blonde girl's asshole ❤️ :P
Danny Mullen (2 months ago)
No shame in that.
BAT-TALK! (2 months ago)
Fat girls like everything
Nagato長門 (15 days ago)
Apart from exercise.
Noh Botty (1 month ago)
They gotta take what they can get. Fuckin fat ass cunts.
Jesus Christ (1 month ago)
They always want seconds
Steven Leon (2 months ago)
I’m fucking crying 😭😂😂😂😂😭😂😭
Danny Mullen (2 months ago)
Glad you like it, man!
Irela 4life (2 months ago)
Guy who is asking the questions.. would you lick a girls asshole????
Danny Mullen (2 months ago)
Of course!
qvistus82 (2 months ago)
My girlfriend has been a bit shy about the ass stuff. One time when I was watching her masturbating, I started licking her asshole just as she had an orgasm. She fucking screamed in pleasure. Yesterday she called me to the bedroom while I was playing a videogame and there she was lying on her stomach, ass exposed. I licked her for a long time while rubbing her really wet pussy. This time she relaxed her butthole so I could slip my tongue a little bit inside. Feeling her hole contracting against and around my tongue was extremely arousing. Eventually I doggystyled her.
Danny Mullen (2 months ago)
That1Guy (2 months ago)
Would you lick a guys ass? “No!” What if he was famous? “. . . Yeah”
lakmeister (2 months ago)
Bbw is hot...do anything in bed or out i bet...tongue her starfish lol
Danny Mullen (2 months ago)
She's down, dude. Why not?
Craig Crouse (2 months ago)
It was nice that they liked there bum hole licked but it must be clean! The others just need a socking in the ring! I love those girls! They are so pretty! Respect and love to all woman! Peace
Danny Mullen (2 months ago)
Fuck yeah, man!
ttracy howard (3 months ago)
ttracy howard I’d dart my tongue in your arsehole and you’d love it 😍
ttracy howard (3 months ago)
count me out ; ]
Danny Mullen (3 months ago)
Nah. It's all the rage.
Aman Singh (3 months ago)
How can u trust girls i mean 99% lies all the tym
Danny Mullen (3 months ago)
I lie to. I can trust no one.
Jeff Panetta (3 months ago)
I bet that thick mama would suck your dick right out of its pelvic bone...
Danny Mullen (3 months ago)
hahah yesss sir
Xaraxoz (3 months ago)
lol not honest at all.. i've licked without warning her.. she wouldn't let go xD
Cathy B (2 months ago)
Dominic Soldier That happened to me .My ex licked me ..l thought he wanted to lick my vagina .but he started licking my butt hole instead .l was very embarresed .
trudon (3 months ago)
7 seconds......fuck she's pretty
Danny Mullen (3 months ago)
Not bad at all, right?
Maãlík (3 months ago)
That’s it, fuck it. I’m eatin’ ass now.💯
Danny Mullen (3 months ago)
Just do it, bro!
Eddison Bakita (4 months ago)
Yea, I think he got like a DUI or something. He's basically harmless. I wasn't fucking ready. 😂😂
Danny Mullen (4 months ago)
Hahah one of my favorite jokes too 😂. Goddamn. Innocent people unaware of JWG's crimes.
Tony Kolf (4 months ago)
Dirty western whores good luck ho marry this trash
Bathing Ape93 (4 months ago)
i'd love to lick my girl's ass after her work lmao
Danny Mullen (4 months ago)
Booze, dude. Take her out for afterwork cocktails.
Bathing Ape93 (4 months ago)
Danny Mullen she think's it's gross as hell
Bathing Ape93 (4 months ago)
Danny Mullen she won't fucking let me... help me dude
Danny Mullen (4 months ago)
Make it happen, dude.
Polu Nawzad (4 months ago)
the chubby girls said YES for almost everything. she's so fucking horny
Danny Mullen (4 months ago)
Yeah she wasn't fucking around
Gypse Guera (4 months ago)
I would gladly eat every girl's ass he interviewed. I could that big girl has the tastiest ass of all.
Danny Mullen (4 months ago)
You're a good man.
Tylen Martinchuk (4 months ago)
Danny Mullen (4 months ago)
Ay. Let me ask you one question.
Broken Left Arm Gamer (5 months ago)
What if they have diarrhoea or constipation oooooo....
Broken Left Arm Gamer (5 months ago)
Danny Mullen haha damn 😂
Danny Mullen (5 months ago)
All the better.
Ber (5 months ago)
3rd time watching this video , still funny as hell
Handsome Meme (5 months ago)
I love Vegas cause of the crazy people their
Javier Tapia (5 months ago)
Homoboy had every scenario for it.😂
Danny Mullen (5 months ago)
I'm a professional! Gotta be thorough.
cman32 (5 months ago)
blond girl black dress yes I would
Danny Mullen (5 months ago)
I'm with you.
Derfie McGoo (5 months ago)
0:26 "that'll be a hell no!" funniest thing ever
Danny Mullen (5 months ago)
fucking batman! glad you liked the video, thoug.
Derfie McGoo (5 months ago)
so fun
John Sigler (6 months ago)
I like that girl with the red hair and the chick that didn't hesitate to say yes
john clhugyugihjbvgbkj (21 days ago)
Red, always!
Danny Mullen (3 months ago)
KingofRock (3 months ago)
Danny Mullen can we all take turns licking her ass And then Ill take her on a trip to Pound Town.
John Sigler (5 months ago)
With any luck she will
Santi Gallardo (6 months ago)
Girls like someone gapes their assholes?
Danny Mullen (6 months ago)
I think so.
ultrabaiter (6 months ago)
If u want a girl to squirm and moan with ecstacy....eat her asshole. She might say no...but she wont stop you when you start!
Danny Mullen (6 months ago)
ultrabaiter yes sir
mexican whiteboy (6 months ago)
batman is on drugs lol
Danny Mullen (6 months ago)
mexican whiteboy highly likely.
2010camaro (6 months ago)
GIRLS!! you will love the way I will eat all your Shitholes!! I will teach you all how to wash it properly inside and out!! To the guy who made this video, don't be a stupid shithole and ask people if they would eat ugly peoples shitholes!!
Jimmy Nomad (6 months ago)
Lmao awesome 👏🏻 video. Very good questions and scenarios lol
Danny Mullen (6 months ago)
Haha I'm just trying to get all the details, dude!
asterisk911 (6 months ago)
You wouldn't lick Andre Agassi's ass? "No, I don't like tennis".
asterisk911 (6 months ago)
Ha! Dude thinks a dental dam involves a trip to the dentist.
Danny Mullen (6 months ago)
Dude, that kid was hilarious. Just fucking blacked out haha.
Jeff O (7 months ago)
I love ass
Kakaroto (9 days ago)
+ABHIK MAJHI stop. Get some help
ABHIK MAJHI (4 months ago)
black swag ...have u done it in real life?
ABHIK MAJHI (4 months ago)
Danny Mullen ......I am highly addicted to ass..... I can't give up on that...... I watch every alternate day...... Holed. Com, Tushy, Simplyanal. com...etc.......... Since there is no woman or girl with whom I can do licking . I cums and masturbates every alternate day. Is it good or should I stop?
Danny Mullen (4 months ago)
Not at all, brother
Naz Raul (4 months ago)
Danny Mullen I like to stick my tongue in women's asshole it's not weird right? 😐
ryan freeley (7 months ago)
Danny Mullen (7 months ago)
Ha yeah, dude. I wish I was famous enough to ignore people.
ryan freeley (7 months ago)
HAHA u replied. thats cool
Danny Mullen (7 months ago)
I'm with you, man.
Abel Cerrillo (7 months ago)
id leave her aashole clean...
Basil (20 days ago)
FENTON (7 months ago)
0:10 How the fuck would she know?
Patrick Pepin (7 months ago)
hot attractive women usually suck in bed .most of these bitches love their holes licked and pounded
Danny Mullen (7 months ago)
And what else can you ask for?
JACOB 007 (7 months ago)
Corona light (7 months ago)
John Wayne gacy lol
Danny Mullen (7 months ago)
Lulz he just got a DUI! Totally harmless!
Danny Mullen (7 months ago)
Thanks for watching, people! I pull these kinds of stunts all the time, so maybe go ahead and subscribe.
Do it dan (1 month ago)
I fucking love sucking a women asshole...
James Williams 777 (1 month ago)
Just found this channel haha keep up the brutal honesty
what if the girl had hemorrhoids but she didn't tell you because when ever you ate her ass she got a big relief out of it, would you still eat her ass?....
J B (8 months ago)
Couple of laps up & down the stairs & Nooooo,hahahab
Danny Mullen (8 months ago)
J B that's too much activity for most of these ladies. It's a shame
Bob Eeir (8 months ago)
Girls that eat ass are a gift from the gods, like unicorns but more magical
Danny Mullen (8 months ago)
Ohhhhh yeah.
Bob Eeir (8 months ago)
Even better if she likes playing a solo on the rusty trombone
Danny Mullen (8 months ago)
I tend to agree.
k-t bee (9 months ago)
What's funny is that I was just in Vegas 2 days ago and had my ass licked for the first time. I definitely didn't mind it.
Antonovsky (18 hours ago)
Its so awesome that there are others that like it. I'm a guy and its not something many guys are open to, anything with their ass.. But once you try its actually really kinky and cool i never understood why people dont try sexual activities. I mean if you dont like it you just dont do it again. but if you do like it you just found a new thing to do ! i hope you enjoyed yourself man!
+Hazel I want your asshole on my face
D Energized (18 days ago)
k-t bee, men love doing that to a woman to give her pleasure!! I love the way it feels on my tongue!!!
john clhugyugihjbvgbkj (21 days ago)
Novi (22 days ago)
+Hazel are you trans?
StarlitShadows (9 months ago)
Lmao. This was fuckin funny dude. Also, odd how the chicks who wouldn't let a guy do it or do it themselves would suddenly do it for a good looking actor. Lol
Danny Mullen (9 months ago)
Glad you liked it, bro! Haha and yeah, it is interesting. But then again there are a lot of things I wouldn't do with/to some people but WOULD do in a second if some of the model girls I follow on Instagram walked into the room
ai jao (9 months ago)
Danny Mullen (9 months ago)
Fucking Batman. Too good for Glenn Close!
Sir Matthew the 56th (10 months ago)
This is the best YouTube channel you’re badass lmao
Danny Mullen (9 months ago)
Hey, man, I really fucking appreciate it!
Robert Miller (10 months ago)
Yes they do. Period
Danny Mullen (10 months ago)
Robert Miller yes sir.
Abdalla Hassan (10 months ago)
U have balls bruh 🤣🤣
Ahmed Hamzh (17 days ago)
+Hazel you can 😉
Hazel (8 months ago)
If only we could see your balls.
Danny Mullen (10 months ago)
Thanks bro! I'm trying out there!
Rab carn (11 months ago)
licking a clean shaven pussy is fine but ass!! yuk thats disgusting beyond belief. you guys are better off licking the toilet. same thing
Danny Mullen (11 months ago)
Rab carn I'm an animal. I do it all.
Norman Bates (11 months ago)
YUK !!!!!!!!!
+Novi If that's you in the picture, I want to fuck your asshole with my tongue
Novi (22 days ago)
+Norman Bates Bates motel?
Norman Bates (11 months ago)
No man, no way. Gotta be worse than Taco Bell !
Danny Mullen (11 months ago)
You love it, Norman.
L Johnson (11 months ago)
That big white chick likes her ass licked...lol
Danny Mullen (11 months ago)
hazadous Life oh yes she does
atlas2atlante1 (11 months ago)
sick man.... yes
caligroovin1982 (11 months ago)
Omg it's Danny from Stud Show Radio!!
Danny Mullen (11 months ago)
caligroovin1982 those fucks better have me back soon!
Wilder Titus (11 months ago)
Honestly you should at least lick a girls before you judge it. You won’t know what your missing until you try it lmao. But anyway loved the video bro keep it up. #goodshit... no pun intended 😂
Aliens rule The earth (28 days ago)
Wilder Titus That like eating poop for dinner
Max Maxed (1 month ago)
True, eating ladies ass is fantastic. I tasted quire a few, all were fucking sweet, I couldn't pull my tongue out of their cute butts.
Danny Mullen (11 months ago)
like there was a famine.
Wilder Titus (11 months ago)
Bro here’s the real question. Have you eaten ass tho? I’m 18 and have done it so don’t let me down lol
Danny Mullen (11 months ago)
I agree. I'm with you. And I'm glad you like the video! Much appreciated.
Girls are fucking weird, how can they feel disgusted if someone licks their ass, but are ready to lick a man's ass? Ex, Ronaldo or the rock, even if he's famous its still shit wtf
Cathy B (11 months ago)
I cant understand why any guy would want to do ..that ..boys are gross .
Danny Mullen (11 months ago)
It's all a mystery to me too, man.

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