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Traditional Tattoos: Whang Od and Kalinga Tattooing in the Philippines

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My gear: Big camera: http://amzn.to/2hHXIVb Small camera: http://amzn.to/2zpLFnA Drone: http://amzn.to/2ieAGsW Gimbal camera: http://amzn.to/2hIirIk Action cam: http://amzn.to/2xIkoj3 Favorite lens: http://amzn.to/2yqRJhC Sound recorder: http://amzn.to/2kO17X6 Fang Od / Whang Od is part of the last line of traditional Kalinga tattoo artists in the Philippines. It was assumed for a while that the now 93 year old Fang Od would be the last, but her granddaughter has taken up the art and the traditional continues. This type of authentic tribal tattooing was once done for head hunters and to beautify women, who would be able to take their tattoos with them in the after life. Find out more about traditional Kalinga Philippines tattooing at http://www.vagabondjourney.com/fang-od-kalinga-tattoo/. To purchase full resolution clips of this video contact Vagabondsong [at] gmail.com "Vagabond Journey: A Global Nomad Since 1999" Subscribe to channel: http://tinyurl.com/subscribe-vagabond-journey Visit site: http://www.vagabondjourney.com Follow Vagabond Journey: Subscribe: http://www.vagabondjourney.com/feed/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vagabondjourneytravel Twitter: https://twitter.com/vagabondjourney Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+WadeShepard Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/vagabondjourney/ LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/wadeshepard
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Text Comments (189)
Ke l (4 days ago)
Oque foi usado como tinta
Emanuele Cala (13 days ago)
Aaron (28 days ago)
Fucking hell are pigs getting butt fucked?
Hoang Nguyen (1 month ago)
مجروحة ةة (1 month ago)
اكو عرب بالطيارة
Yants Gaming (1 month ago)
Di po iyon Fang Od Wang Od po iyon
Fury Rogue (1 month ago)
100+ years old dammmmm
Camp B.R.S (1 month ago)
hadir Indonesia
Naruto Uzumaki (1 month ago)
Thats gotta hurt
CARMEN MORENO (1 month ago)
Que dolor
Emerson Alvario (1 month ago)
It's Wang Od by the way.
Wade Shepard (1 month ago)
Please read the other comments. Fang Od and Whang Od are the same name.
Midas Touch (2 months ago)
Asmr wins again
Abdel Saeed (2 months ago)
It's Whang Od
Wade Shepard (2 months ago)
Please read all of the other comments pertaining to this: Whang Od and Fang Od are the same name and is pronounced the exact same way. There are different spelling conventions.
Ƀɹyan Piczon (2 months ago)
Where are the inks coming from?
Ƀɹyan Piczon (2 months ago)
I thought from squid ink...and a fish bone
Ƀɹyan Piczon (2 months ago)
Black Ash pala
Maleia Batts (2 months ago)
What the fuck is happening to the pig?!
peachh (2 months ago)
Does it hurt less?
Maxwell Luong (2 months ago)
then you get an infection an your fucked
JosephGamerzYT (2 months ago)
are they using blood on that?
nate noes (2 months ago)
Daily dose of internet?
Gamerkidplays (2 months ago)
Daily Dose of Internet
Vincent Rozzisi (2 months ago)
Vincent Rozzisi (2 months ago)
The hell is with them pigs?
NiElL TiNaGaSaK29 (3 months ago)
Wade Shepard (2 months ago)
WTF? Guy, for non-romance languages that are being transcribed in the Latin Alphabet there are numerous spelling conventions. This is normal -- Chinese alone has no less than three major Romanization conventions.
NiElL TiNaGaSaK29 (3 months ago)
+Wade Shepard 👎👎👎
Wade Shepard (3 months ago)
It's the same name pronounced the exact same way. There are different spelling conventions. Please look at the other comments.
Alessandro (3 months ago)
clean gear of course
SaintThomas (3 months ago)
Cool Ireland t-shirt
Corvi Lorenzo Salcedo (4 months ago)
Wade Shepard (4 months ago)
Corvi Lorenzo Salcedo It’s the same name with the same pronunciation. The only difference is the spelling convention.
StriderX04 (4 months ago)
I'm watching this in a Starbucks and Shawty Like Mine by Lil Bow Wow is playing and the lady tapping her stick is perfectly synched with the beat and it's freaking me out.
peachh (2 months ago)
AGENTX 44 (4 months ago)
are you jerk she named whang od not fang od
Wade Shepard (4 months ago)
+AGENTX 44 You don't care that Whang Od and Fang Od are the exact same name with the exact same pronunciation? Then why would you leave the above comment?
AGENTX 44 (4 months ago)
+Wade Shepard i dont care
Wade Shepard (4 months ago)
There's multiple spellings in the Latin alphabet. Look it up.
Mhachamo Ezung (4 months ago)
Why is that man sitting there? ??? Mf Actually the camera man should be sitting there
johnpaul maestre (5 months ago)
Whooo the foooccckk is FANG OD? It's WHANG OD..I've been there last 2yrs she's awesome granma artist..better than inked master lmao
Wade Shepard (4 months ago)
There are multiple spellings of her name. "Alternate name spellings: Whang Od Wang Od Wang Od Fang-od Whang-ud " -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whang-od
Mithon Mahto (5 months ago)
Mithon Mahto (5 months ago)
baretillo (5 months ago)
Minute 6:29..👌
Thomas jay (5 months ago)
What a bad ass old lady with her whole sleeve
hidan aguirre (5 months ago)
jajaja los puerquitos mamando
Mohamed Sulaiman (5 months ago)
Some pretty kool tattooes I gotta admit
Lê Công Chí (5 months ago)
Mục xăm Lam bằng j vậy
Hoàng Tuấn Lê (5 months ago)
rừng càng già càng cay 😍👍 tuyệt.
SPIRIT DOT (5 months ago)
Unsanitary as a mutha fuck!!! Jesus Christ!!!
linn h (5 months ago)
Really cool! Did it hurt?
linn h (5 months ago)
Love 2 indonesia!❤
Sasha Razumeev (5 months ago)
ну-ка и трэш ,нафиг стерильность
edson Motoca (5 months ago)
Vixe qui loucura
cazxo (5 months ago)
Ma andate tutti a cagare più tosto di farmi toccare da una vecchia scimmia .....do 1000 euro a un professionista in italia
Dima up Dima up (5 months ago)
Fuck this culture !! Not good for us
小孩子 (5 months ago)
PPC. Tattoos has exist for more than 5,000 years. Honestly, I'm cool with traditional tattoos as long as it's not vulgar or offensive.
Dima up Dima up (5 months ago)
By the way where are u from ?
小孩子 (5 months ago)
I've seen worst.......Plastic surgery.
Dima up Dima up (5 months ago)
Tattoo in not natural thing for beauty human
小孩子 (5 months ago)
What are you trying to say?
Mantu kansykar (5 months ago)
Bd ideas
Jomar Rijo (6 months ago)
Whats up with the back roud noise .like is something diyng
Whillipino (2 months ago)
The pigs
peachh (2 months ago)
It’s the animals
Officer Oinker (3 months ago)
Background* go back to school.
Vinny Santana (6 months ago)
OMG she is amazing
Krukki Grigri (6 months ago)
Do you know if she would like to teach her art to someone foreigner?
Angeleyes Cervantes (6 months ago)
No gloves at least
Wade Shepard (6 months ago)
It's traditional haha.
Shade (6 months ago)
It's whang od mofo.
Wade Shepard (6 months ago)
There are varying spellings, mofo.
Charly Opperman (6 months ago)
Does anyone know how to get tattooed by this woman? Is there someone you need to contact or just show up and ask?
Wade Shepard (6 months ago)
Just show up.
Matthew Rivera (6 months ago)
That is amazing i wonna go there because i want to have tatoo i live in Philippines and im a filipino i speak chavakano chavakano its lile a spain talk but some other other are not. Mayber the tatooing like that sims hurt
Renato Cardoso (6 months ago)
darthjump (7 months ago)
I feel that one should earn a tattoo like that
balthiers girl (3 months ago)
Well I'd say that but I think it's illigal to head hunt now
Wade Shepard (6 months ago)
I guess you do by going all the way out there. It's not like she's tattooing around the corner in some city.
Dee TA (7 months ago)
Hep C?
Peter Petko (7 months ago)
Hello Wade, it's Peter from NTD Television (Epoch Media Group). This video is great, we totally love it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OO8nE--a5yg Our mission is to uplift the world through sharing Truth, Hope and Humanity. We would like to upload it on our media pages and wanted to give you more details. Please drop me an email at [email protected] Thank you :) This is our website: www.epochmediagroup.com
Wade Shepard (7 months ago)
Peter Petko Thanks for getting in touch. You may embed the video using the native YouTube embed code but under no circumstance can you download and reupload / republish the video on your platform.
patrick vlogs (7 months ago)
It's whang od not fang od...
Wade Shepard (7 months ago)
Jan Patrick Apelado there's multiple spellings in the Latin alphabet. Look it up.
The Ink hustle tattoo tv (7 months ago)
Realy cool. I thinks
Ruski Pierogi (7 months ago)
shes touching his blood without gloves, bleh
小孩子 (5 months ago)
Ruski Pierogi (7 months ago)
something like you?
Ella Walz (7 months ago)
Ruski Pierogi I'm sure in her country shes touched worse dude
Jhulia Jimenez (8 months ago)
I'm a Filipina and I want to correct you her name is whang od not fang od
Beserker0311 (6 months ago)
People are so butt hurt like literally
Wade Shepard (8 months ago)
Jhulia Jimenez There are alternate spellings. Look it up. Also, the people in this video are Filipino too.
Jera Sanchez (8 months ago)
that tattoo artist is apo wang od not fang od
Kamila Aceña (8 months ago)
Jera Sanchez wang od /fang od os just the same person
deepa c (8 months ago)
Does it hurt
Richard Williams (6 months ago)
No not at all
Ella Walz (7 months ago)
deepa c just as any tattoo it depends on you pain tolerance
alex souza (8 months ago)
Acho q mataram um porco 😭
nathan viana (8 months ago)
Brasil ?
tender surrender (9 months ago)
thank you for sharing this video .
Wade Shepard (9 months ago)
Thank you.
Brotherhood Underground (9 months ago)
All very beauty n interesting, but today it can't neglect the hygiene in this way
Roopa Mysore (8 months ago)
Kannada xxx
Rangga Saputra (9 months ago)
Indonesia hebat💪💪
Kamila Aceña (8 months ago)
Rangga Saputra nope
Luitha Maciel (10 months ago)
Far cry 3
kennyK (2 months ago)
Bpk Roy (3 months ago)
Luitha Maciel 🙂
Piano Roots Music (10 months ago)
tbh this probably isn't the best idea nowadays, with all the diseases going around
M Tia (6 months ago)
Piano Roots Music ..she’s using different thorns for each person....she’s aware that if she used nails it will get rusty and can cause infections....pretty smart huh..
M M E (10 months ago)
I understand what their saying
Aarohi Arora (10 months ago)
Wemerson Costa (2 months ago)
maori kkk
Bpk Roy (3 months ago)
Aarohi Arora ,.😎
korek api (10 months ago)
Kamila Aceña (8 months ago)
Wasssup Bro (9 months ago)
black mighty (10 months ago)
Just a correction its whang od.. Not fang od..
Zayn Malik (10 months ago)
im from Philippines her name is whang od not fang od.
Shade (6 months ago)
You pronounce "whang od" with fang od.
Fritz Kobe (10 months ago)
Its Whang Od
Wade Shepard (10 months ago)
Zayn Malik The people who are in this video who wrote the accompanying articles are also from the Philippines.
Benny Benitez (10 months ago)
the coolest grama in the world
I v bern doing it the same way for over 12 years now. I am the first tattoos artiste free hand from morocco. Today i got my facebook account deleted becoz of some assholes here in canada report me to facebook. Coz they ask me if i do have a license.saying no didnt fit with the way they think.if they do.coz actualy if you look at health canada.there is no formal license for tattooing. Ppl like us who trying to keep traditional way of doing art. Are facing the worst fight against it.good luck tomorow you will get a tattoo by a robot.and wonder why there is no more tattoos artiste.i feel soo bad about dummys getting involved in deciding what way artiste should do his art.
Mohd Nu (11 months ago)
Mentawai indonesia tattos .
RUZU BALA (11 months ago)
Abang ini di daerah mana?
wow amen (11 months ago)
Her name is WHANG OD 👌
Jose Piscano (7 months ago)
Fritz Kobe being a Filipino doesn't automatically mean you're correct, I am a Filipino too, I study International Studies and Anthropology, keep in mind that all Philippine dialects are Austronesian or Malayo-Polynesian, meaning Filipino dialects have more in common with Polynesian languages than they do with Asian ones. Latin spellings for non Latin words often vary, the uploader is correct, the Maori language, a cousin language of Philippine languages shows this trend too where words like whitu (meaning seven) is pronounced fitu, whanau (meaning family) is pronounced fanau, but Whang Od actually acknowledges both pronounciations, probably cause tourists never get it right.
Bin Ting (7 months ago)
Good day! I was there 3 months ago and I asked one of the residents about the name, and according to him, the name "Fang Od" originated from a tarpaulin that had "Whang-Od" wrongly printed. The real right name is not "Fang Od", but is "WHANG-OD". No alternate names. I am from Cagayan where Kalinga is, and I speak one of their languages.
Mary Jane Musa (9 months ago)
Fritz Kobe actually Fang Od is an alternate name that she’s being referred to. Check her Wikipedia page.
Fritz Kobe (10 months ago)
Wade Shepard uhmmm she's from the Philippines and we are Filipinos
Wade Shepard (10 months ago)
Fritz Kobe When writing non-Western languages in the Latin alphabet there are often multiple spellings. Ex. Beijing and Peking are pronounced the same. For this video I'm going with the person who actually went there.
lucy sterben (11 months ago)
Did she just ignore the interviewer I think it's better if fang od teach her tribe to do tattoo one day if fang od dies no one can get a tattoo anymore
Hans Justin Sison (11 months ago)
Asuna sterben 1.Wang Od 2.Her grand daughter and another apprentice is already following in her footsteps: 3.God bless
Wade Shepard (11 months ago)
I believe her granddaughter was taking over.
Yeah No. (11 months ago)
On some tetnis shit
Rona Herub Bartolo (4 years ago)
Hi. Do you know the local Kalinga term for the soot/ink that Apo Fang-Od use? Is it 'Merteka' or 'Merieka'? I am really confused. I will use for some school purposes. Thanks.
classmates active (4 years ago)
does it get infected
Ella Walz (7 months ago)
classmates active no just like with any tattoo if taken proper care of it wont
John Pham (4 years ago)
Japan traditional way of tattooing look more professional than this but I like both.
lucy sterben (11 months ago)
John Pham it's traditional this is a tribe who lives in the mountains and hunt food and Also heads it started long ago before the Philippines are explored it's a native tribe that Spaniards are so afraid of
T Mill (4 years ago)
Thank God, for her granddaughter getting interested in the art. I've been wanting to get tattooed by her for a while now, but was worried that due to her age I might not get the chance to enjoy that experience. Now I might be able to!
Jules Ferrufino (4 months ago)
Yeah, me too.
Alonso's Passion (7 months ago)
T Mill well did u 🤔
Maragtas Kalantiyaw (4 years ago)
The name is Whang Od not Fang Od
Wade Shepard (3 months ago)
There are multiple spellings of the same name.
Jose Piscano (7 months ago)
Traditionally in Austronesian language family, which includes tons of languages from Tagalog to Hawaiian etc, the latin chracters WH are pronounced with an F, like the number 7 in Maori (another Austronesian Langugae) which is spelled as Whitu but pronounced Fitu (its Pitu/Pito in Philippine dialects).
Diego tomaz (8 months ago)
Jovani Ga-ayon BRASIL WATS
CHRISTINE PITO (9 months ago)
they call her whang od or fang od
Tipsy Dabby (10 months ago)
The name is Bond, James Bond
naicel pilanga (4 years ago)
grandma i what to have a tattoo from you.. so cool 
skibby504korea (4 years ago)
So cool!
jamie hynes (4 years ago)
these traditions have ben alive for 400 + years and people now cant get a job because of tattoos its crap the tattoos should be  accepted all over its older than the job they are applying for lol 
Sjonnie Het Schaap (3 months ago)
The Law what does it matter what it means?
The Law (5 months ago)
Nobody owes you acceptance. Nobody owes you a job. I am all for us being good too each other but this is a bit pathetic. And tats from 400-years ago probably meant a bit more than the tats people get today....
Reveley_97 (9 months ago)
Most jobs are fine with tattoos as long as its not on your face,neck or hands and they’re not something stupid/explicit
E Winters (10 months ago)
jamie hynes The modern day tattoos are just there for the inviduals personal will. The tattoos earnt from a tribe trough a ceremony shows strength, accomplishes, rank or have passed a test, which other tribe members will notice and not a person with a bible verse below the clavicle.
reza syahputra (4 years ago)
i like
Atlas Manuel Amante (4 years ago)
Amazing!  Just this June, I went to Banaue and Sagada but didn't have enough time to visit Kalinga.  I must return.  Thank you for this video!  Salamat!
frankenz26 (4 years ago)
The ône who dislike is a chinese.
Angel Rochh (4 years ago)
cool! I want a tattoo that will be do like this :O
Raydhina Khairunnisa (4 years ago)
no infections?
lordnazzer (4 years ago)
Jennifer Adarkwah (4 years ago)
Amazing :)
amer halack (4 years ago)
whats a head hunter 
lestatspada (4 years ago)
+Allan Pedro what i'm saying is that not all of the tribes are cannibals in PH, and Cordiliara's tribe are not cannibal, but they are headhunters. Wow dude wheres vesyan?
Allan Pedro (4 years ago)
+lestatspada lmfao OK coming from a long line of headhunters yes my family belongs to a tribe from the vesyan islands I got to talk to the elders and others older then they were in native language this is when I was about 12-13yrs old I'm 37 atm so yeah they did eat there enemies after beheading them I'm talking about elders about 100-110yrs old
lestatspada (4 years ago)
Give me a site where it said that every tribe in the PH is head hunter, and a cannibal. One thing Japan didn't take control in the PH for more than 100 years. They just briefly took control in WW2. And the tribe in this video were not cannibals in 1800's.
Allan Pedro (4 years ago)
+lestatspada try 1800's and be on and yes they were cannibals
lestatspada (4 years ago)
+Allan Pedro Not really a cannibal. It's a way for revenge or try beheading some rival tribes back then, it's a period of warring between tribes. The headhunting practice was demolish in 1950+ i guess.
MrMatbuck1234 (4 years ago)
I just watched the 'Tattoo Hunter' episode featuring her and I felt like being able to be tattooed by her was a very big deal but I have seen and heard that she just tattoos anybody and now it has seemed to lose all meaning :( Still very nice to see, great video
Roopa Mysore (8 months ago)
MrMatbuck1234 xxx
lapu2x the great (9 months ago)
MrMatbuck1234 they haved ceased the head hunting culture not so long ago.. in order for this art to live she must continue it but she wont give you those designs that are meant for the warriors of their tribe. Her designs now a days are all about nature like mountain symbols etc.. it would still be an honor to get a tattoo from her.
Gary M (4 years ago)
Great video! It's good to see her and the village again. I was there in Nov. and got a tattoo from her.
Freedom 'n' Survival (5 years ago)
A brilliant video , I loved watching this . When you see something like this it makes you realise just how clinical the modern world has become , with health and safety rules and regulations for almost everything , it takes away the natural environment . It's good to see it's not been completely eroded all round the world .
Andizu1 (23 days ago)
Yes, because coming home with HIV or hepatitis is so beneficial to the immune system...🙄 I love the look of this, and the culture. But to say that health regulations is detrimental is just stupid in these days of severe diseases from all over that are so easily transferred.
Mrssewhardtoplease (2 months ago)
Builds resistance and makes a strong immune system.
Lavineciel (7 months ago)
m 'n' Survival
Wade Shepard (5 years ago)
That's true. It really shows how far Apol went "out there" so to speak. Good work to her to get these video clips and the story. 

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