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Text Comments (49474)
Ayla Hevenor (4 hours ago)
I want that phone pls I subed
Ky ky Revty (1 day ago)
I want the iphone so i can give my sister hers back!! Please your amazing!!!!
logan mendez (1 day ago)
the stuff animal is soo cute
I want it cause we don’t have money for us to have are own phone so we all family of 6 share one phone
Bear Fam! (1 day ago)
I did
afterglow_ gameing (1 day ago)
mom- it’s just a phase Jenn- it’s not a phase mom
Jerry Clock (1 day ago)
I’m pretty sure Gordon Ramsay made the last one
Maura O'Brien (1 day ago)
Bit of a potty mouth. Seems forced. You might get more acting gigs by being more natural.
ghoulsrule (2 days ago)
The best youve ever looked honestly
Şeref Mert Arıkan (2 days ago)
this is so bad, I hope you are getting the money from the video lol
Adriana Tvaroha (2 days ago)
Me please i have not had a phone for years and i am using my moms please five it to me if it is not to late i really love you have been waching you since the begging🙏🙏🙏
Sophia Watson (2 days ago)
I want it because i have never had an iphone and i really want one ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Haley King (3 days ago)
I want to I phone
Claudia Aguilar (3 days ago)
The box with the hamster thingy, is actually pretty funny, bought one for me niece, it mimics what you say, I bought it for like 20 dollars ;)
NN12 Gaming (3 days ago)
*Silence for 3 seconds* "I have pink hair" 😂😂
Jordan Cummings (3 days ago)
I love you in all night
4321Abs (4 days ago)
Please can I have your i phone I love you so so much I love that phone and I really need one I'm 12 and don't have one you are the best love you I hope my wish comes ture
Kayla Moore (4 days ago)
I see the second box's content rat thing at the gas station bitchchvchchch
Jaden Gollaway (4 days ago)
I need the iPhone but this video was a while ago
Rose (4 days ago)
I want the phone why...because I want it
loola fox (5 days ago)
Pennie Maine (6 days ago)
I laughed so hard, what a rip off. The shower caddy is Walmart brand 😂 why is this a thing?
Childofthespace 97 (8 days ago)
your face when you opened the 100$ hamster toy is the reason i'm subscribing
Alien Please (9 days ago)
My phone is broken
Susan White (9 days ago)
I want the iphone.... When u scroll up and it was 11 months ago
Andi Fraser (9 days ago)
Hailey Hebert (9 days ago)
I want the iPhone because my parents don’t have the money to buy me one. -_- oh wait this was posted ages ago
Katy Hall (9 days ago)
I'm so interested
Nili Swift (9 days ago)
I want that phone cuz I wanna give my mom one for her birthday cuz her phone’s not been working well lately and I don’t have the money to buy one for her:|
Damon Daniels (10 days ago)
You need to stop cussing on youtube because on youtube gotta all of and number one thing call slightly call copy write you every time you curse they take a point weight from your arm due to page because we young are really on points on YouTube because you got ahead of best video and the market start cursing or and U2 cars will get you will get the 3rd straight you truly will kick you off for good cause youtube is like a family channel for families and lot of people's watching your channel really watch an error Bonny channel re famous lot like that you just on a YouTube video I can't tell you my name don't look me up on YouTube or Facebook or answer gram or Twitter
maher hijazeen (10 days ago)
You look so beautiful with this color hair
Friends Fan (10 days ago)
I want it because I'm have a crappy phone
Kayla Gonzalez (10 days ago)
i need one because i wonted one for a long time but it is ok you can give it to some one elas
comfykayla (11 days ago)
Please give me the iPhone because we're too poor to buy one n ive never had one n pleese
Katie Weinhold (11 days ago)
I swear these mystery boxes are just people making money off of the things they no longer want in their house
Jessica White (11 days ago)
I wan that IPhone Cruz I dont have an IPhone and I subed
wendy hall (12 days ago)
I'm not subscribe to her because she keeps swearing for absolutely no reason. I'm also disliking this video. Im sorry (Well not really)
Leroy Smith (13 days ago)
I want it because I don't have a phone
SarahTheNerdIsGay (14 days ago)
She looks an emo from 2008, but amazing
Margaret Penner (15 days ago)
Laya Hale (15 days ago)
If the pants wasn’t washed... could that hair you just picked be pubic hair...???
Sara Mac (16 days ago)
I’m Maddie (16 days ago)
8:21 am I just dumb or did this JUST HAPPEN click the time
Jazmine Rose (16 days ago)
Me because I want an I phone I only have a samsum
tayler Wagner (16 days ago)
Ilysm Jenn🤞❤️
Uma Looma (16 days ago)
its 3:00 she probably gave away the phone but the ghost in my house is telling me to get the phone also im delusional rn so im might regret commenting this so ya btw luv ya! (even tho this was a year a ago)
Katie Carly gatton (17 days ago)
I want it because I need it for school
Gabi Pleinyte (17 days ago)
Omg I need that phone because my current phone is so smashed up that I couldn't see the vid properly
Jamie Prewitt (17 days ago)
Me I want phone I need one to talk to friends I have one but can't call or text plz
Carolina Rentes (17 days ago)
Well i do have a wii, just in case you are wondering what to to with those games 😂😉
Bella C (17 days ago)
I want the iphone because I have a crappy phone that's you should give it to me I love you :))))))))))
Brianna Sebasto (17 days ago)
I was so nervous but I bought my first beauty mystery box last week from for Amazon for $25 and was SO impressed with the products. Def over 150 worth of products… maybe even more. I couldn’t be happier. such a fun experience and the products are BOMB! heres the link to the one I bought if anyone else wants a suggestion for a good one: https://amzn.to/2MIu7NF
Itz _ Jissel (18 days ago)
I thought the dog came out of the package😂💙
britney b. (18 days ago)
does she have like a huge mouth or is it just me like if she tried sticking a whole orange in her mouth it would fit?? idk 😂
Gracie Starnes (18 days ago)
Wanted the iPhone until I found out this video was posted almost year ago
Cupcake Mia1232 (18 days ago)
I would like the iPhone because I have no phone lol
Sani Mitchell (18 days ago)
I want it Bc I want 👍🏽😂
Kadence Brown (18 days ago)
If you didn't give away the iPhone and the case yet can I have it?? I used to have an iPhone but it broke and I honestly hate not having an iPhone. I am subscribed and I have your notifs on. If you didn't give it away yet dm my insta @goth.boii.clique thank you!!
ritskj dsfjljsdlk (18 days ago)
5:26 is it just me or did her voice become bella thorne
Just A Random Person (18 days ago)
I'm pretty sure that most of these people just pack boxes with random stuff for money. So they get the money, and you get the junk that isn't worth what you paid. (I could be wrong. Not really sure how this works.)
Lia Blair (19 days ago)
I want the phone because mine got run over because of my stupid ass brother
KîD çÄM (19 days ago)
Can....can I have it?
Sam The ROBLOX Gamer (19 days ago)
I need the phone because, All my friends are starting to leave me and start to bully me because i don't have one even though this was posted ten months ago i just wanted to let you know and keep the great work up and i hope you do a giveaway soon!!
rebecca kennedy (20 days ago)
Honestly a pastel pink is so fucking cute on you
juliuswaff (20 days ago)
Savage peach Juice (20 days ago)
U look emo asf
Gabreala Marshall (20 days ago)
whoever gave her that last mystery box was.........super nice wow
Valintina Broken (20 days ago)
I want the dragon ball z pop figurine
Gracie Wade (20 days ago)
Idk about anyone else but when she pulled the toy in the clear container out of the box, all I thought of was the icarly episode where the dude was obessed with the little pee wee babies😂
Torin Wright (21 days ago)
I would only like that phone just because my phone is not working properly and I do need a new one then another reason is that I am trying to save money to go see my family (that I haven't been able to see In twelve years) and I would be so happy to see them so that's why I really want that phone Lol..thank you if you seen this message and I hope you have a great day ♥️
mallory Serna (21 days ago)
I want the phone because I want it I don't have a iPhone
Lisa Carr (21 days ago)
I would like the iPhone because somone stole mine
sophie breaf (22 days ago)
I wouldn’t mind another phone hahahahaha
emma .—. (22 days ago)
I need the iPhone because my mom broke hers and she’s using mine :D
Hailey Beckstead (22 days ago)
I won’t to diy my tips pink but my mom won’t let me ............ps ❤️ your hair
just me. (22 days ago)
I want the phone so i can make a new youtube and sub to you bro. ;)
Mike Leuropa (22 days ago)
I would let the I phone because I have not been asking for a phone because my parents have been going through tough times I would really like one plz
cindy verdecia (22 days ago)
I already have that SAME iPhone. Only difference I got it at the apple store. Anyways, I hope the iPhone works for whoever gets it! Bcuz the one I have is amazinggggg! Good luck everyone <3
Lyn The queen (22 days ago)
Me because my phone is cracked
sini jd (22 days ago)
*Can I have the phone* please. *why might I want it:* Mainly because my current phone glitches & freezes a lot! Lately my phone has been popping up blue and red lines and ice been saving for a new phone but that phone would just be ideal. I saved over $100 for my new phone but then my friends and I went to wonderland and I’m left with $25 I can’t save money for anything and it’s be hard to save for a new phone ($$$) that’s why I want it. I’m probably really late and someone already got it but... *🤷🏽‍♀️*
Sally (22 days ago)
Kimmy Krim (22 days ago)
5:26 I thought she got the dog 😂😂😂
Russ Polk (23 days ago)
So what did we all learn from this.dont by mystery boxes on ebay
Lana LPS (23 days ago)
Caley Hodson (23 days ago)
I want the iPhone but it’s 2018:(((((((
Queen Keke (23 days ago)
I want the iPhone cause my parents refuse to buy me one and I really need a phone but this video was 10 months ago so 😭
AyyHolls MSP (23 days ago)
she reminds me of taylor skeens but funnier
Imperialofficer07 (23 days ago)
I want the iPhone for Pokémon Go reasons and for porn
Karen (23 days ago)
The dragonball pop figure is actually worth more than you think
Studio 9 Dancer (24 days ago)
I want that phone because I do P
Sandy Morrow (25 days ago)
Can i have the pop figure? If you still have it. Lol. :D
Danielle Keller (26 days ago)
Keep the pink hair 👍👍👍👍💁
kawaii squishy unicorn (26 days ago)
2018 anyone
3lla (27 days ago)
the first one looked like some Samurai Buyer garbage
-v- ugly af lol (27 days ago)
I want the iPhone because I'm broke
My_NiBBa (28 days ago)
So this is how far scammers have come in 2018
Locktail (28 days ago)
Omg at 5:26 for a second i really tought the dog just popped out of the bag 😂
lindsey nobody (28 days ago)
What did you get out of this? Besides a possible disease from that dirty box of trash
Molly Smithers (28 days ago)
I want the phone I'm speciao
Khaled A (28 days ago)
*A waste of 100 $*

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