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70 Viking Tattoos For Men

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70 Viking Tattoos For Men
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njwebber (1 month ago)
I live in western North Carolina and Ive been looking for an Nordic tattoo Artist for a long time i got one in Myrtle Beach but i really don't wanna travel 8 to 10 hours there and back any Suggestions??
The Georgian Pro Gamers (2 months ago)
I Think he is spartan 1:51 ;dddd
Alcya Mimifir (2 months ago)
ULTRA NOOB (1 year ago)
Almost none of these are viking tattoos. Especially not a face of a guy with a beard. Thats just gay. And lesser evenwith a horned helmet. Everyone knows by now vikings didnt wear that
BradLamour (1 year ago)
Poor choice of music
Alessandro sodre (2 years ago)
music pls ?
Luciano Bismarck (2 years ago)
Luciano Bismarck (2 years ago)
músic pls
manuls23 (2 years ago)
God damn it i put Viking tattoos on the search bar not tattoos of Vikings :$
Alex Xositashvili (2 years ago)
If your gonna post my work, and Peters, would you mind mentioning us? :D
Matt Harris (2 years ago)
Since when is King Leonidas from 300 a Viking?
FranZyzz C C (2 years ago)
tengo una pregunta, sorry my english... 1:16 is 'trival' viking or celtic?
ULTRA NOOB (1 year ago)
FranZyzz C C looks like non original celtic. Definately not vikinh.

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