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Trevor Sanders (24 days ago)
Why can’t you sit still when you’re talking 🙄🙄
ホZetsu (1 month ago)
I always make sure im super stanky before getting a tattoo
MeowShoo (5 months ago)
So basically, don't be a dick.
Jones Herbs (6 months ago)
my first session was about 5 hours and i needed to drink water alot to not feel dizzy and drained from energy also fruits to keep the blood sugar up
Matthew Riggins (6 months ago)
Im 17 getting ready to get my first tattoo, excited af 😆
chris walker (5 months ago)
Matthew Riggins your going to hate it when your 25
Kakuzato Jr (6 months ago)
Have you experienced tebori?
debra Jillings (6 months ago)
What happens if you have school before going in the tattoo shop?
Lord Phantomblast (6 months ago)
Are there tattoo artist the have you use some kind of numbing cream so as to make it less/not painful as possible?
Fable (7 months ago)
how do you talk with so many stops after each word
Garrett Nash (7 months ago)
I'm happy for my first tattoo I went all out. I sat 7 hours for my first tattoo and yes I hated it by the end but I don't have to go back and finish it up or pay another chunk of cash for it.
vLucKz (8 months ago)
Getting my first tattoo tomorrow. It’s going to be 6 hours
GaryGot (11 months ago)
U mentioned hygiene, but the problem is do we shave before appointment? Some of us may not be careful when shaving, leaving some redness or after shave rashes in the area that’s going to be tattooed
Sarah Christina (11 months ago)
i waxed 5 days earlier so the skin could recover and i wouldnt have hairs growing while it was healing (its on the back of my calf)
EJ (11 months ago)
GaryGot they will shave you
Luke VanBenschoten (11 months ago)
Malik (11 months ago)
Why do you put yourself in the title lol
RustyPleb (1 year ago)
My first one is gonna be two 5 hour sessions.
Oh YeahYeah (1 year ago)
my first tattoo is gonna be 6 hours
Luke Harwood (5 months ago)
And me getting a half sleeve
Oh YeahYeah (9 months ago)
J Cole already got it it was a half sleeve I'm 16 barely felt a thing.
J Cole (9 months ago)
Not a good idea no matter what. If you end up having no pain tolerance it's going to fucking suck sitting through it and you may not even be able to do it. I recommend to everyone get something small at first.
Oh YeahYeah (1 year ago)
Quinton Mosley just got it done it wasn't bad at all
Quinton Mosley (1 year ago)
Tech Wolf damn u bold..... same for me 😂
Mctezjr (1 year ago)
Bro where you get your necklace
TheStyleDogg (1 year ago)
A friend of mine made the pendant for me. Not sure exactly. Sorry man
MXDDNN (1 year ago)
Wish you’d make a video about your photography on your insta
Max Annison (1 year ago)
This was published on ma bday
Tattooist Legend (1 year ago)
Hey bro love your vids I got a small question I want a forearm tattoo it’s going to be a black and gray rose not to be but not to small I want it to look realistic I researched a tattoo artist I want to tattoo me he charges around $100 a hour how long do u think it will cost and take btw good vid and I love how u say tadoo lol keep it up 😁
Tattooist Legend (1 year ago)
Mad Brah? Thanks for responding man much appreciated and I might be getting Roman numerals I think it will be $80-$100
Mad Brah? (1 year ago)
Usually for post-card sized tattoos there is a flat price. Only for bigger pieces would artist charge by the hour. No one can answer this question though tbh
This is so very helpful, thanks!
Jasper M (1 year ago)
A good tip I’ve learnt from personal experience too is that many reputable/well known artists don’t actually charge per hour, they just have a day rate, so regardless of how small or big the tattoo is, you’re being charged for the day, so keep that in mind. I got a rude shock going to a famous artist when I travelled overseas I got a tattoo that took 3 hours, yet I was charged US $1100 for the day rate. Yes artists should be more clear, but it’s also your responsibility to be sure about pricing beforehand
bencja 01 (10 months ago)
If they charge per day, can you make two or more tats on one sitting?
EpicWood (10 months ago)
My artist that I'm going to Saturday may 12th, charges a day rate of $1300. So I'm going to sit as long as I possibly fuckin can haha
Michael Humphrey (1 year ago)
Jasper M wow his tattoos are fucking incredible
Jasper M (1 year ago)
TheStyleDogg Steve Winmer, instagram:stevewimmer
TheStyleDogg (1 year ago)
Damn thats expensive. Who was the artist?
andiee248 (1 year ago)
I have 2 tattoos, one is appointment and one is walk in. My third one I'll be getting next month is appointment and would take about 5 hours for a thigh piece! I prefer to do it one session because my artist switch cities so if I were to do 2 sessions I have to wait 1-2 months. Hopefully I can sit through 5 hours!
TheStyleDogg (1 year ago)
Good luck with your next tat
Tangerine Firebird (1 year ago)
How did you get your reds so vibrant, we have the same skin tone. It's what I wanted. Can I have mine touched up to make the reds as vibrant as yours.
TheStyleDogg (1 year ago)
Hey man, yeah most likely. I guess it just depends on the ink your tattoo artist used.
hoyitskrystal (1 year ago)
One of the biggest mistakes I made before getting my first one was not eating or drinking water!! It made me almost pass out over a small, 10 minute tattoo
kdubphoto (7 months ago)
almost passed out in 10min? superlight weight
Jason Joo (1 year ago)
where di you get your shirt?
creativersd (1 year ago)
TheStyleDogg and congratz on ur adidas au photoshoots!
creativersd (1 year ago)
TheStyleDogg thanks! Im actually doing a left arm full sleeve thats inspired by ur left arm. Really love ur tattoos, and wish i could go to aussie to get it from ur artist :(
TheStyleDogg (1 year ago)
Its just a basic T from General Pants.
Ishana Dajal (1 year ago)
Tbh my first tattoo took about one and a half hour, and i still felt drained af when i got home
TheStyleDogg (1 year ago)
Ishana Dajal it's tiring aye haha

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