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DIY How to make a tattoo on hand using a pen.

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Rupendra kumar Sahu (3 days ago)
Very nice
SlapTick (7 days ago)
That reminds me a bit of the tekken tattoo that jhin had
JessReevesBlog Reeves (12 days ago)
Ink Poisoning
MOHD. Fauzan (18 days ago)
what pen you use ball or gel
Bikramjit Singh (18 days ago)
good tatto
SONU KUMAR (26 days ago)
Awesome trick
Mijanur Sardar (29 days ago)
mijanur sardar
Gopal Prajapati (1 month ago)
Good tatoo😄😄😄😄😄
Sandeep sahu (1 month ago)
bro please give me your whatapp number
Ghindro Ram (3 months ago)
Yaar att tatto
I do
Mukesh Chuhan (4 months ago)
Bro give me your whatsapp number
SAIVAN Ferrao (11 days ago)
Akshay Dalal (4 months ago)
Mukesh Chuhan 9467336279 here you go.!
Nabeel Hamdulay (5 months ago)
very good condition and must be able to make it

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