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Miss Popularity (MP) Glitches - Invisible World

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Do this glitch either by activating a pink marker job right after 23 o'clock reaches like at 3:36 (there will be a fading transition), OR by saving and loading your game outside of your house by walking while the save menu is still showing. *I still have more MP glitches. This is the first part to the full video.* Stay tuned...
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Idolfan96 (7 years ago)
@MZX00N W=foward, A=left, S=back and D=right. Use the cursor to change the direction and f1 for hints. The control button will make a cursor appear so u can click on the different things on the bottom of the screen. I hope that helped. :)
shadia vansteenbrugge (7 years ago)
I have a small problem. Well, ex-girlfriend of my dream guy said I have no chance for him and when I ask him if he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend he says he still has time to think. And my best friend says I should buy a whole new outfit and a manicure. So I bought all the clothes of romance (My dream guy is a musician) and the makeup and manicure but he always says the same! Can someone please help me???!!!
UtauPanda (7 years ago)
@iiPrettyKold1 I'm NOT sure... but it seems like it.
UtauPanda (7 years ago)
@iiPrettyKold1 Well, that means that you end the game I guess. The same happens with me ><
gpsgirl1 (7 years ago)
@brianna363 You have to buy it I bought it at a book store
Alexandra Mikka (8 years ago)
@niraaries you go and buy shoes and headband that increase romanticism than they'll let you in :)
Johanna Skyler (8 years ago)
how i know what lv i am and how i do the test?..please tell me
Annie Fish (8 years ago)
@niraaries You buy accessories first, then, on level two, the clothes are unlocked. You can also buy hairstyles, make-up, manicures and shoes.
Katie Aune (8 years ago)
can you help i have the sport guy but i ant go to his party for some reason i have the gift and the lothes but the level 4 shirt isnt showing up what do i do
Idolfan96 (8 years ago)
How do u unlock clothes on the second visit to th sports guy?
poppopy101101 (8 years ago)
my dream guy is a musician and im trying to get to the place hes at but the guy at the door says my outfit has to be more fancier and i have all the clothes on that are in the elegance category can u plz help
supreet (8 years ago)
um my dream boy is sport dude, and he tells me to finish the fitness trail without any errors, but i keep on losing and have 2 start over...can someone help me?
Mya Kay (8 years ago)
This game to me is so difficult to play. I usually catch on really fast but I am not catching on to this game.
jessysotnas (8 years ago)
I'm having problems with this game. Can someone help me? In my main menu those options, originality, romanticism..., don't appear. And when I try to start a new game it will load but then the screen remains black.
simulation911 (9 years ago)
I can't but the head band (acsessories) it's like lock so I can't buy it, can anyone help?!
Kynga Sipos (9 years ago)
do somebody reach the movie part?
nathaliegatt (9 years ago)
can you tell me how to move?
BenjamadPl (9 years ago)
how can we change the make up for the chractor
Kynga Sipos (9 years ago)
can someone pretty please tell me that if you're "dream boy" is a musician how do you have to dress to get that guys permission to enter and chat whit you're dream boy's friends?
supreet (9 years ago)
my BFF said ineed 2 by an original outfit and makeup but when i try 2 by shirt,pants and skirt it always says: ??? PLEASE help me!!!!!!!

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