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Top 10 Secrets Tattoo Artists Don’t Want You To Know

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Tattooing has been a cultural tradition around the world for centuries. However, behind each cool design and instagram post, there are secrets that those involved want to hide from the public. Here are the Top 10 Secrets Tattoo Artists Don’t Want You To Know Subscribe for more! ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedSubscribe ◄ Stay updated ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedFacebook https://twitter.com/BeAmazedVideos https://instagram.com/BeAmazedVideos ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: [email protected] Credit: https://pastebin.com/1JbapdCj Be Amazed at these Top 10 Secrets Tattoo Artists Don’t Want You To Know! Tattoos are addicting… and tattooists like it that way - The majority of those who get a tattoo end up getting a second… and a third… and… it can keep going from there. Some get addicted to the rush, but others are swayed by their tattoo artists. Tattoos aren’t just for tough guys - The image most people have when they think of tattoos is of a big burly biker. While many of the first people to get tattoos in the 1960s were bikers, the image has shifted considerably over the decades that followed. Don’t trust a tattoo-free tattoo artist - As the tattoo industry gets larger and larger there is an influx of less qualified tattoo artists. Flipping through a portfolio is one way of getting a sense of the tattoo artist’s style, but checking out the skin art they sport can help you understand more about them. The sun is the enemy - This secret could significantly cripple the tattoo industry. Exposing a fresh tattoo to the sun is the worst thing you can do. Tattoos aren’t vegan - Most vegans are strict about every single piece of food that they consume to make sure every single component doesn't contain any animal products whatsoever. Tattoos hurt a lot and sometimes don’t even last! I know it isn’t a secret that tattoos hurt, but what many people don’t know is just how much certain body parts hurt. Fingers in particular are insanely painful and are the most unpredictable when it comes to ageing. They will let you make a mistake - Tattooing is a business at the end of the day, so if you want to get something questionable… they aren’t necessarily going to stop you. Cover ups pay the bills - Cover ups were once looked at as a last resort for a tattoo that you hated the look of… or maybe that dumb infinity symbol… or the name of your ex that your tattoo artist shouldn’t have given you in the first place. Tattoos can be dangerous - The common thought is that the danger in getting a tattoo lies in dirty shops and back alley tattoo parlors, but even in the cleanest and most sterile shop, there is unfortunately so many dangerous things that can go wrong. Every tattoo artist make mistakes often - Mistakes? No way! These are happy accidents! Like it or not, nearly every tattoo has a mistake of some sort. After all, they are using a vibrating device to stick a needle into a moving human being’s skin… there is no way to make sure every single line, dot, or mark is exactly where it needs to be.
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Text Comments (3110)
Ghost Rider (9 hours ago)
Thumbs down...
bladong blado (20 hours ago)
#10 true!
jer toll (3 days ago)
how about the fact that tattooers now a days care more about their Instagram photos than anything else..tattoos never look the same in real life
barshalen99 (4 days ago)
This shit is fucking stupid. I've been in the industry for over a decade and all this shit is dumb as fuck hahahahahahha
D Wood (4 days ago)
Tattoos poison your blood. Don’t be mad when your baby comes out deformed or u get cancer later on.
Nikolaos Peterson (5 days ago)
Only tats I would ever consider are the stick-on sorts (I have a friend who sticks on removable tats). I can go for that, but NOTthe permanent painful process. I have varied interests and if I change i don-t wish to be stuck with an outdated tat and have to go through the money and pain to have such removed). NO (permanent) tats for me!
Rob M (6 days ago)
Childbirth is a walk in the park compared to working.
Dyamite Ralph (6 days ago)
I stick n poke tatoos
clawleone 1134 (7 days ago)
A woman I know it's married to a tattoo artist and wanted to get his name across the whole front of her neck. He said no. She got it anyway. When your husband doesn't want that sort of sign of commitment, there's a good chance that it means he doesn't want that lengthy commitment.
Alex Hunt (8 days ago)
Bullshit. Some Buddhist tattooists in thailand have no tattoos. Or only very very few. And they are amazing artists
Nightshade Kelly (8 days ago)
I tattooed my own fingers with sewing needles. Everyone says it would be the most painful tattoo and i didn't feel anything Edit:and I used blunt non sharp needles
J Donsante (9 days ago)
Honestly every time someone asks for a name tattoo, the artists almost always ask them, who is that? And as soon as they tell them it’s a boyfriend husband girlfriend wife etc. the artist always ask them over and over are you sure?, what if things don’t work out etc. At the end of the day people are gonna do with their going to do, and a good artists knows if they don’t put the name on them, someone else perhaps of less caliber will, and in the end who are they to judge? But for sure almost all name tattoos suck!
Mitchell Watson (9 days ago)
this video is totally bullshit...who ever made this video does not know shit about tattooing or tattooers and how they conduct business.....BULLSHIT
Miguel Baltazar (9 days ago)
Well I have 2 tattoo artists and 1 of them has no tattoo and he's better than the tattooed one.
TheLocutus70 (10 days ago)
Yes, they are addictive. I have two and i want another.
J.P. Larson (10 days ago)
so much of this video is your opinions and not based on any fact or evidence and sounds like bullshit. like you said the first people to get tattoos were bikers in the 60's? That's the dumbest thing ive ever heard, tattoos have been around for thousands of years man, check your facts.
Jeff Justus (11 days ago)
The decision to get a tattoo, only means, you're not very good at making decisions.
Mr Madd (11 days ago)
Non of these are secrets. Like #10 for instance. Tattooing is a business and like any business it is out to make money. These secrets that you’ve mentioned are only for uninformed idiots who should really not get tattooed.
Frederick Calabrese (11 days ago)
Every good tattooist I know advises against direct sunlight. These are the same people who don't want to work on me because of my steroid trashed skin.
Asher Marsden (13 days ago)
I'd definitely believe this if I was 12
Dimi Choueiry (13 days ago)
Yo I’m actually gonna report this
Dimi Choueiry (13 days ago)
This was really bad... shut the fuck up
Robert Tulibacki (15 days ago)
Tattoos that go up near the arm pit hurt like hell .well I should say it hurt like hell too me .
JADE CHATFIELD (16 days ago)
I have a few tattoos, but not too many. The only thing that pisses me off about it is that my skin twitches involuntarily. It happens every time.
Steven Gamble (17 days ago)
8 years tattooing. This video is ignorant bullshit someone made-up out of boredom... Artists want to protect their work, not mislead people... Are you kidding me? Also, people under 30 are not "saving" the industry. They are ruining it. By getting a lot of work in very little time as cheaply as possible. Nothing makes someone stay ink-free than some dipshit 23 year-old with a bunch of shitty work. Especially on their dumb-fuckng-face. Do us all a favor, by the way. Wash your nasty asses once in a while. We can smell you. HUGE FACTOR as to why I no longer work with the public.
STAINEDBYKANE (18 days ago)
This is the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard. Obviously made by people who have NO idea about the tattoo industry, it's long, illustrous history and pride in it's art. And these idiots get paid to put this crap out. Your welcome for monetizing a smear piece on the tattoo industry...an industry I've worked in for almost 29 years. Gtfo
LordArioh (18 days ago)
none of this is a secret. get a tattoo and you'll know everything you need.
BOONIQUE (19 days ago)
Tattoos cause cancer, and they are almost always hideous.
The Conspiracy Channel (19 days ago)
Most of this is utter bullshit
Natron thePLAYER (19 days ago)
There is an all natural plant-based ink that our piercer uses on his tattoo clients. It also comes in many brilliant hues.
Emma Dietz (20 days ago)
Parent child or siblings
Arti St (20 days ago)
Clickbait bullshit. I have been a tattooer for 18 years and this is all shite.
Mahdeel Ad (21 days ago)
W T F seeing this my tattoo got infected
Garric Rowe (21 days ago)
3 ads in one 10 minute video? Eat a dick haha
jenjelly j (21 days ago)
Omg!!!!!!! Wtf did i watch this bones nooo
Aniya Raine (23 days ago)
I wasn't told any of this. I never put water on my tatt til 2-3 weeks after and I learned firsthand that sunlight&a fresh tatt(even a tatt that's 2weeks old)will have you feeling like you're on fire! My buddy laughed so hard at me coming out of my shirt with a basketball court full of dudes lol
Aniya Raine (23 days ago)
I wasn't told any of this. I never put water on my tatt til 2-3 weeks after and I learned firsthand that sunlight&a fresh tatt(even a tatt that's 2weeks old)will have you feeling like you're on fire! My buddy laughed so hard at me coming out of my shirt with a basketball court full of dudes lol
olober syko (23 days ago)
Whos the girl at 1:51 ?? Important
olober syko (23 days ago)
Tattoos are so fucking sexy guys I can’t breathe I love all of them
Ronin (23 days ago)
what a load of rubbish. terrible.
Gracie Cunningham (24 days ago)
10. Tattoos are addictive 9. Tattoos aren’t just for tough guys 8. Don’t trust a tattoo free tattoo artist 7. The sun is the enemy 6. Tattoos aren’t vegan 5. Tattoos hurt a lot and sometimes don’t even last 4. They will let you make a mistake 3. Cover ups pay the bills 2. Tattoos can be dangerous 1. Every tattoo artist makes mistakes often Idk why I did this 😂
HARLEY (24 days ago)
my friend got my best friends name tattooed on me and it got infected and scared and ink fell out even though I filled the after care instructions
SlimChanse (25 days ago)
This video is made by idiots for idiots...you don't know shit about tattoos, getting them and the industry...hahaha...what else you posting here acting like you know and don't? Fuk this channel!
Oh my god really is avoiding sun with tattoos a secret?
Flora Tinuviel (26 days ago)
Lol this video is kind of dumb.. none of these things are secrets.
Philophobia (26 days ago)
The one of Brendon urie thooo
Jasper Jones (26 days ago)
I hate it when people say, "people judge me because of my tattoos." It's 2018. Nobody cares about your tattoos. Everyone has them these days. They impress/intimidate no one anymore.
bailey베일리 (28 days ago)
Aleya MC (28 days ago)
They don’t have to talk me into it I already plan to have 3 maybe more.
Rosa Dañiela (29 days ago)
Well... that was 10 minutes wasted... what a bunch of bs.
Hahah 😭😭😭take this video down from internet 👎🏽
Frank Izzi (30 days ago)
I'm a tattoo artist. The first thing I tell nubbes getting their first tattoo, is that you tend to want more afterwards. And I always in courage people to come get tattooed during the winter months bc it's the slowest time of year for us anyway! And of course I inform them to stay out of the sun, use sunscreen and a good moisturizer routine bc that tattoo is a representation of the quality of my work and that means more to me than anything! The absolute last thing I want is a shitty tattoo carrying my name that ends up getting covered up. Fucking dweeb. . .
Mac Davis (30 days ago)
Most of this stuff is either false or common knowledge if you do even the smallest bit of research or your artist will tell you. (And if you're getting a tattoo, you should be doing your research) 10) Tattoos are addicting. Just about anything that gives you a kind of an adrenaline rush will be addictive. Rollar coasters, caffiene, etc. And if your artist is talking about your second tattoo, a lot of people who get one tattoo, are probably already planning to get more. So it's not like a scheme. It's just them planning ahead so you don't regret it or that way you can have some ideas for the next one. They're going by the majority of their customers. 9) Anyone can get a tattoo?? Well imagine my shock! These tattooed women I've been seeing all my life weren't just in my head after all! 8) Fair point. If they're an apprentice, they might not have that many tattoos. But normally tattoo artsits are that because they are passionate about tattoos and love that artform. 7) EVERY ARTIST IS GOING TO TELL YOU TO STAY OUT OF THE SUN! Even if you have a sketchy artist who for some reason don't tell you, this is such basic and common knowledge that anyone with any knowledge of tattoos will tell you. And there are many artists who will advise you to get tattoos during winter. 6) TATTOOS NOT BEING VEGAN IS ALSO PRETTY BASIC KNOWLEDGE! If you do any kind of research on tattoos (WHICH YOU SHOULD BE DOING IF YOURE GETTING A TATTOO) you will find out fairly quickly, they're not vegan. This isn't a secret. There are some shops that are vegan. Yes vegan inks are harder to get, but if you need to stick to those restrictions, you can find artists who are willing to do it. 5) BASIC KNOWLEDGE! Tattoos hurt, especially in places with less fat. If you hit your bicep on something, it's going to hurt a lot less than hitting your hip. You don't even need to do research for this point. And yes things fade on parts of the body that experience a lot of friction. The palms of your hands experience a lot of friction and have thin skin, that is going to fade a lot faster than a bicep. And who just assumed they're going to walk out of a shop with a full sleeve? If your plan is to get a whole sleeve, there's a good chance you've planned and researched and know you're not just going to walk out with hours worth of art on you're arm. 4) Many artists are going to give you advice so you don't have to deal with something that you don't like forever. Tattoo artsits are artists. They take pride in their work. They aren't going to waste their time something they know is a mistake if they're a good artist. 3) Most artists don't like doing cover ups. Some artists who do it see it more as helping somebody than some sadistic gain at your expense. 2) Anything can dangerous that will be going into your skin. And if you're not taking care of your tattoo and you feel the affects of that, you can't blame your artist. They gave you the info it's your job to follow it. You chose to get art on your skin, you need to take care of that. 1) Every artist makes mistakes. It's not a secret at all? This video is just so ignorant. If you didn't know this shit in the first place, you shouldn't be getting a tattoo.
hannah smith (30 days ago)
So to all my brenden urie (panic at the disco) fans 4:29 you welcome
Bebe Urie (1 month ago)
EDDY G. (1 month ago)
I agree with Kira & Aubrey West ,
Bradley Wade (1 month ago)
This is the dumbest video lol, educate yourself before you speak on an entire industry.
joshua hand (1 month ago)
in anesthesia school we learned that men have a higher tolerance for pain
Mom is getting a 2nd tattoo soon
Black Ninja Gaming (1 month ago)
who wants to get a tattoo unless your crazy which I think you are
Black Ninja Gaming (1 month ago)
I will never get a tatoo
renji90998 (1 month ago)
My advice to those getting a tattoo, even if you're not a first timer is to wait a year. If you don't feel the same way about the design as you did a year then probably shouldn't get.
Jay Shaw (1 month ago)
Intenze inks and other products are all vegan.
This FoodBitch (1 month ago)
I really hope people aren’t gullible enough to believe some of these. No females do not use tattoos as a rebellious statement. Also, Personally as a tattoo artist without tattoos this offends me. You can literally ask to see a tattoo artists license if you’re really that skeptical about their qualifications to tattoo.
Colby S (1 month ago)
Some of that was really silly, and some was spot on! I've been tattooing for just under 30 years, and this video got some good laughs from me. Tattoos aren't actually addictive and we don't use subtle psychological techniques for getting newbies strung out on future ink! Also, modern FDA approved vegan colours are pretty much in the majority now, and you would have to go to a back alley grease monkey to get inks with shellac or even animal based glycerin (plant based is just as available and the usual choice for good inks like Intenze, Eternal, Fusion, etc...in fact most all are batch numbered and have chemical rap sheets for each colour that they will send you upon request. Also, we scold people up and down if they expose their ink to the sun...but fortunately, once the ink if healed on the surface you can slather in in sun screen. Still, a lot of the video was really good...and, yeah, good cover-ups of crap tattoos are a big bread and butter factor in most shops these days. I do about 1/4 cover-ups, and even think they are a fun challenge.
Ellie Ellie (1 month ago)
Kevin Solo (1 month ago)
Thats like saying you can't be a surgeon if youve never had surgery cuz how would know how it feels.
bkohler89 (1 month ago)
Honestly my artist NEVER tells me about sunscreen, he just tells me the aftercare instructions after i take the bandage off. I put sunscreen on my tattoos religiously. It's common sense. I dont care if it's spring, summer, fall or winter. Sun doesnt discriminate against seasons. People with tattoos that dont cover up give me the weirdest look in public cause they see me covering my tattoos up in sunscreen and the literally look at me and say in confusion, i hear this ALL THE TIME, "why do you have sunscreen on your tattoos?" Cover that ink up and your tattoos will NEVER fade, just age.
Wow lot of hate for this video lol
CedricB (1 month ago)
Such a load of shit. Tattoo artists are not (necessarily) the greedy fucks you seem to think they are. None of this here is a secret, and they're very open about all of it.
Colin Talukdar (1 month ago)
4:54 lol that's mehendi not tattoo, almost every Indian girl wears that on their hand
Merry (1 month ago)
Wow this is a dumbass clickbait video full of assumptions and ignorant information.
Hooded Creeper (1 month ago)
Honestly white tattoos only make sense on black people
Juanito London (1 month ago)
This is horse shit. The makers of this video got tattooed by their little brother or arthritic grandpa or the nastiest back street “artist “ . Losers
Semi Sinister (1 month ago)
I'm addicted to tattoos but my budget doesn't like it.
THE ENDR (1 month ago)
For christs sake, you can't pack the entire industry up into a cheap 10 minute video, where more than half your information is false or mystified. Whether or not you are trying to be impartial about your information, you are monetizing by misleading folks. Hey people, best thing to do in search of your tattoos: consult with qualified practitioners. It means a world of difference. Word-of-mouth is very important in this industry. Don't be a lazy schmuck.
Sarah Lynne (1 month ago)
My first and only tattoo was on my wrist. It actually didnt hurt that much.
Paranormal hunter (1 month ago)
pain: hey im here get ready for hurt again ok: ME: F OFF PAIN: pain: ok sorry i will leave
Dennis Jordan (1 month ago)
Got a tat on the back of my neck when i was 17. Buddy from work did it with a home made gun, needles, and ink. It got terribly infected. Swelled up, caused nerve damage. I ended up with temporary partial paralysis from the swelling and infection. Forced into a wheelchair for a few weeks left me plenty of time to think about my poor decision. Definitely research your potential artist prior to getting work done. Plan your tattoos in advance if you can. Having a bunch of random shit that doesnt relate or tie in sucks down the road when you want more ink. I didnt plan when i was a young man and getting my first pieces done. I regret it terribly. 2 words can help anyone. DUE DILLIGENCE!! Put the work into research and planning its worth it.
Bread bin Urie (1 month ago)
Ayy I think that tattoo Venus studio is in my home country
Meep Moop (1 month ago)
An acual good use for an infinity symbol tattoo add an f after the sign oof
dmaa88 (1 month ago)
Fucking idiotic. This is just fucking retarded.
Roisin Lawlor (1 month ago)
What a load of nonsense
Enialoj Uaenesra (1 month ago)
You know the person that made the video dosn't know shit when he use a hanna work as "hand tattoo" ( 4:57 )
Psyclops (1 month ago)
Hasish is a drug
mark anthony Lumayno (1 month ago)
UHHMM, im sure they always tell you about the sun, this is not so accurate at all. artis do there own touch up for free.
Melody Arreola (1 month ago)
I had four tattoos planned before I was even legal to get a tattoo. Trust me...it's not the artist who makes you want a second one..
Melody Arreola (1 month ago)
Also I got a whole page of what not to do when you get a new tattoo. Don't put it in direct sun, don't swim with it, don't cover it up, ect. This video is most likely made from someone who isn't a artist
Benjamin Stapleton (1 month ago)
What a load of shit
A tattoo design is a fashion that last about two years. So what is trendy now, will be tacky in two years. Then a very neat tattoo will be disfigured if you gain or lose weight. Time and tattoos are not good friends. And removing a tattoo is five times more painful.
When everybody wanted to go on the bad biker image, that image was lost on bad bikers, or normal bikers. So bikers just got on their bikes and rode off, bypassing tattoo parlours. These days you need mud or dust on your bike to be considered a serious biker.
Artist Artington (1 month ago)
This video is AIDS. Though there are few truths in this, they are very few and far between. If you looking to get tattooed, please DO NOT take this video seriously, this fact filled video is straight retarded. If you have any questions please contact and speak with a reputable shop and artist.
Mark Reyes (1 month ago)
10 is given
Desockme (1 month ago)
Tattoos r signs of rebellion like leather pants and red sports cars? Wtf is this like 1970
Jade Damboise Rail (1 month ago)
The one trendy tattoo I want is the semicolon because it has significance and is discreet.
Mikie Thegreat (1 month ago)
What youtubers who don't research their topics don't want you to know....
melodeath fan (1 month ago)
I was never pressured by any artist to get more tattoos.
John Van Vliet (1 month ago)
what absolute KAK
RIST Art (1 month ago)
Too quick to generalise tattoo artists... Good artists will always attract custom, because they’re intent on making a positive difference to someone’s life and so would never dream of letting anyone walk out and risk fading their work ! Poor show this...
Just Dan (1 month ago)
“Top 10 Secrets From People Who Know Nothing About The Tattoo Industry”

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