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3 Reasons - Why eBay failed in India - Ecom Seller Tips

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There are many three reasons why eBay fail in India number one is auction style sellong . in 2004 when eBay entered India people were not about aware about the online selling process. online selling was a new concept in India. the next E-Commerce company that is started in India was in 2007 and it was Flipkart . so it was having three years head start in e-commerce business in India. eBay started with auction style wherr sellers can put his product on auction and the highest bidder will will be able to buy that product. there a specific time limit for that listing to be out. this was a new concept as far as India is concerned because in India at that time people were not aware about online selling they have no trust in online selling they have no experience and that too in the auction style where they cannot buy it out right they have to wait .so it was a failed concept and eBay relied on that option for long time. in only 2008 eBay started eBay added buying card in their website . the second reason is the shipping eBay did not won any Logistic Company to ship its product sellers have to ship it's his or her product to the buyer .so on one hand it is difficult for sellers to ship the product beside concentrating on on selling process. on the other hand if the buyer is not satisfied with the product then the buyer have to return it . that also become very Uphill task for the buyer to return the product .to the 3 reason is customer care. eBay depends upon customer to customer dealing where a seller will be directly contacting with the buyer and taking care of queries . in general scenario most of the sellers do not have an experience about handling the customer care . they are good sellers but they do not have an experience about customer care. on the other hand buyers find it very irritating to talk to sellers on their own . this communication get also resulted in the downfall of eBay. the another reason is selling of the fake products. sellers get them self registered on eBay and selling fake and copy products without any check the buyers who want to buy original product lost that trust value in eBay
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STEPHEN CHANN (8 days ago)
on ebay, Prisca G Siciliano cheated sb. out of $ 39 and disappeared
Ecom Seller Tips (8 days ago)
oh. which country
Benjamin Alexander (1 month ago)
EBay is much better than any shopping sites. it has more options. hope it comes back to India
Ecom Seller Tips (1 month ago)
ebay is a cheater..... my refund not received More than one month
Manish Motwani (2 months ago)
eBay Fail Nhai hua Bhai, Kuch Bhi kyon bolte ho, ha use Flipkart ne apne sath merge kiya hai, aisa corporate deals Pahle bhi hua hai bpl ko hutch ne hutch ko Vodaphone ne kharida, eska matlab ye nahi ki bpl hutch fail hue the, eBay par Logo ka dil se bharosa tha, kuch bhi galat nahi hota tha , eBay Guranteed.. last moment tak customer ke sath rathe the , I hope eBay will Back Strongly...
Manish Motwani (1 month ago)
+Mamadpinjara Mamadpinjara Policy me nahi aa raha hoga to kaise hoga bhai... Unke norm's se kaam hota hai..
ebay ne mera refund nai diya bhai..fraud hai ebay
amit sethi (3 months ago)
Tweet To eBay Ceo Devin Wenig TO Restart Ebay India Soon.
ANSH RAJPUT ki videos (3 months ago)
I shop on ebay
Shivam Tiwari (3 months ago)
Bro mujhe lagta hai ki ebay indian buyers aur seller k need ko achhe se samajh nahi paya...
Amit Garg (3 months ago)
Sir aap ka brand name kya h?
danish khan (3 months ago)
Sir paytmmall me handbag sell karne ke liye approval chahiye kya?
Bapi Mandal (3 months ago)
Sir 3rd party courier ko kaise use karu Step by step karke ak video banado
Zainab Ghode (3 months ago)
Pls call me and advice me on selling
Zainab Ghode (3 months ago)
Mujhe bhi Kurtis ka business karna hai Mujhe help chahiye
Ashish Kumar (3 months ago)
Marketing of ebay wasn't good. Flipkart was launched in 2007, 2 years later of ebay and quickly became famous just because of marketing. Even Shopclues marketed itself very Good.
mohd asif (3 months ago)
Sir ham kuch seller UPC se listing nahi kar pa rahe
rpz (3 months ago)
I agree to all your points . I want to add one more 4. Chahe to Flipkart Ebay ko upar uta sakta tha lekin wo nahi kiya .. Kyunki Ebay pe sabka impression aisa tha ke wahan pe sabhi 2nd hand and refurbushed products milte hai.. Ebay's reputation was not good
ankush bhardwaj (3 months ago)
Koi free invoice generator software ya excel format btao
IRFAN KHATRI (3 months ago)
Sir mujhe online selling karni he in clothing agar me apni price Kam kakhta hu to mujhe mera 1st order Kab milega
sachin kumar (3 months ago)
Hi sir barcode machine Ka video banayea
bole toh jhakaas (3 months ago)
Sir 5 din ho gaye 1 bhi ordr nahi aya...without fba product hai...keyword bhi thik hai price bhi prodct bhi...fir bhi 34 page me prodct show ho raha hai...kya karun sir..
bole toh jhakaas (3 months ago)
mohd asif ohk bro
mohd asif (3 months ago)
rpz (3 months ago)
Knowledge Centre (3 months ago)
paytm me seller account bana liya but mera brand registerd nahi h ab me kya karu sir help me

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