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I GOT SCAMMED SELLING an iPhone ON eBay!! (TIPS Included)

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Ay Bee (5 days ago)
I was scammed twice in the last month. I sell high-end electronics on ebay and I am a power seller with 100% feedback. Both buyers claimed to have received something other than what I sent to them. When I checked the tracking it showed that both parcels were delivered in good condition. Both buyers didn't even mention that the parcels seemed to be tampered with. Actually one of them insisted that it hadn't been. In 1 case ebay told me to accept the return and if I received anything other than my item back I would fill in a "fraudulent return document". Confident with ebay's policy on this I accepted the return. Unsurprisingly the buyer sent me a worthless item. I had video and pictures of the returned parcel. I contacted ebay and they told me that I had been given wrong advice (by their own staff). They told me that there is no such thing as a fraudulent return. They took my money and gave it back to the buyer. In the other case they claim the buyer sent them "evidence" that the phone was fake - despite the buyer uploading a picture that matched my picture, showing the same IMEI number. You can verify from an IMEI number if a phone is fake or not. It seems that all you have to do on ebay to get free stuff is open a case and claimed you received something else. ebay has now become a scammers and theives haven. Even managers in ebay told me that if someone opens a case against me I will lose "99% of the time". Moral of the story - don't use ebay
GOT DA POKE (10 days ago)
I hate paypal so many scams on both side I owes use my banks cause shit goes down I call my bank and says its fraud
Lady Elizabeth (1 month ago)
A seller did this to me they contacted me through my private email about a set of slides for an actor I like they asked me if I was interested for a better price then the seller left me hanging for two days the seller was aware I was on a budget and a fair price would be nice so the seller would offer me the slides at 4 or 5 each guys please do not respond to any kind of offers from a seller off eBay that’s not on the record this seller now is giving me nothing but trouble I’m getting it investigated at the moment please be careful when dealing with sellers as well there could be some real winners out there
VersatileMindz909 (1 month ago)
you ALMOST got scammed
dsalpha18 (1 month ago)
Well, guess what, you are not cover for anything by ebay. If someone scams you, you loose. Ebay will refund your money to the scammer so fast, you have to buy a plane ticket.
Kookoocachoo (3 months ago)
So what if you ship an unscratched phone, then the buyer scratches it and blames you for it? How would eBay know that the scratches weren't already on it?
Dorian Friend (5 months ago)
Video helped a lot..I almost got scammed until I watched this video
Tom Tom (6 months ago)
First mistake, bought iphone.
??? ??? (7 months ago)
Stop supporting ebay.....
khan zahid (8 months ago)
same things happened with me 2nd march..still the scammers email me send the item.i did mistake i gave him my PayPal email..thats my big fault..i don't know what can i do..about this..if you have some advice for me..please tell me.thanks
Jennifer Smith (9 months ago)
Slurping your coffee like that into the microphone is so fucking disgusting! Made me leave your channel immediately..
Superimpossible (9 months ago)
This happened to me a week ago. The story was almost identical to yours
mr Tree (9 months ago)
If only you didn't always want the newest iPhone you wouldn't be in this situation
AsianBoyWonder 21 (9 months ago)
Help please someone. I was just scammed by this exact scam and I sent the package how do I get the money or get my item back
FRTPA (5 days ago)
AsianBoyWonder 21 you can’t
Tamal Biswas (10 months ago)
This phone originals
Eder Valle (10 months ago)
You selling iPhones
Zz_GORDOX_zZ (11 months ago)
Thanks for the tip man ☺️
The frog (11 months ago)
Kishinchand Vikram Israni (11 months ago)
My channel goes into everything you need to know about ebay reselling! Check it out :)
DeeDee Redeemed (11 months ago)
Thanks man....This literally saved me from getting scammed
NoNameXD (4 months ago)
DeeDee Redeemed same thank god I watch this video
great tips.
Senpai San (1 year ago)
My first sale was an 800$ laptop , same PayPal scam . 2 years ago I filed a complaint on ic3 . And they haven't done anything about it
Ramel (1 year ago)
Someone is willing to buy an item from me on ebay. Is paypal the only payment option and will they be able to snatch the money back after they pay?
Vex T (1 year ago)
Authorize.net is another payment you can use, but it has monthly fees and longer payment time than Paypal.
Lee John (1 year ago)
curlyyy wurlyyy (1 year ago)
So I sold my I phone 6s plus the buyer tried to make me send it to Nigeria but I didnt so I shipped it USA and the item is still on it's way it's reached new York but it hasn't been delivered yet is there anyway I can get my parcel to come back because I got PayPal scammed as well
David (8 months ago)
use ebay shuttle service to send items...They cover you
TV Tech (1 year ago)
scammers can now check imei numbers of phones on websites to see if phones have been reported stolen and blacklisted, then they can Use programs like imei changer , so the police can't find the phones location and track down the stolen phone. so your pretty much screwed if a buyer decides to scam you.
Chthonian121 (1 year ago)
If I don't get "Buyer paid for item" on eBay, I don't ship Plain and simple...
"wanted something better" if you wanted something better you should've gotten an android, they're more free, and generally have more perks
Asbuca ML (1 year ago)
Please help some one for that to me and I'll agreed
Visit tavee (1 year ago)
Do not buy anythings from EBAY a lot of scam from seller and buyer stay away from PAYPAL and EBAY .i lost of money from EBAY And PAYPAL.
Michael Salazar (1 year ago)
I've gone through this as well I will never again
Aiaiaii z (1 year ago)
U can always check ur payments on bank acounts
Glitter Lover (1 year ago)
Guys I'm selling an iPhone 5s and a bunch of accessories on poshmark so y'all should check it out. Contact me on twitter @xoxo_shafia. By the way I'm not some scammer. Just a 13 year old selling stuff on poshmark.👍🏼
Beezy Talking Shit (11 months ago)
sounds like a scammer haha
ShesMine ImHers (1 year ago)
i have the same problem
Elma M (1 year ago)
Very helpful infos. Thanks.
Bobby777 (1 year ago)
Someone is trying this exact scam on me, is there a way I can withdraw the money from paypal, as soon as they send it? Since it technically doesnt have any connection through ebay since they are scamming me through text and just straight up sending the money which Im assuming they would do a chargeback.
Bobby777 (1 year ago)
Marve Hit Sorry, I don't think you can do anything besides just ignoring the bid, I asked around if I could keep the money after giving him my email and everyone said it is impossible so I just avoided the trouble with paypal
Marve Hit (1 year ago)
HEF SHAQ this is going on with me rn. Is there anything you would recommend I do?
Gabzo Avro (1 year ago)
btw its illegal for you to sell an item through ebay using other means (paypal cash) to avoid the fees so ebay will not cover you if you send the item that way. you broke their terms and can get banned for it.
Kierron Kinley (1 year ago)
But you didn't actually get scammed, you ALMOST got scammed. Stop using clickbait bro :/
Cheryl Leigh (1 year ago)
my advice, which someone else might have said, is to not ever list your phone number, whether on ebay or kijiji or what have you. I find email works best. Ebay's platform is there for a reason...thanks for your tips.
ayoutubechannel (1 year ago)
this may be a dumb question, but how do buyers get your phone number? is that info open to them? i wouldnt want a customer to be able to contact a personal line. is that something you can change? i didn't realize buyers had access to this info.
Brian Gutierrez (1 year ago)
It's called Social Engineering lolll
Masterr Laster (1 year ago)
The problem is paypal transaction are very easy dispute without ebay. Bitcoin is much better of course alot of people don't know how to use but it's pretty good and gaining ground every day.
Masterr Laster (1 year ago)
Well for buyers Paypal is best. But for sellers bitcoin is would be best. Alot of scams out there will actually send you legit funds to your Paypal. Only for a them to later be reversed by the PP account holder claiming he got hacked. Bitcoin is irreversible and just like cash. So while there would need to be a certain level of trust between buyer and seller. Bitcoin would be best for sellers.
Gabzo Avro (1 year ago)
Masterr Laster thats stupid thered no protection with bitcoin. if you have nothing to hide paypal is safer
LoveResidentEvil4 (1 year ago)
Great tips very helpful thanks!!
Acrimonious Dragon (1 year ago)
Rule #1 with online commerce never ship product until payment is received, also Have a secondary bank account or pp acct with a card that allows cash withdrawals. Always if possible always convert money to cash as soon as buyer pays. Side note have date stamped/ hard encoded videos and pictures of product working and in described condition. Also footage of you packing product after demonstrating product working & described condition.
Trey White (1 year ago)
Happened to me
Nine Tailed Fox (1 year ago)
Don't buy anything from China Sellers on EBay because they are not honest and reliable.  They always give incorrect information,  incorrect product description and pictures on their advertising.
Chthonian121 (1 year ago)
Stick with Taiwan sellers
Adrian C. (1 year ago)
The King (1 year ago)
I sold an iPhone 6 plus today on Ebay and i think i completely 100% scam proofed it because better safe than sorry. ofcourse in my ad i described the item exactly as it was, provided a link to swappa.com to show the imei was good and stated all sales are final, no returns. Then for shipping i added USPS insurance ($4) then signature cconfirmation ($2.50) to prevent a "package not received or damaged" claim. I also went as far to video me showing the contents of the original phone box (including that it worked and i showed the IMEI as i read it out) as i put it all into the priority mail package and sealing it then reading the details of the shipping label then me carrying it into the post office and handing it over. probably way more than i should've done but i can't afford that kind of loss 😂 plus the video was only like 1:25
Beezy Talking Shit (11 months ago)
That's not 100% scam proof. What if they opend the phone up and took some pieces out to put in their broke phone and sent it back to you and said it doesn't work? You would've been fucked! They do that alot. Why you just didn't keep the phone on swappa? Best place to sell phones. I'm bout to start selling brand new phones on there.
Reed Sears (1 year ago)
This video was really helpful! Someone tried to scam me this way
Debby Gautreaux (1 year ago)
Ebay is not helping me😔
Crying T_T I wanted the CIA ID prop badge ;(( and the guy who is selling it lives an hour away its 8.95 I told him if he comes to my address I would give him 40$ and he haven't replied ;(((( the suspense is real maaan He said if I could drive but then I told him this please please reply what shall I doo I can't wait I feel nervous Plsss *T_T*
The Kids urban garden (1 year ago)
I got scam in CT .... and I youtube post about it
Maurice Wilson (1 year ago)
I don't have those problems I spend hours doing research on people and I aware how to use eBay very well and if something not right they will put money back in my account cause all my stuff linked threw eBay PayPal one I provide tracking number and it say delivered I get my money no waiting
Matt Volhard (1 year ago)
The biggest scammers on Ebay are some of the international buyers with American shipping addresses. I was selling old iPhones that were previously used for business and all contracts were expired but they were still carrier locked. My prices were low enough because they were not unlocked and my carrier cited a policy that they would not unlock because of how long they were not in service since being upgraded...anyway the buyer received the shipment and immediately found tons of things wrong with many of the 20 or so iPhones I sold him/her and wanted a discount since the "phones were only good for parts." It was then that I debunked his/her claims and said that they could return each phone as long as the IMEI provided before return shipping matched what I had shipped and then I heard nothing back and the case got closed. Americans are not as gullible as you think...do your research people because if you don't the international scammers will gladly spend your money and leave you with misery.
Michael (1 year ago)
Gosh bro I'm so sorry bout that... But I'm using iPhone6s with 64GB now.. I'd like to buy ur iPhone but maybe not 6s, I'm looking for iPhone 5 or 4s which still running iOS6-iOS8 (for testing) Tks bro and good luck!
Matt Volhard (1 year ago)
If you are in need of 8GB iPhone 4S models for testing I may have a few running iOS 7 or 8 that I can part with. They will still be carrier locked if that's not an issue.
Kyle Saritelli (1 year ago)
You cleared up an issue for me! About 4 months ago I got an email from eBay telling me that they detected unusual activity on my account to please log in and confirm if I made a purchase. I logged in (not using the link, I never use links for stuff like that), and showed I bought a Galaxy something (I'm an iPhone user, don't know much about the Samsung phones) for $400. Called eBay and let them know I didn't, they cancelled the sale and I redid all my login info and my paypal info just to be safe.
MAVERICK 42 (1 year ago)
Basically common sense, If something sounds to good to be true it usually means something is not right, I don't use Ebay at all. Can't trust anyone these days.
TLD 666 (1 year ago)
No one should sell on ebay. They don't care about sellers. That is actually their motto for the last ten years.
Kratos Rapture (1 year ago)
I sure it was your Fucking trying to scam me the other day.. faggit a job
Mykahl Summers (1 year ago)
damn... I just bought a bunch of stuff on eBay and now I'm worried that none of it is gonna come! I was reliant on good seller ratings but after watching a few videos it's seems it's highly possible that a lot of them are fake.... 😭😭😭
Prime T (1 year ago)
That's all I ever wanted for you my dearest. If that scoundrel tried hustling you I would have personally left my igloo in Canada to confront the Nigerian scammer. Love crosses all Trump borders. (L)
Mykahl Summers (1 year ago)
+Prime T why thank you 🤓 most of my stuff arrived with no issue ❤
Prime T (1 year ago)
Mykahl Summers as a beautiful buyer you're protected.
Oscar Perez (1 year ago)
Mykahl Summers you dont know anything about ebay, they protect you from sellers. Learn before you buy.
Mykahl Summers (1 year ago)
JohnnyWhispers do you have a place you purchase from online that you trust??
Citrange (1 year ago)
They also do it on craigslist
Daniel O (1 year ago)
About a month ago i got scammed from someone in Nicaragua (i know, my bad). It was a 350+ laptop + 72 on shipping. I had to pay shipping directly from usps.com, usps priority international with no insurance option. Ebay does not offer shipping label service for Nicaragua. After 8 days +/- tracking showed item reach Nicaragua, no other update after that. Buyer opened a non received item case after 10 days. Never contacted me. I assumed item was on the way or he already had it. Ebay decided this case on my favor. However 6-7 days after that i received a paypal notification saying that the buyer won the case. Called paypal and the operator told that ebay and paypal are separate companies and that if tracking number dont shows "delivered" there was nothing to do (on my case). Usps tracking # is not coordinated with some countries. Buyer/scammer perfectly knew that, and he knows deadlines. Dont ship expensive items to those countries unless insurance is available.
Frosty Gaming (1 year ago)
One time I thought I was getting ripped off awhile back with a GTX760 GPU for 100 dollars cuz the dude was like I CAN'T SEND THE MONEY THROUGH THERE I DON'T KNOW WHY IT WON'T WORK, so like finally 3 days later he "figured" it out and I got the Money, he had even asked for my Paypal Account and then finally he got it to go through, Or no, I think he gave me HIS paypal name and then requested money through there, man i was so fucking mad but at least I hadn't gotten ripped off by that dude. It was weird cuz he had like a Address in NEW YORK but then told me he was like WAY THE FUCK in some other Country and that the address is like a shipping place or something that will then send him his thing, i was like DAMMIT BITCH!!
Frosty Gaming (1 year ago)
Dude this pisses me off, I sold a LEGIT game on Ebay, I sold the Key to it and ended up refunding 1 guy cause he said he would freeze my account by calling "J.P Morgan" or some bullshit and then one guy that hadn't done shit to me in almost a month all of a sudden sends me a notice or something, or his CC company does and they say that they didnt authorize that payment to my Paypal so all in all I got ripped off with 140 Dollars............. 140 DOLLARS!!! FOR SOME GAME KEYS! WHAT THE FUCK!!!! I even set the Buyer filters as much as I thought was secure enough to minimize the risk of DUMBASSES (cause I had a guy buy and never pay!) BUT THAT DIDN'T HELP ME AT ALLLLLLLLLLL! How do those dudes do it! The one's that sell Game Keys? How the fuck do they avoid getting fucked over? Cause I mean, anyone can buy from them, lie and say that the code was already used, right?
Frosty Gaming yes.
Fernando Brito (1 year ago)
There was a seller on eBay that was selling a game and people were buying the game from the seller quick sense it was cheap so I bought the game as well but the seller was new, he had 0 feedback. It says my game has shipped but there's no tracking number I'm a little scared, I payed through eBay and PayPal so if I do get scammed will eBay cover me? The title says it was new and sealed so does the description.
Gabzo Avro (1 year ago)
Fernando Brito these comments are stupid. buying something from paypal...your also protected. i got my money back once when they sent me the wrong pc and didnt reply to me contacting them. i sent a paypal claim. however if you see sonethibg on ebay the seller cant then sell it to you by paypal alone. its fee avoidance and against the rules
LordDiscord (1 year ago)
I had a weird occurrence happen to me. I was ordering a figure off of Amazon that was coming from Japan, well I had only realized after the item shipped that the seller had a 100% negative review and every comment left from buyers were negative saying things like "The buyer cancelled their order" to "It was false advertising", this worried me for some time as I thought I had been scammed, well after some time, I finally got the tracking number and started to track the package, and it seemed to be good as it was shipped and it was in america where i live. This is where the weird part comes in, I got a message 2 days before the items listing said it would arrive stating that the item had attempted to be delivered but no one was their to claim it, and I noticed the address it says they attempted to shipped to was in a entirely different state to where I lived. Now this worried me I had figured the buyer deliberately sent the package to the wrong address so that it would get returned to him/her and they could claim it was never picked up. I tried to get in contact with ups but couldn't so I was stuck just waiting it out. The day of arrival, it was going to see if I could get a refund when the mail comes and it just so happens to be the package I ordered, after signing it off, I immediately opened the package to confirm I was not ripped of and sure enough I had gotten what I order, new and undamaged. But I did notices something, the tracking number on my package was different then they one I was given, this had me believing this was all a big misunderstanding and they had simply goof and sent me the wrong tracking number, but if that was the case then why did the seller have such negative reviews? Despite the whole tracking number none sense, my package arrived relatively quickly and was undamaged. Was I seeing feedback from trolls or was I extremely lucky and the idiot scammer wound up sending me my package by mistake, meaning to send it to the location that the original tracking number had provided.
Music_Lights (1 year ago)
1st determine if you could be scammed. I would first look at the seller's eBay account. If he is selling other things on eBay with the same method.... brand new item, very cheap price... it could be a red flag. Also if his description is very simple and he has very little information on what he is selling. It could also be a red flag. Stock photos are also red flags. If the user can't take a photo themselves, they probably don't have the item. However, if you paid through eBay with PayPal, eBay will cover you if you get scammed. However, if you paid through PayPal alone and did not go through eBay, they won't cover you.
Will M. (1 year ago)
I have received those messages before. I just play along and waste their time. Then I send them pictures.
Mykahl Summers (1 year ago)
Will M. this is a good idea... could get very creative with it :p
525Lines (1 year ago)
It's a pretty common thing for foreigners to try to BUY ebay accounts, too.
Frosty Gaming (1 year ago)
How do they Buy Ebay accounts lol
Crayon Man (1 year ago)
even following these tips,you still get scammed....ive nevr been scammed on enay,because i hardly use ebay,,i use my local Gumtree or similar and go and see the item and actually negotiate a good deal as im there in person.
sharna C (2 years ago)
this happened to me, even though i didnt send it and eBay knew this buyer was scammer ebay still charged me selling fee's.
Chidori 1k Birds (2 years ago)
Bruh im tryna buy a phone from ebay but im scared asf
kellita czi (1 year ago)
Chidori 1k Birds I suggest amazon tbh. My mom got an iPhone from amazon and it works perfectly!
Daniel 72611 (2 years ago)
Chidori 1k Birds dont ,just buy it from a company that sold hundreds of phones and check the feedback
Ryan Valdez (2 years ago)
Fuck the scammers Fuck PayPal Fuck the scammers
Daywalker777r (11 months ago)
for real
Matthew Abbott (2 years ago)
First of all turn on require immediate payment.
anna madesa (1 year ago)
they can still reverse the charges. That's the problem.
Timothy McLendon (2 years ago)
Thanks for the heads up!
Mike M (2 years ago)
your better off just selling your items on kijiji and finding local buyers and meet them face to face and only accept cash then no way to get scammed. whats so hard about just selling items locally and only accept cash. geesh people. think logically. why even bother going through the hassles of paypal and online scams people do. cash is king and sell locally only. pretty simple concept.
Jire Gaming (10 months ago)
Mike M because they can rob u in person with a gun dumbass
Beezy Talking Shit (11 months ago)
Big platforms. It's selling world wide vs a couple of people close to you that want a phone. Use your brain how could you not figure that out.
Vex T (1 year ago)
You can get robbed by people face to face and you have almost zero means to get your property back! Also, less time is wasted by using online platforms like Ebay and Amazon.
Emily Melissa Acosta (1 year ago)
OMG!!!!! Now I'm scared I just bought something on eBay dang it I Should've ordered it on Amazon 🤦🏽‍♀️
2Streets Official (1 year ago)
Mike M that doesn't even work anymore scammers are on those local selling apps claiming they live around you but are away and would buy it for so and so and send you a fake check for so and so and claim someone will meet up with u to pick up the item and have you pay a certain amount out of the check they send to get that money
jambo kids show (2 years ago)
I sill dont get my stuff from ebay
Makayla Parker (2 years ago)
you sold it
king dot (2 years ago)
Fuck eBay Fuck PayPal they are the biggest scammers
Michael Salazar (1 year ago)
king dot totally agree
Pantherzzz (2 years ago)
you ALMOST GOT SCAMMED, but still, good tips!!! very usefull video!!!! thanks m8!!!!!!!
BLISSFUL FAPPER (2 years ago)
You didn't get scammed you were smart enough not to get scammed.
TW!STGaming (2 years ago)
Same thing happened to me but I actually sent of the item... Lost £240
Sonny Burnett (2 years ago)
What eBay doesn't cover you for is if the buyer gets the stuff, breaks it, then says you shipped it broken. They then bait and switch and send you a broken item back.
boo poo (4 months ago)
This is why you should a pic of back of the iPhone( the serial bit) and box( serial numbers) before you ship it that way you know if the buyer has scam you by doing a bait and switch
Jennifer Smith (9 months ago)
They DO cover that...if you are a GOOD seller. All you have to do is call them.
Chthonian121 (1 year ago)
For high end items I usually make a full video of me testing the item, packing the item, and shipping the item all in one take. If buyer gives me problems, milk as much detail as I can then upload the video on youtube and send the link to eBay/Seller and tell them to suck my dick and file mail fraud with their address. It's a hassle but it protects me from getting scammed on expensive items
Matt Volhard (1 year ago)
I always find an identifier on used items that I sell so that buyers trying to scam me by requesting that I pay for them to ship their broken item back to me only to show ebay my original item and what they returned me are in fact not the same item and then you will have a chance at winning the case they opened. Having a long lasting selling record with tons of positive feedback is usually a way to have the odds stacked against the buyer who may make purchases often but complains about every other item they buy until they get a huge discount so they can resell the item for a higher profit.
Sagiv Marom (2 years ago)
The Blacked IPs (2 years ago)
2:26 Damn didn't know people could create Fake Transactions through PayPal. No wonder everything Im selling through Clasifieds people from foreign countries are requesting PayPal to send money. Good thing I always do business in person, I let them take a look at the stuff, inspect it and I really encourage its what they want. "No Refunds!!" -Marcus
ryanllts (2 years ago)
just need to know how paypal works, transaction can be reversed. also, ebay dont cover you as u saying, if buyer telling ebay u only ship a box, then paypal transaction will be reversed. ebay dont cover seller.
Tech guy (2 years ago)
The part where you said eBay is good at catching scammers was pretty funny.
Diego Vera (2 years ago)
This happened to me:(
jackcool 2008 (2 years ago)
iphone 6s
jackcool 2008 (2 years ago)
I want it
Larry Valery (2 years ago)
thank you!!
Carla Almaraz (2 years ago)
let me buy it off of you !! lol
Cute M8A1 (2 years ago)
Savage lmao
Sonny Burnett (2 years ago)
Damn girl...you can buy anything off me in person >:)
Skylin Megas (2 years ago)
dud your luck with scammers ..... i remember the hover board incident
KLEANTRIX (2 years ago)
The individuals account got hacked into, they then used the hacked account to buy from my account. This is a common scam on eBay for sellers.
DarkLight753 (10 months ago)
eBay is perfectly fine. Just have the brains not to use it for valuable purchases. And stay away from new items that are trending. like a new phone or console. Always check a seller's feedback and location. In other words, don't be lazy and go into a shop for items of high value.
Dazza 2017 (11 months ago)
sorry to hear that.Thats the reason I will never use ebay.i always felt it risky.
Vex T (1 year ago)
Fucking dumbass, STFU. People been reselling shit since caveman times you nitwit! Ebay/Amazon are merely different means to the same business model called reselling arbitrage.
s7w2a (2 years ago)
what with you people still selling used stuff on ebay?! this is so 1990s.. we live in the 2016.. the used niche is long gone, today we live in fake china item world, where that all you can buy okay and if you try to live in the past it coming to bite you in the ass! if you love fake stuff and you just don't care about wasting money then ebay is great place to help you spend it all.
Aaron Aaron (2 years ago)
we got scammers are in New Jersey
LessThanHandy (2 years ago)
Yeah, where is that tail light video?
bigbassman (2 years ago)
TheGoldenGame (2 years ago)
Yeah I got first comment

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