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12 Hour Tummy Tattoo | The Melbourne Video

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Heres the list of all the new people you need to start following on instagram. @thegrandillusiontattoo @josh_todaro @avalontattoo @missquartz @dylankuiper & @oatisdriftwood being a legend. buy our books 👇👇👇👇👇 http://tinytattoobooks.bigcartel.com Sign up for my mailing list! 👇👇👇👇 :http://eepurl.com/dodEFj Email [email protected] To lock in your appointment. 🤙 I am booking for Corona, Ca & Burbank, Ca At my studio's Hidden from you Tattoo Music at 1 minute mark Ultra Razzia - Transport Au Cerveau Rest of the tunes were copy right free jams from epedemic sounds or whatever is playin in the shop in the background.
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Text Comments (175)
calinewera (5 hours ago)
Great looking bat and rose
Jacob Maag (5 hours ago)
I bet that chewing was annoying
Wayne Fredrickson (5 hours ago)
didn't notice
Rizis Wolf (4 days ago)
Black Marble!
EVIL Co. (10 days ago)
Tummy? Stomach, Brah.
ThePackageDelivery (11 days ago)
Stoked I found this channel. Your work is tight dude.
Y. Cortez (12 days ago)
Y. Cortez (12 days ago)
GREAT VIDEO... I finally got around to see it... .. 🤘🏼😎👍🏼 Loved the tattoos... 🤩👍🏼
MK. (13 days ago)
Wear a helmet brain injury’s no joke
Wayne Fredrickson (13 days ago)
Your right im to comfy and often forget
Neil00 (13 days ago)
I love your ears flapping in the wind on the boosted board 😂🤣
You Me (14 days ago)
Great one man! Love the chest tattoo and especially the wizard !
Fernando Chavez (14 days ago)
I kinda like the facial hair you got going on haha
Wayne Fredrickson (13 days ago)
Its Temporary dont look at it
Sasha Burns (15 days ago)
Could you make a video about how you travel with your machines and stuff when you fly???
Wayne Fredrickson (14 days ago)
Sasha Burns nope too secret stuff I don’t give any trade tricks or tips on this channel
AusieV (15 days ago)
Come to North or South Carolina!
John Garrigan (15 days ago)
Tim regard is officially YouTube famous
Wayne Fredrickson (13 days ago)
Haha hes the best
lifeanddecay (15 days ago)
yoooo black marble at 2:15
Sawyersauce (16 days ago)
You look great with the hair a bit grown out mate, happy you enjoyed Melbourne!
Wayne Fredrickson (13 days ago)
Thanks I already bought my flight back for next year I love it out there
Tony Garcia_408 (16 days ago)
Cool front piece 👹
cindi watson (16 days ago)
ps. loving the boosted board
cindi watson (16 days ago)
you are talented af! Your work is beautiful!
Wayne Fredrickson (13 days ago)
Thanks Cindi
chubbyboards sp (16 days ago)
Hey dude, nice chanel, nicest soubtrack, especialy when u put 80s french bands!! Im also a tattooer from Brazil dude, and i love traditional tattoos, @julionovaestattoo if you whant to check out!! Cheers from brazil
Wayne Fredrickson (13 days ago)
Ugh Warrior Kids rule I love all the French stuff old and new Komintern sect is my favorite or camera sillies so fucking classic. I love alot of new wave / dark wave stuff coming out recently as well like douche froide good stuff for sure.. France is making some good stuff.
chubbyboards sp (16 days ago)
Hell yeah, will check it, but i meant when u put warrior kids, it was in other video!! I'm all into new bands to, such as rixe, traitre...
Wayne Fredrickson (16 days ago)
chubbyboards sp chubbyboards sp thanks that French band is actually a new oi Bann from Canada for Quebec there called ultra razzia check Em out! 👌
Sleeps with no Pillow (16 days ago)
The duck may swim on the lake but my daddy owns the lake
Wayne Fredrickson (13 days ago)
Grant Gambill (16 days ago)
This dude had to be as tough as nails!
Wayne Fredrickson (16 days ago)
Grant Gambill straight legend a true anomaly
Dylan Ashby (16 days ago)
Did you come here to Australia?
Wayne Fredrickson (16 days ago)
Dylan Ashby yes last video was in Sydney this video is in Melbourne
Skimask (16 days ago)
damn did he do that tummy tattoo in one sitting ?
Skimask (16 days ago)
Wayne Fredrickson (16 days ago)
Skimask he wanted to but we did 2 days in a row 7 hrs and 3 the next day
Rob Vespa (16 days ago)
Out of curiosity, unless it's since been changed, why is the Instagram account for your tattoo studio private?
Rob Vespa (16 days ago)
Wow. Sorry to hear about that. Hope everything's okay.
Wayne Fredrickson (16 days ago)
It has been changed had a weird stalker issue
Rob Vespa (16 days ago)
Glad you got a new video out - The last one was a cliffhanger.
Rob Vespa (16 days ago)
Thanks for making and sharing all of the great videos!
Wayne Fredrickson (16 days ago)
Thanks for hangin in there
Rob Vespa (16 days ago)
Loved the footage of the animals. That was cool.
Wayne Fredrickson (16 days ago)
They were so cute
Elizabeth Juarez (17 days ago)
I just found ur video❤️new subscriber Nd I just followed u on instagram just found out ur just an hour away maybe I’ll go get tatted one day ❤️love ur videos so far good job
Elizabeth Juarez (16 days ago)
Wayne Fredrickson For a really cool and badass tattoo from u ummm obviously an hour is nothing nd yeah hope to meeting u soon
Wayne Fredrickson (16 days ago)
Yea thats do able for sure I suppose just depends if you value sitting in a car for a hour for a tattoo to wear forever haha. I got studios in la and corona im fairly easy to reach via email. hope to cross paths some day thanks for watching I appreciate it.
Alex Hardison (17 days ago)
Love your fucking vids man keep cranking them out ❤️❤️❤️
Nathan McAlpine (17 days ago)
It's my goal to get work done by you one day man.
Wayne Fredrickson (16 days ago)
Thanks do it im not hard to get a hold of I promise
Daniel Young (17 days ago)
Wayne’s gotta beard! Dig it!
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Thanks I hate it haha
Crystal Tripi (17 days ago)
Your art skills never fail to astound me, love all your work wish we had an artist with your gifts closer by🙂, glad you had a blast but hope you got to all show Australia's many fabulous reptiles a little love while exploring. Thank you so much for sharing and best wishes always 😊💖👍
Joshua (17 days ago)
Facial hair looks rad, brother!
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Dad to the bone (17 days ago)
Diggin the beard dogg 🤘🏻
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Megan Hickling (17 days ago)
I noticed that you used a lot more green and yellow in the tattoos in Australia, is that just Australian tastes or just how you're evolving?
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Not sure just doing my thing didn't notice. Same colors every time.
Kerby Mace (17 days ago)
collinder (17 days ago)
7:41 comeback kid and winnipeg represent!
Jack Breedy (17 days ago)
Black sabbath in the background , noice.
t3dd3k (17 days ago)
Woohoooo new content
stefan h (17 days ago)
yay glad to see ya back mate
Kulak Jack (17 days ago)
Yo Wayne I love your work. I want to be able to fly out to cali sometime hopefully soon and get as many tattoos from you as I possibly can. You should also keep your beard it's a good look on you.
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Thanks I hope you make it happen
Ian Robinson (17 days ago)
Wayne please don't forget North England on your next visit 😊 awesome work on the chest and stomach piece well all of your work 😊😊
OffbeatHater (17 days ago)
Love your work dude! Any chance you coming to Chicago in the near future
padlocksncocoapuffs (17 days ago)
I love watching other vegans love on animals. So cute! That tummy tat was epic! Couldn't imagine sitting 2 days in a row.
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Yea he is a wild one 7 hours first day and 3 the next and sat like a rock and healed great. He was down to finish that night but we had to close up shop and eat.
Ian Robinson (17 days ago)
Great video buddy one of the best yet keep them coming 😊😊
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Thanks I appreciate it!
look4hiram (17 days ago)
Thumbs up all the way!! (except for 15:57 hated that part.........how long till another one, having withdrawals already)
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
look4hiram Haha I first I was bummed What a jerk I fast worwarded to it and it was the end lol you got me. Give me a couple days I’m gonna scramble some footage I have laying around into something
User (17 days ago)
grow the beard bro
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
marina padilla (17 days ago)
Beard looks good on you!
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
thanks its the most uncomfortable thing ever
A G (17 days ago)
1:06 I seent that GCE shirt
A G (17 days ago)
Wayne Fredrickson haha We all know you're and electric hand type of guy when you come to Nashville
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
maybe not on me though
Karl_3 (17 days ago)
chest piece guy is a brave soul. lovely work.
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
the most brave of them all
Derek D (17 days ago)
Wayne, wizard tattoo is stellar! Is that design available at your shop? Or was it tailored to that person?
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
its available I got a couple more as well
SniPeR PvP (17 days ago)
Dig the beard
Derek D (17 days ago)
2:38 seconds Black Sabbath !! ...fairy's wear boots?
Derek D (17 days ago)
I remember that track from the Parinoid album, deff digging vol4 to tho
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
vol.4 was on loop for awhile it ruled
Marc Caplen (17 days ago)
You're putting out some crispy bold tattoos man - was great to see so many in one video!
fuzzy5987 (17 days ago)
Those tatts looked amazing Wayne, oh and the beard really suits you 👌🏼👍🏼
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Thank you!
Clown Baby (17 days ago)
wayne beardrickson
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Hahaha good one for real
Justin D (17 days ago)
Dam Wayne the Tats in this video are so crispy nice! I loved that Wizzard.
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
loose goose (17 days ago)
Not the stomach ! Ouchhhhhhhhh
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
loose goose cheats and tummy tummy rhymed better
Kevin Frechard (17 days ago)
Wayne do you listen to much french music ? because by viewing many of your videos there's a lot of French music, and i LOVE it.
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Kevin Frechard yes I do 🤙
Jeff Wyatt (17 days ago)
Glad your back bro, missed you! As always, slamming down some killer pieces! I'm out in Maryland but I'm really hoping to make it out to Cali one day for some Wayne ink! Keep up the amazing work!
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Do it planes aren't that bad! Or sign up for the mailing list and wait for the travel dates to be in your favor
Micheal Rayburn (17 days ago)
dude i wish i could buy one of those kangaroo and baby combos!
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Thats weird haha
Micheal Rayburn (17 days ago)
your going to be a legend wayne!!!! dat torso do...!!! epic
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Thanks I appreciate it
Detron45 (17 days ago)
Such a rad tummy piece. That guys a champ!
Cal_Tay99 (17 days ago)
Good to see you traveled down under to Melbourne sad I'd miss you at the shop will this be a yearly adventure to OZ?
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Cal_Tay99 I’ll be back in February I mentioned it at the end of the video. I have a mailing list where I post travel dates I’m back in February almost fully booked you may miss me again looks like. Gotta sign up for the mailing list so you see my dates.
bish (17 days ago)
been looking forward man, shout out tim!
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
bish he’s the man
Arjay Flores (17 days ago)
woo..we miss you sir..love for the animals..I like kangaroo jack..yeehaaa
Juan Gabrieal (17 days ago)
Wayne how tall are you?
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
5 foot 11
Brandon Rice (18 days ago)
You do awesome tattoos, I want one of those crying hearts from u
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Brandon Rice Thanks
Lauren R (18 days ago)
The tattoos are awesome, I feel like it’s possible to see your art growing and changing, especially with the wizard tattoo
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Thanks drawled that awhile ago stoked I got to make it finally
Joshua Lawson (18 days ago)
Hi Wayne love your work! And your videos are rad, I follow your mailing list about travel dates but didn’t see the uk on there 😩
Joshua Lawson (17 days ago)
Wayne Fredrickson awesome!!! If you need anything just holla man 🤙🏾x
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Be Patient ill be back through next year I promise you
ivan malpass (18 days ago)
Brilliant wizard bud...
Oliver Cochran (18 days ago)
It’s on my bucket list to get tattooed by you Wayne. I love all your videos and your style. How would I get in touch with you?
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Oliver Cochran my email and mailing list and all that stuff is in the description below!
Rich Gilbert (18 days ago)
Love these vid's man. You should grow out your sideburns would look sick!
G N (18 days ago)
Love the Black Marble!
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
G N There amazing I just missed them playing in Costa Mesa last weekend had to work
J (18 days ago)
Love your work dude, next time your in Canada I need to get some work done by you!
J (17 days ago)
Wayne Fredrickson just joined the mailing list! Thanks man
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
J I’ll be back next month. You don’t follow the mailing list so you don’t know though. Your gonna miss out again. 🙁
Baller (18 days ago)
That beard is so killer, grow it out Wayne!
Tony Lackey (18 days ago)
Hello Wayne sending love and best wishes from Liverpool England ✌🏼
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Thanks ill be passing through next year!
Sivar de Witte (18 days ago)
That chestpiece is insane!
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Sivar de Witte Thanks
William (18 days ago)
Dude made my day a lot of people I like to watch posted new vids I love this week!!! Please post more big hug! Will
WWG2DAY (18 days ago)
the duck was hilarious
Shoshie Boo (18 days ago)
Woo! My hometown :) Twas born in Melbourne. How did you like it here Wayne?
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Shoshie Boo It’s was amazing I’ll be back in February
mcfurney (18 days ago)
I remember when you painted that chest piece cool to see you tattoo nice!
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Thanks im glad it found a home
Lennon Coimbra (17 days ago)
Cool man!! You is very good in tradicional art!! "Like"from brazil!
Mark 563 (18 days ago)
Thanks so much, dude. Was an absolute pleasure. See you again next time you’re here 👍
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
It was great meeting you
s (18 days ago)
ill teach you so much slang when you come to australia if i end up booking an appointment
s (14 days ago)
+Wayne Fredrickson thank god cant wait to get a tattoo off you!
Wayne Fredrickson (15 days ago)
Every 4 months for a few more times looks like
s (17 days ago)
shiit incase i miss it are you gonna come back to australia again next year?
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
s Better book in soon almost full for February
Sarah Rambles (18 days ago)
So glad you'll be coming back! Melbourne will be happy to have you again =)
Crayz Arts (18 days ago)
Dude these wolfs you do... I love em, I want one of them.. You are great!
TY. (18 days ago)
Yeah another Video!!! Stay on that grind my guy. 👌
Araj Franco (18 days ago)
Growing that beard
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Araj Franco Just temporary I hate it so bad ahaa
Megan Hickling (18 days ago)
It's always the best thing to wake up to a new video from you.
oatis driftwood (18 days ago)
Awesome video again Wayne!! Looking forward to next time!! :)
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
oatis driftwood Your a legend can’t wait for February
boring sanchez (18 days ago)
The kuala was funny😂 Love your videos
Josh bryson (18 days ago)
Melbourne australia or nmelbourne flordia ?
Wayne Fredrickson (17 days ago)
Josh bryson Mexico
Sarah Rambles (18 days ago)
Josh bryson (18 days ago)
nvm obviously aus
Kris Booth-Sprague (18 days ago)
Ive been waiting for it feels like ages for a new video!
Ae Min Kim (18 days ago)
Wayne Fredrickson (18 days ago)

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