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Pacific Ocean Paradise - National Geographic - 720p

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*Sorry for the somewhat poor quality, especially at the start In a remote corner of the South Pacific, National Geographic Explorer Enric Sala – one of the world’s leading marine ecologists – leads an elite team into an isolated underwater Eden. Sharks reign in the southern Line Islands, where humans rarely visit and survival is still of the fittest. Completing a daring survey of life on the reef from the micro to the mega, the research team uncovers secrets in what could be the last unspoiled archipelago on Earth.
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Text Comments (154)
Cereal Killer (3 months ago)
Boobies are great.
TecH GaMing (5 months ago)
Oceans have a lot of beatiful species but it can also be dangerous because of its mysterious very deep water. ☺😀
Destiny cheyenne (6 months ago)
how did they get paper and a clip board under water?
Moronvideos1940 (6 months ago)
I downloaded this Thank you
Synthia Chum (6 months ago)
Ken Helmers (6 months ago)
Absolutely awesome! Thanks for sharing it with us
Mia Gillespie (6 months ago)
So informative and educational i love shows like this.. Under the sea is so tranquil...
Swimming with Sharks (6 months ago)
Why does every nature documentary now have a dude with a English accent perform the narrative ,....it kills it for me,....Americans need to step up to the plate,....I wanna hear an American narrator .
Victor Sheinman (6 months ago)
I had to watch this narcissistic guy, instead of sea life! Typical of the empty world culture.. .
jared (7 months ago)
what's the name of that long fish at 31:04?
Galaxis (7 months ago)
They want that dookie so bad, they can taste it!
21MarketaDiva (7 months ago)
I can't stand how they're saying Al.Ge get outta here
Victor Mazzari (7 months ago)
They definitely found a lot of good fish tank ideas 😃
matt bro (7 months ago)
big choppa big things let your nuts hang gotti gotti
abd shalabi (7 months ago)
We need to protect our oceans ... great video .
Addy's Grandpa (7 months ago)
I really like biographies, and this one certainly didn’t disappoint!! Thanks for posting this Mr. Madsen, and all of the very best to you sir!! Humbly, Grandpa
Sp00ky Vlogs 24 (7 months ago)
Palle Terran (7 months ago)
As a diver I really love that they creat more and more nature (water) reservations. As a human I see it as a necessary
ESWARAN KANDASAMY (6 months ago)
We human should allow the sea life to untouched
Phil Tanics (7 months ago)
Giant tree trunk alert at 6:51
michael allen (8 months ago)
PLEASE. No more ominous, scary music when sharks are in the video. It only feeds the false narrative that sharks are mindless killing machines-especially of humans.
SJW Destroyer (3 months ago)
I think it's more so to paint them as the apex predators of the ecosystem. I agree tho that media has given sharks a bad reputation
Purrscratchheadbutt (8 months ago)
Speaking about the Pacific Ocean, did you people realise that in recent years slowly but steadily this ocean is dying out? It literally becomes more and more empty, nautical species dissappear and dead marine animals keep stranding on the Pacific shores. Something is horribly wrong with the Pacific nowadays. Please, look it up and inform yourselves about this horrendous occurence.
M Yazdani (8 months ago)
Amazing the Deep Ocean.. Nature !!
MrTatts64 (8 months ago)
And how much fuel does that thing burn?? If they really want to project themselves as saviours of the sea, then SAIL, use solar, wind and water generated electricity and sure, have a small diesel engine to fill their air tanks and fir use when no wind prevails. But burning thousands of gallons of diesel to power the boat that's gonna carry you and your team seem hypocritical to me. Kinda like a vegetarian who is only vegetarian when people are looking and eats meat in private.
George Andrews IV (8 months ago)
Jeremy Holland (8 months ago)
The "land based" scientist guy sounds like that friend that is always like well [email protected]#! I wanna go
Loud Cloud (8 months ago)
46:22 shark has a hook in its moouth
Thom Serenity (7 months ago)
I saw that too. I guess a fisherman freaked out when he saw what his hook had caught and cut the line.
mistakingbrando (8 months ago)
We need to stop Geo Engineering the toxic spraying of chemicals into the jet streams, its been going on sense the 1940's!!!!
satanslibrary dot org (8 months ago)
I am a demon being channeled by one of Hell's Soldiers, we are aware of an extreme criminal mafia of Jews who are subhuman scum. WE NEED YOU. Try out Satanism today!
Unknown Name (9 months ago)
Unknown Name (9 months ago)
God's die fifty percents
Unknown Name (9 months ago)
God's die fifty percents
Unknown Name (9 months ago)
God's die fifty percents
Unknown Name (9 months ago)
God's die fifty percents
richard alan Daniel (9 months ago)
Beautiful reef. Sorry to see the reef shark numbers low. Hope excess fishing isn't the problem.
Ocean Pictures (9 months ago)
Very cool footage, looks like the reefs were healthy in general at the time of filming. I wonder if their health has changed in any way since this was made. Hopefully they have managed to avoid coral bleaching events. Im curious what kind of camera and lighting setup was used for the underwater footage.
Thom Serenity (7 months ago)
I have a Cobra Adventure HD+WiFi camera.
Ocean Pictures (7 months ago)
Thom Serenity pretty amazing what gopro can do
Thom Serenity (7 months ago)
Looked like they were using a Go Pro or a cheaper one like it...
Durgesh Kumar (9 months ago)
I like sea life
Local Boi (9 months ago)
great docu...btw its pronounced kiribas but written kiribati
weedenrave (9 months ago)
I thinnk we should all give credit to these guys diving in these conditions. They tried to hide it but obviously surge was very strong on some of these dives making their job incredibly difficult, speaking from experience as a marine biologist and someone who went through underwater photgraphy education. Only thing I could really complain about is sitting on the corals when you could do the "three finger tripod". Anyway, great documentary!
Janet Hagaman (9 months ago)
I just don't understand why the world's people have so little respect for our earth and seas. When it's gone, so are we, and all creatures, that walk and swim. I don't want to live on Mars! I want to live on our beautiful blue planet. Amazing film. To bad the corp, polluters aren't forced to watch this beautiful film. BAN PLASTIC!!! It's not like we need it.
glithas (1 month ago)
Well 1. We need plastic but if we must change it then it will be eco-plastic. 2. Im pretty sure that you are just like others - you just dump everywhere :/
Jagdeesh Maravi (10 months ago)
damien briggs (10 months ago)
damien briggs (10 months ago)
]po%nhgb the best
Subhash chander Thory (10 months ago)
Ï drive it
Brave Heart (10 months ago)
Heard of fish but never an iguana as clickbait. Videography is excellent but it's boring and not worth the 20 odd minutes.
柏木 (10 months ago)
i "reported" your video for being too awesome TT good gracious me.....i was like 0o and @@ throughout the whole video and it ended without me knowing it. fantastic video....super educational and we must really preserve this kind of sightings...donkey humans only destroys...and those that did it should really be put under law or rather a "leash" tbh.... super good video, good narrator and a really well taken video.
OLEXICA (10 months ago)
"A place where coral reefs look like they did hundreds of years ago." [a shark with a fishing hook in its mouth swims by] @46:21
Tiffany l (8 months ago)
Doloresanto ☹
Adam (10 months ago)
More sharks is their goal ... What a pathetic "scienctific" ... Is this hard to focus on samples and study biochemistry? Island part is well done. The rest is some shark madness .
fngrstyl (10 months ago)
Hey, peeps. Watch "Chasing Coral" on Netflix!
shawn eldridge (10 months ago)
Totally love watching National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and at times BBC America or whatever comes to Wildlife or sea creatures and everything like that love to watch it.
Rise Beyond Reality (10 months ago)
At 5:42 who sees the big dipper?
Destiny cheyenne (6 months ago)
Rise Beyond Reality me
Olivia Gaile (10 months ago)
I woke up at 4 in the morning and looked at my laptop screen.. I accidentally watched this. Damn auto play.
CNN NBC MSN Are Fake News (10 months ago)
fake and gay this video was made by SJW
Ali M (10 months ago)
The legendary informative Channel on Universe
Javier Saldivar (10 months ago)
46:23 shark has hook in mouth
SIGIT PRASETYO (10 months ago)
Synthia Zeng (10 months ago)
What's the creature in the thumbnail?
Brian Babineau (11 months ago)
This is absolutely incredible. The crew is doing what people can only dream about, exploring our world to the furthest extent. Need one more scientist? Lol
Young Hwang (11 months ago)
대장암 예방
Luis M (11 months ago)
These videos help me sleep at night. Not boring but sooo calming
Growth & Development (6 months ago)
ImAlbert_Outiboi X STFU fucking imbicle
Sp00ky Vlogs 24 (7 months ago)
Luis M why you no eat pie
shit real mzhhh (10 months ago)
Luis M me too
Abdul Hannan (11 months ago)
Kelvin (11 months ago)
The fuck, money drives people to do insane things! Even to sell their own souls. Here's is an example, people go to the island to strip the rich soil from the island.The fuck, people are fucking desperate for money!! Destroying everything just for a small gain!
stu booth (11 months ago)
Speedos are a bit much, But the boobies make up for it.
Gerardo Anibal Vega (11 months ago)
Kudos to BBC, we agree weather is changing 2017 was something else, Puerto Rico 1 small ex. We must agree to sustainable use of oceans of the 🌎 that will be our legacy for our future generations.
Marko Samec (11 months ago)
the first scientist explorer guy - man what a great job he did with bullshiting spanish government or whoever so he can have this "job" ... nice one - I'm envyous!
This is profesionally!
Pez Fishing (11 months ago)
so beautiful
Row Deo (11 months ago)
what fun too!
MrAvailanetUSAcom (11 months ago)
Awesome! 😎 Shared in http://mcdadscom.onlinesalespro.com/NationalGeographic for others too! 😍 Thanks! 🤗
sm6wet (11 months ago)
There was a Swedish/Brittish amatuer radio IOTA expedition there in 2010. Hope to see them back soon.
David Lumowa (11 months ago)
i want to be a marine biologist
Marlone Williams (7 months ago)
David Lumowa mii to
Karicat Watts (11 months ago)
I watched the entire video just to see the underwater Godzilla. I've been ripped off. That's ALL I have to say
Sp00ky Vlogs 24 (7 months ago)
Karicat Watts is stupid
Marianne Pettys (11 months ago)
we do need to protect our oceans.
SJW Destroyer (3 months ago)
Did you even watch this documentary? Humans are having a big impact on ocean and land ecosystems
Jake Bolocoye (5 months ago)
Seen those 11 dead whales they may have been tortured literally with tumors growing in their lungs. So you say the ocean takes care of itself. Well that brutal way they died wasn't something to scoff at.
Bennie Brunink (6 months ago)
Bullshit .. The ocean will take care of itself .. It has been here long before us and will be long after .. People like you are over reacting .. Doing much more harm then good in the process ..
Marianne Pettys Ummm your right but heh you know there’s sharks and yeah
Sheyan Shey (6 months ago)
Marianne Pettys hhug Kjhhjk
Reilan Lachica (11 months ago)
We're the ones that destroys everything
Dusty (6 months ago)
Yep, this is why I have no faith in humanity
Jay EJMC (1 year ago)
i always enjoy watching this kind of exploration.. i love to experience to
scott dean (1 year ago)
Wish I could live on one of those islands but I can't cause I'm on dialysis.
Elmer Bernardino (1 year ago)
You are welcome my friend
scott dean (1 year ago)
Thank you, brother Elmer
Elmer Bernardino (1 year ago)
scott dean I am praying for you my friend that God may heal you. Have faith and you will get well soon. Amen.
Ritik giri (1 year ago)
I want this types of video in Hindi. For better understanding this types of video
Manuel Meillon (1 year ago)
It is a great video report, the underwater life it is always interesting, I really enjoy it!!
Elijah Hountondji (1 year ago)
Tatiana Reddick (11 months ago)
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Elijah Hountondji (1 year ago)
#DreamJobNation. What
Elijah Hountondji (1 year ago)
I know. It is so interesting
sky dragon (1 year ago)
how come the sharks dont bite?
golainte (6 months ago)
they are all reef sharks = cute
Sp00ky Vlogs 24 (7 months ago)
sky dragon sharks aren’t carnivores they accidentally eat ppl
michael allen (8 months ago)
Because humans aren't on a sharks "menu"
Ecchii (10 months ago)
marco garcia great whites aren't aggressive unless you move so obviously or blooded :3
marco garcia (10 months ago)
Reilan Lachica tigers bulls and great whites are the only agresive sharks
Nakia stegall (1 year ago)
OMG I wish I was an oceanographer #DreamJobNation!
Drimz (1 year ago)
im hopping to see those iguana swiming in this video but i never found it
Brave Heart (10 months ago)
That's not iguana, matey! It's a clickbait.
twitchthesnitch (11 months ago)
thats the galapogas one
Jennifer Ellen (1 year ago)
amazing vedio thnx❤
Simone Bifulco (1 year ago)
Just stunning
It seems strange to me that not even a single coconut drifted it's way onto the island and sprouted. I mean, human trash made it there, so why not drifting coconuts? Then again, I can't see the full island from just this video, so I cannot be conclusive.
Shelly Oliver (1 year ago)
Incredibly awesome video!
Ben R (1 year ago)
Aside from our main man being in his "tight black undies" all the time, it's a great video. ;)
MARTY GREEN (1 year ago)
Andy Cortez (7 months ago)
what are you on?
MSLeGeNd (8 months ago)
U can turn off ur cap lock
grnparanoid (9 months ago)
@conspiracies: Oh the irony mate, how do you think the lionfish got there in the first place? I'll give you a hint : "It's pretty unusual for non-native, , tropical marine fishes, like the lionfish, to establish themselves at this latitude." Now take a deep guess, who brought them there ;) Seriously, the only thing we improve life for, is us humans,.. except for those few who actually care. (like those in the video) I don't cry about it but you calling others "clueless" while being not realistic just triggered me. What ever you "know" , I've never heard about radioactive waste leaking into the ocean has helped any living species.
Princess Linag (10 months ago)
Its amazing
MARTY GREEN your pretty clueless aren't you? You ever notice how every species can have a devastating effect on local wildlife? Think about lion fish along the coast of the United States and Bermuda. They are destroying the local fish populations which is in turn destroying coral reefs and even the top oceanic predators. Also, how many species went extinct before humans were around? I'm not talking from disasters like a meteor or volcano. Yes, humans destroy things but we also improve so much of the world. Have respect for life, not be a white knight that does nothing but complain
nancy kapuafe (1 year ago)
Thanks for this documentary very nice to watch the beauty of Nature.
Bob Rainy (1 year ago)
It's too bad the Pacific ocean is 95% dead now due to Fukushima and nobody gives a shit.
Geen Naam (1 year ago)
robert behne 5% is my aquarium tank with 6 guppies
SuperVstech (1 year ago)
robert behne ha ha ha... total lack of understanding and falling for fluff news... newb!
Guðlaug Ásdís (2 years ago)
Are You Trying To Save The See??
Sam Cook (1 year ago)
Rhaiza Utama13 (2 years ago)
Guðlaug Ásdís
Radya Ichwandiputra (2 years ago)
what minute is that creature in the thumbnail appear?
Bollywood Vines (2 years ago)
Loved everything I watched here.. :) Keep uploading more friend
stephanie daigle (6 months ago)
Sharon Burge first of all..it's not Nat Geo that uploaded this video..u Would Know that if u had only looked...and second of all the REASON the names are changed is due to COPYRIGHTS...if they has put the actual name..u would NOT have been able to watch this as it would have been deleted!! So chilax will ya!
Sharon Burge (7 months ago)
Bollywood Vines. Pretty bad when Nat. Geo has to Clickbait!
black sea and others (2 years ago)
incredible pictures... what an inspiration!
Romeo Tan (11 months ago)
black sea and others
1AstuteBella (3 years ago)
Every time I watch this video, I enjoy it more each time. The underwater photography is incredible and amazing, with long pauses in the narration allowing the viewer to just relax and take in the beauty and splendor of it all. Thank you so much for the upload. Thoroughly enjoyed it, again! Beautiful!
Cory Krebs (6 months ago)
1AstuteBella hey
kealii lovell (8 months ago)
1AstuteBella mjmjjjjnn
Giulliana Nascimento (8 months ago)
Wild krats
ImHorny (9 months ago)
1AstuteBella i
Ramiro Lopez (9 months ago)
1AstuteBella 6

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