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In Your Face: Confronting Tattoo Prejudice (Subculture Documentary) - Real Stories Original

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Check out our new website for more incredible documentaries: HD and ad-free. https://goo.gl/LwMcmY To what extent do face and neck tattoos shape your opinion of someone? Three heavily tattooed people have their facial tattoos covered up by an expert make-up artist as part of a social experiment to compare how they are treated with and without ink, and to explore whether tattoos on the face are the final frontier of self-decoration. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: http://bit.ly/1GOzpIu Follow us on Twitter for more - https://twitter.com/realstoriesdocs Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RealStoriesChannel Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Content licensed from Little Dot Studios. Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected]   Produced by Showem Productions
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Text Comments (4223)
AJ Pros (10 hours ago)
I learned one thing in this video, nobody in the uk has change for a 10
Marc Gastardo (12 hours ago)
It actually looks cool
Zeynep Tezbaşar (12 hours ago)
I am so sad for his daughter
Joey SaaSa (13 hours ago)
น่าสงสาร เขาไม่อยากคุยด้วย กับคน ที่มีรอยสัก
Dollar King (23 hours ago)
People judge by appearances eww
Jacob Hatfield (1 day ago)
What do you expect? You out here with your face looking like the desks in detention 😂😂
Jacob Hatfield (1 day ago)
Face tattoos are trashy and look awful. Oh how terrible Starbucks doesn't want to hire the guy with skulls and tribal designs permanently drawn on his face.
Susan Murphy (1 day ago)
OK, with some of these people I need sub-titles.
psydwaindah (1 day ago)
"I wasn't going to get a neck tattoo, but then I just gave up caring what other people think" ...* Stands, asking for help on street obviously caring very much what other people think...lol
Rhm touta (2 days ago)
You look like à devil who wants To talk To you
Jay Lockwood (2 days ago)
They still look shifty
Boss Woman TT (3 days ago)
It's amazing the stories people come up with about tattoos. I had a boss who said that people with tattoos are angry people. I asked him I he thought that I was and he said no. I then told him that I had but they were under my suit...the look on his face ...priceless
Jay Blair (3 days ago)
This is dumb 2000 years ago wen the bible was written it condemned tatoos they serve no purpose
Rhiannon Taylor (3 days ago)
I want a tattoo of a red rose on my wrist 🥀
SUPERNOVA UNEEK (4 days ago)
Disgusting Anyone with tattoos is an idiot. And these days they are everywhere I see more people with tattoos everyday some I work with I asked them why what's the purpose of having a tattoos. None of them could give me a proper answer cause they only fallow some celebrity with tattoos then got them selves tattooed. It's just ugly and looks dirty.
Lisa LaFrazza (4 days ago)
Don't judge a book by it's cover
megachef04 (5 days ago)
Having art of a sort makes you a bad guy they look them up and down like convicts
Naissus (6 days ago)
She's saying that her tattoos do not mean she is a certain way or bad but there she is fulfilling the stereotype
njt (6 days ago)
No tattoos I still wouldn’t stop lol people just don’t like talking
stephanie atkinson (6 days ago)
Yes she is!
talia841951 (7 days ago)
The girl was also more agressive when she approached with the tattoos on.
Yvonne Scholey (7 days ago)
Perhaps you should try asking something else? I know that Iwouldnt like to get my purse out in the middle of the street, nothing personal.
AlphaMunky (7 days ago)
The make up made them look like Oompa Loompas
Fin Taylor (7 days ago)
These people are actually somewhat intimidating, besides the tattoos
enyha (7 days ago)
Luv the tats.
Derek arsenault (8 days ago)
should just one tat on your face that says i have poor decision making skills and lack any kind of foresight
Mr. Joe (8 days ago)
I don't mind tattoos, but neck and face tattoos are just bizarre.
Edgar den rare (8 days ago)
Did Becky got her first tatoo on the vagina???
Diogen Diogen (8 days ago)
You are Sick people
Diogen Diogen (8 days ago)
Because you are disgusting what you doing and how you look
Donny Scene (9 days ago)
If That Lady Pulled Me Over..... We Going To A Local Coffee Shop & Talking About Life.
Holly Ann Yarker (9 days ago)
People are assholes, it’s a tattoo for god sake
A.nnabe11.e 606 (9 days ago)
“An upside down cross? Isn’t that when a persons murdered someone?” Qoat of the year!
GrizzlyGamerTV (9 days ago)
Tattoos may have something to do with it but its more that people just don't want to talk to strangers for fear of getting scammed or robbed fullstop.
CactiIsPlural (10 days ago)
Well I don't blame them for being disgusted you look like what you would get if you put everything to the right in character creation, but I wouldn't think you would mug me
Kat7 (11 days ago)
That chick looks rough
Cathy Kristensen (12 days ago)
She is really beautiful with and without tats!
Dionne (12 days ago)
if she comes at me like that she getting my blade..
KayRenee (12 days ago)
That girls face and attitude just bothers me
Peace Happy (13 days ago)
Tattoos are just stupid. Everyone looks trashy with tattoos.
alex (13 days ago)
conclusion of having face tattoos ?
Fishray (13 days ago)
Cognitive dissonance. You got tattooed to elicit a reaction in others. Now you got it, and you feel as though you are discriminated against.
Lakshman Kash (13 days ago)
I love how she looks even with the tattoo
Alexander Lindstrand (13 days ago)
Man they have f up themselves.
Damian Lewd (14 days ago)
Money’s a bad ideas people often feel weird about pulling out their wallets for strangers. Directions are a better more neutral play.
Damian Lewd (14 days ago)
They’re all beautiful people.
Damian Lewd (14 days ago)
So I’ve seen a clip of this video with just the girl. Been wondering who she reminds me of. Recon she’s favors Angelina Jolie a bit.
Kurobara Anatanoniwade (14 days ago)
Mmmmm. That a hideous harlot. The tattoes ain't the problem.
Jen O (14 days ago)
I can definitely relate to getting tattoos to help with loss. After losing my Father last year, I got several commemorative tattoos, and they are the only thing/action that actually has helped the grieving process. Not even anxiety meds help, but getting tattoos does. My Mother says I'm just using my Father's death as an excuse to get more tattoos (maybe), but who cares. I love and miss my Dad and I want to remember him with permanence. I thoroughly enjoyed this doc.
Aleksandras Fedotovas (14 days ago)
i hope its fake af XD that girl is fire with those tats *_*
Eske Esketiititiitt (15 days ago)
bruh get in the fkn store n change
Lou Skunt (16 days ago)
Look at them in the mirror trying tp convince themselves that they look better with tattoos.
power (16 days ago)
The guy who got the first makeup looked more badass without his tattoos than with them😂
Basava Patil (17 days ago)
Tattoos are bad ,no pros only cons
frank .foduw (17 days ago)
Skat Dagger (18 days ago)
I’m Skat..from this show. Thank you all so much for the kind comments about myself and my daughter. Means a lot 🖤
Katie Brennan (18 days ago)
2:36 song?
AMAD MADISON (19 days ago)
Honestly that’s why I work in west philly people are less judgmental when it comes to seeing others with face tattoos. I get more compliments on the West than center city. I would’ve enjoyed living there despite of the ‘lower income area’. People tend to enjoy what they have more in those areas.
Alice Gale (19 days ago)
I have no issues with tattoos, I hvae many myslef but if you are lingering on a street coner and shouting at them not ignoring you ( as many poeple do, think about how many people flyering you blank on a daily basis) they arent going to want to help you after that are they? Also shouting at poeple and assuming they are rejecting you for help based on tattoos makes her as bad as them.
Supertoxie1 (20 days ago)
Why would you ever break change for some random person off the street?..lol They could be handing you a fake bill and that's the first thing any logical person would think. Also, the tattoos look stupid, so a smart person would assume you're stupid..lol
Jenn Hudson (20 days ago)
About his daughter passing away that made me wanna cry RIP hurt my heart.💔
Alejandra Equihua (20 days ago)
My respects for them . Tattoos hurt !
Kevin Solo (20 days ago)
What year is this? Half the motherfucker in my hood have faces tattoos
MR. Dog24 (21 days ago)
Spyros Tse (22 days ago)
15:38 so much cringe
Rocco Rattlebag (22 days ago)
Not attention seeking behavior in any way what do ever
It sounds like you're wanting people to discriminate against you because of your tattoos yes I have a tattoo of a teardrop on my right cheek but losing my third son. I know what it feels like. People always ask me if I've done prison time my answer is no I have lost a child regrettably I look at it every morning and am reminding of losing my baby boy it hurts I have thought about taking it off I don't know what to do at this point
Tekashi1 Gaming (23 days ago)
I love tats and i dont judge them its their body
Jack Hughes (23 days ago)
These people are annoying. you get a all those tatoos to stand out and present yourself in a certain way and now complain people treat you like the image you present? Tatoos aren’t birthmarks or scars or something you can’t help, this was completely their choice
Randy Patterson (23 days ago)
I'm tattooed everywhere except my face and hands, ya have to have some dignity.
Adam Hupp (24 days ago)
Come on, even most tattoo artists say not to get your face tattooed. You know what you’re signing up for
BROOKS TULLIOUS (24 days ago)
The lady just screams at everyone, I'd walk past too
The truth of the matter is Satan rules this world. The presence of the demonic has become so normal that all people have let their hairdos down. The bible it says “ you shall not make any marks, tattoos, or brands on your skin for your body is The temple of God almighty. “ Any type of rebellion against God is call sorcery. The word sorcery is Greek it means to rebel. It’s one thing to not know who Yahshua HaMashiach is and get covered in tattoos. And then come to Find out God is really real. And to still get tattoos after you find out the truth. I am covered almost completely in tattoos. Luckily I did not tattoo my face or my neck. But both arms are completely covered, both legs are completely covered. My ribs both sides, stomach, tops of chest. Hands knuckles. Our world has been set up to create judgment. To create separation between the visible differences of every people on the plan net. When the reality is we are not what we think of our selves. We are not what others have done to us, we are not what we have done to others and our selves. We are so much more. Our Father Yahshua can’t see all of our sins in heaven. Because that part of our lives doesn’t even exist. He has no access to that part of our lives. He only can see all the promises of inheritance threw him. We are all born overcomer in Him. Many people like my self have been born into the most horrendous circumstances. Many wittiness violence and abuse in every form. Abandoned, left to raise them selfs on the streets. Never having a loving home life. Never know what a mother or father was. Never having any boundaries. Because your innocence was stolen from you by many. So grow a thick skin and become tough. Become a criminal. Start stealing and lying, taking what you want because you grew up with out nothing. Making friends who you never trusted. Who left you holding the bag, and you never dropped dime on no one. Believing your gangster life was the end all be all. Until you lost everything and everyone. Once your money was gone, all your friends did a Houdini. Your family doesn’t trust you and has cut you off. Know all you have left is your stupid tattoos that don’t mean nothing. You start by looking at your self, and not liking what you see. Because the devil is real. Demons are real. They enter threw your flesh, threw sins and accidents. If you accidentally cut your skin, they enter like that. Know imagine how many demons entered threw your flesh every time you chose to get tattooed? Don’t believe me. In fact I don’t want you to believe me. It’s says in the bible. Believe no man. Seek all your answers from God Yahshua HaMashiach. Many people are really lazy, and will believe what others tell them. But won’t go and search the truth out for them selves. Most are too scared to loose the respect of their friends and family. And most of all. Don’t have the capacity to do their own research. Most people are to easily drawn away into the World. They want what they want, and they want it now. If you don’t serve Yahshua, with all your heart. The line has already been drawn in the sand. You serve Satan under the disguise of the new age. That your better your self and the world by being all you can. Wrong. Your serving Satan. And there is no separating the two. Weather or not you believe or don’t believe. It still doesn’t change the truth. Your tattoos don’t make who you are. They don’t give you confidence. They demons in your flesh can how ever make you believe other wise. I’ve been getting tattooed since I was 17. I’m 43. My last tattoo was 2 yrs ago. I got it after I found the Lord. I lied to my self and said it’s for my eyebrows it’s not a real tattoo. But it was. I then repented asked forgiveness for my sin. Sin is rebelliousness against God. He layed out Ten Commandments. That still are in effect to this day. Yahshua’s covenant with you personally was to forgive all your sins and by his stripes you are healed. Past tense. Jesus died the most horrific way. He was mutilated by receiving 39 lashes by metal bits attached to the end of a small whip. He never cried out. Not once. He cheek bone was broken, eye socket, his nose, the Romans pressed a crown of thorns in his head. His beard was ripped out. Spit upon, nailed by his hands and both feet to cross. And died for you. To have the right to choose who to follow. He offers the gift of salvation eternally to everyone. For free. He see us all as his children who where born to succeed, who where born to be over-comers in Him. I have witnessed many miracles from him. And a testimony that would take a long time to tell. But basically. He saved me. I was addicted to Oxxy’s and was a student of the occult for 30 yrs. I riddled in pain. And once I personally found out the truth of who Yahshua HaMashiach was. My entire life was changed. I was set free from all addictions. And healed physically. I can show you a picture of me before and now. And you would be able to recognize me not at all.
Twisted Mystic (25 days ago)
Attention whores.
Bull Donger (25 days ago)
I need stud guy's ig please. Help me out someone.
Mr. Frog (25 days ago)
Now I wanna get a ta'oo
RIP THA JACKER (25 days ago)
She looks fuckin awful, god love her.. those lips are hidious
steve levario (25 days ago)
All idiots and degenrates
scorp io (25 days ago)
these type of people are mentally ill according to DSM5
Sevo (25 days ago)
8:29 "pushes a pull door" - fck the system ! 😁
Broccoli (25 days ago)
Omg that lady had the worst Essex attitude I've ever seen
Sander Honig (25 days ago)
I like how polite all the British are. haha
Mia Francess (25 days ago)
They are all sweet.
strange... they avoid tattooed people but accept muslims :/
Mystic Corpse (25 days ago)
She reminds me of me ex girlfriend
JTMXM (26 days ago)
They asked for money before in dsrk clothes. In the end, they are asking for simple directions and wearing better clothes. Social Class is real.
Country Boy (26 days ago)
I have 2 tattoos my ex said to me 10 times not to get my third tattoo and then she told me to shave my sideburns and I said to her my body my rules and she hated that that's her problem
Dusty Johnson (26 days ago)
2:41 🐱
Rich Lucchesi (26 days ago)
Well that one girl looks like a prostitute so i could understand why people don’t want to talk to her
Retro Ing (26 days ago)
Wat do they expect looking like freaks.....get real
Junior Garcia (26 days ago)
Did all of you see the alien on minute 14:53 on the back
Scott._. Scoots (26 days ago)
Stay strong 💪👊👊
Mike (26 days ago)
Oh Wow. After watching the complete episode, I totally get why they wanted face and body tattoooes. They are all "attention seekers", period... They all have problems with self their self esteem and with zero confidence. They use tattooes as away to get attention and to make themself feel good. Pretty narcisistic TBH.... The first guy who claimed to have gotten the tattooes as a tribute to his daughter. He is full of it. If he really wanted to have tattooes as a tribute to his daughter, he could've choosen an arm,leg or your chest.. NOT HIS FACE! And the second guy, he only want the tattoes to look "TOUGH" or like a "SUPER HUMAN", as he put it.... Well now deal with the consequences bud!
Keyzo (26 days ago)
Private company can decide who they want to be represented by. =) As simple as that
Markianooo (26 days ago)
26,000th Like BAM
spydergs07 (26 days ago)
Without her ridiculous lips she would be gorgeous with or without her tats. But I like tats lol
DevilsGames (26 days ago)
Even if a normal guy says (do you have a change for me) I’ll say no
Jackob III (26 days ago)
3:37 oh my 😍 tf hates her she sexy
Tali Uili (27 days ago)
With all the Tattoos on the face and neck not many people will hire you.... It's not personal, it just doesn't fit with their image.
Cdgame (27 days ago)
I would have gave her the 10 and ask her for her number :)

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