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Buying Factory Defect Caramel Ukuleles on eBay. Read Description!

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Buying Factory Defect Caramel Ukuleles on eBay. Read Description! I enjoy buying ukuleles this way, but you may not. If you don't have a great experience, please don't blame me! There is some risk in buying ukuleles on the internet. However, if it arrives damaged or if it is not as described, eBay offers great protection. I have been satisfied with my Caramel purchases this way and have made quite a few. There is a longer than normal shipping time when ukuleles are shipped directly from China. On the east coast US, it usually takes two weeks for me to get Caramel ukuleles. Caramel CB500 baritone ukulele with electronics $95 new on Caramelukulele.com, also available on Amazon $98 Caramel CB500A baritone ukulele acoustic Amazon $85 Here's a link to Caramel CB500 $79 factory return: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Returned-Item-NO-0927-CB500-30-Inch-All-Rosewood-Baritone-Electric-Ukulele/253898845920 So, why did I buy the spruce top tenor shown in the video? I liked the abalone rosette. And, this is a ukulele I can sell for more than I paid for it! Hopefully, I will enjoy it a year or two and if it doesn't become a favorite I can easily sell. I told Ginger this will be my birthday present this year and it should arrive just in time! Factory Defect #YX410 Caramel CT302A Solid Top Tenor Ukulele
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ARC 110 (6 months ago)
Mmm, eBay you say. I like saving coin. I'm not a sticker person, yet some may place a sticker over the cosmetic blemish and play away. Thanks for the insight. I do like that spruce one. I was going to ask if you bought it and yup, there on the screen was my answer. Looking forward to seeing it when you have it in hand. That's a lot of savings if the musicality isn't effected. Thanks Rich.
Rich Davis (6 months ago)
Thanks a bunch. Some of my first purchases of ukuleles were from Butler Music Company on eBay four or five years ago. Some of the defects were ridiculous bad and others were so minor you could hardly find them. I'm glad you appreciate this video. Rich
ARC 110 (6 months ago)
Hey +Rich Davis good to hear that eBay stands behind it's service. A new case, interesting. I went to eBay after seeing your video and wow. Minor defects, big savings. There was a solid wood, acacia I think, with what looked like a big deep sanding burr on the bottom side. Crazy cheap price for a non cheap ukulele. Saw that baritone with the small mark on the back. One had the engraved name on the headstock that was off center, and that was all deemed "wrong" with it. Thanks for turning us on to this option. Totally worth buying as some defects are only cosmetic. Appreciate your explorations into the lands of savings. Hope you enjoy your new spruce uku and case. Bye for now Rich.
Rich Davis (6 months ago)
I try things and if they work, I may try again. So far my luck has held out. If the ukulele arrives smashed in the mail or has other problems, it will be a hassle to return...but I'm prepared to do that. eBay protects the seller better than most places you could buy from, I believe. Today I bought a case for my new ukulele and I'll talk about that tomorrow. It's another eBay deal. Thanks, friend, for stopping by my channel today! Rich
keefmeister77 (6 months ago)
Good vid, these seem like great deals alright, who cares about a blemish or too? Coincidently, I have been buying a bunch of ebay ukes lately myself, old and new, about a dozen all kinds, just uploaded alot of ebay uke vids, check 'em if you like. PS. Did you ever sell the house?
Rich Davis (6 months ago)
Sounds like we run in the same ukulele circles, eBay and Caramel and the like. I look forward to checking out some of your recent ukulele finds. Our house sold then the contract fell through. House inspector found some things that needed fixing and then our contractor found more things! We are just beginning to settle back into our house after about six months of total chaos. The house will sell when the time is right...and it's in great shape now. Than ks for stopping by my channel today. Rich
LEGENDMUSIC ULTRA (6 months ago)
great video
Rich Davis (6 months ago)
PENCIL TECH (6 months ago)
very nice videos
Rich Davis (6 months ago)
Thank you.
Scott Bryant (6 months ago)
My wife and I are going to buy our next tenor love this. Thank you for the tip!
Rich Davis (6 months ago)
Thanks, Scott. Happy shopping. Rich
Healthy Vegan Living (6 months ago)
Nice video, like 8 Gary
Act Naturally (6 months ago)
Looks terrific, thanks for showing!! Keep the videos coming! THUMBS UP
Rich Davis (6 months ago)
Steve Harris (6 months ago)
Rich Davis (6 months ago)
Thanks, Steve. Rich

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