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All Lego X-Men Characters - Lego VS Comics

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All Lego X-Men Characters - Comics vs Lego (Side by Side) If you enjoyed this video then please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE Help your youtube channel grow using Tubebuddy - https://www.tubebuddy.com/mapower List of All Characters In this video Archangel Beast Blob Colossus Cyclops Deadpool Emma Frost Gambit Havok Iceman Jean Grey Juggernaut Magneto Magneto Acolyte Sentinel Mystique Phoenix Polaris Professor X Psylocke Pyro Sabretooth Storm Toad Wolverine Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Video may be taken down if asked by the owner of these images Pictures not owned by me I do not intend to infringe any copyright and if there is a problem contact me at [email protected] Check out my website :D https://ninjagofan.wixsite.com/mariopower X-MEN MUSIC CREDIT - https://soundcloud.com/evideschurk/xmen-old-beat Creative Commons Licence - https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Please check out my buddy's channel Android Gameplay - DROIDZ - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9w8mpVvRdWRs1b8whPLnxg If you have any requests for a video let me know in the comments below Follow me on Twitter - https://twitter.com/mariopower10 Follow me on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/marihttps://www.youtube.com/commentsopower56/ Thanks for watching! - Feel free to check out my Second Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAGbcK0D6zMp3ssri9T9Dzg
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Text Comments (126)
Mario Power (1 year ago)
Who is your favourite xmen character?
Luigi KAI (15 days ago)
Courtney Simms (4 months ago)
Jean grey
My favourite is wolverine and cyclops
Sonsuz Geek (5 months ago)
Mario Power gambit and quicksilver
fanoušek fnafka foxy (5 months ago)
Hoan Hot Ho (15 days ago)
The iceman look like waterman!
Space Xtremer (15 days ago)
It is deadpool
KonicavaBR (1 month ago)
The X Men and the Fantastic 4 are the reason why Marvel is so much more than the Avengers, and the DC.
POP JAY (3 months ago)
My favorite deadpoop
Thu Thuy Nguyenthuthuy (3 months ago)
Nice Deadpool ^^
I didn’t know psylcoke was in the game
Jake Nguyen (6 months ago)
1:30 erm what is dead poop?
Russell Roth (6 months ago)
Deadpoop really
Mlp DV Studios (6 months ago)
You know don’t get me wrong I love this videogame!!!! But I just wish they had Rogue and NightCrawler!!!!
Dawid Zegadlo (6 months ago)
deatpoop?????? xd
Scar Bro (6 months ago)
1:29 Deadpoop?
Harry the moth (6 months ago)
Daniel páša cz (6 months ago)
deadpoop wtf
00f thankyou ? (7 months ago)
1:29 Deadpoop....?
Кирилл Мышко (7 months ago)
FOX Productions (7 months ago)
Lol deadpoop! Is that a typo?
Mary Sebastian (8 months ago)
Deadpoop LOL
lego dimensión (8 months ago)
pon personajes de lego marvel 2
youman cz (9 months ago)
Searle William (9 months ago)
What is a deadpoop?
Tio Raposa (10 months ago)
Mr Potato Dead (10 months ago)
deadpoop. was that on purpouse?
bqeli (10 months ago)
nihgtcrawler quicksilver and deadpool are my favourite
bqeli (10 months ago)
its deadpool not deadpoop
Kenny Malkki (10 months ago)
Angelo Galo Sosa (11 months ago)
I like it
Geo Boy (11 months ago)
So badas,I missOld X-men cartoons and games like this so much
Jack Jones (11 months ago)
You said deadpoop
Adlan Ramadan (11 months ago)
Zoom Noob (11 months ago)
Sam Earl (1 year ago)
Deadpoop?....... I love it
Ciro Mincione (1 year ago)
Beast my favorite
Lego game Unboxer (1 year ago)
My favorite is deadpool and profesor x
What about angel?
MARCANUGGET YUM (1 year ago)
Dead poop ☠️💩
Authentic kid Pedroso (1 year ago)
nam nguyen (1 year ago)
What about phantazia
nam nguyen (1 year ago)
1:30 WHAT Deadpoop you spelled it wrong it's supposed to be deadpool
Mr.VictoryTV (1 year ago)
You know that jean and pheonix are the same person
bad lego channel (1 year ago)
mr mackerpacker (1 year ago)
Why is nightcrawler ALWAYS left out
Red Panther (11 months ago)
kyay mwan so true.😂😂
Colton Kenny (1 year ago)
Lego star wars vs movie
Colton Kenny (1 year ago)
Why did you change your instagram account to private?
SpaceBearz Studios (1 year ago)
I’d like to request an updated version for the Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 characters, please and thank you very much Mario Power
Lord Darkness (1 year ago)
Jayson Sharaf (1 year ago)
Top Tops (1 year ago)
Clicked the bell :)
Mario Power (1 year ago)
+Top Tops Thanks!!!
Tunahan Hayta (1 year ago)
Kush Garg (1 year ago)
1:29 It's Deadpool, not Deadpoop.
Skidward Tecacles (8 months ago)
Kush Garg go fall off a cliff
BlackHawk (8 months ago)
you ruined the joke noob
Richard Grablewski (1 year ago)
wait DeadPoop??????
AngbrineBR 9081 (9 months ago)
Awesome Person (1 year ago)
AJ Leary (1 year ago)
0:13 did anyone else like that switch up
Four Difference (1 year ago)
Xmen lego vs film please
AncientOmega127 (1 year ago)
I request LEGO Star Wars vs movie
JoãoViito (1 year ago)
Dragon Ball Lego Vs Anime
BRANDON KRAMER (1 year ago)
Dead poop??
water bottle flips s (1 year ago)
Spiderman Noir (1 year ago)
Deadpoop XD
Adrot (1 year ago)
That's funny almost all from lego marvel superheroes (game)
Review Therapy (1 year ago)
I've never seen him I the comics
Review Therapy (1 year ago)
Mario power what is deadpoop
lego fan 0007 (1 year ago)
I'M Polish 😕😕😕😐🤔
Miguel Garcia (1 year ago)
TheHiddenBlade01 (1 year ago)
Awesome video! ... Deadpoop lol!
Yung Knight (8 months ago)
TheHiddenBlade01 I just noticed that!!
Rafael Oliveira (11 months ago)
TheHiddenBlade01 wa
Mario Power (1 year ago)
+TheHiddenBlade01 deadpoop is the best!!!
Jacob Guerra (1 year ago)
Пачему заглавие на российском а глядят это лишь америкосы ?!
Alias_Unknown (1 year ago)
At 2:53, how come the LEGO version and non LEGO version swapped?
Ant (1 year ago)
I requested this 😅
fanfilm 112 (1 year ago)
1:29 Deadpoop? xD
BatmanFan 76 (1 year ago)
fanfilm 112 IKR!😂😂😂😂😂
Alias_Unknown (1 year ago)
At first I thought I had the playback speed faster than normal because of the music! 😅
D C (1 year ago)
evolução Jovens titãs
Ugh CP AB (1 year ago)
Mario Power (1 year ago)
+Ugh CP AB Thanks!
lego fan 0007 (1 year ago)
Felipe Mota (1 year ago)
lego fan 0007 ice man
lego fan 0007 (1 year ago)
Mario Power thanks

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