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Lego X-men Wolverine versus Deadpool

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Eng: Lego X-Men Wolverine vs. Deadpool is another brickfilm how you can see on my channel, this time from Marvel. PL: Lego X-men Wolverine versus Deadpool to kolejny brickfilm dotyczący filmowych seri jaki możecie zobaczyć na moim kanale, tym razem z uniwersum marvela.
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Text Comments (191)
Miqseri GX (6 months ago)
Broboimation (6 months ago)
Did you order that deadpool from firestar toys?
klocki Tv;3 (11 months ago)
Super film kolego...;]
adam doz (1 year ago)
Cool vid that's the video game deadpool voice isn't it
Renato Galvao (1 year ago)
no like
MandalorianShade (1 year ago)
I think we know who the real winner is.. Wolverine.
Dante Emmett (1 year ago)
Deadpool is way cooler than Wolverine.
Axleren Studios (2 years ago)
I remember watching this back in the day, when i got this set. Good old times :)
SSJ RED 9000 (2 years ago)
awesome dude
Cesar Almendarez (2 years ago)
Jaaa 2:6 xdd
dedpool games deverlan (2 years ago)
Nichole Reynolds (2 years ago)
Wolverine would definitely WIN!
Stopmotion52 (2 years ago)
Epic vid man I subbed
JBtheprodabber 7 (2 years ago)
JBtheprodabber 7 (2 years ago)
JBtheprodabber 7 (2 years ago)
. (2 years ago)
2:06 xD
deadpool wolverine (3 years ago)
deadpool should have crashed into Wolverine
Eileen Rogers Souza (3 years ago)
boys be nothing
Eileen Rogers Souza (3 years ago)
bad boys!
Turkey Lego Fans (3 years ago)
Awesome stop motion and awesome channel!!! I am subscribed and like !
Proctor Productions (3 years ago)
cut off wolverines head, keep it separated from his body and vewalea. you've just beat wolverine
Armando Hernandez (2 years ago)
+Proctor Productions Fixed, now fix yours. Either way, at least cause was spelled correctly unlike whatever language you were speaking...
Proctor Productions (2 years ago)
+Armando Hernandez Hey guess what?  spelling mistake: cause its because, smart one.
Armando Hernandez (2 years ago)
I'm cringing because I read your comment... "vewalea"? Please don't use a word if you can't spell it...
Proctor Productions (3 years ago)
+darhedek oh lol
darhedek (3 years ago)
They did it in hulk vs wolverine comic.
Emjsioe (3 years ago)
Cool Hippy (3 years ago)
LOL. Pink Floyd 0:56.
Kaleb Owen (3 years ago)
deadpool would totally win
Preston Endres Movies (4 years ago)
You have earned my subscription
ViTBloG UA (4 years ago)
This is very cool :-)
david Sanchez (4 years ago)
CHIMCHANGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brodier02 (4 years ago)
To dziecko ginie w większości odcinków
eden the creater (4 years ago)
Deadpool can beat those fools I don't care that about wolverine is cool deadpool is awesome
The WWF FAN (3 years ago)
+GalaxerGaming no Deadpool wins
Indie Mark (3 years ago)
Hey guys Please check out my channel it has lots of lego marvel vids Have fun!
Coloreqq (4 years ago)
eden the creater (4 years ago)
Dead pool he can't die stupid
Coloreqq (4 years ago)
Seal Of Pain (4 years ago)
Wolverines better.
Seal Of Pain (3 years ago)
+diegoalediaz10 :/ Equal
diegoalediaz10 (3 years ago)
+Mosasaur Gaming No, Deadpool
Seal Of Pain (3 years ago)
+Flash Gaming It was sarcasm XD there both equal in combat.
Lithosphere (3 years ago)
Nope deadpool
Aiesk (4 years ago)
Chimi changa!!
Anonim Anonimowski (4 years ago)
Cmaki_gamer (4 years ago)
kkkkkkkkkkkk top
MohazahYT (4 years ago)
Fiona Dhalari (4 years ago)
Deadpool can't die so wolverine has to lose mate
Frame by Frame (4 years ago)
+GTbros No Wolverine would heal.
GTbros (4 years ago)
Deadpool could win if he had an adimantuim bullet
annonymous663 (4 years ago)
I'm not a marvel geek, so didn't mean to prove you wrong, but thank god for my nerdy friend :P
Frame by Frame (4 years ago)
What ever.
Frame by Frame (4 years ago)
+annonymous663 But DeadPool doesn't have that sword.
Code: 015 (4 years ago)
of course none of them will win they both regeneration powers (but deadpool's is better)
Gaming Michael (3 years ago)
+Qx2 | The Alphabet agree deadpool is way cooler than wolverine
Nathen Games (4 years ago)
a smith (4 years ago)
dude 2 of the crew members are visble at 1:17
adam doz (1 year ago)
a smith right
Bernard Mocnik (4 years ago)
lol chimichanga
Destinie Garcia (4 years ago)
Deadpool. Keeps his mask on since he joined the weapons x program his face is messed up and deadpool wins whatever you do he is invincible now if you chopped of wolverines head he would be dead it would just hurt deadpool and he would put his head back on AND. He was using deadpool sounds from this capcom game
Joaco 21O (4 years ago)
lol they were filming the battle
Bobcraft Gaming (4 years ago)
Wolverine just don't die :)
ilovewaffles (4 years ago)
also deadpool cant die!
Prince Taylor II (5 years ago)
My part was when he jumped in the helicopter
Nicolas Puigp (5 years ago)
Correction man us film studios, dead pool is a MUTATE!!
Unee Singh (4 years ago)
wolverine is two!!
Snowfox (5 years ago)
ninjapotatogaming25 (5 years ago)
well made!
legobuilderfrom2000 (5 years ago)
amazing how did u do all the sky shot?
Porkins (5 years ago)
Deadpool is always annoying wolverine
Bleck PL (5 years ago)
Z kąd masz Wolverin'a i dedpoola?
Kiler Game (4 months ago)
Oni muwią prawde
. (2 years ago)
+Foxy_feel Z zestawu 6866
Foxy_feel (4 years ago)
z lego marvel super heroes
bigsmellyhead (5 years ago)
Nice video!!! :)
Matthew Cruz (5 years ago)
Mikołaj Osiński (5 years ago)
10\10 nie mam wątpliwości.
Kevin Rey (5 years ago)
Wow! im going to suscribe :)
NK FILMS (5 years ago)
FredandAutumn Stone (5 years ago)
He totally got deadpools part right
Laura Lega (5 years ago)
haha i love this!!
Mr. Electric (5 years ago)
Where's the SNIKT?
LEGOTV (5 years ago)
Present for ya'
Awesomeness (5 years ago)
he got the bangs from marvel vs capcom 3
MRpivotz 75 (5 years ago)
Demonatorxxll13 (5 years ago)
Z kąd masz death poola
The Lord's Legion (5 years ago)
What was the point in Magneto in this?
AzbelHeart (5 years ago)
Love it!
Pug Master (5 years ago)
brickercustom (5 years ago)
Bitch slap Wolverine.
alvaro alas (5 years ago)
wolverine kicks ass
hrrs prst (5 years ago)
Why does every wolverine v dead pool include magneto
LeoGirl (5 years ago)
Chimichangas!! XD. Wade cracks me up. He could even make Batman laugh
Its D3ADLY (5 years ago)
Chimichangas that was funny
Alejandro Chapa (5 years ago)
HOMIEdogs beBITTING (5 years ago)
E Bloxian (5 years ago)
poor kid................oh well check out my videos every body!
Dreaded Alba (5 years ago)
EPICAKStudios (5 years ago)
2:00 nice. that was funny!
Alos PL (5 years ago)
To jest Deadpool a pistolet jest w zestawie
Joe Montana (5 years ago)
Deadpool fucking kills me hes so funny hes all like CHIMICHONGAS!
thebrickmastersvids (5 years ago)
plz watch my vids. i make stop motions
Striped Bacons (5 years ago)
Deadpool doesnt even have a voice
kaseem brown (5 years ago)
i tink dp 1
Wojciech Grzadkowski (5 years ago)
Skad masz ten pistolet tego czerwonego spider mana
Jackman26S (5 years ago)
Mógłby ktoś obejrzeć mój film? To mój pierwszy film, wiec bądźcie wyrozumiali.
stormproductions 67 (5 years ago)
Jesus Christ Denton (5 years ago)
Круто ловите лайк
Hugo Iberri (5 years ago)
Nice voices they sound like the guys
Not all mutants have healing factors just wolverine and deadpool cuz they went through weapon X
Manusfilm Studios (5 years ago)
He's a mutant, he has a healing factor.
Manusfilm Studios (5 years ago)
ScruffyThe1st (5 years ago)
Awesome awesome.
Edward Krążek (5 years ago)
łatwo powiedzieć ,,zrób,, -.- To zajmuje dużo czasu, a Wierzę, że Araxuss potrafi sam decydować się na robienie filmików według swojego pomysłu :) Pozdr
pokemariosonic11 (5 years ago)
Deadpool? R u high?!
flatelbow (5 years ago)
He made it using Professor Lupin's body and Stan Shunpike's head (Both are Harry Potter characters in case you didn't know).
Caleb East (5 years ago)
Kane Graves (5 years ago)
Still better voices than Suicide Team..
Dan Ordo (6 years ago)
Isn't bad isnt neither Good, He is jut Deadpool.
charlie brocklehurst (6 years ago)
is deadpool a good guy or bad guy and how come magneato didn't do any thing?
Sonny Massino (6 years ago)
i got that set yesterday!
Gideon Imperial (6 years ago)
Dead pool acts kind of like a teenager
Haziel Calvillo (6 years ago)
flatelbow (6 years ago)
ACGlizzy (6 years ago)
I wonder who won
Trae Smith (6 years ago)

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