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Top 5 eBay Buyer Scams & How to Avoid Them - eBay Advice Part 1

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►Top 5 eBay Seller Scams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-rTCHQ0b1k ►Top 5 eBay Buyer Scams PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRzXW7GX8ms ►Free Bitcoin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZJn0icXLO8 cheaper price, saving both you and the buyer money - but this is against eBays policies and could lead to you being banned. Also, if something goes wrong with the transaction, you’re in trouble as a seller as you won’t have any protection from eBay - paypal however will protect the transaction for the buyer and you’ll end up out of pocket. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "5 Reasons Why I Don't Buy Lepin LEGO Clone Sets & Why I took down one of my most popular videos!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZ2eX9vlcUQ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Find part 2 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRzXW7GX8ms
Brian Masters (16 hours ago)
Thank you very much Doc, nice to hear my language spoken properly!
that guy (29 days ago)
u talk a bit to fast
architecturalabdabs (9 months ago)
Dr Jake's Very British Reviews Just how can you say an "item not as described" case, is a scam? Are you really that stupid? It's there for a good reason! To stop sellers selling any old shit online, then trying to say it was ok when it was shipped. That doesn't make opening that kind of case a scam . Unless you're a disingenuous imbecile.
Hans News (13 hours ago)
More scams from sellers than buyers - people selling iPhones with no feedback usually are scammers listing iPhones when they don’t have any to sell - get the buyers money and open another account and do the samething
Ebay is a scam simply because they will always side with the buyer. Do not sell or buy on Ebay and you'll be a lot safer and happier
justin morgan (1 day ago)
Oh my goodness. So many dramatic posts. There are lots on unscrupulous sellers AND buyers on eBay. But with a little time and effort, its fairly easy to make good transactions. I think these comments say more about the people than the place.
John Lewis (4 days ago)
I’ve stopped selling on e bay as they are heavily weighted towards the buyer even when the buyer is clearly at fault, just so that they get their cut. I wish a lot more people would also do so. Their customer service is disgusting and deliberately set out in an awkward manner.
p3tr0114 (5 days ago)
@3:00 I believe eBay recommends that buyers use feedback as leverage. Leaving negative is one of the few tools the buyer has to communicate to the seller that there's something wrong with the item.
Amanda Isom (9 days ago)
"The handbag wasn't as handbaggy.." 😂 I have had four returns in a week- all incredibly dirty (the one this morning literally said someone put on a NWT leather jacket and "every seam inside and out burst" another filed "item not as described" because it didn't fit a size 16. Listed as 16, 4 diff measurements, clear pics of size tag... Each time ebay refunded them as soon as they initiated a return. So each time I called EBay. Each time they told me they didn't understand what happened- refunded both me and buyer and closed case. I'm never seeing my items again. Why is this okay????
Gary Johnson (9 days ago)
I don't sell on Ebay anymore because of this stuff.
Panda Pup (10 days ago)
It is illegal to refuse any item a customer wishes to return within 28 days, this only excludes a few items for sanitation purposes. This is why eBay usually favors the buyer in this case. within the E.U.
Jessica Bronner (13 days ago)
Another scam is they put in an offer and tell you to email them or text them. What they do after is send you fake PayPal payment emails and demand you ship the item. I got two offers already I declined all.
Kendrocity MC (13 days ago)
I feel so bad for actual Nigerians that just want to buy stuff off ebay...
Greyson Fox (15 days ago)
Somebody tried the Nigerian scam on me selling my camera! Pretty easy to catch if you’re paying attention
Edward Findlay (16 days ago)
Don't buy or sell on ebay.
Yaseen Memon (16 days ago)
Well, Paypal is a Paradise for SCAMMERS. They know very well that they will get their money back. Paypal works like father and Son. Whatever Mistake you have done father forigve you. So Paypal=Father and Buyers = Son and Yes SELLERS are always wrong because father always take the side of his Son. Paypal, Even sometime dont like to ask you for proof. File the compalin and get your money back. I have lost 1500 Euro because Father Paypal took the side of their beloved Sons. I SUGGEST YOU GUYS, DONT SALE ANYTHING VIA PAYPAL OR DONT STORE THE MONEY IN PAYPAL ACCOUNT. PAYPAL EMPLOYEES AND SCAMMERS WORKS JOINTLY AND SNATCH YOUR MONEY.
Lonnie Christopher (16 days ago)
....I have to believe this goes on so often as to not make it worth the effort to sell ANYTHING...Suppose you have a fairly rare book you want to sell for $75 USD.....The buyer is going to say, "well it's scuffed here and there, I just want a refund or I'll issue a negative report."....Extortion......A scam I rescued a girl from was the "used car sale" scam...not an Ebay scam, but scam just the same. A buyer from overseas wants to buy your used car and says, "Ill send a cashier's check...you deposit it...and send me the car"....The cashier's check is phony, but takes a week to "not clear" because of Intl delays.....Your bank gets pissed off and locks your account up and you've done sent the car off w/o getting any money....Nigerians will call USA pharmacies and say they want to buy 50 boxes of diabetic monitor strips $100/box....and send a cashier's check...Same deal....the cashier's check is fake and you've done sent the expensive items off......
J C (17 days ago)
Best advice is to not to list anything on EBAY.DO NOT list anything on eBay, currently had an agreement with the buyer regarding long delivery time due to surface mail. E bay took my listing fee, selling fee, refund to the buyer and buyer received the item and refuse to pay. Paypal also took their commision fee off me and E bay has no policy to protect the seller. After working with them for more than 10 years. eBay U disappointed me a big time, I would rather list on another site from now on.
Gianluca L. (17 days ago)
Very interesting video, as seller I´m totally angry and disappointed because in the present days selling without using ebay and paypal is pratically impossible :( . The policy of Ebay and Paypal is something not acceptable and I don´t understand why any Government of countries where Ebay and paypal operating don´t do nothing against. Pratically as seller you can´t sell used items anymore because there are too much disohonest customer out there opening disputes so easy with the shitty rules of paypal-ebay :( I´m trying to sell now without using Paypal and Ebay and is a great struggle unfortunately :(
ltecns (19 days ago)
What makes you think that I would buy a mug or t-shirt with a man's face on it
lol, where are you seeing this? I'll admit that the design isn't great!
hackjun k (19 days ago)
I should have watched this vedio before i start selling...
JerainJezza (20 days ago)
Ebay sucks, you can't leave negative comments or they will delete them! Also a lot of fake stuff is sold there. Never buy something again from Ebay...
Todd Gunter Jr (22 days ago)
Never did nor never will use EBay. Your video only added more reasons why I avoid them.
Passionate Picker (22 days ago)
Just so people know, I had a buyer receive an item, no complaint or issue with the item, but messaged me saying if I 'sweetened the pot' they wouldn't leave a negative feedback. If ever there was a perfect example of feedback extortion, this was it. So I thought I would be protected WRONG!!! I replied saying that was against eBay policy and I was going to report them, which I did. They left negative feedback, I reported, eBay refused to remove it. They said the buyer is allowed to leave feedback based on their experience. I was livid and basically left eBay soon after. The transaction was faultless with perfect communication, advertising, prompt postage, well packaged and buyer happy with all of it, and yet they allowed that extortion or attempted extortion and follow up negative, to remain. I told them to ban the buyer. They have made the site so unsafe for sellers. It's all about the buyer. PayPal were very good to me and protected me from quite a few scammers, but eBay will generally always rule in favour of the buyer. Their so called policies are bullshit
J. B. (22 days ago)
bstlybengali (24 days ago)
i cant wait to vote for scott wallace whaooo!
Hydra Aka Cyrex (24 days ago)
Sold around 150 dollars, got around 20 refund requests, lost almost everything. Gonna start scamming on eBay cuz obv there’s no reprocussions.
Michel B (27 days ago)
Don t trust eBay, don t put money through them they are professional scammers
Michel B (27 days ago)
Sold an item through eBay, eBay charged 750$ a real scam,
Vladimir Bulgaru (28 days ago)
I'd like to comment especially on the "item not as described" scam. I don't doubt that buyers may use this scam quite often, but i'm one of those buyers who has been scammed a lot of times by the SELLERS using this scam (i'd estimate it to be around 20-30% of all the purchases of used tech items). Here's how it works: you buy the item with free shipping. Now, according to the policies - you can return the item, but the return shipping costs are on you. I've spoken with eBay many times about it - there should be a penalty for the sellers if the item obviously does not match the description (e.g. photo of another item, false information in the description), but there is none. So you end up with a worse item then ordered and afterwards it's a "devil's bargain" - you either accept the item, but don't suffer from paying for return shipping OR pay the return shipping and basically lose this amount, as the returned amount is the money you've paid, without your return shipping expenses. Basically it means that the seller has no risks by shipping the bad item (if they have a deal that grants them free shipping), while you as a buyer are constantly risking to pay the shipping costs in order to return the item. IMO, it'd be great if there was a standardized routine through which a seller and the buyer can ensure the authenticity and state of the item sent/received. And if via this routine i can prove that the item is not as described (again, 20-30% of all buys in my case), i can get a partial refund easily or get paid for the return shipping. PS: I do fight hard the sellers who try to screw me over, but i have huge respect for sellers who are really hard-working in terms of doing great descriptions, great packaging and quick replies. I know it's a tough business and it was interesting to hear the perspective of "the other side". Thank you!
Harry Johnson (28 days ago)
eBay is a great place ........... for selling your stuff dirt cheap and for getting ripped off by high seller fees.
Benjamin Mendenhall (29 days ago)
Thanks for all the information that you say
Grey Ghost 615 (1 month ago)
I'm currently dealing with this fuck who claims that he never received his package when, surprise, surprise, it says delivered. Where the fuck else did it go if it was delivered!?
Grey Ghost 615 (24 days ago)
That's what I was thinking too. Either stolen or USPS messed up, both highly unlikely. He said he'd get back to me if he didn't find his package soon. Its been over a week now with no message from this dude, guessing he found it.
Next Level (25 days ago)
Probably stolen
CF G (1 month ago)
Ebay makes us feel like its our fault some numbnut buyer changes his mind and wants to cancel minutes after buying . Message in my "ebay" inbox ...." Your refund to the buyer is pending in paypal , " we'll " (thats how those arrogant fukers at ebay spell that word in their communication with seller ) let you know as soon as it's successful " . Good thing I didnt pay and print a shipping label , it would have been a bitch to get my funds back in a reasonable time . Fuk u ebay , your the fuking terrorist!!
Ranjit (1 month ago)
I just posted a helley hansen parka with hoodie brand new, for $200 new ebay user pit money in account, thought it looked fishy, glad I came here for number 5. Thank you I will let ebay hold there money for around 5 days then cancel it.....lol
Danny Stevens (1 month ago)
I've had an ebayer buy my item but hes got no feedback at all so I really don't trust them plus its says they're from India which are known scammers.
GeekedUp (28 days ago)
Danny Stevens can you deny buyers ? Like , does it show you who’s trying to buy your item and then you can decide if you want to sell it ?
Bill Norfolk (1 month ago)
I have also found that ebay allways favour the buyer and rarely the seller ,i have stopped selling on ebay simply because of this .
Carlos Lourenco (1 month ago)
Am SICK of ebay! Or should i say CHINABAY? Many US based sellers have given up due to relentless price pressure from CHINESE warehouses operating INSIDE US and claiming "usa seller". US governments is STUPID enough to give GREEN CARDS to chinese for opening more warehouses and "create employment for MORE chinese" so this garbage continues UNTIL dumb americans STOP buying shit on ebay and amazon. You HAVE to stop buying chinese shit, else one day YOU or your kids will be talking mandarin to your chinese boss!!
MoonbearDiedHere (1 month ago)
It seems someone is trying to pull the Nigeria scam : America Edition on me right now. It's not happening. I've been on Ebay for 7 years. I don't know why they thought it could work.
REAL TRUTH (1 month ago)
NOW I know why in 40 years , NOT ONE AMERICAN was ever allowed on the special projects ,Either Government or Private that I did , You were blacklisted because of SECURITY or just DAMN LAZY !!! That is why You trailer trash have NO jobs ... Oh sorry Wal-Mart works for American attitude ... That and CHINA ...
Barry Lell (1 month ago)
I haven't bought or sold anything on eBay in years. Too much of an illicit play group for scammers. Then theres PayPal. They tried to triple dip my account awhile back. I had the funds to pay an item but they took 2 payments out of my bank account hooked to my PayPal account and tried a 3rd time to withdraw the money. But before they could do a 3rd with drawl I closed the bank account. I was charged over draft fee at my bank. I'm done with eBay.
FAST & BULBOUS (1 month ago)
I'm a fairly new seller on ebay and have recently encountered a huge problem when selling raw ungraded books. I sold a flawless copy of a valuble book only to have the buyer state it wasnt as described and request a return. I was very clear in the description that I'm not a professional grader but I had been a collector for 25+ years and that the buyer should look at the pics and be the judge. I also added a disclaimer that the customer would get exactly what was pictured and that all sales were final. Also to contact me with any questions or concerns before the purchase. Which he never did. The pics and my description were extensive and clearly showcased the books condition. The pic he sent me showed a split up the spine about a 4th of an inch long. I know without a doubt it wasnt there when I shipped it. I took extreme care when packing, I basically bomb proofed the package, no way that could have happened in shipping. I also purchased shipping insurance and signature requirement upon delivery. I thought I had covered myself completely. But none of that matters to Ebay. They side with the buyer 95% of the time. My thoughts are the buyer already had a copy of this paticular comic, it wasnt in as good condition as the one I shipped and he pulled the ole switch a roo and sent me back his copy. Knowing this I did not offer a partial refund or total refund. But guess what, ebay forces you to accept the return no matter what. So i'm out the book, the cost of shipping twice, what I paid to have it insured and the 10% ebay took and 3% paypal took for the sale. So if youre thinking about selling valuble comics on ebay, think twice.
Wild Lovely World (1 month ago)
Would you recommend sending everything tracked/signed for, to protect against not received item cases?
timmy (1 month ago)
he is 100% right these are scams the shit face buyers pull DON'T SELL ON EBAY
timmy (1 month ago)
don't sell on EBAY i sent a lot of 3 cards and asshole buyer claimed they were damaged EBAY lets the buyer send them back no questions asked you also pay return shipping buyer steals one card the most valuable one sends only 2 sent back and gets his refund on the other hand if you buy on ebay you most likely will be buying fake merchandise bottom line don't buy or sell on EBAY EBAY is SHIT
timmy (1 month ago)
buyers on Ebay are shit they pull scams all the time DON'T SELL ON EBAY besides their fees are to high
Jane Alex (1 month ago)
Hi, I have problem with the buyer I send the itme with good condition but the buyer don't know how to use the item and they broke it I called Ebay but they told me to send labal and refund the itme my question is if I close my account with Ebay and maybe I will close my pay ball account too what going happen? Thanks a lot I like your video.
Jane Alex (28 days ago)
+GeekedUp your welcome
GeekedUp (28 days ago)
Jane Alex okay thank you
Jane Alex (28 days ago)
+GeekedUp yes
GeekedUp (28 days ago)
Jane Alex so you were able to keep the money they paid for your item right ? Like take it out of the bank and then close the bank account...?
Jane Alex (28 days ago)
+GeekedUp I closed my account with the bank and with Ebay.but I opened new account just with bank I don't like to sell on Ebay any more.
Bryce Leonard Media (1 month ago)
Just recently had #4 happen to me exactly the way you described. Had an item that stated Medium but fit XL. Not only did I include it in the title, but I included measurements in the photos and stated “Please see all measurements shown in photos to ensure fit before purchasing.” He opened an “item is not as described” case 5 days after the item was delivered (which means he already wore the item) and the case was ruled in his favor. I’ve been selling on eBay for 6 months now and I feel like I’m running a damn free clothing rental service. This tactic has been becoming more and more popular with buyers because people know eBay is unfair when it comes to their sellers. It’s a real shame I’ll probably give up on eBay just because of this reason.
depecheddurand (1 month ago)
What i do is look at the buyers history with 0 history i don`t even sell him/her then on the day of shipping the item take pictures make sure put a piece of paper with date and time on it when taking picture and then ship it it protects you a bit like you are shipping an item which is not broken it don`t work 100 % but it does.The best thing is study buyers history go back when he started read the comments you can track the pattern.
The Judged (1 month ago)
What about the people that actually buy something and it's terrible quality and then you question the seller and they call you a scammer and then they say you're harassing them because they're a snowflake
baddoggie101 (1 month ago)
I am so tired of the robot voice.
baddoggie101 (1 month ago)
Just kidding.
My voice?
Zoe Kayu (1 month ago)
at either 0.16 or 0.17 do you say NO feedback or something else? ___ feedback...
I say "naught". Meaning zero, or no feedback.
J Wohl (1 month ago)
My advice STAY OFF EBAY!
Dan Mac (1 month ago)
I hate eBay
Jessica Hisle (1 month ago)
I have a rich uncle in Nigeria! I've never met him though. Would love to though
Solo. kp (1 month ago)
Just tried to sell my Xbox and got the "oh my nephew is a international student so send it to Nigeria" I would've probably done it too if I didn't look this up. Pissed. But thankfull.
mom5cats kyle (1 month ago)
One scam he didn't mention is when someone hacks your account to sell high-end, very expensive products (camera equipment in my case), gets paid, then doesn't ship the item. Luckily, in my case, Ebay caught that my account had been hacked before any fees were paid. I had not done any selling in quite a while, and that apparently is what hackers are looking for, maybe hoping you don't have the email associated with that account any more and won't ever know your account was hacked. Anyway, I got a number of nasty emails from customers who wouldn't believe me that my account had been hacked and demanded their money back. I offered to send them a screen shot of my PayPal received page showing that no money had been deposited to my account, and that shut them up.
Chimmehchan (2 months ago)
very useful video, thanks!
allan gill (2 months ago)
I purchased 3 different CPU from three different sellers, received the incorrect item each time! On two of the items i requested a refund and succeeded one one! One of the sellers whom i notified of an incorrect item,but did not request a refund(as i could use the CPU),initiated an enquiry with ebay and ended up having to refund anyway! The seller was most likely annoyed by negative feed back,and did mot quit while they were ahead! I have ordered another CPU from a fourth seller! (Fingers crossed)
El Bichote (2 months ago)
Your syndrome is down
Sarasdad91 Tim (2 months ago)
Seller did the iphone scam to my cousin and eBay sided with buyer, even though my cousin proved it was new. Cousin tracked the buyer down and scared the hell out of him.Class action lawsuits is best for eBay. Sellers go elsewhere, and eBay will fall. I'm beginning to wonder if eBay is in on the scams
giannhs oikonomou (2 months ago)
thank you but the number one is the best for me i pay direct on paypal of seler so i dont need to pay fees from i win and seler no need to pay -15% on ebay
c bass (2 months ago)
You can literally borrow a TV and return it without a problem
pixelsafoison (2 months ago)
I know quite a few people (over 10) that work in Customer Care for eBay - from different departments - and the good news is, they are now allowed to not follow the procedure to the letter if they deem that someone is getting the short end of the stick unfairly. Some agents were however complaining that ... well ... PayPal can still decide to be drunk and issue a cashback even while having access to the case's data. Long story short, it's getting a tad bit safer, but then again it really depends on who you're going to have on the phone, an idiot that doesn't give a F and will follow the good ol process or someone that will actively attempt to help you. I work for a different company, and I did see a big improvement for the unlucky chaps that had purchased expensive items on eBay that were defective but took too long to react (and for whom we couldn't do anything). As such, I hope that they continue providing better service for both the buyer and the seller over time.
theandroids (2 months ago)
What you should talk about is sellers lying about items being new and unused, and you receive a dusty used item. This happened to me twice. Had 100% feedback but I guess 100% doesn't matter anymore, because of how ebay works now., you will see 100% even though the seller has recived negative feedback in the past.
theandroids (2 months ago)
You're actually helping scammers lol
Roberts Studio (2 months ago)
Can you help me ? I paid for magnet, magnet was mislanding described and i leave negative feedback, after that seller ask to change my feedback multiple times, after 5 messages i changed my feedback. i did not ask for refund but seller done it (did not get my money back yet ), now item is marked as unpaid and i dont know what to do. I think seller trys to get my money twice :(
Blessed Mother (1 month ago)
Tell ebay about it if the seller is not giving you a refund. Ebay will refund you instead.
MR GHOSTER (2 months ago)
Interesting thank you. I have one like the last one going on at the moment. The easiest way would to simple cancel the transaction but there is no option for this in the "what do you want to do nw" list? The thing in my case at the moment it is NOT high Value stuff, but it does seem to be pressure to us Pay Pal outside of involving Ebay also offering me a larger sum of money for the items if I pay direct from my Pay Pal account.Naturally they would want ny Email address? Yeh Right as if I'm going to give that out? LOL!
Christine Stevens (2 months ago)
What is going on with your camera? You keep going in and out of focus, as for the information, it was super helpful. Thank you!
paul brindley (2 months ago)
Load of shite botty boy
Botty boy?
MatchstalkMan (2 months ago)
Very useful, Dr Jake. Thank you!
No problem!
Raymond Lee (2 months ago)
I received an ebay offer that is higher than the buy now price... any tips?
Jorge Martinez (2 months ago)
Please can I have some help ASAP.! I’ll appreciate it
Chicago Hypebeast (2 months ago)
I've never had an issue buying or selling on Ebay or through PayPal. (Ebay user since 2001)
CPacker 1183 (2 months ago)
What if the item was damaged by a lazy postal worker (who kicks items to the door instead of carrying them there). Or postal workers who steal stuff at the prossesing center. Both have happened to me as a buyer & I hate it when it happens because I brought that stuff for myself not those postal thieves...
The Tech Genie (2 months ago)
Document everything and detail pictures and video. Yes I come across people that switch the item out. Call eBay they will tell you to confront the seller in messages and then usually reverse the case depending on your record. Other way is to file a small claims court case in your state, it force the buyer to have to fight the case. If they Don’t show up a default judgement can be issue. Just make sure you enforce the judgement afterwards. Then you can put a hold on there bank accounts, or even house if they own property. I did this to one that stole a $1200 item from me. He ended up after a year paying me $2200 to settle the case and paid court fees. The trick is to fight these cases and not let the scammer get away. eBay usually sides with the buyer. If you call them enough and have ton of proof as picture showing different item, or difference in shipping weight, they will usually side with you and reverse the case. Last option is to take them to court. You could file a police report, but usually find it a waste of time as they tell you it’s a civil matter. Just take them to court a better option.
Tim4real (2 months ago)
we got some stupid dumb ass ppl in the world today......he did all of that just to end up paying more out his pockets at the end of the day lol fucking idiots. thats why i really wanna stop selling on ebay now cause ppl these days act like they are not human anymore SMDH.
Bon Konsey (2 months ago)
i see a seller wanna sell he's youtube channel on ebay .. he doesn't accept returne... and he said me he will send the email and the pasword of the youtube channel in my ebay inbox after paying the money.. do you think i can do the deal? if he doesn't give it to me do you think ebay will give me the money back??
GeekedUp (28 days ago)
Bon Konsey bad idea, because they own the email address and can always change the password to the YouTube. Leaving you locked out and short on money....
Bon Konsey (2 months ago)
thank you Christine
Christine Stevens (2 months ago)
That sounds fishy. Why don't you just start your own Youtube channel? Part of the problem with buying a Youtube channel is that although you get the "customers' who watch it, once they realize it's a different person (how can they not?) then you will lose those watchers in droves. I doubt it's worth the money, even if it was legal. I'd steer clear of that one. Just put the work in and make your own YouTube channel and get your own following.
PC Eternal (2 months ago)
How quickly do these things happen after the buyer receives the item
World of AMEISO (2 months ago)
P.S. you had a huge bogey up your left nostril - very distracting
World of AMEISO (2 months ago)
Dr Jake's Very British Reviews Bummer, when that happens it is so disappointing, you’re looking forward to a good chew and all you get is a small, wet stringy one...
It wasn't huge. When I pulled it out to eat it, it was remarkably small.
World of AMEISO (2 months ago)
ebay = scammers charter - avoid at all costs. Unfortunately, wherever there is money to be made, criminals will take advantage of it...
Owen Cook (2 months ago)
I honestly get around 4 buyers a week saying that the size of the item isn’t correct. However, the size is listed in the description.
Christine Stevens (2 months ago)
fyi: Different companies have their clothing vary in sizes. I can go to the store, and one brand will fit, and in the same size, a different brand doesn't. It might be a good idea, for example, to measure the length of a dress, or measure the distance from shoulder seam to shoulder seam and put in your description. I've often found that foreign clothes don't fit me at all, as some of the clothing from China and other places, that their XXL fits my size 3 (adult 3, not child 3, just to clarify) daughter. We had a huge laugh at my costume I bought one year, I couldn't even get into it.
jovan prunty (2 months ago)
so glad I watched this video and read the comments. This buyer offered a much higher price than the phone i was selling. Being a brand new seller I accepted it and he immediately messaged me and gave me a number to txt him about the item. He claimed he didn't received the invoice and wanted me to send directly to my paypal email. I thought that seemed weird and started looking up ebay scams. Although this situation is a little bit different I def feel like he was trying to scam me because his ebay account was just opened yesterday and he said something about sending the phone to his boss in the army so I'm sure this was close to the first example you gave.
Sounds very suspicious!
anton van niekerk (2 months ago)
New sellers should never sell anything worth more than Ten Pounds until they have a score of at least 50, and 100% poz.....The way Ebay selling works is you have to pay your dues before you get respected as a seller, so if you have a feedback score of 6 and you are selling an expensive I-Phone, then I think it more likely that the seller is in fact a fraud.
ThatsAHeavyStatement (2 months ago)
Where do i sell and item worth $300+
George Texstel (2 months ago)
Don't buy or sell to New Jersey. Period. Unbelievable culture of petty ... crooks? chiselers? I don't know how to describe it, but always you are a pigeon to lose in the bargain, and that's the only thing guaranteed. After a dozen rip-offs of every description, I'd rather sell to Pakistan.
windycitycrew21 (3 months ago)
Use amazon
Daddy Harambe (3 months ago)
can some help me? this buyer wants a refund, and he sent me a link which had.weebly in it, and it sent me to a weebly website, asking me to login to ebay, is that a scam?
ImAcRo (2 months ago)
I think he knows your IP now
StopMotion Cupcake (3 months ago)
Thanks so much! I just got scammed! Of a lps cocker spaniel that broke the day u got it!
Kevin Bossie (3 months ago)
Good day to you, I just listen to but not all the while people got what they pay for. A lot of fakes seller with fakes items online shopping websites. Please you can't deny that.
Ginsuma (3 months ago)
Someone did this to me for an $8 item...claimed it didnt arrive and got it for free. Left my paypal in the negative.
freusin (3 months ago)
What is that youtube play button in the background ?
Crippled Nurse (3 months ago)
helendisco (3 months ago)
I’m pretty new to selling on eBay & just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed watching all of your vids.. both informative and chuckle- worthy ☺️ Thank you! X
Doug Smithart (3 months ago)
You act as though there are no sellers who scam people. Try again. Sellers aren't always innocent victims and buyers aren't always scam artists.
Doug Smithart (3 months ago)
Dr Jake's Very British Reviews I apologise, in that case. I stand corrected, and I refuse to make up any excuse for my lack of knowledge about the video.
I also made a "Top 5 eBay Seller Scams" video
cbr9927 (3 months ago)
Paypal is a joke, I had someone do a chargeback on a phone sold thru ebay. They did a not authorized claims and kept my phone and got the money back. Its a way to get free items all the time on ebay. Paypal will not protect you, all the reps have told me is the banks and credit cards supersede paypal's policies and decisions. Well WTF, just force a return of my item and than issue back the money? It does not take a Harvard grad to figure out how it should work. Upon a search this has been going on for years and paypal is still doing nothing to protect honest sellers. OH, lastly scam artist will simply wait till the tracking # of your sold item is no longer on USPS's site than file a claim to get their money back since there is now no proof it was delivered.
Padme (3 months ago)
I want to buy a play arts kai figure on ebay. I found a metal gear solid snake figure for 58$. Im scared to buy it because this is my first time trying ebay. Im a amazon person
Robert Timmons (3 months ago)
Know this...E-bay gives less than a shit about buyers or sellers. It cost me $2,500 to find that out. BEWARE when using e-bay. They don't care. If there is ANY EXCUSE that e-bay can use to screw a buyer ,they will. There lazy and don't go the extra mile to protect its customers.
Dead Brains (3 months ago)
this is really helpful because i sold a game on ebay and it arrived to the buyer but they tried to say that there was damage to the item and wants a refund but then he starts to talk all nonsense and trys to confuse me like he said at the end that his guide dog had died and i assumed that he wad blind and the conversation all added up and it sounded like he was lying not to say he would but it makes the buyer sound bettet and he took it to ebay and ebay have gave him the money and hes kept the item
Tim wilde (3 months ago)
I just got scammed by someone as per item number 4 on this list. Sent an item out in excellent condition to a buyer who promptly complained that it was 'dirty' and 'well-used' and demanded a return - at my expense - even though I had listed the item as 'Buyer pays return shipping'. The option is utterly worthless and misleading, because Ebay will NOT protect you if a buyer wishes to indulge in unethical and dishonest practices by making bogus claims. To make matters worse - and utterly laughable as far as Ebay's behavior is concerned - the buyer ended up giving me negative feedback out of sheer malice because I dared call his behavior into question - and of course Ebay won't remove it. Do yourself a favor as a seller and look at options other than Ebay, because it's just getting worse and worse on there by the year and Ebay has zero interest in doing the right thing. And above all don't sell ANYTHING there of high value - it's a crap shoot if you'll deal with an honest buyer or someone who'll find a way to rip you off.
Todd Gunter Jr (22 days ago)
Best way to avoid this? Yes this is unethical but it protects you if you chose to use ebay. Once your item is sold and shipped delete your PayPal and eBay accounts and open a new one when you have to sell again. Don't use a real name and use a different shipping address instead of your home address. EDIT also use a throw away email account and burner phone.
cbr9927 (3 months ago)
Tim wilde or worse keep the item and get a refund for not authorized purchase. All the scam buyer has to do is wait till the tracking info is no longer in the database of delivery carriers. I stopped selling on ebay because of this.
susan cole (3 months ago)
Ring ebay customer services direct .. you can get various contact numbers by doing  a google search .. good luck!
J C (3 months ago)
Fuck eBay on how they treat their sellers.
akelah runas (3 months ago)
New subscriber can i have iphone

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