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Horimyo - Traditional Japanese Tattoo Artist - NEW

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Horimyo is one of only a few practitioners of the traditional Japanese tebori tattooing technique in the world who works solely by hand throughout all stages of the process. No machines. He is dedicated to ensuring the spirit, technique and future of tebori remains alive and strong. Central to Horimyo's life and work is the concept of celebrating and uniting cultures and peoples all over the world through art. * Camera/Edit by Marc Blake* * Original music by Justin Hurt * Please do not copy, re-upload or use any part of this video without permission! Message this channel directly for all enquiries. Thank you.
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Text Comments (6)
Roger Polidor (4 months ago)
Salut aimerais bien connaître et devenir ton modèle pour être tatouée de la tête aux pieds ok merci de me répondre
Gissele spears (5 months ago)
Teo ʕ·͡ᴥ·ʔ (6 months ago)
Представляю будто ахиревает длань у мастера под крышка сеанса
Aryxn db (7 months ago)
How much does a yakuza tattoo cost if its done in the traditional way ? Does anyone know ?
ya mama (4 months ago)
There is no such thing called ''yakuza tattoo'' they are just fullbody tattoos japanese style
Noel Vergara (6 months ago)
Aryxn db u dont buy gang tatts

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