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US weather madness: Sea FREEZES OVER in Cape Cod as more frozen sharks wash up

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THE record-breaking cold snap that has gripped parts of the US during the first few days of 2018 has frozen parts of the Atlantic Ocean near Cape Cod on the east coast. Click for More Climate Stories: https://goo.gl/577iVX Subscribe for latest Update: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIloWx81MSxGMvwY8xP4cGA?sub_confirmation=1 Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProtectMearth Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pmotherearth/
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lmwrt (1 year ago)
Maunder Minimum is coming. With some luck, only Dalton Minimum like period, so not as freezing. Until 2050 this will be the new normal. Whatch for more volcanoes erupting every day and cold freezing storms in waves one after the other from the Artic and also from the Antartic.
GR. Hollman (1 year ago)
*Protect Mother Earth*
GR. Hollman (1 year ago)
*Mother Nature* *Mother Earth* Great Name, good topics but almost no substance. These videos need more content and should be at least three times longer.
The navy sonar is driving the sea life inland, the herd is still asleep, it will all be over soon then the herd might wake up but i doubt it
Ame3thyst3 (1 year ago)
It's like a hurricane, or a bombogenesis --as meterorlogists now say, that they've been saying it for years. Not True. How can this actually be happening --a freaking hurricane in the middle of winter? CA fires, NE freezes, frozen sharks? Omg.
Edward Carberry (1 year ago)
We are going into a Grand Minimum! NO WE do not want YOUR CRM! You Globalist SHILL! I see that your picture is full of your heavy metal spray which is poisoning the earth both for humans and life on earth! Many talk of this it is past time that you learn of this, so that it can be stopped. Your hurricanes were all part of your weather modification going on since 1948, your AGENDA 2030 for humans is to be brought out so that the masses will learn of your deeds. Hoping that Trump drains the swamp.
GR. Hollman (1 year ago)
Climate Chaos Emergency! The warm southwest air is swept to the Arctic melting it. Alaska is warm we are cold in the midwest easy and south because the jet streams are not up at 30 or so degrees where they belong. They now cross the equator, pushing warm air to Antartica! Most of the world is burning hot, while we have a deep freeze from weather weirding with a cyclone bomb on the east coast as the Arctic ice... continues to melt sending chilled water melt into the Atlantic. Erratic weather until the sea ice is gone, then rapid rising temps for all..... See: paulbeckwith.net 1500 weather Climate change related videos explaining all aspects of our man made fossil fuel Climate Chaos Emergency and remediation that must be done NOW!

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