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Dating a Latina 101

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Every view is one person saved from the potential wrath of dating a latina. Like and Subscribe!!!
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Certified G (9 days ago)
You are good with the knife and didn't cut yourself
Clanclan The Label (10 days ago)
Bruh that knife though 😂
Glohck Nine (23 days ago)
*Weak ass female ass nigga*
Valeria Lopez (1 month ago)
soy mexicana, vivo en México, ni idea porque veo esto we ajajajjajajaj
mkh1708 (2 months ago)
Latinas gods GREATEST CREATION this black man loves Latinas
Certified G (15 days ago)
Those Latinas are badass. I love their hair, friendly, attractive, good flirts, great smiles. Smart, family oriented. I went to a Spanish speaking church the 2nd time this year in my life. I saw this tall Latina in a dress suit and those high heels. I loved it when they are confident and classy. They leave the mystery but give just a little to allure you. Once you deal with a Latina, I know you can't forget or replace them.
Emily Gonzalez (2 months ago)
WARNING TO ALL NON-LATINO GUYS OUT THERE: when you meet the Latina girl's mom, expect it to be crazy . Trust me....I know
John Chase (2 months ago)
Why don't you date a Shaniqua, a Tamika or a Laquisha ?
monica bermea (3 months ago)
What kind of girls have you dated? Where do you find them?
Jla Quintero (3 months ago)
"it's like training a dog" so you callin us bitches? Im playing with chu lol
Adelmi Sanchez (4 months ago)
OMGGG you're an expert! hahah
kenzie karysa (4 months ago)
You literally just described every girl 😂😂.
Ashley Ramirez (4 months ago)
Latinas ain’t a “trend”
michelle duah (4 months ago)
tbh latinas are overhyped don't @ me
Sara (5 months ago)
2:50 rice and beans 😂😂 okay he does know
LIZZY YES! (5 months ago)
😂😂😂😂 omg Iam Latina and i think this is so funny and cute
Direwolf202 AJ (5 months ago)
Wtf were just human not a whole other animal
Maria Beza (5 months ago)
ALL OF THIS IS TRUE! OML YUS! U just exposed my whole life! 😂😂💀
Maria Beza (5 months ago)
If u can’t handle us Latinas....Run! 💀💕😂
SouthCalifas619 (5 months ago)
Trust me, latino latina relationships are war, thas why latinas now days wanna date non latino dudes that are easier to be submissive to them lol, i mean much love to latinas, im mainly attracted to them, but thats another reason why i just dont bother with dating anymore lol, ive only ever had interest in latinas 😂
gabriella rios (6 months ago)
Bro y u out there exposing us it was supposed to be a secret
Aja onfroy (6 months ago)
I'm black and Latina so I'm all types of crazy and not much people can handle me 😬😂😂
Jojo De la Cruz (6 months ago)
This was in my Recommendation an I’m over here dying 😂😂
Quaker274 (6 months ago)
Wanna date a crazy, date a latina.But then, dont stick ur dick in crazy!
issa. olivia (6 months ago)
I'm not an Latino but I relate 😂👌🏼
dionela encinas (6 months ago)
the accent wasn’t necessary lmao we all don’t sound like that ..?
꧁༺Alyssa༻꧂ (6 months ago)
I feel personally a t t a c k e d
fofiax (6 months ago)
I’m Peruvian. I don’t care to be shown off at all, but I agree on respecting the culture. Take note that not all of us follow the “crazy Latina” stereotype. I’m so tired of hearing that shit seriously
Donald J Trump (6 months ago)
Fuck Ronaldo! Messi is the goat!
Shounta Glover (7 months ago)
I wouldn't never date another in my lifetime,
Shounta Glover (7 months ago)
they are narcissists
Marco Cruz (7 months ago)
Once you go black you get HIV!!!
Coco Lespier (7 months ago)
“If they get mad at you, you can get mad back” hahahahaha I’m boricua and this is so true...
Namor (7 months ago)
I think its sexy when Latinas get jealous/mad/spicy. Lol
Catherine Martinez (7 months ago)
Yo soy cubana I fight my boyfriend a lot I just went to the aeropuerto, to scare him. I’m back home
Andre Davis (7 months ago)
Don't date a latina if your going complain if they an attitude get use to it 1 never tell a latina to calm down or lower her voice bad move don't do it they'll calm themselves down 2 never ever ever play games or lie to them all they want is honesty all they want is guys to communite with and appreciate them 3 show them respect their families and country 4 look your girl in her eyes and say you love her and mean it 5 stay loyal 6 don't call them crazy
Tasha Gomez (8 months ago)
This is so true if u can't handle us don't date us
Love Music (9 months ago)
Hahaha at 2:51 I can tell he was dating a Puerto Rican girl!
schizophrenic99 (9 months ago)
Thats exactly how you'd describe my gf 😂
Stefie Alvarado (9 months ago)
Lmaoooo this so me😂😂
Shirlyn Sioson (9 months ago)
So cute. I'm Filipino from Philippines 😊😉I'm dating Mexican guy. Latinos are very romantic and so cute😍
Eros Delorenzi (10 months ago)
FutureTre Only Latin Women are in Sicily and Southern Italy a Black man could never get one for they Blacks
Camila C. (1 year ago)
Asterix Sanchez (1 year ago)
Omg I would date you, you yummy cute boy.
alexandra gomez (1 year ago)
😂😂😂 I’m dead
Terran d (7 months ago)
alexandra gomez what’s ur ig
Dream Garcia (1 year ago)
He exposed the shit out of us
Yan Sfor (1 year ago)
My brother married a mexican/Salvadorian girl and she is the most sweetest hardworking and most quiet girl I've ever met. She keeps to herself and literally no one has ever seen her scream or get a bad temper. She is a cute little doll 😊. That's a good thing though because my brother gets mad and I can say she is definitely a smart cookie. She knows how to keep him centered and cooled off when he starts getting freaking mad. Does it all without getting hot headed like him now I see that as a smart move.
selena simpson (1 year ago)
My boyfriend is learning the hard way what Latinas want and he has learned that If talk to him in Spanish means I am mad at him
el stupido (1 year ago)
Why is this eraser talking?
Walter Argueta (1 year ago)
Paige gaming (1 year ago)
he just exposed our latina asses out there💯
Steady Zoned (1 year ago)
nayeli alains (1 year ago)
Emily Sanchez (1 year ago)
Latina just don't play games !! We want a real relationship!!
Certified G (14 days ago)
I am not sure because I hear Latinas don't date BM and they marry within their culture. Not trying to start WW3 with a Latina's family. I guess if I live in California or New York then I am good to go
Maria Magdalena (5 months ago)
Emily Sanchez (1 year ago)
Ain't that bad ! 😂💗
nayeli alains (1 year ago)
wow cool
dont read (1 year ago)
All that he says is true I like ppl to me off?
Toby Santiago (1 year ago)
Ey just to let u know even us latinos are scared or our latinas like wtf 😰😰😰😰😰
Suzan Sultan (1 year ago)
Arabic girls 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦
Jose Moran (6 months ago)
Suzan Sultan Arabic girls are invisible
Ryan Heard (1 year ago)
I'm lightskin black guy too. Don't date Latina women. Most of them are disgusting. I would never touch them. I have observed most of them and they do not seem to have any self respect at all for themselves. Black women are no different. From personal experience, the best women are Asians hands down. My daughters mom is from Japan.
Lizania Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Lol black men are the biggest sales out in history. They always but other races of woman down . But they think white and Asian woman are better. Ya right these two groups have self hate just like black men.
Jonny Edwards (1 year ago)
Rule number one, two, & three....dont, lie, cheat, and have your ass right home after work
Daiana gimenez (1 year ago)
yo the pizza thing is true I told my grandma if we could get pizza she cussed me out.
Toby Garcia (4 months ago)
Daiana gimenez same
Toby Garcia (4 months ago)
Daiana gimenez LMAO
Krissy Rogers (9 months ago)
nayeli alains (1 year ago)
wow what is he doing
Material girl (1 year ago)
oh noo he revealed our secrets
All the love, Abigail (1 year ago)
It's bad that I knew there was gonna be a knife somewhere in the video :))
Loqui pepita (1 year ago)
rosario tijeras be like ....
Belmarie Lagares (1 year ago)
ya dumb, yet this is coming from a latina herself. but na we ain't
Sara Vegas (1 year ago)
Belmarie Lagares kual la peña de mentir?? :'v Yo soy de Asiatica y de latina, y ya se que soy latina pirata pero si mi novio esta con otra le pego con un cable.....:D o talves solo soy yo....talves pq soy un poco sadica. .
Monica .M (1 year ago)
The most annoying thing as a Latina is that people think you're Mexican as if every Latina/Latino is Mexican ...😒
brian green (9 months ago)
Monica .M Latin people are so close and keep everybody else out so much we just don't know much about you it's not disrespect
Jeremy Sears (1 year ago)
Monica Montegarò that's just us Dumb Americans.
Socially Sober (1 year ago)
The Black Man has finally found a tool to help the White Man's Agenda to "Divide and Conquer." Black men all over of falling over themselves to date Hispanic, White, and Latino women, which leads to self-genocide, because only a dark-skinned woman can create dark skinned babies in interracial relationships. When a black man creates a baby with a non-black woman, the baby's complexion closely resembles the woman's complexion. The more babies black men have with non black women, the less black men will be created in this World. Not to mention, fair skin babies often grow up and date and marry white's. Keep up the good work guys, at the rate you're going in, pretty soon there won't be any black guys to intimidate white men, because everyone will resemble them.
Ellie bellie (1 year ago)
We just got exposed now who am I going to trap...
Infinite Godz (1 year ago)
Latinas are like me homes man
sdelizabeth (1 year ago)
lmao the knife wtf lol dont be releasing secrets!
mizlexi5 (1 year ago)
love it. bro bro got some wisdom for his age. #goodman
Oriella Ortiz (1 year ago)
Ashley Bronfield (1 year ago)
😂😂😂 he said arros con candules, the way he says it, and good luck mijo
Sonia Martinez (19 hours ago)
This kid is cute come to Puerto Rico you see this is girl like them camels color that honey skinny n cute as he'll u will have every day a girl we love big lips that color is great not to white or black or red just on the tip of ice burg
Angélica Ayala (1 year ago)
Drama queens FOREVER weak bitches 😂😂😂 You can go hard or you can go home 👍👍👍👍 and viva Colombia!!!! 💛💙❤
Layla the anime lover (1 year ago)
if you are going to date me get me pupusa de frijoles
Naima Tian (1 year ago)
teti (1 year ago)
I'm trying to deny this but it's still true 😂
Andrea Vazquez (1 year ago)
I hate when people be saying I'm Mexican when I'm puerto rican
sweetcaligirl420 (5 months ago)
Andrea Vazquez cuz most Hispanics look alike
Karla Adorno (1 year ago)
e te de y ser e fe2wvdqgnX.lccq
Caleb and Noemi (1 year ago)
I love it 😂😂😂
Alexis Estrada (1 year ago)
But in reality no one treats me like that. lol
Ze GammaKnife (1 year ago)
Laverle Dugger (1 year ago)
number one don't date latinas
Loany Diaz (1 year ago)
The family part accurate af , especially when it comes to sports 😭😭
MadyelynMarie Herrera (1 year ago)
Hahahahah Theres a video for us 😤😥😂
you should at least make a better impression and Latinas are very nice people and this is ofencive to me and Latinas so watch what you say okay😡😔🖕🖕
Angelo Dias (1 year ago)
what about Latino guys??? why all the attention on latina girls?? latino guys is where it's at fr long brown dick Latinos
Catherine Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Angelo Dias You men are short and have small pee pees jk but if I they need to make one for men too
arlette coello (1 year ago)
Lmaooo🎉🎉. Ecuador 🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨❤😍
Alexus Marie (1 year ago)
This was too true 😭💀
Jason Steelhead (1 year ago)
LESLIE MATOS (1 year ago)
DOMINICANA weoweoweoweoweowe
Terran d (7 months ago)
LESLIE MATOS what’s ur ig
nathalia dennise (1 year ago)
I need some mofongo 😂
videojuegos ps3 (1 year ago)
LESLIE MATOS 😂😂😂 u already know
LESLIE MATOS (1 year ago)
Leslie Gil gang gang gang
videojuegos ps3 (1 year ago)
LESLIE MATOS Platano Power
Angelly Vazquez (1 year ago)
MonkeyFace _0812 (1 year ago)
Jacqueline Mosquera (1 year ago)
we are hard so live with it pendejo!!
Jacqueline Mosquera (1 year ago)
Imperator RazZehir (1 year ago)
do one for those who want an Asian girl,,,,,, like me I'm a guy who wants an Asian Girl
Domenique S (1 year ago)
if you can hang I am a spicy Latina💋🌮👑💎💣🔥🔥🔥🔥🌊

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