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TATTOO Q & A | Starting a podcast soon! | New travel dates!!

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buy our books 👇👇👇👇👇 http://tinytattoobooks.bigcartel.com mailing list! 👇👇👇👇 :http://eepurl.com/dodEFj Email [email protected] To lock in your appointment. 🤙 I am booking for Corona, Ca & Burbank, Ca At my studio's Hidden from you Tattoo Music at 3:26 Chain cult - isolated Travel Dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! _________________________________________________________________ OCTOBER I have time split between my two studios located in LA & CORONA 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 San Diego, CA I have time for one tattoo at 12 October 23 __________________________________________________________________ NOVEMBER I have time split between my two studios located in LA & CORONA These are my openings on the road! 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Las Vegas, NV I time for one tattoo at 6pm November 2nd Fallon, NV I got time for a big tattoo at 3:30 or a couple medium ones. Vancouver, BC I got some time the 7th San Jose, CA I got time for one more tattoo at 5pm Hollywood, CA 17th is video open! __________________________________________________________________ DECEMBER I have time split between my two studios located in LA & CORONA _________________________________________________________________ JANUARY I Have time split between my two studios located in LA & CORONA _________________________________________________________________ FEBRUARY I have time split between my two studios located in LA & CORONA 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Melbourne, Aus I think I have time the 12-14th still if I haven't emailed you back email me again. As of right now I still have time left those dates I believe. Sydney, Aus I got time on 23 3:00pm for a big tattoo or two medium tattoos Sign up for my mailing list already!!! Be the first to know where im going not the last!!! 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 :http://eepurl.com/dodEFj __________________________________________________________________ BOOOK YOOUR APPOIINNTMEEEEENNNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! before you miss out girl scout! 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Email [email protected] To lock in your appointment. 🤙
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Text Comments (105)
Cesar Tijerina (1 day ago)
I have a question, if I happen to buy one of your tiny tattoo books, can I tattoo your designs without feeling like a scumbag?
Demis Sarandon (1 day ago)
Traducilo al español por favor ✌
New sub, just found your channel. Dude your work is outstanding !! Just can't get enough of that old school style. Peace & Cheers from Canada......
Max Schwaiger (2 days ago)
What's a reasonable tip for a tattoo around? 300 - 400 bucks? I guess you prolly answer something like whatever I feel like but is 10 - 20 bucks too little/too much?
Max Schwaiger (2 days ago)
Thank you so much for your answer! I really appreciate the effort and dedication you put in! Keep up man, you're great!
Wayne Fredrickson (2 days ago)
Max Schwaiger your right haha When you spend that much on a fancy dinner your tipping up to 10 to 20 percent. Usually to be transparent I get tipped 20 to 60 on average sometimes no tip at all. It just depends what you feel is right. If you wanna tip do it. If you don’t then don’t. I guess just depends what you can spare and what you think is fair. It’s goes back and forth though. If I’m quoting you 150 to 200 on a tattoo and you get tattooed often by me I may just say 150 out of me being grateful. So say you gave me 200 anyway It would make my day. At that point we are nothing taking care of each other.
Phillip Hannestad (3 days ago)
every youtuber on the planet: i'm starting a podcast guys:D
Paul Docter (4 days ago)
Make another video! Wtf. We can’t keep waiting like this. Having Wayne withdrawals
Diego Correia (4 days ago)
https://youtu.be/L6zLG_O812w I just saw you skydiving !!! Skip to 2:00
Y. Cortez (5 days ago)
Can't wait for your Podcast... Great Idea... 😁👍🏼
Y. Cortez (5 days ago)
AMAZING VIDEO...!!! 🤘🏼😎👍🏼
Luke Harwood (5 days ago)
Wayne I love your work man. You are such a great genuine bloke keep it up dude !!
THUG4L1FE6969 (6 days ago)
Will be buying a book soon your flash is sick
EggBoy33 (7 days ago)
A podcast would be cool, you should tell some stories about the different things you have tattooed
EARBASHER (7 days ago)
Tried to send you a direct message but I guess you have it disabled...so i will comment here...just wanted to tell you that your one hell of an artist and was wondering if you had any plans on coming to florida for a guest spot or convention down here...would love to get 3+ good size tats from ya! Opps just found out about your mailing list....as I watch the video!. Thank you for your time! :)
Teak K (10 days ago)
I know you've said before you don't really like talking about the tattoos on your body on here, but will you pretty pretty pretty please talk about your split tongue? I just really wanna know how often people notice it. I would like to get mine done soon but I don't want everyone I talk to to just wanna talk about that
Wayne Fredrickson (9 days ago)
There not much to address who talks about there tongue. aha its split thats all there is too it really.
Dad to the bone (10 days ago)
Warped body suits not cool 😂
Kris Booth-Sprague (11 days ago)
Who the bloody hell thumbs down a Wayne Fredickson video?
Wayne Fredrickson (10 days ago)
Kris Booth-Sprague haha there’s like 3 to 6 on every video I almost think it’s the same people just hate watching it all lol that’s my thumbs down conspiracy theory
Love the scruff bro hahaha. Keep being Awesome Bro fist @WayneFredrickson
Will K (11 days ago)
Are you ever gonna do your left bicep?
Wayne Fredrickson (11 days ago)
Will K he’s after my arm is lasered
Julie Jensen (12 days ago)
A podcast would be awesome! 10/10 would definitely listen😁 good luck with whatever direction life takes you, you’re fab!
Wayne Fredrickson (10 days ago)
Julie Jensen thanks 🙏🏻
Arjay Flores (12 days ago)
we miss you sir..I hope someday you made my 1st tattoo...love you sir.
Rand0m_Youtub3r (12 days ago)
Supper sad my guy, your videos are pretty on par i wouldnt change anything but its ur channel
Maireni Hernandez (12 days ago)
I’m kinda diging the bread and thanks for answering my question.
Fernando Chavez (12 days ago)
I love you man! I'm looking forward to your new project! <3
Wayne Fredrickson (12 days ago)
I love you too and miss you
Dillon McCall (12 days ago)
Hell yeah
Derek D (12 days ago)
I'm hoping your podcast is here on YouTube ! I am intrigued 😁
Wayne Fredrickson (12 days ago)
Derek D It will be on a second channel here I’ll anounce more as it develops
Naomi Groombridge (12 days ago)
Yes to the UK tour! Watching the mailing list for UK dates. Podcast idea sounds amazing love all your content keep up the great work :)
chris perez (12 days ago)
love your work man.
Wayne Fredrickson (12 days ago)
Thanks im tryin
Gary Barrel (12 days ago)
I always new i would be heavely tattooed even as a kid growing up its like everytime i get a new tattoo its like it was supposed to be there pritty crazy
Wayne Fredrickson (12 days ago)
Thats wild
Tiffany Garcia (12 days ago)
Hell yeah a podcast would be really cool!
Wayne Fredrickson (12 days ago)
Thanks im excited for it
Ian Robinson (12 days ago)
Great interesting Q&A video look forward to your UK trip next year hopefully catch you there , keep smiling buddy
colin xylon harris (12 days ago)
Im excited for the podcast! I drive around alot for my job, so its the perfect medium for myself :)))
Wayne Fredrickson (12 days ago)
Thanks this was sort of a bad audio podcast the talking videos seem to do well so I think the podcast is kinda a natural progression.
KS Design (12 days ago)
The podcast is an excellent idea. I actually looked for a tattoo and tattoo culture podcast when I was first considering getting tattooed. If they exist, there isn't many of them!
KS Design (12 days ago)
Also would like to add that I got my first tattoo a few weeks ago. Your videos really helped me learn about what tattooing is all about and helped me through the process
Bryce Miller (12 days ago)
what you said about dietzel is soooo true!! his animals were so distinguishable. see you soon in fallon my good sir ❤️
brandon young (12 days ago)
I’ve been watching since 17k and I look forward to your videos
AzTo (12 days ago)
Long time fan still watching and still enjoying ! Keep it up
Andy Clueless (12 days ago)
Love the idea of a podcast!
Ray Cabrera (12 days ago)
fuck yes bro!!!
Shane tera (12 days ago)
I like your podcast/video podcast idea i just hope you don't get extra burnt out on videos.
Wayne Fredrickson (12 days ago)
It will be a nice change of pace and ill be able to get a ton of content out with a lot less work
Matt (12 days ago)
Keep the beard!
Wayne Fredrickson (12 days ago)
No Way
Michael Simmons (12 days ago)
Love it man. I'm an apprentice at my home town shop here in alabama. I watch your videos when i have the time and I've learned alot about structure and flash painting. Keep it up man.
Wayne Fredrickson (12 days ago)
I am glad they found you well thanks for watching
Brody Richard (12 days ago)
I call it i wanna be your first guest on your podcast bro lol
Elvis Pinelo (12 days ago)
Wayne man has you’re channel blown up! Great video I think the podcast idea is amazing
Frank Montoya (12 days ago)
How the fuck has Anthony pimenta been were is he at you guys still choppin it up
Wayne Fredrickson (12 days ago)
Hanging out with him today
Frank Montoya (12 days ago)
I love his way of tattooing nothing fancy simple needle configuration and and mag selection beautiful work
Frank Montoya (12 days ago)
Hope you come back to phoenix
Frank Montoya (12 days ago)
New car aye
Wayne Fredrickson (12 days ago)
Yup got it last month I love it
Cthulhu9292 (12 days ago)
Podcast sounds great! I usually use your videos as podcast anyway, having the phone in my pocket and just listening to your view on tattooing and life!
Cthulhu9292 (12 days ago)
Wayne Fredrickson sounds great dude!
Wayne Fredrickson (12 days ago)
Yea this video is essentially a bad audio podcast. The podcast will be one angle no editing just since the audio with the video and throw it up.
Rich Gilbert (12 days ago)
What's your favourite Fred Perry piece you own?Love you fashion style buddy!
Rich Gilbert (12 days ago)
+Wayne Fredrickson Cheers bud,will do!
Wayne Fredrickson (12 days ago)
Ill be back if you follow the mailing list you will get updates on travels
Rich Gilbert (12 days ago)
+Wayne Fredrickson Oh nice,I collect Fred Perry polo's, they are so good!Would love to get some work off you when you come to the uk!
Wayne Fredrickson (12 days ago)
I have a white m12 I really dig its scary wearing it though haha
ManicCastle (12 days ago)
I think I've figured out why I love watching your videos so much... you're genuinely and truly honest. I wish I was as honest as you.
Wayne Fredrickson (12 days ago)
Thanks I really appreciate that
Cody Baumann (12 days ago)
Wayne did you ever do a portrait of Clint Eastwood’s face
Wayne Fredrickson (12 days ago)
s (12 days ago)
those tikis are cool as fuck
Wayne Fredrickson (12 days ago)
Thanks me and my wife got them at a cool antique store in San Diego last year we love them
Brandon Rice (13 days ago)
8:43 Wayne literally wouldn't hurt a fly lol. Love your videos and tattoos
estiven gonzalez (13 days ago)
Your podcast idea sounds really awesome and looking forward to it and more content. I hope you find the best way to make it work, also keeping an eye on the mailing list hope I can book an appointment in the near future. Also maybe a video of you tattooing with Anthony?
Trevor C (13 days ago)
If you come to Dublin, I'll give you my entire back!
sundance kidd (12 days ago)
oh u mean like connor gave up his back and got choked out by khabib and forced to swallow his pride and tap once again😂
Wayne Fredrickson (12 days ago)
Shoot me a email and save up lets figure it out
Jake Kerwin (12 days ago)
please baby Jesus yes
oatis driftwood (13 days ago)
I love these videos theyre so chilled. Keep up the good work 👍👍 pretty stoked on the name drop there too 😁😁
Wayne Fredrickson (13 days ago)
Thanks you are the best
Dj Smith (13 days ago)
I'm 19 and I've always liked tattoos since I was young. You honestly made me realize the extreme passion I have for this art. I'm going to start my career and I want to say thanks. You are the definition of an inspiration. Cheers from South Africa man. Keep doing what you're doing man
David Nicoll (13 days ago)
I have had so much discrimination for my swastika but I don't explain myself I tell them Google it like in Sitges I was on the beach when I went topless I could hear a pin drop.
Lee Reber (10 days ago)
you do you! it offends me, a full jew, because my ancestors were murdered under that symbol (even if taken from it's original context of peace), but you can still say fuck the haters
David Nicoll (12 days ago)
+Lee Reber hey, I have a half Jewish friend and walking down the street the same night I was on the beach when some kid stopped me and asked if I would do that in Tel Aviv I said yeah now Google it shook hands with him and walked on it has personal meaning to me so fk haters if they aren't educated on it don't speak on it.
Lee Reber (12 days ago)
David Nicoll Plenty of people know the original symbolic significance. If you use it in your own religious rituals, like in Buddhism, that's cool, not my place to judge, but you probably shouldn't get a tattoo of it. Generally, it's offensive, insensitive, and alarming since the original symbolism WAS appropriated by Nazis, now that's the association, and it'd be more reasonable to just avoid having it on your body. As a Jew, I'd rather not be walking down the street or be at the beach and see a swastika on someone's body, I'd actively avoid them, but that's just me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ at the end of the day: you do you
Mike St John (13 days ago)
Are you going to be at Downtown Tattoos 10th anniversary party?!
Mike St John (13 days ago)
Wayne Fredrickson awesome! Cya there!
Wayne Fredrickson (13 days ago)
Wouldn't miss it for the world
Arkain (13 days ago)
Killing it man, hope you come to dallas soon.
cody church (13 days ago)
Psyched for the podcast man!
Wayne Fredrickson (13 days ago)
Me too!!
btszaynptx (13 days ago)
You actually look good with your hair grown out a bit, lookin like a fuzzy kiwi 🥝
btszaynptx (5 days ago)
Wayne Fredrickson i get you! cool cant wait 👌
Wayne Fredrickson (13 days ago)
Its a surprise for sure. Not my scene no facial hair for me just temporary thank you though.
btszaynptx (13 days ago)
Wayne Fredrickson oof dope, is it a surprise? 👀 i like it this length especially if it had a bit of a fade 👌 you look good either way fam 🤧
Wayne Fredrickson (13 days ago)
Thanks I have it I need a shave for sure growing hair for my halloween costume
guillermo sxedge (13 days ago)
you were straight edge?
Wayne Fredrickson (13 days ago)
Sleep tight don't let bed bug bite!
guillermo sxedge (13 days ago)
Wayne Fredrickson fist and throat!! Well, I am straight edge, but I still like your works!! Good night my friend!! greetings from El Salvador!!
Wayne Fredrickson (13 days ago)
Still am  That explains the big X on my throat haha

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