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Ebay Reviews: 10-80v DC step up converter

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this video is barely good enough for my to upload, but oh well. i'm really satisfied with my new power supply. i can feed it with 16v and it puts out 48 volts nicely. intro music is from Life On A Grid. its an Amiga graphics demo by ADA.
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Andrew Gervais (1 month ago)
hey hey thx for the vid. When you felt the temperature what amperage had it been putting through?
Czar Zenana (3 months ago)
You have no clue about batteries do you? The voltage at which you should/can charge your battery depends on the kind of cells and number of cells in series your battery has. A 48V 13S Li-Ion battery should be loaded CC CV at a maximum of 54.6V although it would be better to keep the voltage below 53V.
Bob Americana (5 months ago)
dude- you seem like the guy ineed to chat with. cant one of these etap up gizmos work for converting a 12volt battery to 36volts for an ebike kit motor ? i am looking at buying a golden motors 902pro set at 36volts/350watts.....the cost of lithium batteries is outrageous so i want to use 12volt 18ah batteries.....they weigh 13 pounds each......what i am thinking is if i use 2 of those batteries i will have 12volts with 36 amp hours.....i looked at one ste-up converter and it stated wattage output was based on volt number times 10....so 24volt 18ah would give me 240 watts to a 350 watt motor.....does that sound right ?? the reason i am looking at the magic motors 902 front hub is because i want a motor that freewheels when i just want to pedal....i dont know the technical term for that motor type...every time i make contact with somone i always end up with them trying to sell me their stuff...i need answers at this point...i am lost... i am building a custom delta recumbent trike..will have a 26" front wheel..the entire trike will weigh aound 70 pounds.....i weigh 250....i live in orlando florida so the terrain is quite flat.... i think 350 watt 36volt motor will allow me to cruise at 20mph...but i am not sure....the battery pack for it would require 3 of those batteries @13 pounds.... i would like to use just 2 of them and then a step up booster to save some weight....what do you think ?
The Kaiser (7 months ago)
Super-Genius - What's the maximum of amps you could draw at 50 or 48 volts?
Rinoa Super-Genius (7 months ago)
depends on the circuit's resistance.
michael williams (1 year ago)
Thank you very much for this vid. I bought one of these the other day. So i am going to have fun with this and my ebike 😊
Brant Goose (1 year ago)
Rinoa...everything i search for I see you over and over <333
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
each cell should be at least able to give a few amps. dont go for anything less than 1500mah. a 1500mah cell should be able to provide 3 amps without getting unreasonable hot. aim for 0.5C discharge for longest life. but honestly you can always invest in a better battery once your get your first made
Brant Goose (1 year ago)
Hey. I'm building a 14s pack using harvested cells n gonna wanna use a BT smart BMS. Some of my cells specs say they should only discharge at 500ma current max. So I need to pull 30 amps outta the 52v pack... Should I get some other newer cells that are the same capacity but can give out more amps to mix in there?
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
Rock'on (1 year ago)
Got this little beast last year and it still running my Sureflo 3.5gpm Water pump. It Draws 13 amp on input and I push 8 amps to the pump. I needed this because my water source is 100 meters away from my cabin... Works like a charm on my 12 gauge wires. I boost my voltage so I get 13 volts on the pump while running (around 22Vdc output). Only down side is that the output voltage goes down as my battery voltage on the input goes down... so output is not really regulated. I just boost the voltage a little more so it is a little under 12 volts on the pump when my battery is running low. Thanks for the the bench test...
goog le24 (2 years ago)
why you dont put this on your electric bike
Bisons Aquarium (2 years ago)
do you think this will work on what i want to use it for? i plan to use a 90v dc traedmill motor on my metal bandsaw and the motor is a 10 amp motor. will this setup work on it. my input is a camper ac to dc converter
epicdeuce (2 years ago)
I recently purchased the exact same model. I too was looking to use mine as a charger for my 36v ebike battery as well as a 24v volt battery backup pack I have. How do you ensure you don't over charge your battery when using this?
wiimancool1 (2 years ago)
epicdeuce I would also like to use this to charge me ebike (75.6v @ 16a: 18s8p). But I am planning to get a bms to be sure that the batteties don't overcharge. I am interested to see if it's usable without a bms aswell though.
JAMES! Since the 70's (2 years ago)
I know this is an old video.but I was wondering about the treadmill DC motors. they seem to run OK off lower volts. I have a full suspension mountain bike. I want to put a motor on. would a treadmill motor have enough power to make it really move? like 60 mph top speed. and could a couple buck boost converters be used with like 4- 10-15 amphour 12v batts. using the voltage converters as a simple throttle. by changing the potentiometers? I don't know know much about the motors or the converters. basically what I want to know about the motors . do they have more power than the bike motors. like the 24 or 48v 500&1000 watt bike motors on ebay. I'm trying to do it on the cheap. the motor controllers cost quite a bit. thanks and great videos
Robert Policastro (2 years ago)
James stranger these motors make about 3hp. depends on the voltage. i have one from a Nordic 1750 (?). it requires to much voltage i use ot on a gokart and it flys! but i have 12 batterys.
Joshua Hutton (2 years ago)
no would be too much amp draw
Joseph Chambers (2 years ago)
No in late December of 2015 I learned the hard way to never touch the boost converters at 100volts
Joseph Chambers (2 years ago)
boost converters don't make more power they just create the ability to cut through resistance by using higher volts
Joseph Chambers (2 years ago)
+Rinoa Super-Genius I'll do that
Rinoa Super-Genius (2 years ago)
+Joseph Chambers if you havent yet, go get some Peltier coolers and play with those, that could be a next good thing to learn about and play with. i want to build something like a solar cooled thermos with those someday.
Joseph Chambers (2 years ago)
+Rinoa Super-Genius idk I was just really board but I'll stop now
Rinoa Super-Genius (2 years ago)
+Joseph Chambers ok so if you understand it, why are we still talking about it?
Joseph Chambers (2 years ago)
+Rinoa Super-Genius Yes and I also know the difference between amp hours and watt hours amp hours is just Amps per hour watt hours are Amps times volts an hour. I like to say Amps are like torque volts are like speed and horsepower are like watts. I'm not sure why I think of it like that.
John Turner (2 years ago)
Hi Rinoa Great video, is this module still working. I am working on a project that requires a max of 10.8 volts but at a current draw of 8 amps from a single automotive battery do you think this module will fill my needs. thanks and keep the videos coming.
Jeff Kephart (3 years ago)
Volts Times Amps equal WATTS. 12v @ 10A=120w [email protected]=120w please speak in watts.
NARENDER KUMAR (3 years ago)
sir, can i use two&three modules in parell.
NARENDER KUMAR (3 years ago)
sir, can i attech two no. moduels in perlle for incrieging the crunt
HOT GUY (6 months ago)
NARENDER KUMAR mat ker.shock leg jaega beta 🤣
WallStreet Review (3 years ago)
Hi! could you test it again on a stepper motor   application?
Everton Burrell (4 years ago)
You are right, i was super informed many thanks.
Flofy387 (4 years ago)
Can i have the Ebay link pls. ? :O
BROWERPOWER 2010 (5 years ago)
What I'm looking for is a step down converter to take 48 to 80vdc and step it down to 24 to 12vdc for e-bike lighting..
yasser moaly (5 years ago)
I have a DC motor that consumes 10 AMP on load . It's input is 12 volt and i want to step up the input to 24 volt inorder to increase it's speed . Is this circle be suitable for that ??
yasser moaly (5 years ago)
+Rinoa Super-Genius First thanks for your fast response. second i have a last question, When i double the input voltage for that motor the Amp should increase so it will exceed 10 AMP because this motor consumes 10 AMP when it's input is 12 v  and the output current for that circuit is "maximum output current of 10AMP ( adjustable ) ". is that circuit will increase my motor speed ?? Ebay Reference : http://www.ebay.com/itm/DC-DC-600W-10-60V-to-12-80V-Boost-Converter-Step-up-Module-Power-Supply-/170893208817#shpCntId
Rinoa Super-Genius (5 years ago)
it should work. it can handle like 600 watts I think.
yasser moaly (5 years ago)
how much AMP this motor takes ??
Rinoa Super-Genius (5 years ago)
depends on the load. no load its like 2.5 amps.
alexrr1960 (5 years ago)
This is an after the fact refresher.  Got 2 of these and work very good. NICE Video and nice demo.  Thank you!
The Kaiser (7 months ago)
alex 1960 - What's the maximum of amps you can draw at 50 volts with an input of 12-24 volts?
Joe Kirklin (5 years ago)
Thanks for posting this.  Exactly what I was looking for!  I am really considering getting one of these.  I have been thinking about using my bike battery (16S LiFePO4 15Ah) for a portable power source when not on the bike.  Already have a really nice 48-60V input pure sine inverter, just need a good way to charge the pack out in the wild.  It seems like this little guy would make a really nice boost converter charger for a couple of solar panels attached to the battery!  Also, I noticed that a seller has got them on Amazon now - Prime even!
Rinoa Super-Genius (5 years ago)
oh thats a great idea. i was planning on using my first 48v 9ah battery pack for a project when i replace it with my 48v 35ah one. i'm perpetually disatisfied with modern laptops (except thinkpads) and so am going to rebuild my 1984 Kaypro IV portable comp with modern circuits and that 9ah battery. it should be awesome if i ever actually get around to it. i'll even run it with the origenal monochrome CRT. but anyway thanks for enjoying the video and i'm glad you found a use for this converter!
Rinoa Super-Genius (5 years ago)
i know right? tbh though china makes a lot of nice stuff now. its taiwan that makes most of the crap. ug i HATE the IDE cables and other stuff made in taiwan. when you try to pull them off a harddrive the cables sometimes rip appart.
Kenn Taylor (5 years ago)
yeah I plan on using it to bring a flywheel to high speeds, with a pwm to limit the current. High speed kinetic energy can then have a load that amplifies the same source with its centrifugal force, i think lol
Rinoa Super-Genius (5 years ago)
your welcome! you planning on getting one for a project?
Kenn Taylor (5 years ago)
very nice, thanks!
Sona Heals ftw (5 years ago)
So THAT'S what that does. That's pretty cool. :)
Terry 309 (5 years ago)
your motor looks a little rusty
Raymond Earle (5 years ago)
Now I know why I have been blowing up my converters. Not adjusting the current the correct way. I see now it needs a proper load with current meter in series and not just the meter across the output. Many thanks for a great review and tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

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