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Mike reviews Chameleon Dating Software Script's Love Tree game 2019

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Chameleon Dating Software Script by Websplosion comes with games built in. The games are for two people, for example John is in the USA and Maria is in Russia. And they play Love Tree.
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Text Comments (14)
David Chytka (10 days ago)
Nice game!
Larum Rain (7 months ago)
потрясающее видео.фортуны)))
Спасибо огромное! Буду знать будто лучше избирать часы amst ! Я непременно куплю наилучший вариант!
Mr.Snips (7 months ago)
i hope this script is fast since i am a godaddy reseller
Elina Hristich (7 months ago)
Классное видео.
world's Dumbest (7 months ago)
The website looks good. I like it
Nata History (7 months ago)
These guys are very professional, they exceeded my expectations. Always answer my questions, showing the solution, with images when necessary, in less than 24 hours. The script is very elaborate and stable. The only thing you can find negative is the fact that you want to change the domain name in the future you need to buy a new license. But it is an acceptable condition for the quality of the script, the after-sales support and the affordable price. Another very interesting quality is for those who want to make modifications. For this they offer a service with programmers and designs that know the dating of Chameleon. What's wrong with the script and the support service? I'm still thinking ...
Elina Hristich (7 months ago)
i have no idea there is most likely better ones out there but for the coin seems reasonable
Elina Hristich yes cheap now, 247 usd.
ich werde mir chameleon zu weihnachten leisten :)
Слава Кпсс (7 months ago)
didnt realize how different the features are in templates
Слава Кпсс (7 months ago)
I've been dealing with support on a daily basis since I bought it for the questions I can not find in the documents or frequently asked questions or in the forums, some of them are a mistake by not looking at them and finding what I need, but if it exists, the agents of support they indicated me the correct one to help solve my problem, they simply do not tell me to go see here, or they go here, in fact they find the link and they tell me where it is, a support and a patient very well informed as well. I never had 1 problem with the support at all. They answer my tickets within a reasonable time and always respond with the correct answers.
So we will buy before price goes up. :)

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