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Sips Plays The Stanley Parable (12/7/2018) #4 - Secret Room!

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Welcome to Sips Plays The Stanley Parable live! Here it is in its entire, (mostly) uncut format in case you want to see it all happen from start to finish. I stream most weekdays (GMT timezone) and am aiming to finish it entirely. Thanks to MrDamSawson on Twitter for the Pennywhacker drawing for the Thumbnail! - https://twitter.com/MrDamSawson/status/1018958988946362373 Watch it live every weekday: http://www.twitch.tv/sips_ My main YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/YogscastSips Decorate yourself with my garments: http://yogsca.st/h62 You can contact me on any of these social networks! http://www.reddit.com/r/sips Twitter - http://twitter.com/Sips_ Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/sips.yogscast Tumblr - http://yogscastsips.tumblr.com/
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Text Comments (64)
Mothified (2 months ago)
43:43 you know you love the song sips :')
Of Loxley (3 months ago)
Adam Persson (3 months ago)
Three endings missed. One with the console, one where you find the five computers awaiting input and the last one when you actually play his baby mini game for 4 hours but you can cheat your way through the 4 hours with the console.
Drake Cleland (3 months ago)
33:41 is when I started the stop watch and stopped it when the end loading screen came up at 37:15 speed run time roughly two and half minutes
NerdOracle (2 months ago)
fair play. but you were ~40% inaccurate; which i, frankly, deem unacceptable. had you only been off by +/- 15 seconds, i would not have interjected. i do believe this is checkmate, my new found acquaintance.
Drake Cleland (2 months ago)
NerdOracle I said roughly therefore not wrong
NerdOracle (2 months ago)
couldn't you just skip the stop watch and figure that out with subtraction? 37:15 - 33:41 = 3:34. so, also, you're somehow wrong. ._.
Matthew Duckson (3 months ago)
killzer990 (3 months ago)
this game is such a big metaphor about gaming it makes me depressed
Travis Booker (3 months ago)
I spent hours playing this game, but until now I never heard that sweet disco music.
Mr_FJ (3 months ago)
Secrets for president 2020.
1DeathEater (3 months ago)
Didn't know it was Christmas time again..
Dalston m (3 months ago)
WTierce1 (3 months ago)
I had to come find the secret ending clip in this video to make sure that the music was legit and not just added over the highlight video. Whoever put that ending in had to be waiting for Sips to find it.
The Mad Cow (3 months ago)
I was hoping he'd notice when the song appeared in the credits after the True Ending, but no such luck XD
VeggeMight (3 months ago)
Lol Sip's reaction to the shitty escape pod ending.
Lenard Fernandez (3 months ago)
What is the name of the disco music? XD 45:10
frurryhalle (3 months ago)
We Love to party by Kevin Macleod :) he also did the tune pixelland that fizone used
Nylo X (3 months ago)
He missed two endings: The Divine Art ending occurs when you actually play the Baby Game for four hours straight. At around the two-hour mark, a second challenge appears with a dog and a piranha tank. The Heaven ending occurs when you turn off 5 separate computers across the game when their screens have a loading bar with a message that says, "Awaiting Input." They're both extremely difficult to achieve, so I guess we should be happy he got the ones he did.
Nylo X (2 months ago)
Yeah he said he'd do it at one point but never did
Barnabus (3 months ago)
He also missed the console ending. The first time you attempt to cheat, the narrator puts you in a room with nothing but a table and chair and has a firm talk with you about the consequences of your actions. It's a shame because I think sips would've liked that ending but oh well.
Nylo X (3 months ago)
Yeah, in the code the buttons don't actually do anything. You're supposed to die in order to realize the futility of going against the story.
Wyatt (3 months ago)
Drummer boii that’s not possible.
Drummer boii (3 months ago)
3 he never stopped the self destruct
Jeremy Rankin (3 months ago)
This brings back about “a million” memories. ;)
Nick Currie (3 months ago)
20:30 A Wolverine...
Pancakesandsyrup123 (3 months ago)
got loose in the office
Jorch Neto (3 months ago)
still some endings missing
LiveBacteria (3 months ago)
3 out of like 17, he didn pretty good all in one sitting lol I spent 4 days watching this lool
Dli611 Li (3 months ago)
Zyy920 (3 months ago)
You didn't unplug the phone..
Mr. Ds (3 months ago)
Zyy920 he did tho
Mr_Silver98 (3 months ago)
he did in the last part
Daryl Thorne (3 months ago)
Should make a Stanley Parable ''The Ride'' In Planet Coaster :D
rhyleymaster (3 months ago)
The secret ending music reminds me of old sips
MULDOONE (2 months ago)
fuck yeah! million subs video with lewis and cringe dancing! :D
rhyleymaster (2 months ago)
Big money, big women, big fun
Simonstar (2 months ago)
Skyrim party :(
Peejay Goh (3 months ago)
it's the sips party music <3
Bradley Lamb (3 months ago)
Making the big ones
13dumdiddy (3 months ago)
Lots of fun, great call man
The hammer of BEN (3 months ago)
"A wolverine got loose in the office and they were alerted to this fact by the fact that wolverines are very loud and stink to goddamn high heaven as well, ugh somebody smelt the wolverine before anything else and ugh alerted the authorities ugh and a full evacuation of the building happend and ugh of course stanley is nuts to begin with and ugh didnt hear the evacuation order and is stuck with a wolveine somewhere prowling around" -Sips
xDGongasxD (3 months ago)
xDGongasxD (3 months ago)
good old James Dean Death Scene
The hammer of BEN (3 months ago)
Viktor Woloszczuk give me the music give me the music, come on
Viktor Woloszczuk (3 months ago)
sombodidi sombodidi oo-saw oo-saw dibidibidoneemakowee dibbi-dow dibbi-dow dibbi- (dow dow d-d-d-d-dow)
Michele Del Giudice (3 months ago)
*smash like*
Wyatt (3 months ago)
Can we get sips to play the baby game for four hours so he can get the divine art ending?
Jacob Rendall (3 months ago)
I thought you meant the Stanley Parable was a baby game and I just realized you could show this a kid and it would be mostly age appropriate (except for 'sweet FA' and the fact that the narrator might creep out some kids)
Yourself (3 months ago)
oh yeah got it mixed up ty
Wyatt (3 months ago)
Yourself the baby game is the same for 2 hours until the Narrator adds another factor, a basically identical game with a puppy instead of a baby and piranhas instead of a fire. You have to manage both at the same time for 2 hours to get the Divine Art Ending.
Yourself (3 months ago)
Doesn't it become 8 hours?
DevilVocano (3 months ago)
Hell no
Brewis Ginley (3 months ago)
Is the Sipsinator going to play this is the police 2, perhaps the legend of Lakewood can continue
Particle Mane (3 months ago)
Sips, you should play the Curse of Monkey Island.
Ben's Knight-Commander (2 months ago)
Manuela Mustermann (3 months ago)
oh yeah, that would be fuckin great
TheJker (3 months ago)
43:37 I've waited several years for sips to get that ending.
Mothified (2 months ago)
I know right? it's his favorite song and all :P
DevilVocano (3 months ago)
TheJker Wow thats amazing
Stephanie S (3 months ago)
The elevator music creeps me out with it's whispers
Kyle Bentley (3 months ago)
Ah just like the good ol days

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