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Mr Bean does 'Blind Date' | Comic Relief

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Mr Bean goes on Blind Date with Cilla Black in this special sketch for Comic Relief. Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/1gXbQkj Visit Us ► http://comicrelief.com Facebook ► https://facebook.com/comicrelief Twitter ► https://twitter.com/comicrelief ------------------------------------------- Thanks for all your support - sharing the video and leaving a comment is always appreciated. Please respect each other in the comments! Donate: https://www.comicrelief.com/donate Our mission is to drive positive change through the power of entertainment. © Comic Relief 2016. Registered charity 326568 (England/Wales); SC039730 (Scotland)
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Text Comments (339)
Rj Singh (1 year ago)
its craziness...
Meti Elias (1 year ago)
how I didn't c dis ol time
Alex Wong (1 year ago)
"Taking pictures of his food" how about that 😂😂😂
Ms Brightside (1 year ago)
how have i not seen this before?? amazing!
Isobel Wise (7 years ago)
mr bean reminds me of doc martin lol
Yus Hasan (7 years ago)
Yus Hasan (7 years ago)
mr bean x pandai lyn awek btol la
comikrocker (7 years ago)
that's brilliant!!!! for a silent character, Mr Bean did say quite a bit
voguette (7 years ago)
akumu102 (7 years ago)
Number 2 has an adorable face:)-
Emma Maton (7 years ago)
Parents are aliens!
KT85 Chan (7 years ago)
I wonder what did mr bean said @ 2:50 after the middle guy say princess Diania??
lee leather (7 years ago)
a think number 1 is carl from hollyoaks lol
MithranArkanere (7 years ago)
It's so weird watchig Mr. Bean talk.
Emit79 (7 years ago)
FightWrestleFight (7 years ago)
Bring Back Blind Date!
Richard Scrancher (7 years ago)
that woman who dates mr bean been on my parent are aliens and hi iam alan partridge
Donal Lynch (7 years ago)
That is Alan Cumming and the girl is Barbara Durkin.
uniquegirl98 (7 years ago)
@MediaHallofFame yeah i used 2 love that show
uniquegirl98 (7 years ago)
@MediaHallofFame yh i used 2 luv that show
sellout1990 (7 years ago)
@MediaHallofFame yeppp
sellout1990 (7 years ago)
number 1 is carl from hollyoaks.
richardsadilek (7 years ago)
I´m so terribly teriibly sorry! oh! ... Cilla??
ProffaSam (7 years ago)
Damn, I really felt sorry for Mr Bean :-/
audveltadmuna (7 years ago)
@aelgould every day
GoPro Flying (7 years ago)
Nice to see Susan from Alan Partridge. Shame she sheems to always work with nerds.
shpirdonkle (7 years ago)
OHHH!!!!!!!! A young Alan Cumming! Awesomeness!
mike098456 (7 years ago)
gotta love bean
Raptor Jesus (7 years ago)
loved it XD
mixersmix i (7 years ago)
@guardien1459 thank you thats been bugging me 4 ages :)
Puking RainbowzTV (7 years ago)
is the blind date real?
Alison Langhorn (7 years ago)
@MediaHallofFame Highly doubt it, but maybe?
Rama Creates (7 years ago)
@DemoniHolocaust I don't know his name but the bad guy from the son of the mask.
Caolan (7 years ago)
@DemoniHolocaust it is
TeNsHoTs26 (7 years ago)
@DemoniHolocaust It because that is him.
Rajinder Singh (7 years ago)
The video is AWESOME!!!!!!!
tyfmmfl (7 years ago)
i would have picked number 2 hahaha
Charlotte Crabbe (7 years ago)
Puking RainbowzTV (7 years ago)
9:02 is funny watch!!!
KMIX FONG (7 years ago)
Really 40 people actually went on a date with Mr.Beans
Ash ley (7 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHA SOOO FUNNY! xD I loooove mr.bean :))
savebylundqvist3530 (7 years ago)
Robbie is really Billy Glide
NinjaFawful (7 years ago)
at 4:15 it would be good if he followed her
JunHan Ong (7 years ago)
the host's teeth is annoying.. LOL
tailsnclaws (7 years ago)
I almost thought No. 1 the carpenter was about to say he was specialised in 'screwing'. LOL!!!
Sam Pacifico (7 years ago)
Haha mr. Bean us SOOOOOOOOO funny!!!!
zerar (7 years ago)
7:32 Ahahhhhha :D:D:D!!!!
jliz1589 (7 years ago)
"In other words, he's a pervert!" Lol!
judy S.O (7 years ago)
@AngelinaNanaNaiii i thought as much..... hez a hottie..... dang !!!
lvivboi (7 years ago)
mr. bean: the best character in the history of comedy.
CENArandyorton (7 years ago)
rowan atkinstan aka mr bean is my favourite actor ever i will do anything to meet him
Kasi Lendje (7 years ago)
lol Number 1 is a flirrt lol Bed BED BED
tiramisumusical (7 years ago)
'Cilla?' LOL! XD EPIC!!!!!!!! XD <3
Angelina I (7 years ago)
OMG! Number 1 is Carl Costello in Hollyoaks, how funny! And Number 2 was in X-Men! Brilliant!
TheUltimateToad (7 years ago)
@XIXownageXIX Alan cumming.
XIXownageXIX (7 years ago)
isnt the 2nd guy in a movie? spy kids?
TheAnshey (7 years ago)
i couldn't tell this was all acted out until the doorman turned with an arrow in his back...
Gibbo118 (7 years ago)
This is just brilliant on every level.
BadBuffalo (7 years ago)
Your name? Bean. First name? Mr.! LOL!
TheAnshey (7 years ago)
this was soOo acted out! 13:40 was a give away! but soOo hilarious!!! XD
TheAnshey (7 years ago)
i'm soOo sure they acted it all out!
Robin Luigi (7 years ago)
omg alan cummings haha
DragonPunch2theFace (7 years ago)
reminds me of leisuire suit larry 3
Warsilver (7 years ago)
first name? "uuuhh Mr." -lmao
Megadriver (7 years ago)
OMG! I laughed my head off when the girl saw mr. Bean's butt while he was perfuming his shoes!
Megadriver (7 years ago)
OMG! I laughed my head off when the girl saw mr. Bean's butt while he was perfuming his shoes! HAHAHA he fished up a duck and was aiming at the cameraman! Wonder if mr. Bean will make it up to the World Golf Championship?
JK Wiseman (7 years ago)
@guardien1459 alan cumming
Moonpie (7 years ago)
His dancing is ePiC!!!!
Alex2149 (7 years ago)
@GreatOldSongs speak to the hand !
Ben (7 years ago)
That guy in the middle is floop from spy kids.
Sopraltofilms (7 years ago)
Is #2 Alan Cumming?
Max Ma (7 years ago)
hey isnt guy no.2 the evil guy from Spy Kids? o.0
scottybwoi90 (7 years ago)
she aint from manchester... she sounds too posh lol.
OzPom96 (7 years ago)
You said it Mr Bean! "Thats disgusting!" Go away Number 1, you don't stand a chance.
levian (7 years ago)
That was really awkward.
Benjamin Hognestad (7 years ago)
that girl is SO beautiful!
JamieJohnson (7 years ago)
Someone called Tracey from Manchester. How original.....
VanZan (7 years ago)
@ivorbigonee yea mr. bean is class a comedy though
Robert Moore (7 years ago)
hello my name is rodi, but i also answer to nightcrawler, fegan or loki
ivorbigonee (7 years ago)
@taylor189 u do know this isnt real right?
ivorbigonee (7 years ago)
@saturnstargirl he looks like ronnie o sulliavan
Karl Bond (7 years ago)
LMAO No.1 is in Hollyoaks FFS! No.2 Mr Cummings (x-men 2 and Air Scotcia) and Bean.... Class
Karl Bond (7 years ago)
@saturnstargirl NIGHTCRAWLER man!!!!!!
MiniMcGuy (7 years ago)
Niall Hickman (7 years ago)
Cannibal Bean
Joe Lacey (7 years ago)
@saturnstargirl he's the bad guy from something, ghost busters i think?
Gnome Child (7 years ago)
@saturnstargirl spy kids
Melissa Jackson (7 years ago)
@Hawkspire0 yep, alan cumming. XD
ejl1000 (7 years ago)
Dan Tjoe (7 years ago)
LMAO AT BEAN! When he replied to a bit of horizontal dancing "Thats disgusting!" AND WHEN he says "In other words he's a pervert!" XD HAHA
kenobi234 (7 years ago)
Tracy is the person from My Parents are Aliens
britishgoose01 (7 years ago)
@Hawkspire0 hes from goldeneye
GreatOldSongs (7 years ago)
I love when he pushes her away by her face so he can shake her hand XD
Bethany (7 years ago)
Taz1451 (7 years ago)
The left guy is Carl on Hollyoaks.. I hate him.
VanZan (7 years ago)
the audience led her on. and they screwed her over. HILARIOUS!
sycomac (7 years ago)
@RNC200707 yeah it is.....the middle is nightcrawler from x-men 2
The Sixth Doctor (7 years ago)
@01carterg Oh yeah! He's "EEENVINCEEBULL!" and also, "a messenger of the devil".
tromboneJTS (7 years ago)
What is a "lawwer of luck"?
LaneyWales2k9 (7 years ago)
@01carterg is he the dude from spy kids? :L

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