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Traditional Hand Tattoo - Skin Art: EP5

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Note: All persons who appear in this video have signed releases for their appearance. These tattoos are done manually without machines, using just a simple bamboo stick, needles, and ink.
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Text Comments (723)
Reyno alfaro diaz (1 day ago)
What country was this video made?
Prapakorn srirat (13 days ago)
LITA JENSTERLE (15 days ago)
3:25 when your friend gets in trouble and your trying not to laugh
Eyal Harel (26 days ago)
Is she old enough for a tattoo?
N0 NaMe (1 month ago)
а российские кушать
The shading looks like a huge bruise
Ares Tetik (2 months ago)
Bad work. Bad work
Pavel Barsegyan (2 months ago)
Sweet girl
Efecan Erkadam 2 (2 months ago)
Ne acir lan oo
SOMSAK SENSOMSI (2 months ago)
joeny dawaton (3 months ago)
Daniul Glun (3 months ago)
she looks so pretty !!!
Nik Smith (3 months ago)
Until you have done traditional hand tattoos for yourself you can stfu just saying:P
Killjoy Noelle (4 months ago)
Did anyone else think she is adorable?
SMOKEY 664 (4 months ago)
He look like a Mexican rapper
Никита Kingsman (4 months ago)
Lucas Santos (4 months ago)
Handpoked tattoos take twice the time and pain to be made but in the end you did a good job being a hipster
Tom May (5 months ago)
Ivanildo Cafu (5 months ago)
Terrible 🙁
POOJA A S (5 months ago)
I think its sooo painful
I started tattoing 35 years ago this way , funny to see it's trendy again ! Hi from France !
David Bourg (5 months ago)
I really want one of those
Sir Lizard (5 months ago)
Why does she look like box box
Matolo Campos (5 months ago)
Why adding a shitty sound of sisors when he picks ?
comedy kings (5 months ago)
This first started in india
ツAaxel (5 months ago)
2:24 She died?
kyle Manuel (5 months ago)
She cute
daan (5 months ago)
the shading makes absolutely no sense
Brennan Khor (6 months ago)
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I am Ferguso (6 months ago)
Is that ary kriting?
Mr_Beastplayer06 bs (6 months ago)
How old is the kid?
Jun S (6 months ago)
She’s cute
NEIVA BOCE (6 months ago)
How it he old
longboard kid (7 months ago)
Sounds painful tho
Clfx _303 (7 months ago)
I want to cut her stupid hair from her face
MxS Rex (7 months ago)
I though that the girl getting the tattoo was a boy
Foxiepaws ACAnderson (7 months ago)
Is this in London?
lylyne moOn (7 months ago)
The small girl is happy of the tatoo that's the more important....
SzerszeŃ Official (7 months ago)
How to make those machines?
WhiteBoyWithAnIpod (7 months ago)
Is that a boy a girl or an asian?
Abe Sydney Pink (7 months ago)
The tattoo came out perfect. Pacific islands here i come.
Woozy MOBROSE (7 months ago)
Yo like i ain't a artist or anything bit even i can tell that the light direction does not make sense with the shading
Patrick Green (8 months ago)
She looks like a 12 year old boy
bananas iroini (8 months ago)
don't call it a gun
It is Japan?
Grigore Vlad (8 months ago)
boy face :))))
iVoltss (8 months ago)
No wonder it heals fast, he doesnt go deep with the needle, meaning it will fade easy
aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh (8 months ago)
stick and poke tattoos don't hurt nearly as bad as people think, i'd say a tattoo gun hurts worse (also, this is the 666th comment lmao neat)
Mason Kotloff (8 months ago)
Dmitry Kapckin (9 months ago)
https://youtu.be/owlPS23fKYU вооо
Хуйня какая-то
Lex60 (9 months ago)
"Hello darkness my old friend..." 3:25
Damarcus Redmon (9 months ago)
When you can YouTube other traditional tattoos on irritated skin and see they are 100 times better Stop giving excuses for this
Kelly Martin (9 months ago)
She's cool. I'd hang with the tattooed (probably 12) year old.
Harvir Singh (9 months ago)
a fooken origami
juan marcos vera lara (9 months ago)
Como le hacen para aguantar el dolor...? Se mira que la chica esta muy contenta...
pineapple 03 (9 months ago)
Who in the right mind would let someone tattoo "skin art" on their skin
BAGS_OF_BISCUITS (9 months ago)
Can someone tell me where to get this done on the east coast!!!!????
Andersen Kilgore (9 months ago)
Its just a fancy jail pick and poke tat
Amelia Katherine (9 months ago)
Damn the shading is bad 😂
TuneManiac (9 months ago)
o thats a girl?
Sadxbear (9 months ago)
They look like they are 12
Jericho Abad (9 months ago)
Azrael Tsubuzaki (9 months ago)
I...was not expecting that voice, it's somtimes so hard to differentiate asian boys and girls.
Arti TOP (10 months ago)
is she/he 12 years old? :D
Sorry man, but your tattoo sucks
Edd Gsmith (10 months ago)
There's alot of tattoo artist commenting where's your shop
Roma Марiдский (10 months ago)
УБЕРИТЕ Рекламу!!!,. Яже вас попросил по отличному Уроды!!!!
CREW TWS (10 months ago)
he looks 6 tf
Nani Sunami (10 months ago)
I think I’ll stick to traditional
Tyler Thomas (10 months ago)
But how sanitary is that though
NightFall (10 months ago)
1:51 sounds and looks like he's chopping lettuce like if you agree
Cheese Apple (10 months ago)
So the shading looks really shitty right now but it will fade over time and won't be nearly as harsh. IT the combination of the ink being wiped over the area and it staining the skin and the freshness of the tattoo.
Poor girl wtf type of tat was that... idgaf if it hurts less n heals faster. At least a tattoo gun is accurate
Igorr Daasilva (10 months ago)
A cabar tem gente q reclama da máquina caseira
Shady Sav (10 months ago)
So because it's not as deep it's more likely to fade?
Gamer04 (11 months ago)
Wtf he a 6 years old
Yung Budds (11 months ago)
I thought she was a boy until she started talking xD
Who de Fock would add those ugly tattoos
moon lightning (11 months ago)
1:03 looks like 13 years old
M00SE (11 months ago)
Is that a kid
Tiggy 2Timez (11 months ago)
Traditional way is far less painful, ive fallen asleep to the constant tapping and rhythmic motion until the needles come to a sensitive spot and that's when I question my ancestors and my entire existence lol 🙏🏾✨🔒 #cultureandtradition
Christian Rojas (11 months ago)
My dude looks bald even though he is fully bald lol
Me I (11 months ago)
Lol she is going to cry when she gets home. What hell is that on her arm
MoroccoRocko (11 months ago)
Louis poole (11 months ago)
That looks so bad
Louis poole (11 months ago)
She looks like a man
shutup shit head (11 months ago)
Ahliyah Williams (11 months ago)
Nessa Gaming (11 months ago)
made in china
I_bombhills (11 months ago)
3:25 I’m dead inside
Mr.ice.305 (11 months ago)
I thought that was a girl
Savaged Pepe (1 year ago)
thats a trash tattoo
Demiurgo tattoo/games (1 year ago)
a guy said tattoo machines are for amateurs, it kinda bumed me out :(
Ambrosia West (1 year ago)
Literally trying to get a traditional tattoo.
nikon d3200 (1 year ago)
Kyrito (1 year ago)
Tig TV (1 year ago)
Um yeah every culture with tattooing did tattoos this way before guns were invented
Stoned (1 year ago)
I lost Respect when he said "tattoo gun"
Phil Chan (1 year ago)
1. Is it a girl or a boy? 2. Are they even of legal age to get a tattoo?! Looks about 10 years old wtf....

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