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eBay Seller Lost $17,000 to eBay Scammer Buyer - How To Avoid

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We all know that eBay almost always sides with the buyers in disputes. Even when the buyer is clearly a scammer or at fault. To some extent this is just the cost of doing business on eBay. I basically build into my margins the fact I know I'm going to be scammed a few times, I know I'm going to have a few lost packages, and I know I'm going to have a few customers claiming they didn't receive packages despite me having a signature proviing they signed for them lol. It's up to you as a seller to determine if the headaches of eBay are worth the profits. To me they are and I continue to sell on eBay. It's important however to understand eBays policies, how to protect yourself from scammers, and every seller should also decide what's the biggest loss they are willing to take. If your not willing to take a $500 loss, don't sell products for $500 or more on eBay as scams and bad buyers can and do happen. What's the highest dollar amount you've ever lost to a bad eBay sale? Let us know in the comments section below...
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Tom Powell (2 days ago)
You can't go knocking on someone's door. I have called the neighbor over to the fence line and bitched then out @ excessive noise at 3am. I was getting up for work at 5am. When the police came the cop reaches for his handcuffs and looks me in the eye and asks if I went over and knocked on their door. So he was preparing to arrest me if I had. So my advice is to contact a private investigator local to their area and set him on then. Then start a civil suit against them all fees losses pain and suffering etc. Good luck.
Ricky Ostrom (3 days ago)
If everybody going to court would subpoena Ebay, it would shake and wake them to resolve these issues.
Home products channel (11 days ago)
What if the buyer never returns your item?
Uni Amni (12 days ago)
In my country we kill each other for 10 Dollars. 17 000$ Thats a lot of Machete chopping.
Rules For Rebels (11 days ago)
hey uni, where are you from?
Toucan Sam (14 days ago)
Karma will get back to the scammer
Jay P (19 days ago)
He should have transferred the money to another bank account and closed that account so PayPal cannot take the funds back
electricfields1 (19 days ago)
lol a banana peel
Nice Shot (23 days ago)
His biggest mistake was not withdrawing the funds BEFORE he shipped the item. If he couldn't withdraw the money because of the amount was held by Paypal then he should have given the buyer a refund on the spot without shipping the item.
Rules For Rebels (18 days ago)
an amount that large probably would have been held anyway and even if you get the money out ebay/paypal will wind up sending you to collections. granted you do have the money but still they'd probably continue to try to come after you even if you were able to get the funds.
Ay Bee (29 days ago)
I was scammed twice in the last month. I sell high-end electronics on ebay and I am a power seller with 100% feedback. Both buyers claimed to have received something other than what I sent to them. When I checked the tracking it showed that both parcels were delivered in good condition. Both buyers didn't even mention that the parcels seemed to be tampered with. Actually one of them insisted that it hadn't been. In 1 case ebay told me to accept the return and if I received anything other than my item back I would fill in a "fraudulent return document". Confident with ebay's policy on this I accepted the return. Unsurprisingly the buyer sent me a worthless item. I had video and pictures of the returned parcel. I contacted ebay and they told me that I had been given wrong advice (by their own staff). They told me that there is no such thing as a fraudulent return. They took my money and gave it back to the buyer. In the other case they claim the buyer sent them "evidence" that the phone was fake - despite the buyer uploading a picture that matched my picture, showing the same IMEI number. You can verify from an IMEI number if a phone is fake or not. It seems that all you have to do on ebay to get free stuff is open a case and claimed you received something else. ebay has now become a haven for scammers and theives. Even managers in ebay told me that if someone opens a case against me I will lose "99% of the time". Moral of the story - don't use ebay. Btw if anyone has any advice on this please reply. Any help on this is welcome
Nice Shot (23 days ago)
Goes both ways. But sellers can't get away with it as often because of the negative feedback.
coldsore (1 month ago)
buzz your head
Rules For Rebels (1 month ago)
I used to buzz my head. One of these days when I get sick of long hair I'll take a buzzer with no blade to it. Maybe i'll do it on a livestream
Gavin Macintyre (1 month ago)
I was recently scammed as a seller but it wasn't on eBay it was on a site called www.grailed.com. I sold a buyer a sweatshirt in May of 2018 for $250, I provided tracing and everything was good. September 26th a dispute was filed against me and it was from that buyer. He said he never received the item. So I contacted PayPal and explained everything to them and gave them the tracking number. I was then told that USPS tracking numbers expire in 45 days and that PayPals return/ buyer protection is 180 days. I was told that the only thing I could to is to contact the post office and they should have a tracking on file so I did that and they had no clue what I was talking about even calling there manager. I then proceeded to call PayPal back with proof that it was a scam. This proof included a screenshot showing that the buyer is banned off of grailed. A screenshot saying the package was delivered. A screenshot showing that the random email provided [email protected] wasn't valid and the buyers name was coming up in Chinese when he punched it in Delaware. Lastly a screenshot after they sent my money back to him that he is a non-US resident and unauthorized user. I sent all of this to PayPal for them to tell me that all the proof I showed them wasn't good enough. So now I have lost $250 and a hoodie that is now worth $450. If you have any tips or any way of getting my money back I still have a chance as long as its before October 26th.
Nun Ya (1 month ago)
Every big box store tracks fraudulent returns by requiring a photo ID. Why won't eBay do the same type of thing?
Rules For Rebels (1 month ago)
Yeah very true, after my buddy got married and had to return some duplicate wedding gifts he got blackballed by a couple big box stores and could't return anything for like a year
mike johnson (2 months ago)
This is why you should pay mob insurance, they will take care of your issue and pay your money in-advance even your case not resolved yet...
respinoza89 (2 months ago)
With eBay you have a small chance of winning as a seller. I have won before. With amazon, it is impossible to win. I have never won with amazon.
Rules For Rebels (2 months ago)
yeah your right generally speaking they heavily favor the buyer. the one instance i typically do win cases is when it says item delivered and buyer claims its not delivered. i believe ebay typically lets me win but also pays the buyer out of their pocket as part of the buyer/seller protection, at least that's been my experience.
Blessed Mother (2 months ago)
How did the seller do? Did he get his money back?
Rules For Rebels (2 months ago)
Hey blessed, unfortunately I never got an update on this situation
80's Nostalgia Guy (2 months ago)
Only link a credit card to PayPal. So if you get screwed over, you can cancel the charges.
Rules For Rebels (2 months ago)
Yeah credit card chargebacks give you an added layer of protection
z anthony (2 months ago)
I have too many scammers from Russia and South America. They try different ways to scam I use tracking so they claim item was different to get refund, they try to return cheap item if sent item was more expensive. Very clever. Revenge is coming for these bastards. Beware of this Ebay user ID sokoligor
Rules For Rebels (2 months ago)
Yeah with eBay I typically only deal domestically, i realize I'm missing out on some sales but ultimately to me not worth the headaches of dealing international
Blood Angel (2 months ago)
The fees on $17k must be huge. There's no way PayPal is the best idea here, and I definitely wouldn't post until the money was in my hand. I'd also have to be willing to dump the account when it inevitably goes wrong.
Rules For Rebels (2 months ago)
Yeah I personally would never trust ebay or paypal wiht a huge transaction, cash or watching someeone get a cashiers check at their bank is the only way I would ever do a large transaction.
Al van der Laan (2 months ago)
Write down the serial numbers, if they exist, take pictures of the items and send them to the buyer. eBay is a pain in the butt, I just started a small company and someone bought a brand new laptop, they filed the item is not as described and PayPal pulled my money back immediately. I received the item back and of course it was a totally wrecked laptop. I did have the pictures and the original serial numbers and also the invoice when I purchased it. I took the buyer to court and won the case. I also filed grievance with PayPal and had them mentioned in the small courts claim which they did not like.
Rules For Rebels (2 months ago)
Good tip with the serial numbers. Ultimately though eBay isn't always helpful in actually investigating issues. If you get a good ebay rep they may actually dig into the facts, otherwise sometimes its just a knee jerk decision and you lose out even if your in the right
Frank James (2 months ago)
Money up front is a perfect policy and do a hold on refund that's the standard policy until they return the product
Bill Bixby (3 months ago)
And this is the reason I will never sell on ebay
Rules For Rebels (3 months ago)
I totally feel you there although honestly eBay gets a lot of hate and IMHO Amazon is probably worse but you dont hear as many people complaining about them. I think eBay is more for the casual seller so I think that's why we tend to see more complaints, more people using it
Tyrone Bunne (3 months ago)
Ebay have a reason for denying villainy - 10% of the transaction. I sell to a 20 mile radius only. If they try me, I will travel on foot to the address - smash their fucking punk arse teeth in. These people are pushing up insurance premiums, lessening insurance coverage, and slamming the brakes on when you are behind them. WHERE is the competition to ebay? Damn
Rules For Rebels (3 months ago)
While I understand your concern and frustrations with eBay, selling within a 20 mile radius imho is pretty limiting, very few buyers within such a small radius, at that point you may as just use offerup, letgo, 5 miles and craigslist and cut out the ebay fees
Carmencita Vettori (3 months ago)
I will not sell or buy jewelries online.
Rules For Rebels (3 months ago)
probably a good idea
Don Mega (3 months ago)
5:00 you file for small claims in your own state. they'll have to come to you! at which point they'll probably cancel their scam. 10:30 burn their house down. kill their pet dog. probably the only language they understand.
LILITHS LAIR (3 months ago)
How did this turn out ? 8-17-2018
my sister scammed too with fack PayPal recept 😢
Brittney Taylor (4 months ago)
That’s why you use an official shipping method so you can track the package and prove it was delivered.
circlek (4 months ago)
Sell, buy local...? On E-bay. though? Bummer. Stupid scammers keep bumming me out.
Bro Huga (4 months ago)
This is exactly what I'm afraid of. I sent a Samsung tablet to a guy for $165 in very good condition, and then 2 or 3 days later messages me that the tablet was defective and had dead pixels, but then in the return request, the buyer said that there was a yellow tint in the screen. This felt kind of fishy to me, so I accepted the return request to see if this guy is scamming me or not. Lucky me, it was a Samsung tablet and I was able to get the Serial No. from Samsung+ for the tablet I sent. The buyer has shipped the tablet that I "sent him" but I haven't received it yet.
littlesongbird1 (4 months ago)
Scams like this are why I will probably never sell electronics or jewelry
littlesongbird1 (4 months ago)
Rules For Rebels (4 months ago)
My partner found a source for Hermes handbags recently but no way i would sell something 10k, 20k, 30k on ebay too easy to get scammed.
Michelle JKB (4 months ago)
He could of called the FBI since it’s across state lines, they have helped me with issues over state lines.
Rules For Rebels (4 months ago)
possibly postal inspector or something like that
Rules For Rebels (4 months ago)
I've heard FBI won't get involved unless something involves more than 5 million Dollars, not sure how true that is
Moe Moe (4 months ago)
Great video man... thanks for taking the time to warn people 👍
Rules For Rebels (4 months ago)
Hey Moe, thanks for taking the time to watch and comment, appreciate it brother
Anna Jany (4 months ago)
Dont sell grandmas jewlery on ebay! Poor grandma.
Rules For Rebels (4 months ago)
Matt Scott (4 months ago)
good luck getting the money it would be hard, i do sports cards pwcc sells thousands of high dollar cards every other week talking some cards plus and he doesn't have issues
Amanda B (4 months ago)
It's easy to scam on eBay. It's easy to get a debit card in a fake name. And when buying stuff on eBay it's easy to make account in fake name. So it's not a garentee you can sue someone. Sometime people use real address other times they don't. But even if they use the real address it doesn't mean anything if there is no proof of that name at the address. We live in a small town in NC and you def don't want to show up at someone door you will get beat or shot. People in NC do not take it nicely for people showing up at there door. And if it's someone who has scammed you then they aren't going to be happy you are there bothering them and it's on the new every day here people getting beat and killed for alot less. Just because we aren't in. Big city doesn't mean nothing.
Caleb Bay (5 months ago)
Suit can usually be filed in either jurisdiction. I would file it in my own. You will win the small claims suit. They won't pay you and there will be nothing you can do about it from there. You can eventually garnish their wages but that is impossible from another state and hard from the state your in. Landlords are good about it. A landlord in the area would be a good person to ask. FedEx offers insurance. Ill bet the underwriting insurance company has some bad ass investigators. They would probably just ignore this to the end that you don't know they exist until they are climbing up your ass with a flashlight. Jewelry person is fucked. Shouldn't have sold anything for $17,000 on the platform. That was stupid. Expensive Lesson.
Jonathan Dexter (5 months ago)
Then don't sell on ebay, easy peasy
VTC Motors (5 months ago)
Very well, you do good.
VTC Motors (5 months ago)
Vert well man
nelo ornelas (5 months ago)
Insurance would help?
Dustin Souders (5 months ago)
so you made a vid on someomes so called scam problem. way to help! glad you got your clickbait wout creating actual content for ecommerce in general. how about you follow this up with results and actual facts of what happened?
Robert utley (5 months ago)
kids said something about acting like a child get treated like one.
The Tech Genie (5 months ago)
Last time been screwed show up with 2 other friends at door and pretty much took my shit back plus extra for the hassle. They didn't want the cops around due to they had drugs at the place.
The Tech Genie (5 months ago)
Get criminal charges file and then file a lawsuit though law division. Then you can sue for higher amount and get it served by sheriff.
L.M. Welsh (5 months ago)
The worst advice you can give someone is show up at someone's house. If it escalates you put yourself in jeopardy. Go through the avenues of the LAW... Let them handle it. You never know if a psycho has guns, etc.
Rules For Rebels (5 months ago)
L.M. Welsh while i agree with you on this the lawdoesnt really care or do anything about issues like this
L.M. Welsh (5 months ago)
did you not get a lawyer???????????
Rules For Rebels (5 months ago)
this didn't happen to me
This Is not My Name (5 months ago)
I've had 5000 sales on eBay. 11:23 is the key. Don't sell anything you wouldn't be willing to lose.
Brent Harwood (5 months ago)
Why not just don’t accept returns/don’t offer them.......? Easy fix
This Is not My Name (5 months ago)
Because if the customer claims the item was not as described, the "no return policy" becomes invalid. You can list something as "no returns", but if the customer claims it was in a condition worse than described, eBay will approve the return, regardless of what box you've clicked. 5000 sales on eBay. Trust me.
Marilyn’s My Mother (5 months ago)
I hate seeing these things. I’ve bought on eBay for years. Only had one issue of seller taking payment and not shipping item. I waited about 2 weeks, trying to give benefit of the doubt (life happens didn’t want to be a bother). When I reached out I still heard nothing. 2 weeks after that I let them know I’d have to open a dispute. They responded within hours, and I got a refund. I really wanted the item, but I was happy to at least have my money back. Only bad experience I’ve had.
Ghost Murmur (5 months ago)
I always record me packaging the stuff and opening returns. It sounds excessive, but it USUALLY does work
Mr Polite (5 months ago)
Ebay mediators are generally nothing more than uneducated unemployable foreigners who have two choices scamming over the phone or work for ebay. You have to remember most of these people have been milking cobras and selling stolen tires before this job. It's near impossible to instill the concept of fairness.
Ronnie Mead (5 months ago)
No way would I ship a $17,000 item to anyone, not even the pope. I would have to deliver the item only when I have the cash in my hand or a bank draft on a local bank. Some people are just too trusting.
😂😂😂 I just got scammed thay send eggs in box say suck them eggs 😂 idk if I should be mad or whut
Djcjcnx X X. X (5 months ago)
X_star_girl99 :3 wtf😂
Ryan Johnson (5 months ago)
Ebay was good in its time, but it is nothing more than a scam artist haven. Small claims court is a waste of time. The judges, lawyers serve their own interest. All they care about is getting paid. It would be smarter to just start your own website, EIN, get an accountant and only accept credit or debit cards. Don't do checks or money orders and fuck pay pal and Ebay.
Ace1000ks1975 (6 months ago)
What a mess.
sahab the traveller (6 months ago)
Well what are the alternatives. It's not easy for a company like ebay to run scam-free. There's just a few asshole buyers that shouldn't be allowed. If they request identification from buyers, it would make it safer though.
legnA (6 months ago)
I never spend any money I make from eBay until I know the "coast is clear" and buyer is happy and doesn't do crap to me.
Rose Marie333 (6 months ago)
15 years perfect history. One scammer got me for $500, I lost the item and the money and got locked out of my accounts I just gave up and recently got a collections letter for $1200 from PAYPAL
Rose Marie333 (6 months ago)
Rules For Rebels I know! AND Last year I bought a pair of new adidas from a seller who never sent them, when i looked into that seller they had 8 other ppl who had the exact same complaint, and I couldn't get a refund instantly either, even though they had PLENTY of prior knowledge of the scammer ( which to me is negligence) I had to go through this wholw long process to get a refund! I'm like wow so done with them!
Rules For Rebels (6 months ago)
Hey Rose, that's terrible. Yeah most eBay sellers are decent people but unfortunately the bad apples really know how to play the system and it doesn't seem eBay or Paypal do enough to ban them from the platforms. You would think if someone is always having issues with sellers at some point eBay and paypal should say if it was once or twice fine but its clear YOU are the issue and not the sellers.
Just Dos (6 months ago)
Sick shirt bruh! 🤙🔥💨
Just Dos (6 months ago)
Blaaaah. I don't personally smoke anymore, but as soon as every state legalizes it- Amazon will be right back on that bandwagon!
Rules For Rebels (6 months ago)
haha thanks buddy people seem to love it get a lot of compliments on it. I designed it for Amazon Merch, was a great seller and then Amazon took it down when they changed policies and no longer allowed weed stuff to be sold
Thirty Three (6 months ago)
You go to the local police and then they force ebay to give them all the information about the scammer. Otherwise Ebay won't do shit, because its not in their business interest to get bad publicity.
cos a (6 months ago)
any update on this?
I’m Not A Lyin (6 months ago)
If you do insist on selling electronics serial numbers are your only defense for bait and switch. You must post picture of serial number on ad otherwise eBay will just say you could’ve made the number up😂
Patrick Irvin (6 months ago)
Lost $500 sold a cancelled elvis personal check from 1972 with an original elvis 1962 album 4 months later the buyer filed a not as described complaint with PayPal who told them to return to me for a full refund they returned the album with delivery confirmation and no check PayPal refunded them $500 .. duck you pay pal
Thomas Paine (6 months ago)
wow thats a lot of money, sorry !
Lancair W (7 months ago)
They best way to expose EBay and their, we don’t care that you were robbed is to get 60 Minuets to do a tv investigation. No company wants bad press!
Home products channel (11 days ago)
Yes.. 60 minute should reveal the hypocrisy of EBay.. It’s a bad company... I got a story but who cares.. eBay is a fraud.. do not use them ..
Lancair W (6 months ago)
Shon Borneman 60 minutes is not scared. Heck recently they have gone after big Pharmaceutical companies for over priced meds. I have been watching that show for years and they get results!
Shon Borneman (6 months ago)
I really don't think an investigative tv show would do this. EBay is too large and can afford to bribe a company not to do it.
Provocateur (6 months ago)
The allready made many millions so they don´t care.
Curt Ray (7 months ago)
a 40 dollar citizen band radio was sold. he lied about it then he died about it. forty dollars. some you do not mess with. idiots think this country is so big. i can drive across it in 3 days.
Michael Panitch (7 months ago)
When did Colorado move to the coast?
thekingtroll2 (7 months ago)
I'd send the evidence to the buyers local tv station. Have a reporter show up and ask them why they scammed the seller! I LOVE when a reporter shows up with evidence in hand and stuns a scammer with a tv reporter and cameraman.
maud degnen (7 months ago)
Dude you could have claimed all your costs bck, after you had won the case at court, I sent court papers to someone who ripped me off on eBay, for an amount less then £100( I’m English) n when she received the court papers, I emailed her n told her after the court case I’d be putting in a claim for my travel costs bck, which would work out at approx,£150 each way, has I could use public transport, due to a medical matter n I don’t have a car, n she lives on the otherside of the country from me, so this is gonna work out a very expensive eBay purchase for her, if she lost the case, which she would do. so she paid me out in full, the day she got the court papers served on her, I also said I wanted compensation for the trouble she,s caused me, so I won hands down, never bck down, if there scammers they will not go to court
Raúl Torres (16 days ago)
Since the buyer is not from your state, how did you proceed to sue this buyer in your local court?
Rex Erection (1 month ago)
+Cat&Bunny what's a server
Cat&Bunny (1 month ago)
+Rex Erection You can pay to have a Server "serve" the court documents to the scammer which proves the scammer knows they have to appear in court. As long as you have their name and location a good server will find them.
Rex Erection (3 months ago)
How do you get court papers and send it to them?
Larsson (7 months ago)
fuck ebay
Besty190e (7 months ago)
Just sell big ticket items at in person auctions.
SigmaChicken09 (7 months ago)
Kayla O'Neal (7 months ago)
I got scammed on Facebook marketplace and paypal. I sent a mint in box funko from WI to Georgia. I had it professionally packed and shipped via FedEx. Yet the guy, filed the item not as described case on me and I lost 175 bucks
Frog - Tech - Tips (7 months ago)
This is so crazy
Alpha Wolf Red (7 months ago)
Hi Man. I have researched this topic and it seems that no matter what (recording yourself doing the whole process, signature confirmation, etc.) you are going to lose the case. So it seems that the only option is local pickup. Am I correct? If that's the case I want to know if local pickup is 100% secure or can you somehow get scammed with local pickup as well?
Francisco Medina (7 months ago)
I sell stuff on ebay for no more than $50 to $60....less headaches :)
Rules For Rebels (7 months ago)
I agree, I avoid selling stuff with high shipping fees as well tooo many stupid issues and returns and if you ship something heavy that costs $100 and they wanna return it there's $200 right there and no profit left even if you resell the item
Paradox Venture (7 months ago)
Not if you sue for travel expenses as well.
aliciacb8284747274 (7 months ago)
I need to sell my old Xbox soon and it seems like scammers are on the rise, definitely using local collection now
Lucy Moderatz (7 months ago)
Good video, good advice.
Young Silver Stacker (7 months ago)
Thats why I dont like to sell stuff anymore this happened to me 3 times now granted its only 30 dollars cuz they were 10 dollar items but im 14 so 30 bucks is a lot to me.
Young Silver Stacker (7 months ago)
The way they did it to me was they ordered it i shipped next day i check back a few hours later boom requested refund that i have to pay even though my ebay says this seller does not accept returns. so like way to go ebay
BessFilms (7 months ago)
Give me $3500 I'll get it back.
??? ??? (8 months ago)
Ebay??? Lol use amazon Ebay is for suckers stuck in 2005
Our Treasure Trove (8 months ago)
What about sending eBay pictures or video that’s dated? Before shipping to the seller?
John Henderson (8 months ago)
I believe grand larceny is anything over $400 or more. Some states have different but usually higher amounts.
working2Bselfsufficient (8 months ago)
Ebay and Paypal are both the same owners and people.Just two different companies same people.There is still old scams happening and havent been fixed.I did hear however june 1st ebay will start backing the seller more.Its needed bad.
Futilizer (8 months ago)
Can't you take them to small claims court in your area? Since the sale was technically completed in both states?
Frances Lockhart (8 months ago)
Wow, I had no idea, as usual the few ruin it for the many. It's not safe to turn up in person. Get the police involved. Scamming is on the increase.
sing along (8 months ago)
Open a court case duhhh file a court case in your state and they have to fly where you are
joe pish (8 months ago)
Man, to rip him off is one thing. But then to taunt him afterwards????? That is one twisted individual.
Joachim Mikalsen (8 months ago)
You are sellign a bullshit story. When you ship the item it is registered. Paypal do not hold their customers on eather side responsible for lost mail. Nice try.
Jay Beswick (8 months ago)
ebay LAWSUIT / Its here and they need 1,000 signatures, post the link on every video of a seller ripped off PLEASE!!! http://www.ebaylawsuit.com
Tomcaatt (8 months ago)
Ebay will “side” with the most money they have to acheive in the future.
coolcatsguitars (8 months ago)
the postal police will get results, they are pretty tough. and i was scammed once, and the postal police went after they guy and what took 3 months was fixed in one day once he knew he could go to jail
T Rich (4 months ago)
coolcatsguitars can u tell me what u did? Who did u contact? Thanks
Turbo (8 months ago)
It does no good to fly to North Carolina to sue somebody. North Carolina ALWAYS sides with North Carolina. The residents pay some of the highest taxes and fees in the SE US for the privilege. Keep it in mind if you purchase real estate or start a business here. Might work for you, might not (if you run an honest business or don't fuck people over)
Lord Jock (8 months ago)
$17,000 ????? Really Im fighting my way thru the red flags .Basically I do not believe that he lost $17,000 . I know some stupid brain dead people but not one of them would be willing to sell something on Ebay for $17,000 .He's a scammer
Ram X (8 months ago)
Ebay is flawed and unfair.
Hippie Dude (9 months ago)
Hey cool shirt .. I love KUSH
Anthony Poole (9 months ago)
Hmm perhaps im gonna stay away from ebay and change what i was going to sell. Its just not something im willing to get involved with is digital thieves . Maybe i should only do the local sales in person at my store. . Lol screw all this mess.. in the last week ive seen ebay wants you to give free shipping free returns to boot so now are you not only out on shipping up front costs but return costs too and you lost your product or money to boot. So xbox +30 shipping +30 return empty. Whats that 560 dollars out of your pocket? Plus all the time and fees man... think about that maybe this ebay and amazon thing is no good.. get away from ebay and amazon and do your own online store via website. Change you pay acceptance from pay pal to the square.. charge your price dont worry about stalkers watching what you sell so they can do the same bit but try to cut ya to a dollar and let the lowballers eat themselves.. lol think about that too it may be thay ebay and amazon both are trying to compete with their clientel base.. 😱 who saw that coming.. lol
Farmer2492 (9 months ago)
And another massive scam is, and yes Paypall and ebay didnt want to know about it, i sold an outdoor setting for $500 on ebay i held it for 4 weeks until the man picked it up which he did he had already payed through paypall, the next day i get a message from Paypall they are wanting $500 because the man said item wasnt as described so he got a reversal refund, he now had my outdoor setting and his money back, so i told Paypall you wont be getting a cent and i will be contacting every tv station in Australia and telling them what you did, never heard anymore
Farmer2492 (9 months ago)
I brought a boat off a man 5 years a go he sold it cheap, because he lost 10 grand on ebay ebay did zero to help because he direct deposited the money, the seller lived in the UK

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