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how to do a stick and poke tattoo

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**PLEASE READ** update 11/25/17 I made this when I was dumb so don't use hydrogen peroxide instead of rubbing alcohol. Also I recommend just buying a pack of sterile tattoo needles on amazon so you don't have to do all this bullshit lmao **if your goal is to have a faded lil tat somewhere forever then hell yeah do it but be over 18 and take all safety precautions yeehaw ~ Many artists do not use saran wrap because it suffocates the tattoo and can cause bacteria to grow. They use bandages instead. I used a bandaid since my triforce was small enough. The ink I used was non waterproof, but many sources recommend non-toxic waterproof inks. Also, I am not a professional. This is only the basics of giving yourself a tattoo including how to make the needle tool. Search and read several sets of instructions before giving yourself a tattoo if it is your first one. This is my third stick and poke. I don't film my triforce finished because it is very time consuming and I had to hold the camera with one hand. I hope this gives you the general idea on how to do this, but PLEASE check other websites out before attempting! I bought my ink at michael's craft store, but it is probably available at any craft store."Tattoo ink is the best, but non toxic india ink (such as Higgins, Speedball or Winsor and Newton) works well also. But if you ask me a question about ink, I will automatically suggest tattoo ink. It’s easily available on the internet. Stay away from pen ink and inks that may be toxic." ( http://fyeahstick-n-poke.tumblr.com/faq ) http://www.tattoocolumbia.com/afterca... http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-T... Picture of my finished tattoo http://fatcats.tumblr.com/post/64484564470
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Renee R (3 years ago)
Ohh I'm seeing quite a bit of bad advice here... I've done a lot of my own tatts and plan on becoming an apprentice, please read if you plan on doing stick and poke. The only truly safe (and most effective) way to do this is to order real needles and ink. I got 3 round liners and kuro sumi ink from monstersteel.com fyi and they're cheap!! Seriously. Real needles make a world of difference, lemme tell you, I've used both.  Also, about the pop noise when using a sewing needle--- NO! That is the needle going through the dermis, and while it will stay longer, you will bleed, but more importantly, The ink will bleed too. So in a year you have a fuzzy dot instead of a crisp one. I have a couple that are weird mixed fuzzy and crisp dots, weird looking af. Using thread is also super unsanitary and does bad things... I literally taped my needle to the end of a pencil to do it, and you just dip a lot more. Crisper lines that way.  Always poke at a 45 degree angle, never  straight down. This helps with both kinds of bleeding.  Hope this helps you all, go poke away :) P.S. be kind to your future self and do stuff you'll actually love forever, not a huge KillFuckDie like someone I know did :P
Poppi Seid (24 days ago)
Thank youuu this helped a lot
Arabella Grace once you turn 18 you will be able to get it as you are classed as an adult then and parents cant stop you
ok everyone on here saying "oh my parents wont let me so this is the only way i can do it" maybe stop and think about why your parents are not letting you get a tattoo, are you under 18 if so wait till then so you can actually legally get a tat
CordiDordi (6 months ago)
Starving kid From Africa Then don't do it! Save up, get a gift card and go on amazon or wait.
Rae Mckinzie (2 days ago)
Oh she using a sewing needle and pen ink?? What prison you go to sis??
Podcastponder (5 months ago)
Noice music :)
Damion McCoy (5 months ago)
So much wrong with this video it shows a complete lack of any knowledge of tattooing. This is what you do to tattoo in jail because its all you can get. First dont ever use hydrogen peroxide on a tattoo hp is designed to remove contamination from a cut. This will remove your ink. (Same as using Neosporin on a tattoo it will pull all the ink out ) be smart your not in jail a guitar string is far better paired with a small moter and a bic pin for atube hooked up to a 9volt costs $3 to make and is what professionals used back in the good old days before standard tattoo machines came about. Thoigh the best advice i can give you if your going to do this is save up $40 and get a cheap Chinese kit still not the best but you will actually learn how to use a real machine. If you like the stick and poke style after all you can get amazing art from it and is considered a master lever technique in asia look it uo its cheaper more traditional and beautiful. Finally no pen ink ever not for the stensel not in the skin you can seriously kill someone crom massive infection. Always use tattoo ink inda ink and no its not the same inda ink you can get at the local art store. Plus tattoo ink is designed to be safe in the skin its sterile and will last longer.
Victoria (5 months ago)
Thanks Damion! tldr but sounds like someone didnt read the description
Isis McCauley (5 months ago)
do you have an insta bc i need ur @
Victoria (5 months ago)
GHJGH its viclives its pretty lame
Hi Sbsbdb (6 months ago)
love yo i will make a half moon in my six packs
Well, (6 months ago)
First, I will steal a needle and an ink from my Tattoo artist uncle He doesn't let me to get a tattoo
Kimberly Santos (7 months ago)
Boo oo you suck
SzerszeŃ Official (8 months ago)
You can also make ink from graphite from pencil. It not toxic and it is second ink after pen ink in prisons
COC Helper (8 months ago)
I tried it but it didn't work don't know why please help me I want a SnP tattoo!!!!!!
how deep do you poke?
Lexi Geggus (9 months ago)
Also using thread seems kinda unsanitary to me...
Lexi Geggus (9 months ago)
Im doing one right now on my ankle. Some parts hurt some parts don’t. Except I’m using soapy water instead. I had a tiny amount of swelling for two minutes after but that’s it. Idk if I have the guts to go over the parts I already did.
sister stealer (11 months ago)
I hear arctic monkeys, I upvote
Gabriela Sandu (11 months ago)
Look at her nails !
interests10 (11 months ago)
What you use to draw it
Dirty Knuckles XXX (1 year ago)
Can you use a regular soeing needle?? Or does it have yo be a real tattoo needle?? Any advice.
hunter curtis (1 year ago)
Great music taste and gorgeous girl i need her🍆❤️
Luna Wolf (1 year ago)
could u use pen ink if u got nothing else?
Maggie Brooks (1 year ago)
thanks darlin
fuqinazhole (1 year ago)
just a note for anyone wanting to try this. use Alcohol not peroxide. h2o2 is not a good antiseptic.
Kirby Girl (1 year ago)
can you use nail polish remover to clean the needle
Alexander Saavedra (1 year ago)
love you thanks
The LittKid (1 year ago)
that looked like it hurt....100 likes
cody vandeloo (1 year ago)
helpful tip: poke at a *slight* angle. straight up and down wont leave any ink in your skin.
anyone please reply ... Can I use parker quink ink for stick and poke tattoo ???? Help me
who who (1 year ago)
damn make a video on polishing them nails lol 💅
Victoria (1 year ago)
bc i was a stupid ass when i made this
Victoria (1 year ago)
Let me Live i never paint my nails HGFKHDKJFA
who who (1 year ago)
why aren't you wearing gloves ?
lily cormack (1 year ago)
whats the thread for ?
Jax Da Boss (1 year ago)
can I use pen ink? please reply I need to know
Bitches love sticks (1 year ago)
Nice Beatles poster. I've got the same one.
Sophie Lapointe (1 year ago)
I'm thinking of putting one under one of my toe
Howzer The man (1 year ago)
Just don't do it wait till you're old enough and go to a pro. I did home made tats when I was younger and it cost a fortune getting them removed and covered up as what I thought was cool at 14 and 15 I thought down right ridiculous at 25. The tattoo in the picture is covering a stick and poke tattoo.
Cameron Carey (1 year ago)
can I use a sewing needlr
lily the lizard (1 year ago)
Note: Please do not use hydrogen peroxide to sterilize any/anything used for tattoos or piercings. It is a myth that it sterylizes things. It only erodes the wound and damages the flesh.
Mothman (1 year ago)
I did that tattoo in the exact same place last year and I think yours looks pretty awesome man }:D
greenrobot5 (1 year ago)
Before you scroll through the comments I'll save you some time, 50% of the comments are people asking if it hurts and the other 50% are people asking if they can use pen ink.
autumn esterline (3 months ago)
lol so true but really ppl if your scared its gonna hurt you shouldn't do it
Cj marcel (1 year ago)
greenrobot5 I used pen ink and also it doesn't
Victoria (1 year ago)
thank god
Celes Andujar (1 year ago)
what if your doing it in your inner lip? would it work
Ciara Smith (1 year ago)
Does it hurt
is this higgens ink in the description (which is sponserd for 3$) safe for this?
Nancy McCrary (1 year ago)
does it hurt
_ew_why_ (1 year ago)
does it hurt more or less thana real one and is this illeagal if you are too young!?
Camron H (1 year ago)
can u use pen ink
Camron H (1 year ago)
nice idea
Havok Sosa (1 year ago)
cool triforce. I have one on my right hand like in the games.
Chloe Maynard (1 year ago)
if you're going to do a video showing mainly your hands, why have such irritating chipped nail vanish! my ocd went crazyyyyy
guy frnco (1 year ago)
will it fade?
Roberto Navarro (1 year ago)
guy frnco yeah but it takes a while
YurioPlisetski 25815 (2 years ago)
Can you use pen ink
Havok Sosa (1 year ago)
+Frost angel dragon no problem, good luck
YurioPlisetski 25815 (1 year ago)
ok thank you
Havok Sosa (1 year ago)
you won't get ink poisoning. it's non toxic. but still not recommended, it fades easily unless you go over it a few times
YurioPlisetski 25815 (1 year ago)
I thought so well thx
Adriana Ramirez (2 years ago)
Frost angel dragon unless you want to get ink poisoning
Ramona 18 (2 years ago)
would bail Polish remover work that has alcohol doesn't it?
XigXag (1 year ago)
acetone is a solvent and would get in the open wound and dissolve it
Allan Hendrickson (1 year ago)
It contains acetone. Not alcohol.
XigXag (1 year ago)
Ramona 18 that is a STRONG acid and it will burn you skin. DO NOT USE IT.
that would sting like f
Cripppling Bambi (1 year ago)
I wouldn't use it.
Ariah (2 years ago)
Is that arctic Monkeys? If so I recognize his voice
Abel Garcia (2 years ago)
how bad does it hurt
Ema (2 years ago)
hey, um... i am curious. does it hurt?
Ema (1 year ago)
edwin castorena okay. thanks. you helped me a lot :)
edwinooo o (1 year ago)
Ema Kontautaitė usually where there is more fat likes the thigh around palm area u will feel it going in and out but it's not painful
Ema (1 year ago)
edwin castorena so where it wouldn't be painful... like witch part of a body
edwinooo o (1 year ago)
Ema Kontautaitė it depends where you get it but it's still not that painful just a poke
Ema (1 year ago)
edwin castorena oh. okay... by the way... it shouldn't be painful? just a poke. right?
Pizza Cloud (2 years ago)
umbrellastation25 (1 year ago)
Pizza Cloud shutuupp
Justin Robbins (2 years ago)
how hard do you have you the needle inyo you skin?
Princess Lia (1 year ago)
Justin Robbins did you do it
Justin Robbins (2 years ago)
i made the needle thing on the pencil so im reafy to go.
grim nova (2 years ago)
aww we have the same lighter
roflmows (2 years ago)
kids, don't stick yourself with needles...seriously...just don't.
umbrellastation25 (1 year ago)
roflmows shutup ur pussi ur mom
Pockikat (1 year ago)
roflmows don't tell us what to do. thanks, hun :*
Trista Abbott (2 years ago)
can we use marker ink
Trista Abbott yes, as long as it is non toxic.
Hyrulean_skater (2 years ago)
Just the fact that you did a tri-force 👌🏻
unholy peach (2 years ago)
I was so happy to hear Alex oml
Do these hurt as much as regular tattoos? Also, where do you recommend getting a tattoo like what part of the body?
morris Charles (2 years ago)
+Victoria maybe it was just me but it honestly didn't hurt at all with the stick n poke it literally felt like someone was poking me with their finger 😂
Victoria (2 years ago)
honestly i thought the machine hurt less since it's so fast it just feels like a scratch . but the stick and poke it's each individual poke
morris Charles (2 years ago)
I got a stick and poke and I think it hurt less than a machine
Andy Halpenny (2 years ago)
Do not do this !!! Go to a professional!! If you want a good tattoo you have to pay for it!! This method is dangerous and pointless it will never look as good as a real tattoo! Including your sketch! Just save your money and go to someone who knows what they're doing! It's literally common sense
How far do you put the needle in your skin? this might be a dumb question but I don't want to put it too deep.
dubbydubbyQUACKE (1 year ago)
ThePhandomApocalypse IsComing your username is so true the phandom is everywhere, I guess we all really like SnP tattoos
daniel mortensen (2 years ago)
just until you feel a pinch then pull it out. tattoos usually only go into the dermis, which is the middle of the skin
jacob (2 years ago)
I was so anxious about doing this until I see all these people doing it so incorrectly but they're still fine lol makes me feel better about it
SzerszeŃ Official (8 months ago)
every tattoo is masterpiece
Victoria (2 years ago)
same i deadass imagined having to go to the hospital and then i remembered. people do this with sharpie ink i think ill live
DarkSparkles (2 years ago)
Same. So much same
Hiding in my room (2 years ago)
I know people say don't use pen ink but What happens if I use sharpie
Chloe Howe (2 years ago)
Can you use pen ink??
Chelsea Goulart (1 year ago)
only if it's non toxic but I highly recommend just getting the higgens ink. You can find it at Michael's or many craft stores.
Ong Junwei (2 years ago)
Chloe Howe I tried with fountain pen ink it works
Chloe Howe (2 years ago)
cool thx
Sheridan Warner (2 years ago)
You can if you use non toxic ink
lana (2 years ago)
On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad does it hurt?😂
lana (2 years ago)
ok thx
Sheridan Warner (2 years ago)
It depends where you have it done + your pain tolerence
Lexus Richardson (2 years ago)
I've had my SNP tattoos for a few weeks and I used pen ink, but it was a non toxic pen. they have not been infected yet, but please keep in mind, my mom and dad know a tattoo artist who watched me do it.
Darren Tom (2 years ago)
tattoo artist should be ashamed to stand by and watch you do that
jacob (2 years ago)
can you give another update
Ellise Purchase (2 years ago)
Did she use normal ink or tattoo ink?
Chelsea Goulart (1 year ago)
Ellise Purchase you can also use tattoo ink but you'll have to order it online unless you have a shop that sells it around you
Cass (2 years ago)
She used Higgins India Ink, It's not toxic and is made from natural materials
jasmine provvedi (2 years ago)
I once shoved the back on my foot onto a pointy pencil (unintentionally) and theres still a black dot there did i accidentally give myself a tattoo? 😂
Josë Vacian (2 years ago)
I left a splinter in for too long and I have a brown dot😬
Tara Dikov (2 years ago)
I think so 😂😂😂
Conner Woodward (2 years ago)
Same thing happend to me but on my hand lmao
Sam Quarve (2 years ago)
The sad thing is... you can also use liquid eyeliner to do this and since watching this video. I now want a stick and poke. Ugh, family would kill me, right after taking a knife and skinning the tattoo off me.
Bell Bidot (2 years ago)
just did it with simply a sewing needle, some thread i pulled from a jacket, some random ink pot, soap-water, and my dog's blanket. its reeeeally there and isn't budging. also no redness at all yet. its been like 30 minutes since. and it shockingly didn't hurt at all??????????????????????????????????????????? bless.
Bell Bidot (1 year ago)
youre welcome :)
latae martin (1 year ago)
Space Cadet ok thanks so much!!! 😄
Bell Bidot (1 year ago)
I used a pot of ink used for inking art :P, no specific brand on it and couldn't find it online. It did fade pretty fast though after a month! Re did it and it seems to be staying in. Just be careful and my body is different from yours, so just because I didn't get an infection doesn't mean you wont xD. (Saying that so nobody comes after me) But yeah! Go for it.
latae martin (1 year ago)
Space Cadet what kind of ink?😊
Cassidy Lee Music (1 year ago)
What ink did you use?
bloodshot eyes (2 years ago)
hey can i use a permanant non toxic marker
te ra (2 years ago)
i used it but it washed away rly quick and now i can barely see it..
FOZI AHMED (2 years ago)
I just tried it and the colour is not showing
epiczombie555 (2 years ago)
Why do this instead of going to a shop?
Ailona (11 months ago)
epiczombie555 its really personal. also I, as an artist, don't want to have other people's art on my body.
Adriana Ramirez (2 years ago)
epiczombie555 because now a days who gives a shit haha
Chanel young (2 years ago)
epiczombie555 and its so much cheaper
epiczombie555 if ur under age, and want to get a tattoo
Elizabeth Ferreira (2 years ago)
+whygret micha they were really good and sweet. Some people mess up the simplest shit lol
Daniel Korotkowski (2 years ago)
maybe some one knows any good places to hide tattoo's. i realy like drawing stuff and i am working on something big, and i just wanna know where i can draw something good and hide it from my parents, couse i am a young faggot.
Bell Bidot (2 years ago)
lmao. inside of your thigh, bottom of your foot, upper thigh in general, in between your fingers, basically anywhere that you never really expose. so if i was trying to hide a tattoo, i wouldnt put it on my thighs because booty shorts.
Anna Andrejeva (2 years ago)
What ink would you use?
Taylor RaePavi (2 years ago)
I picked up some Higgins India ink to do this, but the bottle looks completely different. I purchased the "pigment based drawing ink". Should this work the same?
Ashley Racette (2 years ago)
I accidentally bought that stuff too. I tried it on my big toe 8 days ago and its still holding up great!
Mn Almutaire (2 years ago)
is that tatto last forever?
Skull Wolf (2 years ago)
I have a question Victoria, when u wrap the thread around the needle, does it cover the point of the needle? Because if it does, how does the needle go into the skin if it's wrapped in thread?
Bell Bidot (2 years ago)
i dont know if you still want this question answered, but i did it where just a tiiiiiny piece of the tip was showing. it worked just fine :)
Crisan Elena (2 years ago)
i have a tattoo pen will that ink work or nah? Is it harmful to use it? My guess would be not because its already a tattoo pen so its meant to go on the skin but i just want to be sure.(The tattoos with the pen last a day so that is why im tired of reapplying)
TicciToby Proxy (2 years ago)
your not supposed to get the tattoo wet for a day or two. just some non-scented lotion that's healthy and not too oily. that's probably why your pen ink tattoo came off so quick. I just did one last night, and I watched this video, but I did ALOT of research. pen ink shouldn't come out so quick. maybe in a month or something.
Lea Psychoyiou (2 years ago)
I just clicked it bc i was curious but when i heard suck it and see I looooooooost my shitttt:)))) Great taste in music!
Alexa V (2 years ago)
can you use pen ink
Adriana Ramirez (2 years ago)
Alexa Valverde no
Gabriel Thomas (2 years ago)
Not completely true. In prison, they use pen ink. But not just ordinary pen ink. Keep that in mind. They use gel pen ink (minus the clear petroleum like goo in the ink cartridge) and It works very well as a substitute if you cant absolutely get India ink. I've seen plenty of gel pen stick n poke tattoos and they don't look bad if they're done right.
Pastelblackbunnie (2 years ago)
+Maisie Allenby Amazon.
Josë Vacian (2 years ago)
+Raven777 where can you get tattoo ink?
Just mindless Love (2 years ago)
no it can be toxic
Katniss Everdeen (2 years ago)
I'm 14 and I'm going to do one of these. I'm getting a small "&" in between my fingers 😊 can't wait
Bell Bidot (2 years ago)
you do it? :D
dakota spence (2 years ago)
But the real question is, what song by artic monkeys is this?
ya nasty (2 years ago)
suck it and see :)
Brooke Lauryn (2 years ago)
Would Higgins Calligraphy ink work? 'Cause that's the only ink I have right now. Lol
Bell Bidot (2 years ago)
did you do it? i used manga pro ink x,,D
VELVET CRUSH (2 years ago)
I've got 9 stick and poke tattoos and 8 were done with exactly that
how do u even username (2 years ago)
if it is non toxic then probably
Will pen ink work?
Bronze_Lion (1 year ago)
just wondering, how is yours now?
TicciToby Proxy (2 years ago)
+Rose Tannahill same, you should be fine but make sure you keep it extra clean and it's non-toxic
Rose Tannahill (2 years ago)
+loganelizabeth i used it and its okay so far
loganelizabeth (2 years ago)
do not use pen ink. it can be toxic.
hi hi (2 years ago)
Can you use a hollow needle or does it have to be a sewing needle????
Andrea D (2 years ago)
you're supposed to use tattoo needles
loganelizabeth (2 years ago)
I don't think you should use a hollow needle
montassir zakir (2 years ago)
hahaha like you doing something cool .
The Day After Pill (2 years ago)
jail house tat. REALLY nigha
Alexandra Adams (2 years ago)
So basically I grabbed a needle put it in pen ink and gave myself a smiley face tattoo on the bottom of my foot. Let's hope it washes off
Celeste The Vegan (2 years ago)
+Alexandra Adams what did you use for the thigh tatt??? What kind of ink?
Alexandra Adams (2 years ago)
i actually like it now lmao
SnooperMan22 (2 years ago)
so basicly you tatoo yourself and then you hope it comes off?? logic lol
Alexandra Adams (2 years ago)
Its still there and I actually really love it lol. But thanks for letting me know about sharpie ink! I put another tat on !y thigh and its not sticking very well lol
ballsack69 (2 years ago)
pen ink usually comes out after a few days/weeks. i heard sharpie ink last quite longer. best of luck on getting it out lol
marie b (2 years ago)
A friend did a stick and poke on my wrist with the same motive (triforce), but he totally screwed up haha, so I want to "redo" it. Can I use a different type of ink as he did or do I have to use the same?
Shannon Starr (2 years ago)
Any ink will do 😊
charlie ellidge (2 years ago)
who knows any good ideas for a small and easy stick n poke tattoo
Saint Dong (1 year ago)
charlie ellidge I know old comment but to anyone scrolling, a small triangle is good
Rose Tannahill (2 years ago)
i did a x on my palm yesterday with pen ink and it cane out rly cool
Josë Vacian (2 years ago)
Abstract lines and shapes
Sara González (2 years ago)
+Jay Era 😂😂😂 sykes
Alex Bamboostick (2 years ago)
i heard the song, like the guitar only, and i automaticly liked the video :') but great vid! my mom did this once on herself but she used indian ink :l
Samii Rae (2 years ago)
Can you use sewing thread?
Emma (2 years ago)
hey just wondering if i can use Higgins non toxic pigment-based waterproof drawing ink instead of the india ink
Lillie Stumbo (2 years ago)
Probably, but as the pigment is less concentrated and dark it likely won't last as long.
Hattie Heiland (2 years ago)
My cousin has that tattoo on his arm
Casey Grace Vest (2 years ago)
I used pen ink.. Is this okay?
Casey Grace Vest (2 years ago)
+3weird Besties maybe I'll try that next time! Is it safe?
Maylee Sexton (2 years ago)
+Casey Grace Vest I used eyeliner on one part of the tat and the other I used India ink and the eyeliner stayed better
Casey Grace Vest (2 years ago)
+3weird Besties well.. Not really for me. I guess I didn't poke hard enough to get it to stay in the skin for more than like 4 days. It's healed and went away. But atleast I had a lot of fun in the process. And no I didn't get ink poisoning haha
Cams Brooke (2 years ago)
please answer ^^^
Maylee Sexton (2 years ago)
Did it work?
American Horror Story (2 years ago)
Post more pls ☺️ Love your videos ❤️
American Horror Story (2 years ago)
Awesome love you !
pm menard (2 years ago)
yea you really should
Victoria (2 years ago)
thank you!! thinking about it this summer
American Horror Story (2 years ago)
What's the title of this song ? I know it's by arctic monkeys
Victoria (2 years ago)
American Horror Story (2 years ago)
+Victoria Heverly thank you ❤️ has your tattoo faded yet?
Victoria (2 years ago)
suck it and see
Mosharof Hayat (2 years ago)
can i use mercury ink??
Dead-Eyed Robbers (2 years ago)
Are you alive?
Living as Matthew (2 years ago)
+Mosharof Hayat yup
Mosharof Hayat (2 years ago)
you tried before with mercury ink?? no harm??
Living as Matthew (2 years ago)
of course
Amanda Endl (2 years ago)
Does this hurt I've been really interested into giving myself and daughter (she's 16) matching ones lol but we're both big baby's and we don't want to do it if it hurts
el diablo (2 years ago)
+Hannah Mcpherson right?!!!
Basiclivandhope (2 years ago)
+Hannah Mcpherson I'm dying "mom goals"
Hannah Mcpherson (2 years ago)
mom goals
Victoria (2 years ago)
It's actually less painful at the shop since the needle goes much faster (I would just get it safely done at a shop)

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