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5 Best Exercises for a Nice Looking Butt

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These are the 5 best exercises for a nice looking butt for men and women. Learn how to get a bigger rounder butt fast with this excellent glute workout. Not only will you discover exercises for a bigger buttocks, but these exercises will help you develop your thighs as well. Enjoy! 🔥 FREE 6 Week Challenge: https://gravitychallenges.com/home65d4f?utm_source=ytube&utm_term=butt Fat Loss Calculator: http://bit.ly/2wf2ctN TIMESTAMPS: # 1- Barbell Squat 0:40 # 2- Step-ups 2:57 # 3 - Romanian Deadlifts 4:06 # 4 - Bulgarian Split Squats 5:59 # 5 - Elevated Shoulder Glute Bridge 7:38 The glutes. They're one of the most important muscle groups found in your body without them you wouldn't be able to walk run or jump and you would also have a serious case of flat pancake butt. Nobody wants see a flat butt not guys and not girls so in today's video I'm going to do all the peach loving people of the world a big favor and give you guys the 5 best exercises for a nice looking butt. And if you've been doing your squats and you've been trying your absolute best but your glutes just don't seem to grow give this video chance because I'm going to dive into specific methods you can use to Target your glutes to build a nicer butt so you can fill up those jeans in no time. Let's start with the very first one that everyone knows about and that's barbell squats. But we're not just doing regular barbell squats the best types of squats to work your glutes are deep barbell squats. Getting down nice and low during squats is the secret to building nicer glutes. A lot of people are afraid of going low during squats because of the many myths that exist about how low you're allowed to go. The truth is that as long as you don't have any previous injuries to your knees and your form is correct you can go almost all the way to the ground. This is actually something that trainers call ass to the grass squats. And going nice and low for your squats is a very natural movement for your body. I always bring up this example but before we had toilets we would take a squat every single day and that squat was naturally a deep squat. This is why deep squats are a very natural movement that our bodies have had plenty of time throughout history to adapt to. The problem is if you're not used to squatting a deep squat feels like anything but natural. So it's important that you learn the right way to do it and if you're not used to squatting the best way to start is 2 put a seat or a platform behind you and simply stand facing a mirror and sit down and get back up sit down and get back up. Most people perform a very good squat when they're sitting down but if you tell that same person to squat without a platform behind them they'll start messing it up. After you feel comfortable enough you can get rid of the seat or platform and try to perform regular squats. You would do this by keeping your chest out towards the mirror turning your hips out too kind of exaggerated The Arc in your back leaning back on your heels so take all the pressure off of your toes as you squat keep the pressure on your heels and then just sit back while trying to keep your knees from crossing too far over your toes. Once you're comfortable doing that you can try to put a really short platform on the ground and try to squat down and tap that platform with every rep. Now after you feel like your form is on point you can add the barbell into the movement and you can start incrementally increasing the weight. Remember the key points are to squat low stick your chest out and stick your butt out and stay on your heels as you come down for your squats. Let's move on to the second exercise step-ups but once again we're not doing regular step-ups because regular step-ups don't Target your glutes anywhere near as much as the way that I'm about to show you. You see normally when people are doing step-ups they're actually working their back calf a lot more than they think. Sure they're still going to work their quad and their hamstring a little on that front leg to get up on top of the platform they're stepping up on. However that back calf is taking the pressure off of the glute on the other leg. And this happens because most people will kickoff for every rep when doing this exercise. So to turn this into an exercise that improves your butt I want you to point the toes of your back foot up towards the ceiling the whole time. By pointing your toes towards the ceiling it makes it impossible for you to kick off. So this puts all the stress and work that's required to get your body up that platform on that front leg and that bottom portion of going up without kicking off is going to Target the glutes big time. The one thing that you should keep in mind is since you're not kicking off you will probably have to use less weight than what you were doing if you were to just do regular step-ups.
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Steve McQueen (1 day ago)
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Nidhin Vinod (3 days ago)
Danny T (4 days ago)
What r some workouts to increase penis size
Micheal Phany (5 days ago)
My butt is so small Gosh
traylestrat (5 days ago)
'Imporant'. Nice linguistics.
اسلام أحمد (5 days ago)
Thank you
S B (5 days ago)
Ok if I see results in 2 weeks , I’ll subscribe
I tell myself I wasn’t gonna make anymore gay jokes... butt fuck it!
Siligle Amir (6 days ago)
It's good exercise and thank you
Jeffries (6 days ago)
I found the missionary position works your butt
Jay69 (7 days ago)
Kishore Kumar (7 days ago)
How many days will take to reduce
Son Goku (7 days ago)
Lol i have big ass and i really need to lose some fat
Kamil Kamola (8 days ago)
i saw today moving implant, someone didnt know she can build butt by her own
Daniel Kleinmeier (8 days ago)
polanofesky (9 days ago)
thanks , waiting for how to have a nice cock .
David Mckay (9 days ago)
My lower back is so weak I can barely walk and and the pain is going down all to my knees any suggestions l need some help.
abhi abhi (9 days ago)
Is squats increases my butt size
Czarinov (9 days ago)
PSA: DON'T LISTEN to this guy about squat and deadlift form. He has no clue what he's talking about. He's phony. He gathers information over the internet and presents it in his videos, while being uneducated and inexperienced himself. 1) Don't squat on your heels. If your toes are moving freely, like his do, you're doing it wrong. You squat with pressure evenly spread over your feet, with center being over midfoot. 2) Whether your knees go beyond your toes or not is a question of your limb ratios and when squatting with weights - chosen form. Low bar, high bar, front squats. There is nothing wrong with knees going past the toes. 3) Don't squat in running shoes. You need flat, stable shoes to squat, for good floor contact and stability. 4) His lower back is rounded. The reason in this case is because he pushes his ass so much back, he has to lean forward more with his upper body to balance. 5) He overextends his lower back at the top of the deads. It's a useless movement and can cause injury. The top position of any deadlift is with straight body and neutral lower back.
Magnus Andersson (10 days ago)
Thank heavens one’s blessed with so called ”High butt” Sorta kind just sticks out by it self, one needn’t go Acrobat for!. Great tape though * I shall forward to friend ,His seem s to have gone missin ,Somewhere .,Gömt sig ,typ .. Tack tack ♥️
Weselyn (10 days ago)
Great presentation!
sobefobik (10 days ago)
In another video you said putting the barbell behind your neck is a no no and causes injury, yet in every animation here that's what people are doing. Can you clarify?
Aminur Sekh (11 days ago)
Nice video
long live llamas (11 days ago)
I like big men butt
Zachary Drakes (12 days ago)
The man is beautiful
JMK FiT (12 days ago)
I do squats for legs but!😏 my ass is getting too big!😂😂😂 ima stop!😳😄
D's house of Dank (14 days ago)
Leg presses work great for knee injury. Weight pressing down on my upper knees is the problem. I can do ridiculous weight pressing up I love the leg press. Most these exercises I can do and ate useful.👍
권태준 (14 days ago)
can you do something about that black socks? it really starts bothering me
Jaroslaw Nowicki (14 days ago)
Iam sorry bro with a full respect never been bigheaded dont you go too far back during demonstrate death lift .Just wondered .Regards Jarek
nader tadrous (14 days ago)
this is for men
lahloo (15 days ago)
men don't want bubble butts
Alesya Fedorova (15 days ago)
Thank u so much👍👍👍💪💪💪💪👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
George Preston (15 days ago)
I'll bet you anything, this dude gets a lot of pussy. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Matyáš Svoboda (16 days ago)
just do deep heavy squats and deadlifts for x years and your butt will be round for sure trust me
Asif Rahman (16 days ago)
I have seen a video where you should keep your back angled at 30-45 degrees to allow full range of movement when doing Bulgarian Split which also makes sense. Because if you keep your back straight, you restrict your downward movement which also increases chances of imbalance.
Geoffrey Moran (16 days ago)
I'm 36 and this helps me out alot.😍😍😍
Kesha Pirate (16 days ago)
I wanna flatter my butt instead, lol
Yanthungbemo Ezong (16 days ago)
Isn't your back a bit too inclined forward in the squats?
proctorsmackie (17 days ago)
.... deadlifts after anything sounds like peanutbutter with garlic mayonnaise... just a bit weird. But I do love me some hipthrusts tho (edit: oh shit you were talking about RDLs.. nevermind, it's late... carry on)
Nitin Pawar (17 days ago)
Butt ummm...😂😂
itzz_ AZ (17 days ago)
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Daryns _world (18 days ago)
I dont want a bigger butt. I just want a cute little bubble butt but not a big one
gourmet53 (18 days ago)
I've never seen anyone that didn't have an ass, get one from working their asses. If you got some booty you can improve it somewhat, but if you don't, no amount of working out is going to give you a nice ass.
HoopLah clunk (19 days ago)
I have a natural big ass
Josef Aragon (19 days ago)
I physically cannot go ass to the grass. Any help is welcome.
Aakash Sathy (19 days ago)
Stopped listening after he said "knees over toes"
Prime2.0 (19 days ago)
In nature we did not take shits with 500 pounds on our backs
Prime2.0 (19 days ago)
Butt wink at :55
Gentic Code (19 days ago)
Why would you want a bigger butt, if you are a guy? Don’t understand
Michael Murphy (20 days ago)
Thanks! I have to pick and choose though. I have bilateral torn miniscu, so I have to be careful.
drenatomja (20 days ago)
What about donkey kicks?
Sudheer singh (21 days ago)
All Sports (21 days ago)
Then why don't you have "nice butt"?
Willard Dean (21 days ago)
Quaker Oats !
TheNeonRabbit (22 days ago)
So basically, don't have old knees
Gold Roger (22 days ago)
Man don’t need glutes bitch
carlo c. (23 days ago)
Im having a hard time squezing my glutes, i feel that i might shit in my pants. lol
Nightbird (23 days ago)
Sorry..but physiology experts state there is NO exercise to make your butt bigger. People doing these videos already had big butts to begin with!
Damjan Diamond (25 days ago)
Romanian deadlifts and Elevated shoulder glute bridge are two exercises that are great for glute muscles, but they are really dangerous for lower back injuries - speaking from experience.
Ramiro Gil (25 days ago)
5 exercises to get a hernia
Skatefreak 3rd (25 days ago)
Okay so what I do is pretend I’m taking a shit
Mohd Hambali (25 days ago)
My butt was big...errr also my belly guts.. How to get the big butt despite of flat abs too
Joseph David (26 days ago)
Deep squats will improve bowel movements, making them much easier and quicker. It would be better to have a hole in the bathroom floor so you can just squat. It's the natural way.
george rey (26 days ago)
thanks bro
Nokia 3310 (26 days ago)
I m only interested in female butt.
Golgari Rock Farm (27 days ago)
Dat butt wink... -_-
Joseph David (27 days ago)
Like the graphics your exercise is best done totally nude, like ancient Greeks. Then you can easily see improvement. Nude gyms ought to be instituted as well.
A. GUE (27 days ago)
This is the first time i know that butts are important for guys hhhh
Joydeep Deb (27 days ago)
Lokendra Thapa (28 days ago)
Why no video?
Create Logic (29 days ago)
This is great !!!
Dominic Montgomery (29 days ago)
Meanwhile trainer has no booty..ijs
Aladdin (29 days ago)
a real man needs a flat butt. if you dont want to transform into a shemale.
ghost32174 (29 days ago)
Thank you for showing those exercises I can’t wait to give them a try
aaronmoravek (30 days ago)
Thumbs up for actual advice.
marouanekenjix (30 days ago)
omg how to reduce ??????
Frankie Denes (1 month ago)
Thanks for the tips and btw your hot
RST (1 month ago)
You don t need 10 minutes to make ur butt round . Rule no. 1 squats Thanks me later
I feel like a girl doing that exercise on the floor STRAIGHT GIRL
Cindy Do (1 month ago)
I would hate to have a pancake butt. 😦😦😦
fatima aziz (30 days ago)
when the estrogen decreases your bum will not be round anymore. So Cindy after 40 the butt starts loosing it's shape
Cindy Do (1 month ago)
The thumbnail!! 😂😂😂
Greg Bungard (1 month ago)
What are glutes, I hear it all the time
Rebeka Fehér (1 month ago)
Love this video too
Rene Liu (1 month ago)
John K (1 month ago)
Your vid is wack
fiona rose (1 month ago)
Never did Bulgaria split squats. Just tried a few on the edge of my bed now weight. So concentrated!
Solcar Zemog (1 month ago)
Herniated disc here... am I doomed?
Darwin G (1 month ago)
to see is to believe. so show us how big your butt is, just to prove to us that your telling the correct details on how to improve butts.
mbude review (1 month ago)
6:50 do not listen to this advice! I did this for a long time and now my knees are fucked up ! tilt forward when doing the exercise but squeeze your ass in the end
N-tox (1 month ago)
Ladies who like a black butt hit like !
Tracey Merry (1 month ago)
First off. Everybody has a range of motion they should adhere too. Butt winking is a no go especially if you’re going super heavy, u are asking for herniated discs , second of all keep your chin down during your Romanian deadlifts and thirdly hip thrust with your head up , having your head back like that uses the spine more to lift your glutes . Head up eyes forward then just use your hips only . And last of all, if you are going to demonstrate excercises you should really demonstrate correct and proper form , especially if people are going to copy you Thanku 🤪
Anonymous 0011 (1 month ago)
I actualla have a big hard round butt, but girls here keep telling me that it looks kinda gay and all, also I don't have anterior pelvic tilt. Can anyone tell me if it's okay for a guy to have big butt. 😫😭
bossdog bossdog (5 days ago)
No,having a big butt isnt gay looking. Bradley Martyn and Mike Thurston,and Mike Rosa......all professional body builders with big butts,none of them "look" gay,they just look like guys who work their glutes. Sounds like you just need to switch to talking to girls who either work out themselves or have a high enough IQ to know that big glutes is a sign of hard work and not sexual preference. Thats just ignorant.
Sharyn Braud (5 days ago)
Hey, just own it! They are probably jealous. 😉
Thinking Out Loud (28 days ago)
I got a flat ass and trust me, weird big butt is 1000% better.
bossdog bossdog (28 days ago)
LOL how can a person have a gay looking butt?
Frankie Denes (1 month ago)
Anonymous 0011 Big butts are nice better then a flat fucking ass
Brandon Trujillo (1 month ago)
Jus pop a squat
Nico Sankar (1 month ago)
Why didn't he show his butt as proof? How am I supposed to know this works?!
Benigno Briones III (4 days ago)
Narizza Bantosila (15 days ago)
parth roy (1 month ago)
I love big butt but I don't have😔
PitbullAwsome (1 month ago)
Is it ok to workout my glutes everyday???
Jtbarber29 (1 month ago)
I’m vegan can you do meal plans for plant base diet person?
Carlos Garcia (1 month ago)
Theres no harm at all in going past a little your toes... it all depends on your body shape. People with long legs need to go past so they dont fall down.
Ernesto Soto (1 month ago)
Going ATG and having a butt wink like that guy is a recipe for disaster.
Holger Nielsen (1 month ago)
bro box squats are good even if ur goodat reg squats, works on explosion...

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